Report: Roma accept Napoli’s €28m Romagnoli bid, Alessio rejects them as he waits for Milan

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It is reported that Roma have said yes to Napoli but the player only wants to join Milan & refused the Partenopei.

“If Romagnoli leaves Roma, he’ll come to Milan”, the Rossoneri head coach Sinisa Mihajlovic said on Friday and that indeed seems to be the case as the highly-rated central defender has reportedly turned down an offer from Napoli.

As reported by Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedulla, Roma have accepted Napoli’s offer for the 20-year-old. Aurelio De Laurentiis has apparently put €23m + €5m in bonuses on the plate for the player which is €3 million more than what Milan offer – €25 million with no bonuses involved.

Pedulla reports that Romagnoli has no interest in joining Napoli and has already told them ‘no’ as he’s keen on coming to Milan and playing under Mihajlovic with whom he worked at Sampdoria last season and was very impressive. The Rossoneri are still the obvious favorites to land Romagnoli.

There were talks yesterday that this week could be very important for Romagnoli and perhaps Roma will finally accept Milan’s offer, who are ready to offer the player €1.5m per year for 5 years.

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WAY TO GO ROMAGNOLI!!!!! just hang in there we trying to get you away from your adoptive club the greedy fools



“Ghana’s Sulley Muntari signs for Ittihad Jeddah from AC Milan”

He was that good… Nobody wanted him even on free transfer… And he played one match as captain… Shame shame… Tnx god we got rid of him… Zaccardo and Matri will probably have same destiny


And also, Inter will run on Croatian power next season.. Kovacic, Brozovic and now Perisic (18m)… Honestly, they are all in starting 11 of Croatia, and this wil be tough to beat… Kova is big talent, Perisic is one of best wingers Croatia ever had, and Broz is well.. He is good, average, maybe little better than average… We must sign one more creative mid, unless Miha thinks Honda and Suso are good enough for CAM role… Honda could be good enough, but he must be in top form and he has to connect with our new strikers… I would… Read more »


These guys have more experience than Honda? In what world?


Real world? Some of them maybe dont have more experience, but they have more skill for sure…


And he’s earning (hold your breath) 7million per season. Good for him 🙂


Aww he will be in our team soon.. Just wait until we get back to italy. I think that the first half of august will make some of us very happy


If Galliani doesn’t get this guy………you’ve got to be kidding me.


Get this done already. We obviously have only him as a potential reinforcement on this position, so, I dont see and point in waiting any more. We wont go bankrupt for 2-3mil more, so its better to have him as soon as possible so he can gel up with the rest of the team.


Agree.. At least give same offer as Napoli…


I think 25 mil is JUST OK for Romagnoli. Roma just need to stop acting like SUCKERS.


Agree. But if he is our only option, i would hate to see him go to napoli because of 2mil euros….


Hmmm, that’s true as well on a second thought…


Romagnoli will only go to Napoli if he puts pen to paper (which he apparently does not want to.) We just wait until Roma becomes desperate.


on the other half of europe, Zenit wants 100M over Witsel…lol


They have money, so they dont give a sh*t




@ pippo: there’s no point rush to sign and then waste a whole lot of 2-3 million when we know that the player him self wants to play under our new coach. So chill we will sign him 4 25mil. Acutally this the advantage of having a coach with huge character, cos no body wanted to play for super pippo. He was inexperenced.


no to witsel. we are well covered in midfield. bona should slot in on the right and poli as his sub. in the middle its de jong covered my monto. on the left, bertolacci and jose mauri as cover. no more witsel nonsense. ibra is welcomed but I am just afraid that if he’s played as trequartista, he doesn’t come back to defend and with 2 strikers upfront, we will struggle to defend. if ibra start as one of the 2 strikers, most likely adrianno will he relegated to the sub bench which I don’t like this idea. in a… Read more »


You forgot on honda and suso.. They can play behind the strikers.. But still, it is crowded but i think something is missing… A little bit of creativity… Or maybe they just need time…


Very gud go forza milan to get d boy fast so we won’t loose him


I hope we wreck Roma next season.
This is just rediculous.


