In pictures: Milan heading to China for the International Champions Cup 2015


Milan took off to China yesterday and after a three-hour stop in Dubai, they are now on their way to the far east to take part in the 2015 edition of the International Champions Cup 2015 and they’ll face Inter and Real Madrid. The players and the club released some pictures of the men through their Twitter and Instagram accounts and you can see those here below.

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I hope they enjoy the trip. I wish them all the best.. Forza milan


Hahaha love pic 20, Honda is still dwelling on last season’s turmoil and de jong up the back with the flight attendant 😉


André schürrle


They sat based on nationality…lol…


more like their mother languages


Apparently we have another 100 mil to spend from bees money when the deal goes thru at the end of july. Well if that true then wee can do well. Ibra 10. Sniejder 15. Witsel 30. Garay 30. 15 mil left over plus one or two players sold that would be awesome


To be honest if we have 100 million to spend still, id be going hard for Oscar. We need that kinda speed and vision as the trequartista. Then id be trying to bring in Hummels. Dortmund wont turn down an offer of 35 mil, getting him to leave may prove difficult however. Ibra will be a free transfer, PSG is just waiting for their replacement for him, or Di Maria to arrive. Im ok not getting witsel, hes way overpriced for what he does. At this point if we have 100 million for real, id go after Hazard and Hummels… Read more »


I have $100, can you buy me grocery for 1 year. Thanks


I agree. Hummels, Oscar, Hazard and the kind of players we need to get back to signing. God knows why you got two thumbs down for that.


People on here give me thumbs down just because. All i was saying is if we actually do have 100 million, go after players worthy of this jersey. A lot of them may not come because we dont have champions league football, which does suck, but I think if we could get at least one big name the rest will follow knowing we are only a year away from europe

Some Guy

It’s unrealistic man. Sterling just went to City for 70 million Euros, do you really expect Hazard to come to a team outside of the CL for the same price? Of course not. The market has heavily inflated in the past few years, if he ever leaves Chelsea, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s for a world record fee.


Hazard is one of the best footballers in the world playing for one of the richest clubs in the world who are paying him around €250,000 a week, now do you seriously think any club could sign him for 70m? He’d cost at least €100m plus another €50m in wages and there’s a better chance of hell freezing over than Chelsea letting him leave


Hey look our team bus that was apparently sold because our team is so bad. Hey Sheva. First picture buddy. Looks like one of your arguments now holds no merit


It was sold

That’s a different one


Now we know all about the click’s in the team. You can see who was against Seedorf. De Jong looks lonely, or maybe not. Getting laid 6t foot above the ground, can’t complain.


How old is Paletta??? For real I can’t believe he’s 29yrs old


He probably has Kurd or Arab blood. He looked a lot worse with long hair, together with that ‘George Costanza’ look going on.


We need quality playmaker, if we dont want to spend much money for quality plamaker, just scout to find another kaka, i remember kaka was cheaper and unknown first time he came to milan..

I really worries about our scout capabilities now..


Yeah but 10 m euros then and 10m now are not the same… 10m then is like 40-50 now, just look at transfers being done… Sterling 70m, Muller 80 and than 100m??? (Rumor)… Who the hell would pay 100m for Muller who is worth max 30-40m…

Mohamed Ali

with 100 mill to spend i would first go after Varane and Isco/verratti for 70 mill and 30 mill on eather Romagnoli or Laporte. That mean we buy young world klass players that can play top level football for next 10 years and their value will be even more with time. Add to that we don´t spend that amount of money every year witch leave use focusing on other area next year when we comes back to champions league football.


Varane is not for sale.. At any price.. He is best young cb and he is in a top club with CL, with great players and he has enough playing time… So forget about him. Isco would be nice addition, but I think Rafa wants him so he is not for sale. Verratti would cost us 50m, maybe even more, but it would be really good investment, so yes for him. Romagnoli – I dont think he is worth 30m… Maybe one year loan and then if we want to keep him pay 30m, if not, he is sent back.… Read more »


Hazard varane dude come on man be realistic veratti lmao they will.never leave there teamsJack I don’t think so the only ones we have a shot at getting is ibra witsel n garay they play in zenit Milan is bigger than that n next season we will be I’m the champions league


You guys need to stop playing Fotball manager.

If we get Romangnoli, Witsel & Ibra we are set!

———Witsel ——————-Bertolacci—-


If we get Ibra, we do t need witsel. I lime that lineup, but what exactly does Witsel offer that Jack does not have? And is that worth 40 million?

