International Champions Cup 2015: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

The Rossoneri take part in the annual International Champions Cup which this year takes place in China. Milan will face Inter on Saturday (July 25th, 14:00 CET kickoff) and Real Madrid (July 30th, 14:00 CET) and coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has named his squad for the tour.

Michael Agazzi, Michelangelo Albertazzi, Cristian Zaccardo, Simone Verdi and Hachim Mastour have all been left out of the squad as they’re linked with an exit. Mastour however is expected to be included in the Primavera squad that will travel to South Africa next week for the tournament in Durban.

Christian AbbiatiIgnazio AbateAndrea BertolacciCarlos Bacca
Gianluigi DonnarummaAlex da CostaGiacomo BonaventuraAlessio Cerci
Stefano GoriLuca AntonelliNigel De JongKeisuke Honda
Diego LopezDavide CalabriaJose MauriLuiz Adriano
Mattia De SciglioRiccardo MontolivoJeremy Menez
Rodrigo ElyAntonio NocerinoAlessandro Matri
Philippe MexesAndrea PoliM'Baye Niang
Gabriel PalettaSuso
Cristian Zapata
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Bacca and Adriano should start up front and lets see whether that pairing is gonna work


Seriously you are going to let Mastour go back to the youth team after promoting him and Verdi leave but have Matri and Nocerino on the bench??? Does a young player have to leave Milan to play for another team to make you lot look like complete idiots for letting them go in the first place??? I see no need for them to be loaned or sold, go sell Menez Matri Nocerino and Montolivo yes i said the so called captain too if you call that a captain let alone a player at milan…….


there is soo many things wrong with milan, i couldnt even count them. We must have the most stupid management in any sports in the history.

As you describe.. which club do like that? The worst part IS that there acutally milan fans defending this behavour.

These milan fans are like little girls that love their boyfriends despite they KNOW hes cheating on her, but she still loves him no matter what and accepts it.


Get a life dude. You come on here and anatagonize fans just because. No one here agrees with anything you say. You literally come on here trolling. This is the last time i will respond to any nonsense you spew out of you young and immature mouth. If there was a block button on this blog im sure everyone here would block you. Stick to playing fifa and football manager, im sure even your teams there dont win.


“These milan fans are like little girls that love their boyfriends despite they KNOW hes cheating on her, but she still loves him no matter what and accepts it.”

So what are we supposted to do?? Go and cheer for club who won CL every year??? Many of us are fans 15 and more years.. And you say that I shouldnt cheer for Milan cause they are bad?? And you call yourself Milan fan??? What the hell man???


Oh be patient for gods sake, we got rid of Essien, Muntari, BONERA, Pazzini, Bocchetti, Destro, Birsa…
And Agazzi, Albertazzi, Verdi and Zaccardo are on the market…

That is 11 bad players!!!!! One whole starting 11!!

And you forget all about it and complaining again and again and again…


What evidence do you have that Verdi is bad? smh


mastour is linked with an exit ? what ? isnt menez too yet hes still called up


Comment:dis squad aint strong we need 2 solid CB 1 CM $ Ibra 2 booster our attack den sell d dead weight nt d young 1s sell cerci $ leave honda $ suso dey are more creative dan cerci. If no club want 2 buy menes give him out


When seedorf said 3/4 of this squad is rubbish he didnt joke, just take a look at the names.

Bonaventura is like a 10th goldenball winner among these names.

Bonventura wouldnt even make it to PSG’s B reservers

Thats how poor milan is.

We need 2 NEW star centerbacks, we need ATLEAST 2 star playmakers, and 1 solid center foward.


Where is seedorf now? Hasnt been coaching since? Sounds about right. If you ran this team we would be worse. You keep talking about Bonaventura. He was arguably our best player last season.


Seedorf is still under contract with Milan, so no coaching for him yet.


Huh? We signed a solid center forward. His name’s Carlos Bacca. Also, the fact that you’ve chosen to single out Bonaventura is very odd. The guy was one of our best players last year and was easily our most creative midfielder.


Dont evn dignify this kids comments with repsonses, I keep doing it, this is the last time. he knows literally nothing about soccer. Its incredible.


Well, he is right when supporting Seedorf and saying 3/4 squad is not good enough.. (Not world class – Milan class, class who can bring you CL cup) BUT real life isnt fifa and you cant change them all in one market.. And even if you buy (lets say.. Neuer, Ramos, Hummels, Modric, Hazard, CR7, Suarez) and spend 700m on them, you still cant guarantee that we will win CL cause you need good coach and make them into a team.. You cant have a team that clicks the moment they all meet.. And spitting on bonaventura, one of our… Read more »


@Sheva I agree with you With the exception of a few players we’r no better than any mid table team and that’s just stating the facts no matter how hard we try to ignore it We have no top quality center backs, our wing backs would struggle to get playing time at other big clubs our midfield with the exception of De Jong is really average with absolutely no playmaker which is vital and still hasn’t been addressed and our strikers last year were awful, Adriano and Bacca are top players but haven’t played for us yet so we can’t… Read more »


I agree with him also, and nice comment, we are Milan, we should not settle for mediocrity.


