Official: Albertazzi leaves Milan and joins Hellas Verona on a permanent transfer


Michelangelo Albertazzi has returned to Hellas Verona.

Albertazzi returned to Milan last year after beating Hellas Verona in a blind auction for the ownership of the player. However, the defender has now returned to Hellas after failing to gain the trust of Pippo Inzaghi and Sinisa Mihajlovic.

“Hellas Verona FC announces the acquisition, on a permanent basis, of the player Michelangelo Albertazzi,” a statement reads on the website of the Gialloblu. “The defender, born in ’91, has already played with Hellas in the 2012/13 (achieving promotion to Serie A) and 2013/14 season. Albertazzi will have the first training session under Mr. Mandorlini this afternoon.”

Milan are looking to also send Agazzi, Verdi and Zaccardo away as the three , along with Albertazzi, were not picked for the China Tour which ended today in the match with Real Madrid.

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Good. Now offload Alex, Zaccardo, Nocerino, Matri and Cerci as well then sign 2 defenders and one mid and we’re good to go.

I’m not a fan of the Zlatan return, he’s old and we could spend his enormous salary on securing young talents.


Well zlatan is one of the best in the world.. We need to stop thinking like fifa manager mode.. Young players do not always improve.. Just saying


I’m not talking about under 22 year olds. I’m talking about young players who have enough experience to add something valuable to our team. – Zlatan is 33 years old, – If he gets a 3 year contract worth €6-8 million per year + €8 million fee = €26 – 32 million. – He will leave us as a 36 year old and he would have probably disappointed us in the last year of his contract. Why don’t we instead sign a decent 22-26 year old striker with potential worth €10-20 million, whom we can pay €1-2 million per season?… Read more »


Some point i have agree with you, but its not easy to get quality player, see bertolacci 20m, so far in preseason he’s not like 20m player.

In the other fact. Football sometimes cant be calculate by mathematics, with ibra we have the leader, then i believe the other player will grow.
See what happen with KPB nocerino robinho muntari in ibra era, also i believe ibra factor influence s some player like elsha.


Sorry Mahmoud, I didn’t realise it was your money that was going towards Zlatan’s wages


because some of us care about our beloved club financial health.. Galliani once use it as an excuse to sell top player.. ronaldo, beckham, ronaldinho, zlatan wage affect our club financial severely to the point berlusconi admit he need cover milions of club loss each season..


don’t forget Agazzi, Zapata and Montolivo/Honda. we need better CM or CAM, the signing of a midfielder will determine who will leave Honda or Monto, but next season the other should definitely leave as to make room for Modic and/or Mastalli, hope both will be promoted. now we only need Romagnoli and a young attacker. next year Abbiati will retire making way for Gabriel. Mexes will leave and we’ll probably sign Abdenour. all set for UCL.


modic lacking physicalstrength and very slow. just saying objectively


Yes now ofload the rest especialy matri…(after todays match ..monto nocerino cerci sapata dzacardo agazzi ) verdi on loan …
We must get romagnioli ( perfect pair with ely helped by mexes paleta ) and we need a midfilder with vision and ability to make a good finishing pass …


No to Zltan… Get Oscar to play behind the strikers

Mohamed Ali

we can´t sign Oscar beacuse we already used the 2 spots for none euo. Maybe in winter ?


Every time I see someone put Alex among players who Milan should offload, you realize some people don’t know football. Alex brings valuable experience. He was our top defender at the beginning, before Inzaghi’s incompetence set in and nearly all the players lost their mojo. We’ve seen him pair with young Ely and it’s obvious Alex is still good, at least for this season.

Mohamed Ali

off topic: Milan jesrsy look really beauti this year look at the dark gray melted in the cherry red. i will buy one on the way to Sansiro this year for sure :)


it always does

Calm Italia

My friend, I would like to warn you about fake milan kits.

I was in Italia recently and mistakenly purchased a fake. Fakes are always much cheaper than the real ones which are 80eu minimum. Also watch that the Adidas logo, Emirates logo and the shoulder stripes are there in the right positions.

Just buy only from official milan store. Do not be stupid like me and pay for bad fake.
Galliani is also very stupid, paying for fake strikers like bacca and adriano when we already have perfect Matri. Forza Matri always, true heart and blood of Rossonerro


Everyone agrees that Zaccardo, Verdi, Nocerino, Matri, Cerci and Agazzi have to go. I would loan Suso too.


For God’s sake, dont you guys even know that CERCI IS NOT OUR PLAYER? He is atletico madrid’s player and he came on loan until the end of 15/16 season? And geez, its not easy to release a loaned player to another club for a loan, UNLESS there is a club who want to buy him. Geez, some fans need to learn facts before commenting.


its two way loan agreement.. so it much worse.. it will affect torres too right?..