Witsel 100m is just bs trying to put off teams bro. He will go for no more than 35 mil


i know. i’m quite happy with milan midfield, they may actually just need chance too prove themself. It’s just that Zenit asking price was beyond ridiculous. from 30M to 100M, even chelsea would not dare trying…lmao


Roma just accept it lol come on man he doesn’t want Roma or napoli let him go 25 mil nah we gotta always over pay for player but when we sell we do it for piss cheap


You guys talk as if the money were to be coming out from your pockets. The club will make its own evaluations and do what’s in its interest. You don’t just hand your rivals money to use to reinforce their own squad like that. It has to be a win-win situation, at least. Btw an, unnecessarily, over-bloated fee is usually not good for a young guy — even some matured guys — as this will put a lot of pressure from fans, critics and the press on him. Does Torres, Ozil, Di Maria, Astori, Ilicic, Jorgihno, Acerbi and the €30m+… Read more »


Well, you are right, always buy smart.. But when we are desperate and other clubs know that, they are trying to milk us…

Like Roma.. 50m this summer (20 Berto 30? Romagnoli)

But if you want quality you must pay..

Ing. Appenteng

De Jong is overrated.


Smoke on….


I dont get it, some people on this blog want everybody to score just to say they are good…

Like.. Lopez was worst Milan player last season, he didnt score even once…

They dont watch how much players contribute to a team.. Without de jong, its like we play with 2 defenders… And other team with 7 attackers… He, along with Lopes is responsible that we had 10th place, without them we would be fighting to stay in the league…


your contribution is overrated

Opinion Varies

I don’t know about you but damn, you’re right – De Jong very much overrated. It is a huge development set back for Milan renewing his contract. Signed up players like Mauri and Bertolacci which I believe are better, especially Bertolacci and deserve to start are ultimately going to get benched – So we could accommodate De Jong in the starting team.

Bertolacci — Montolivo/Mauri —- Bonaventura [ Midfield]


We need him and another good CB. It worries me that are best XI currently is: Lopez; Abate, Mexes, Paletta, Antonelli; Bertolacci, De Jong, Bonaventura; Honda; Cerci, Bacca. I don’t overly like the way we have dealt with transfers this window if I’m honest. We have a ton of box-to-box type midfielders (Bonaventura, Bertolacci, nocerino, poli, Montolivo) and 3 target men strikers (Bacca, Adriano, Matri) We have very little diversity of player styles, we sold El Shaarawy who offered something different. We are always ripped off. Napoli are about to get Chiriches for €6m, even if he is as bad… Read more »


Have u watched rodrigo ely?


Yep, many of peple just dont see this kid… He is young promising defender who they want to buy next to Romagnoli…

IMO our CBs for serie a are good enough with Romagnoli… – Romagnoli, Paletta, Mexes, Ely, Alex… (Alex is good player, his fitness is bad and he is old, but he can be good as substitute)

And yes, for CL we will need to go in shopping, but for this season we are good in CB spot when we get Romagnoli

I just dont get it what happened with Vergara?


I agree some point like we dont need sell elsha, cuz matri will take his position. This is bad.

I agree with bertolacci overpriced, as long as i saw in pre season bertolacci not good as his value.

But disagree, montolivo not box to box player and cerci as bad as matri..he cant play any position except winger. Then suso not good enough as cam..

So we still need 1 forward 1 cam 1 cb..
I hope Rogmanoli ibra comes so we just need 1 quality cam, unless honda will explode next season.


Now the only player er need is gundogan
Menez + 5/7 M Will do it…


I have feeling that Miha can make Menez to run… Menez can score and all of that, but if Miha could make him run and pass, he could be awesome backup or even in starting 11 with one of Bacca/Adriano…

Dont get me wrong, I would love to see him leave and getting 15m for him.. But, he can be game changer when he wants… He just needs to become team player…

You agree?