I agree milan 3/4 of squad is not good enough. Good enough for milan should mean that one player can decide a game by himself. And those calibre players are worth 45m+/per player. To come back on top of the serie A, we need at least 4 signings more(Ibra, Romagnoli, Hummels/Garay, Witsel/Gundogan).Seems like we are on right track this summer, but if we got money why dont we splash it? So champion calibre players; Ibra isnt in his best, because he is old, but he is definetly still 2-3 levels above our players. I support his returning because of that.… Read more »

Some Guy

Hummels is very unrealistic, if we get either of them it’ll be Garay (which I dont mind at all). But if we get Garay then the option of Witsel is highly unlikely, so I’d push for someone like Gundogan. Even though he signed a new contract, reports say they only want 25 mil for him, which would be a brilliant signing in my eyes.


Agazzi, Zaccardo, Albertazzi and Verdi are leaving. this list of squad shows it all. they even placed Gori to make it 28 players. in my opinion we will get 2 or 3 more players: Romagnoli definitely will come, there are still rumors of Ibra and a midfielder coming. today i found an article saying we’ll either go for Witsel or Soriano as they say Galliani told Witsel to wait our call until August. if Ibra and Witsel come Honda and either Cerci or Menez will leave. Hope either Genoa or Sampdoria bid for Matri after they sell Okaka.


Very empty midfield…


To many bs attacking players that I don’t want here yo. Cerci,menez,matri like wtf


Everyone is losing their minds over Mastour not being called up. Hes 17 years old. People here need to relax. Not to mention, he wasnt too impressive in the last 2 matches, considering we were playing horrible opposition he managed only one goal. Poli has played better, thats saying a lot. Im not saying he doesnt have potential to be good, people here are touting him the next big player. I have seen nothing in his skills or his play style to warrant such praise.


Give hachim mastour a freakin chance messi was 16 when he played in barca’s 1st team we will never have a ballon d’or winner ever again the way things are going now


Well said Bynz management smokes the wrong damn stuff


If ever there was a chance for Mastour to gain valuable experience this trip was certainly it I see no sense in leaving him at home and bringing the likes of Matri, its absolutely ridiculous bordering on the insane that also go’s for Nocerino, why can’t they just tell those two to find a new club or sit not even on the bench but in the stands Mr Bee is also in town to sign the paperwork on buying the 48% stake I hope he puts money up straight away as a show of intent to the footballing world which… Read more »


Hope in the end we will be a winning team at start of the season……….Also we should take our time in everything cos we still hav some time…..(transfer: i think maybe we will hav new CB,,MFD and FW (the return of IBRA can still be) ,,,3-4 players may leave when they return….Romagnoli,,Witsel/Soriano,,,(Kemen) are still Milan targets that can be posible so far)….lets hope we get best out of the squad n hav a good transfer to start the season……FORZA MILAN!!!


I am a Milanista to my core, I bleed red and black, and I am a big fan of Hachim, but at this point, if I was Hachim, I would demand a transfer to a club who truly values his development.

Mastour>Matri, Noce, Monti, Cerci, Gori, Niang, Suso, Calabria, Alex, Ely, Zap, Mex, Poli…

I like some of those players, but Hachim has more potential than all of them,why not use preseason to integrate him into the first team….its as if we enjoy playing with fire.


Calabria played amazigly that’s why he was promoted Mastour had a tough time scoring. Niang played way better than him. Mastour should have been there instead f Gori or Matri but the rest at the moment are important to be there


So Mastour is better then Gori? Hes a goalie, so I would hope so. If he is better then Poli, he should have scored more then Poli no? Poli is having an outstanding preseason. Im not a fan of Poli, but to say Mastour is better is a joke. Ive watched mastour this preseason, and he hasnt been good at all. hes only 17 yes, but at the end of the day, he performed badly against significantly inferior teams. Personally id like him to be with the team, as you said, baptize him with fire, but i dont see it… Read more »


You guys dont read well, i said “Mastour has more POTENTIAL” , I also said “i like some of those players”

Im simply making the point that he should have been included in this tournament, not that he is better TODAY than any of those players. ..

I stand by my comment, and advise that you read the entirety of a comment before responding to it.


Oh come on, stop crying over Mastour… You want to win? You want to play CL? Or would you rather again have bad season? We now have Bacca, Adriano and maybe Ibra… You simply CANT put Mastour instead of this beasts… He had a chance against 2 small teams and he didnt do well… How can you expect anything more?? He obviously isnt ready, let kid be kid and play for primavera, he will get playing time and be happy… OK, agree, better him than Matri, but Miha is well known for seeing young talents and making good players out… Read more »


totally agree with you but people here are dreaming when they see any young player he’s the next ballon d’or…calm down if he’s good enough he will play you’re not better than the coach!


