5 things we learned from Inter 0-1 Milan

AC Milan's players celebrate with French defender Philippe Mexes (2R) after scoring a goal during the International Champions Cup football match between AC Milan and  Inter Milan in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015.  AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)
Milan celebrate after Mexes scored a goal during the International Champions Cup football match between Milan and Inter in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015. (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

Milan struck first blood in the 2015-16 Derby della Madonnina, thanks to a screamer from Philippe Mexes at the Shenzhen City Stadium.

It was a good run-out for the team, with the game played at a fast tempo throughout, but just what can we take from the game?

1. Philippe Mexes – still a game changer?

It is obvious to start with the one moment of decisive quality in the game, which came courtesy of a thumping volley from Philippe Mexes on the edge of the Inter area.

With perfect technique, the Frenchman allowed the ball to come across his body from the corner kick, before hooking it back over and into the top left corner of Juan-Pablo Carrizo’s goal.

There were eyebrows raised when Mexes signed an extension to keep him with the Rossoneri while Adil Rami simultaneously exited, however there is no denying that Philippe can be a useful impact player who will ever so occasionally produce a moment of sheer brilliance.

On the defensive end of his performance, not much can be determined, although ignoring the fact that collectively Milan secured a clean sheet would be wrong to do.

Allow Philippe to enjoy this moment. It may only be preseason, yet it is still a winning derby goal, something which doesn’t happen every day, making it all the sweeter.

AC Milan's Italian midfielder Andrea Poli (C) receives treatment after falling during the International Champions Cup football match between AC Milan and  Inter Milan in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015.  AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)
Poli receives treatment after falling during the International Champions Cup football match between Milan and Inter in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015. (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Bad blood still fresh

It is fair to say that towards the end of the game tempers flared and the referee certainly had to stay on top of the game before it boiled over.

Obviously, this culminated in Nocerino receiving a red card for a poor challenge towards the end of the game, and several poor challenges followed after that.

Notably, Inter set out for revenge following the red card incident, with Marcelo Brozovic tearing into Carlos Bacca before Fredy Guarin scythed down Luiz Adriano.

It is a derby game, regardless of the fact it is preseason, and the passion of the fans their in Shenzhen must have really helped in replicating the derby experience. That may or may not be part of the reason the game turned so nasty, but still, it wouldn’t be the Madonnina without a couple of scraps, would it?

Matri in action (@acmilan.com)
Matri in action (@acmilan.com)

3. Still plenty of dead wood to clear

The first half performance in terms of quality was quite simply awful. Although the game was played at a fair speed and there was attempts to force the game, there was no finishing touch from either side that resulted in a dead-lock at half time.

In large part, this was down to some terrible finishing by Milan. M’Baye Niang should have scored early on when through on goal, and Matri should have laid it on a plate for Niang when there was a 2-on-1 break towards the end of the first half; the result was quite laughable.

Alessandro Matri is good at very little when he puts on the Milan jersey. As a hold-up forward he may serve a purpose for some teams, although his distribution and decision making today was poor.

The aforementioned Niang still looks very raw, despite being lively, energetic and dynamic throughout the first half, lacking the decisive end product that would have given his confidence a real boost.

The less said about Antonio Nocerino the better as he once again struggled to keep up to the pace of the game. He has had several chances now and Mihajlovic must be close to making a decision on his future one would feel.

Alex, who looks set to depart, didn’t have an awful game but didn’t stand out either. As long as the number of CBs is acceptable, I would have no problem seeing him depart.

Questions must be asked of Mattia De Sciglio also, who struggled to keep up with the pace today, and maybe he could be heading for the exit door if he doesn’t string some decent performances together soon.

Players like Zaccardo, Montolivo and maybe even Zapata who won’t play a vital role this season must be examined, and part of the purpose of preseason is to achieve this. Still plenty of work to do if you ask me.

Rodrigo Ely in action (@acmilan.com)
Rodrigo Ely in action (@acmilan.com)

4. Defensive cloud for Sinisa

The stories about Alessio Romagnoli continue, but in the mean time there was a solid performance put in by Rodrigo Ely to give Mihajlovic a potential headache, if he does get his man from Roma, as to who his partner is.

Gabriel Paletta, Rodrigo Ely and Philippe Mexes are the most likely candidates at this stage, and each defender has a different skill set which could be of use to the team.

Against a relatively weak Inter line-up aside from the last half-hour, Milan looked solid, fielding several defensive options throughout the 90 minutes in order to get a better picture of where everything stands.

Davide Calabria, at just 18 years old, turned in yet another good performance from the right-back position. If this continues, Ignazio Abate must be very worried about his starting spot.