Coach Seedorf

Comment: Those of u expecting IBRA to play as cam can keep dreaming, it will not happen as that’s not his role. its for Honda/Suso I believe. IBRA is a second striker or cf, Adriano will come on as a worthy sub/game changer for bacca as it will be hard to be subbing IBRA to avoid clashes with d coach. Don’t tell me Miha handled Eto, as Eto is a fallen star but IBRA is still a current star & right now, he is bigger than Miha so such clashes could really disturb d dressing room


I do not know what is going to happen as i am not the coach, but do you know that ibra has played the #10 role many times? Not just once or twice.. He is strong, he has pace, he has skills, he can pass, and with bacca and luiz in front of him they will wreck many defenses this season. you never know which one of the three will shoot the ball

Pa ibra

playing a #10 role in a 4231 is different from playing it in 4312. you need a lot more closing down in the latter formation and zlatan will not enjoy trackingback.


Along with romagnoli we should sign rugani too..and we are set for many years…..


Thank you Romagnoli..!


We are starting to look competitive again – I can see Alessio as our new Nesta – and he rejected Napoli so he can maybe join us – I’m sure Roma wouldnt mind 25m for him – I hope he lives up to his expectation .. really excited with Bacca-Luis attack – we need a real trequartista as Honda is way too inconsistent he can be one of the best in that position and sometimes seems lost –

Basheer bash

Getting romagmoli alone won’t cut it, we need another solid center half… Hummels and laporte we can dream of but the sad truth is neither will come at the current state of the club. Savic was a good option but he’s gone now.. chiriches phil Jones Johnny Evans sakho garay there are many to choose from, we need to just start expanding our reach

Pa ibra

I appreciate romagnolis effords but guys if according to milans judgement of the player’s ability he’s not worth more than 25m then I see it as lack of principals by adding even a penny. have known the player since at pescara under zeman he was so young and still a regular and that alone tells he’s got something but honestly I never knew he’s worth more than 15m untill after milan started following him this summer. I will be happy having him and I think he’ll eventually join just hopping he’s signd at the right price. no adding extra 2/3m… Read more »

Pa ibra

sorry not at pescara. with zeman at roma when was regularly called up at age 17


Comment:Bring on romagnoli he is good in defence and young.

Maldini's Ghost

Overratted ! 7-8 mil. max


First comment! hey guys iv been a huge Rossonerri fan since I had trial there as a kid, it didn’t really work out, but ever since that experience I have loved Milan, just because it was the first time I ever got to go to Europe and everyone was really hospitable and it was overall awesome experience. I usually just like reading the articles on here and what people have to say and never really voice my opinion haha. Anyway, I’m looking to buy a vintage Pirlo Milan kit, any good websites for vintage Milan gear? Thanks! and kinda a… Read more »


Mayybe ebay or such sites? If you want original, it is expensive… I have Inzaghis and Shevchenko’s jersey… I want Gattuso jersey but i also have no idea where to buy it xD (I dont mind if it is original, cause I really wont pay like 100e or more for jersey)


Romagnolli would be great for our team, our defence is incredibly poor right now. If we get him, Ibra and Witsel that would be perfect! We need a leader like Ibra for the team, and a midfielder that can dictate the play. I would like to see Honda given a chance to play behind the attackers, as he was never really given an opportunity to play in his natural position. Also I still think Menez can be helpful for our team. Forza Milan!


Romagnoli is still a puzzle to me as i didnt see him to judge him based on his price tag but i hope he comes out a brilluant signing especially after rejecting Napoli for Milan.

On Menez, I believe he would be a better player under Mihajlovic because the only thing lacking is his team play descipline and that was bcos he played under a manager that pampered him. Mihajlovic will curb his and he would be a better player and would have another amazing season and i can place a bet on this “Provided he’s not sold”.


Miha should try Bertolacci as regista, De Jong as Gattuso like batteling midfielder and Jack as advanced playmaker in midfield of three, Poli for Jack, Mauri for De Jong and Montolivo for Bertolacci as subs

Jack/Poli – Bertolacci/Montolivo – De Jong/Mauri

What u think?

Opinion Varies

Yeah, i think having Bertolacci to play regista is totally cool. His dribbling,tackling and passing skills are great.

Mauri — Bertolacci/Montolivo — Bonaventura


Buying romagnoli is securing AC MILAN defence for the next 10 years. Ely and Romagnoli could form that Nesta and Maldini pair if well trained.

Honda is okay if at peak and Suso could be a mad substitute.

Loan out Mastour for two years so he comes back and replace Honda.


tired.. i check almost everyday but same old news