It’s not dreaming its common sense
Why would Matri go instead of him? He’s useless in every sense of the word and has never offered us anything to even think he’s got something to offer us

Mastour is a young talented lad who would benefit enormously from being there and play against top quality opposition and learn from them
imagine he scored a wonder goal against Real Madrid? It could give him the belief in himself to take the next step and realise I am that good instead of being told to stay at home

It’s bullshit he’s not there


the thing is you guys overrate some players without see anything from them…i mean they prove nothing yet and i’m being realistic not pessimistic


Who would you rather have at Milan Matri or Mastour? I’m not over rating anyone but we all know what we’ll get from Matri which is nothing and the very reason Mastour should be included is so we can see what we’d get from him He’s been put in and out of the first team for the past year which is nonsense and will do nothing for his young self esteem other than have him doubting himself The over rating of players is by those you say Poli is a class act or Bonaventure is a future playmaker which is… Read more »


man you’re trying to get me outta my mind who said matri better or even mention him i don’t consider him at all or mentioning any other player like poli or bonaventura are you drunk or sleepy dude cause you’re reply doesn’t make any sense at all!


I’m not sleepy or drunk (although its not a bad idea)!! The point I’m trying to make which is hard via text is that its ridiculous to include Matri instead of Mastour but it seems you and others are ok with leaving him behind while including someone like Matri instead you said we haven’t seen anything from him but that’s exactly why he should be there so we can see him I was using Matri as an example The part where I said about over rating was that I don’t think we have being over rating about Mastour as he’s… Read more »


yea, i remember when we bought Adiyiah, he was the top scorer at the U20 world cup in 2009, but what did he turn out to be apart from a shitty player??


2 years ago, we have el sha mds then introduced niang petagna cristante pacifico k.boateng vegarra…

IMO, I agree we need give a chance to young player but not all younger can survive..our squad look so old now, i rather with old squad and 2-3 quality young player than young squad with alot of young player without quality…

Remember our winning team ancelotti era, only has kaka “young player with quality”


last season u guys were screaming and bashing the management about cerci now… you r callin him crap…! just stfu and hope we perform well 4 d nu season


Uncle Fester needs to retire he is making alot of bad decisions we need to get rid of Menez and Montolivo renewing Mexes deal was a joke now getting rid of our talents and so annoying how so many of you here defends the clubs decision its pathetic you are no better than uncle fester


Mastour is exactly where he should be, he’s just turned 17, he’s not ready for the first team, unlike Dona and Calabria who are and have proven it. Let him go to Durban and get more experience.

The ones that have been left behind, the club must have plans in place for their leaving. The other players that are in the squad need to be seen by other clubs playing, how else are they going to decide if they want to buy them? Its putting them in the shop window.


Just get us Witsel!


We need solid defenders and midfielder if we want to qualify for the ECL


Will love milan formation to be like. – lopez. Abate. Alex. Romagnoli. Antonelli. Bertalocci. Dejong. Bonaventura. _ ibramovich. – andriano. Bacca


I feel bad that mastour is not included but i think it would do him more favour that he plays for the primavera and command more playing time than rot on the 1st team’s bench. And remember in some cup games we use some primavera players or even when too many injuries occurs. I would like us to trim this squad. Get rid of matri,nocce,poli,monto,ely,alex and cerci. Get 2 quality cbs and 2 very creative midfielders…i still want banega from sevilla he was instrumental in most of bacca’s goals. Our match against lyon shows that our midfield is far behind… Read more »


i totally agree with you. I feel good enough that Mastour is still AC Milan player. Let him with primavera and grow like everybody else. He had his chance in two friendly matches and didn’t manage it very well. This way will be fair for everybody even the other boys in primavera. It means that when they get their chance with the first team, they should perform well to stay there


Wow such a debate for a kid who just turned 17.. Ok I am south africain , ive live cape town for 12 years . I ve been to the Durban youth tornament twice and watched the other years on tv ( S.A tv sucks ) They sent him there to judge his ability with players his own age. Look at teh players that go up too fast .. they burnt out or become stupid , so F*** relax . yeah he will most definate become world class but he still has nappies ! And stop crying about him being… Read more »


Tell me something about bonera when he was a youngster, was he not called as the next Maldini?? And where did he end the biggest flop of all time. Same as every mediocre players out there they are touted as the next big thing but the ended being the flops. So chill and calm down, let the kid grow if he’s what u guys are saying he is then let him prove it with the kids first.


What our fans really miss is the youngster(wonderkid) who can play in the senior squad who can make difference on the pitch, same like sheva when come he was 23, or pato was 18, he can create anthusiasm for the fans, we really miss those players, we want our messi, who can be one of the best player in his early age, we want the player who can get ballon dor max when he is 24yo, we are milan, it is acceptable for our fans who have this dream, milan>>barca, we also must have the player like messi, who can… Read more »


A lot are complaining about menez but he deserve a chance 1 more season simply because he was one of the best player for milan last season and he gave in all his efforts he deserve a place on this team


Looks like Ajax are pushing for mastour


Some here are clearly comenting on players they’ve barely seen play….Im reading comments such as Verdi is bad, or, what has Mastour done….smh…if you watch either of them play you wouldnt be making such foolish comments.