Report: Romagnoli ‘has chosen Milan’ but the Rossoneri still refuse to go above €25m

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 17:  Alessio Romagnoli of AS Roma kicks the ball during an AS Roma training session at Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 17, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
Alessio Romagnoli during a Roma training session at Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 17, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Alessio Romagnoli is practically the only Milan target right now but they remain reluctant to match Roma’s €30 million valuation of the defender.

Milan conceded four goals in three pre-season matches so far and it was apparent to all that the defense needs a major reinforcement as there were plenty of individual mistakes in all 3 games.

Romagnoli is clearly ‘the guy’ Mihajlovic wants and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, despite the fact that everything is currently blocked, there is optimism at the Milan camp in regards to the Alessio.

The pink newspaper writes in today’s edition that the 20-year-old ‘has chosen Milan’ and in these cases the will of the player can play an important part in the negotiations. The Rossoneri current and final offer is €25 million with no bonuses involved while Roma keep asking for €30 million.

Milan don’t have too many alternatives as Fiorentina’s Savic is joining Atletico Madrid while Torino said Maksimovic will stay. Zenit’s Garay is another idea but it’s very tough dealing with the Russians.

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in the end he will be a rossoneri


Garay is better just go for him. N while ur at it get the man that we desperately need goes by the name of witsel


Witsel is going to Chelsea. They mad a 35 million dollar offer for him. I hope Milan doesn’t match it


I don’t mind Milan spending high for the defense. Four goals in 3 games is very disturbing and the errors made against 4th division & 3rd division sides were just annoying. The players need to be focused and while Miha will instill that discipline we need game winners in difficult games. People always make noise about how goals win games, but a good defense wins championships. Witsel is a must buy for Milan whether the higher-ups agrees to this or not. And we need two or three CBs not just Romagnoli. Mexes and Co are still on vacation mentally and… Read more »


Comment:i hope the guy is good oooooo


Hahahaahah “but it’s very tough dealing with the Russians.” Anyhow, If Miha wants him so much, than buy him… Galli do your magic, loan for 20m(until end of his contract so he can sign for us), 5m if we qualify for europe, 5m if we qualify for CL and win scuddeto or coppa… Or something like that… And honestly, buy one more defender after him.. Garay, Howedes, someone with experience… With Ibra coming (latest news said that the deal is done with PSG) all we need is creative mid and getting rid of some players… And we will have really… Read more »

Some Guy

Garay is relatively realistic IMO, but there is just about no way that we’re getting De Bruyne. Honda has shown bits of class last season, and playing in his favored position next season could bring out the old him. Witsel is also an option, but I doubt Zenit would sell two key players to us in one transfer window.


I know, it is unrealistic, but player of his calibre would be amazing… Or Isco…

If Honda is played behind the strikers on his natural position he can be beast.. But will he be good enough for scudetto?


We will not win the scudetto next year, lets face it. I`m just being realistic. A new coach, a new formation, and a lot of new players. Our objective is and should be attaining champions league football which will be hard enough but possible, especially with the probable arrival of Ibra.

When we are back in the CL we will be able to attract top calibre players again and make a push for the scudetto in the future.


Well that is true, but what is the loint of bringing mediocre midfielder who can get us CL spot, when he will be dead weight when we will be fighting for scudetto… I mean.. If we are doing reconstruction and plan to go to the top again what is point of bringing mediocre who can get us CL slot when we could bring top class who will bring us scudetto? Example – Matri, Nocerino can lead serie B team to win the league, but they cant be good enough next year to stay in serie A… But if you put… Read more »


@rosso138 A midfielder who can get us to CL will not be mediocre and be good enough to be a substitute/squad player when we are fighting for the scudetto. There are good and decent players between mediocre and top class players also. Besides, It is very hard to attract top players when you can`t offer them CL football, and players like Modric and Cavani would not want to join a team that finished 10th the previous season. Reconstruction is a process which takes time and steps. The best thing would be to buy young very promising players that could grow… Read more »


Where did you see the news about Ibra. Last thing I read was he will talk to PSG again after the supecoppa on August 1st?

Ebrima Bah

If we sign a cb our next plan is suppost to be attacking midfiler still now am not comparing Milan with juve cuz we have to buy someone who can handle our match like isco, Gotze

Umar habib

Milan is better buy ibr,nog,debr,gar for this season


Who??? Are those names from no licence PES game?




You play PES???