AC Milan Croatian head coach Sinisa Mihajlovic adjusts his tie as he awaits the International Champions Cup football match between AC Milan and  Inter Milan in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015.  AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)
Mihajlovic during the International Champions Cup football match between Milan and Inter in Shenzhen on July 25, 2015. (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

5. It is only preseason

Sorry to have to bring down the positivity with the last point, but it is crucial that Milanisti do not get too excited about what we saw today.

Of course, it is lovely to put one over on fierce rivals, but the lethargic way that the team went about disposing of such a youthful Inter line-up was discouraging if anything.

I am well aware the pace of the game may not be the same, and for all that Inter had kids out we didn’t have our best out either, yet it is tough to ignore the lack of quality (as mentioned earlier) that was present for large parts of the game.

Nevertheless, Carlos Bacca looked fantastic when brought on, Luiz Adriano also coming into the game well. Bertolacci had the right mentality, with the execution almost certain to follow, and there are lots of other reasons to be optimistic.

Anyway, there is still plenty of preseason to go, and under Mihajlovic I trust that the team will be well up to scratch come opening weekend.

So, those are the five points that were most prevalent in my mind after watching that game, it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of other viewers.

Article by Oliver Fisher

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I can’t wait to see the sorry face of that gold-digger Kondogbia!! Bet he will regret his stupid choice of Inter haha!


Why are everybody thinking that he is a gold digger just because he went to Inter? I it so immpossible that he liked their team more? Yes, AC Milan is the best team in the world in our eyes, but Inter is a legendary team aswell.


I hope inter regret having him to be honest, i never watched him before but he was poor today


Spot on article
I would hate to see De Sciglio go, but he’s been declining for a bit over the last season. He seems complacent and his performances have been inconsistent. Whatever it is, he needs to figure it out or we need to cash in. Hopefully our coach can wake him up.


go heaven and Milan must win Seria a this season.
don’t negative any comment. start to support Milan full speed.


That google translate


One for the morale. Hm..good win regardless Forza Milan!


Tho it was jx a friendly but absolutely satisfying to win against our local rivals…… nevertheless we still need about 4 important signings…. ibra, a creative midfielder and two cbs…. let go of dead weights like zaccardo, alex, nocerino, matri etc….. i believe with witsel we’ll get what we want in the middle park….. forza milan


Mds at right back isn’t helping. Thank God we didn’t get Kondogbia for 40 mil


I mean left back


One thing I like about sinisa is that he gives everyone a fair shot. It’s been awhile since milan gave their Youngsters a shot and sinisa is doing just that. Both Ely and calabria r looking very good.

Hopefully we can keep it up as it is starting to take shape. Hopefully romagnoli and ibra arrive and maybe one more gift with a few players leaving like matri and nocerino and we’re good to go for this season!

ac milan forever

I think high expectation for de sciglio makes a little bit unfair judgement. He played fairly well, actually. But of course he needs to step up since inter played most of their primavera players at the first half. Imo, when it comes to develop young players you need right guidance , patience and continous chances. It’s normal to have ups and downs in football career esepcially at younger age. So let’s see what he can do this season. I hope he will have a great season all along!

mugiwara merah-hitam

What I learned from this pre-season derby?

1. Milan must not play Nocerino EVER! Kick out him from the squad ASAP!
2. The team needs some long-range shooters.
3. Get Verratti. He will not just fits with Milan’s game system, but he will become a new brain, a mozart in Milan’s midfield. Look at to his games vs Barcelona in last UCL and you’ll figure it out.
4. Carlos Bacca and Luiz Adriano are a promising duet upfront. Especially Bacca, he’s a beast. Bacca’s pace and aggresiveness remind me about Ronaldo in his early years in Barcelona.


Yes Verratti is good but 100% unrealistic

mugiwara merah-hitam

No, Verratti is not good, he’s GREAT. And nothing is unrealistic for the transfer guru Galliani with now the financial back up from new investors. Anything is possible dude.


And what do we offer him ? Money ? he gets more in Paris , titles ? we have none. Not close either… Yeah you’re thinking of terms FM.


really impressed with calabria and ely
and trust me on it bertolacci is gonna do us wonders
and bacca and adriano with ibra playing as no 10 would be a dream come true!!!
withthe midfield as de jong and bona and bertolacci
the side would truly look creative as well as dangerous


I hope De Sciglio gets his form again, him alongside De Jong were my top players in 13-14 season, I’m hoping he gets his form, we need him, he’s young and great

And roundup its a great win against our eternal rivals, as I read on the comments, I want to see the face of Kondogbia when he sees the choice he’s made, forza Milan!