I would rather splash the extra 5 mill on Romahnoli, close the deal and move forwards. Next year Alex and Mexes contracts expire and new defenders will be needed anyway. Lets give Romahnoli and Paletta one year to show what they can do in partnership.


“If we get Ibra, we do t need witsel”.. Ehh ??

Ibra and Witsel are two different players, why would one cancel the other one out?


Can ibra play as playmaker,? Lol


Yes exactly that’s the perfect lineup ibra witsel awesome. Romagnoli I prefer garay the way romag player against city was just terrible one game friendly yeah but still hrs young n the cash could be better spent on a world class cb now rather than in a few years


Lmao football manager is real life to them yeah I want him him oh yeah him to lmao oh wait yep yep gotta get this guy for sure no doubt


This coming from a guy who would cough up 35 million euros for axel witsel. Oscar is cheaper and fills a need. We need a playmaker. Witsel isn’t him


Where would you put Oscar?

if our attack looks like this?

———????? ——————-Bertolacci—-

Would you put Oscar in the midfield? he is an attacking midfielder – the only spot for him would be behind the two strikers – but that is most likely where Ibra will play when he joins us. Oscar and Witsel are two different midfielders and Witsel is that one that fits our model better.

again – this is not FM!


Ibra isn’t an attacking midfielder. Give me a break dude. I’d have the front 3 being bacca Ibra Oscar with Adriano on the bench. Sorry is that too football manager for you?


A trequartista is not necessarily an attacking midfielder – Its can also be a deep lying forward that can hold the ball and create opportunities for either himself or the two strikers in front of him – this is the type of player Zlatan is. You are so focused on position titles such as FW, AMC, MC etc which is why im convinced that you are a typical FM type of person that thinks that just because it works to buy Oscar or Hazard in your little computer it works in real life too. Witsel (MC) would fit our midfield… Read more »


No, I am not a football manager fan. Ive played soccer for a very long time. Im not using position names as my reference. Im saying that Ibra would rather play in his natural position. A target man isnt a trequartista, at all. Hes the guy in the box the wingers and or midfielders cross in too. A trequartista also has to be fast, (see kaka) Ibra isnt fast, and Sinisa doesnt play a slow build up play game, he plays quick tempo. All stuff i learned playing fifa apparently. That comment is hilarious to me. I didnt say we… Read more »


Can anyone explain to me, please, why do you think we need top world players for next season?
Were not playing in ucl!
The goal for next season is not even scudetto, just ucl qualification.
Its quite naive to think we will get the scudetto after the squad is half new and we were 10th place last year.
So lets see how we will end up next year, then we will talk.


You need an explanation for why we need world class players? Hmm let me think – oh, heres an idea, because we are AC MILAN?
I think that as a reason should cover it. And its that short minded thinking that put us in this situation with zaccardos and birsas coming in every now and then.


I think these fans have only been supporting Milan for the past ten minutes and so only know the Birsa, Zaccardo, Muntari era. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of.

Anthony Milan

I think that’s true dante . if 100 million comes i think for now we should get Romahnoli , ibra and witsel . if we qualify for champions league with what money we have left left and the money from champions league. we can now bring in veratti , and co and let monty go as well


Off topic, guys can you give me some names of ex-milan youngsters that milan let them slip out and turned out to be a great players and high value? I cant remember much, some of those i remember are: Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (B.Dortmund) Matteo Darmian (Man United) Any other names? I literally cant remember lol All i remember is not so successfull youngg players adter leaving milan, such as: Pato (Corinthians/Sao Paulo) – i dont really know what happened to him, i thought his fitness are back, but no big european clubs after him anymore? Bryan Cristante – Has anyone… Read more »


Witsel costs 30+ million is hugely overrated and not really needed, and yet most of you prefer him to Oscar? Someone who’ll add a bit of freaking creativity to the team for once. Baffling…


Y pay for Oscar when we need witsel in mid our midfielders are not that good last season bro did u watch it come on witsel is class as for a cam position I suggest go for sniejder yes he’s older but still class n cheaper that way u sell menez or cerci leaves next season u make up the profit sniejder is the player we need


You’d prefer snijeder to Oscar? Seriously? That’s just messed up. We could get Oscar for cheaper then witsel. Witsel is class no doubt about it. He’s the exact same player as de Jong though. He isn’t really creative so it’s a waste of money in my opinion


Comment: get me garay, varetti nd Gotze


get me garay, varetti, Gotze, lawandoski, get rid of manez and cerci. zecardo paletta loan out niang and suso


Oscar is never gonna leave Chelsea don’t u get that seriously maybe nextseason but now no chance u got a Bettr chance ‘re signing bonera n playing him as a cam lol