No, Im fifa guy.. But they removed free Fifa world few days ago.. So im back to career mode skidrow edition.. XD


Oh okay, I rarely see any PES fan out there anymore.. I’m a chronic PES fan anyway, but I also play FIFA (When friends who dislike PES come around). People say PES is unrealistic but that’s why I love it cos there’s no real game out there, a game is a game.. lol, but I guess if I started playing FIFA first, I’m sure I’d be lost in the FIFA world too. PES 2015 on PS4 is a very big upgrade and I’m sure it’ll only get better. And talking about Skidrow, I suppose you are a PC gamer? I’m… Read more »


@ hasowayne yes, I’m PC gamer, last playstation I had was PS1 15 years ago with fifa 2000 🙂
Honestly, I do not like PES cause lack of licences.. I must have real names and all… but since they ruined free online Fifa, now I maybe even go for PES + patches….


Btw how can I change profile image? I registered and now I have different emoticon, but I cant change it to my picture…


@rosso138 Yeah you’re right, the licensing is an issue, but like you said, you can get patches since you are a PC gamer. My PES 2015 has all the right names for players, the only thing is, a few clubs do not have the original jerseys and many stadiums unavailable. To change your picture is quite an easy process. You need to join WordPress first. So here it goes. 1. Go to the upper right corner of the page on this blog. Click on ”Log In” 2. Register (I advise you use a yahoo email instead, I noticed you get… Read more »


@ hasowayne
well yes, I have done all of that 1-3, but when I am at edit profile page there is no option to add image… there is personal options (color of wp), name (username, first, last, display as), contact info (facebook, twitter…) and about(info text and change password)… there is no change or add picture form…


me, me, me……..i play PES…….sometimes play FIFA too tho, but am a PES by blood. and ooh, I play on PC. Last year the PS4 version was nicer than the PC version, but not this year’s……FORZA PES2016. Cant wait!!


@PeeZee Nice to know… I also have a PC which I use for gaming, but I don’t know whats up with me and… I’m also waiting so bad for PES 2016. Is there a way we can both play online? I don’t have PES2015 installed on my PC at the moment. @

@Cloud You play on PC or PSN ?


Bro, add me on PSN, ODB121 😉


Nice!!! Going to do that right away. Haso1284 my PSN.


Ill add the both of you after work today.I only play fifa however


Awesome dudes! I only play FIFA as well


I added you since yesterday bro, waiting for you to accept…!


For one moment I thought that I’m in the wrong blog/forum reading about PES or FIFA 😀
I’m a PES player since 2010 (before that, FIFA from 04 to 08). Used to play on pc, now I’m a console guy, and yes on playstation, but it appears I am the only one hear with PS3 instead of PS4 😐


Then I’ll be getting FIFA16 once it hits the stores, I guess that’ll be after the transfer market is closed right?


“Sanoske-The_boss” ps3.


Yes i played PES


Haha fantastic Rosso!! Roberto Lacos

I think Umar means Ibra, DeBruyne and Garay, no idea who the second one is


We need to be realistic with targets, sure we can get romanogli, but we need to sell a few players, since we are resorting to a traditional forward system, its time to get rid of cerci, additionally get rid of matri and also get rid of either montolivo, poli or nocerino. These players can generate for us another 10m. I think that will be enough to get romagnoli or in the alternate another good defender. I know we have bertolachhi and mauri in midfield, but we really need a top midfielder who can pass the ball and so far milan… Read more »


Agreed bro.


I have the solution: Sell Matri for 5M.

25M + 5M = 30M = Roma asking price for Romagnoli.


Comment:all I want is Montolivo should be in d position of De jong


Really? I’m sure football ain’t played on the planet you live….!


Thank you, I just dont get why people like Montolivo so much… IMO even Poli has been better than him in last two years…


Schar anyone?


Great player! But he JUST moved to Hoffenheim. Perhaps next summer. Definitely a player I wouldnt mind having on our side


Ibra isco/sniejder witsel garay. Sell like 6 players minimum u will have ur squad 150 mil gone scudetto done n dusted who’s next


Pls we need dat creative midfielder so dat ibra baca menez honda andriano we behable to score goals as many as day can


I beg u milan pls try and get a creative midfielder dat hold ball and distribute dem to strikers like ibra menez honda baca andriano


Comment:@feedryz,_forget IBRA and get good defence for milan


Why? Ibra is that “x factor” who will make other clubs know that we are serious… He is, along with Messi and CR7 best striker in the world (I would even say he is the best since he is real ST not like Messi and CR7) and he will be good for at least 3 more years…

And if we can get him for that price (free-10m) it is no brainer…

Ing Appenteng

De Jong is Milan ‘s problem. He should only be allowed to roam in midfield instead of sitting in front of the back four. Montolivo should rather play that role n De Jong given the Gattuso role. Milan was very impressive during De Jong’s absence. With Il faraone having such an impressive half season. Check where Allegri played Montolivo. #forzamilan


I promise you De Jong is not Milan’s problem. De Jong should sit back in front of the defense as much as possible especially because our defense is atrocious!!!!