MDS didn’t do that bad, it was a 50/50 thing btw him and Santon. The article makes him look so bad. For calabria, going foward wasn’t very nice for him due to the quality of nagamoto. My opinion


I got abit surprised by this statement aswell. Think Mattia did god playing as a left back when he is a right footed right back. Alot better then santon thats for sure.


Finally, some realistic view. Calabria was average at best. So was De Sciglio. I hate when name on the jersey determines view on ones performance. As much as some of you would like to have new maldini in Calabria, he was fairly shaky against inter. To be honest, Abate is by miles better solution as a RB than Calabria.At least for now.


Spot on Oli.

Ely and Calabria have impressed me this offseason and I won’t be surprised if they have a significant impact this coming season.


To be honest MDS wasn’t so bad. Ely was solid and Calabria played well but for him to trouble Abate for first choice is abit too much as he still has a lot to learn and improve on. Bacca showed great pace and direct dribbling which surprised me,also Andriano was quite good and I bet soon they will form a great chemistry.


Calabria will do wonders, but he needs to improve on his positioning first. He’ll get skinned by pacey forwards since they won’t give him the luxury of recovering from a poor positioning. So, inasmuch as he’s good, he won’t start most games ahead of Abate and MDS. He needs protection and guidance. He’s one for the future though. Honda was MVP (officially). No one seems to care, though

mugiwara merah-hitam

It is insulting to see Nocerino wearing Milan’s shirt, using Kaka’s number, and playing in Seedorf’s position. He’s the worst mezz’ala in Milan’s history. A disgrace.

abdul legacy

Commen i bliv in miha, i bliv in milan i bliv bacca.


Is that English ? Sirusli t5 2 tip wel , cuz dat iz jus shit


Look who is taking.


My second part was ironic >.>



Ing. Appenteng

#Forza Milan


Nocerino was not a disgrace when he played with prince and scored 8goal plus Hattrick with same Milan Jersey … Hattrick any of out main strikers can’t score … I think a good coach can bring out the best out of Him with time! Nocerino over Muntari anytime


Happy that Milan won even tough it was a friendly I like when it’s inter in the losing side but today’s game I expected our strikers to score more goals


Abate should be worried about his spot what about Schiglio he’s best at right back and good for Ely on stepping up, i still say the deadweights should be sold ASAP Montolivo, Nocerino, Matri, Zaccardo, i mean come on we dont have time to waste we have a season to win and Champions League to get back into.


Oo Nocerino… He just can play well when Ibra is on the squad… Remember “Ibranoce” nickname? … Well frankly, Ibra is still team booster, a person that can lift up the performance of other player


I agree with you Emmanuel the dead woods should leave. Zaggado,nocherino,marti, and others but montilovo can remain for backup in case of injuries.


1. Had to work during the match, but anyday we beat splInter is a good day in my opinion…Forza Milan!!! 2. Both Noce and Muntari have been equally bad for Milan, yes, Noce scored some goals, but so did Muntari… 3. Re: MDS… The kid needs to regain his confidence. He had a massive amount of expectation heaped upon his shoulders at a young age. So when he regressed it was mentally devastating for him… With that in mind, its important he remain on the right. I’ve seen Mattia perform well on the right, i’ve even seen him perform well… Read more »


Fair enough.


Its funny that you say that, like so many other on the blog, that De Sci cant play on the left and has never performed well there. The funny thing is, his break out season was on the left side where he performed great… Its just something Seedorf said when he was coach the he performa better on the right, and all of a sudden every one started following suit and just echoed him. De Sci when he was at his best in the season where we finished third was on the left for the majority of the season, look… Read more »


i dont know what game i was watching, but Mattia de sciglio played fine and i was only able to watch the first half. I dont know what the author was watching for him to say that MDS couldnt keep up with the pace. He fell behind a bit and got caught, but i liked most of what i saw. he’s young, give him this season to prove himself


Comment:wow!! Forza milan!!

kwaku Wayo Affum

I wish this team the best of luck.cant wait to see our impressive start to the season. Will be glad to win trophies so we can also challenge the odds.Forever favorites. ..Milano for life.


Sell: Matri, Nocerino, Zaccardo, Agazzi, Alex, Albertazzi, Poli, Cerci & Menez
Buy: Romagnoli, Garay, Ibrahimović, creative midfielder

Bravo Miha! Forza Milan!


Just by the way muntari joins Al ettihad. bologna want a lot of our dead woods nocerino matri & Albertazzi . now we hav no excuse to pay mediocre players

Tayo James

Why is Mihajovic not teaching MILAN players how to play wicked free kicks like he did in his days at Internazionale


STAT: When Nocerino and Zlatan played together in Milan, Milan scored the most in Serie A and won the league..