You’re right. People don’t understand we would be better off playing Montolivo in de Jong’s position. Everyone just d1ckrides de Jong, as if he is the reason we don’t loose even more games than we do.


,,Alessio Romagnoli is practically the only Milan target right now”……WHY ? Are we stupid or something ? but then again we let El Shaarawy go for pennys so i’m not surprised..


Opinion is free but can we be a bit serious please? I know we are all frustrated but calm down guys.


No to garay, he failed at madrid, we need promising defender, we have had mexes already, he is more experience than garay, the guy whom i recommend the most is benjamin mendy and laporte, mendy is considered the better left back than evra, and laporte is the new center back phenomenom, imagine we have de sciglio romagnoli laporte mendy as our quartet back, and we still have calabria, and some experience guy, mexes, zapata, paletta, our defender will be the best in the league, then we should concentrate to buy midfielder, witsel is the one who is available on market… Read more »


Romagnoli 30m, Laporte 50m.. 80m is dam to high but I would love to see them… But for 80m I would rather go for Reus + Gilk… (If we had 80m to spend)

Romagnoli will come, it is a matter of time and lowering price… But main thing we need besides CB is creative mid.. And I have no idea how much are they willing to spend…

Maybe they are thinking Nocerino will become beast if Ibra comes?? (They had great partnership before..)

Coach Seedorf

Comment: IBRA wins d league everywhere he goes except for his 2nd season in Milan under Allegri, so I disagree that Milan will not win d league this season bcos of new everything. let’s wait & see how d season unfolds b4 passing judgement. With Pirlo out of Juve & Vidal likely going too, they are already weaker even with their new additions. Allegri will work with his team & system now so expect different results for Juve as compared to last season


Juve is not weak they are letting old players go but they are buying good young players like gotze and dybala.. Manzukic is not young but he is good as well.. They just need to integrate to their roster and some of them may play well othera may not buy they are good


Juve has a great team but f**k them, we will get to the top again , Milan is and will be the only true team in Italy , without us the whole serie a is s**t…Maybe this year will not be ours , but one day we will get back to were we belong !




after wqtching the preseason games i just pay the full 30 millions for him and 30 millions more for another defender because all of our 5 or 4 cb needs to leave i would not keep anyone of them, but sadly they are what we have available so we do not have another option


Romagnoli will come to Milan if he knows whats good for him. He can stay at Roma and sit on the bench while Manolas, Castan and Mbiwa are all preferred to him or he can come to Milan and start every match.


Don’t you get it?,the problem is not with romagnoli,the problem is with both clubs


Juve have done brilliantly in the transfer market. Sold bought like true champions. I just hope our Milan will get at the same level by the time this transfer season ends we doing good but still not there yet. Ac Milan forever


Romagnoli, Mendy, Ibra, another high profile cb and midfielder and we are complete. Maybe another quality CAM but i put my hopes on Suso

Zaccardo, Albertazzi, Ely, Alex, Zapata, Nocerino, Montolivo, Verdi, Matri, Menez and Cerci all out

Gk – Lopez, Abbiati, Donnarumma

Fb – De Sciglio, Abate, Calabria, Mendy, Antonelli

Cb – Romagnoli, Mexes, Paletta, new cb

Mid – Bertolacci, De Jong, Poli, Mauri, new mid

Cam – Suso, Honda, Jack

St – Ibra, Bacca, Luiz, Niang

24 man squad, one can stay let’s say Montolivo.

And we are set to go… For this season


Like, but Zapata will stay – cause of Bacca, Nocerino probably too – cause of Ibra, Mexes renewed and Cerci has put off the market..

Our FB are good enough, Mendy is not needed (at least not now when we are not playing in europe)

New mid is needed, and a good one…


Absolutely agree with you, 2 CB, 1 LB, 1 CM, 1 AMF and 1 ST, romagnoli, laporte, mendy, axel witsel, marco pjaca, and ibrahimovic, our team will be perfect.

D lopez/donnarumma
De sciglio/calabria romagnoli laporte mendy
Witsel/bonaventura jose mauri/de jong bertolacci/suso
Ibra/luiz Bacca/niang

We can compete for scudetto.


I think that ibra will play as #10 not as a striker.


MarKo Pjaca is not ready for Milan… Im from Croatia, and I think that Mastour is better than him…

San Siro

Honestly speaking, am I the only one here who’s frustrated by the Milan management? We were told that SES was sold to fund the Romagnoli and Ibra’s move. By the time of SES’s sale, €22 million offer from Milan had been rejected by Roma. So can’t they top it to €30 million from SES sale to meet Roma’s demands? From all indications, Milan needs Romagnoli badly and Roma is never prepared to lower their demands. Even Napoli has offered €28 million which has been rejected as well. Our management should stop acting cheap. If Napoli’s €28million has been rejected, what… Read more »


Because romagnoli demands payrise which milan can provide and roma doesn’t want to, and romagnoli want to reunite with mihajlovich whis is our coach, or roma need fresh cash to fund their mercato?


Buy him already! He is not worth higer than 20mil but we are bulding a new team! Team in which you marked Romagnoli as one of the potential cariers! Give them 30mil and go for Witsel! Sell de jong! Sell menez! Release Matri, Zacardo and verdi must go to a loan!


Other clubs could bid €50m, it makes no difference if Romagnoli wants Milan. Why end up paying more than we need to?

As for Witsel, I’ve always got the impression he’s just using Milan as a tool to draw other teams (Chelsea etc) into moving for him.


thats what i hope for next year, btw gundogan might join us i read somewhere today:


From latest news milan already raised their offer to 25m plus 3m bonus..
So rogmanoli likely will come..
Then ibra.. I hope so.

After that, we need focus to reduce a lot of player.
Cerci, alex, menez unlikely but if it happen we will get money from him, ely loan, suso loan, verdi loan, zacardo out..

I agree about nocerino with ibra factor, he will be next gattuso again…


“Now SportMediaset reports that a new offer was submitted over the weekend, with the Diavolo offering €25m again, but with an extra €3m in bonuses.

The Lupi are demanding €30m for the 20-year-old, but with the latest offer worth up to €28m, the news outlet believes a deal can be done.”


I thought we had atleast 100 mil euros to spend even with out sell players lol but can’toffer 2 extra mil lol what a joke same old Milan being the cheap ….. That we always know this is embarrassing


the same person few days ago said 30m is overprised…now after Chelsea, Arsenal n Napoli link suddenly bashing Milan,……so much thoughtfull


Get Wayne Rooney for defense, i’m sure he’s better than our current cbs in recovering the ball


I just read Milan asked Witsel to postpone his decision to leave Zenit for few weeks as Milan waits for fresh funds from Bee who will officially become minor shareholder at the start of August. Media also reports that with Bee’s fresh influx, both Ibra and Romagnoli transfres will be funded. Fingers crossed for those three to come but i still want to see another Lb, Cb and a trequartista someone like Brahimi maybe? Btw Bologna are on the verge of signing Juan Quintero from Porto for a fee around 15 millions. That’s a steal Milan could afford but what’s… Read more »


That’s some great piece of news.. Mouth watering… IBRA, WITSEL & ROMAGNOLI all in one transfer market!!! Jeez, it would be a wonderful season.


ffs pay the money


What u on about dude. Seriously some people on here r clueless


Ibra.Sniejder.witsel.garay cause he’s better than romagnoli. Just buy these players I can’t wait anymore galliani I’m.gonna get u man if u don’t start signing these guys arrrrrrrrr


Dragovic and Doria would be cheaper additions, not as an alternative to Romagnoli though. I think Doria still has trouble settling in in Marseille and Dragovic plays for Kiev, he was fantastic when he was at Basel.


@rosso Let me know if you got to set up your profile. And I suggest you follow the owner of the blog @Meytar on twitter, the guy’s very responsive. (Still me ”Hasowayne” using another account).


I dont have twitter xD read my comment above, i have done all, but on “edit profile” there has no change image option xD


I see it worked finally…! Nice avatar.


Yes, tnx… But that is test wersion, I will paint him red and black 😉


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I think I succeeded xD

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Roma v man city romagnoli starts for roma


he was terrible! 30M my @ß




How about our primavera? Any potential CB in there?


Watching that match was like omg seriously that much money for a player like that. Slow. Off pace. No tactical awareness. i think bonera was better than him lol that’s y I said garay was better


Garay 25 mil witsel 25-30 mil is perfect… Defence has a leader strong tactical fast mid will link up with attack our full backs r great de jong the anchor bertolacci has potential we will wait n see how he gets on in milan but all the rest we know what we r gonna get this Milan has changed so much going crazy with all this lol excited like woo wooo


okay, savic was just sold for 12 million euro. savic is worth 15 million euro and romagnoli 8.5 (according to transfermarkt). savic has played at higher levels than romagnoli, and with a better team. why are we still going for romagnoli like mad? and for more than double the price?! obviously when an opposite team sees that were going only for their player they will not budge the price. its simple negotiations. i get that miha wants this player badly, but here’s the thing- berlusconi had no problem giving a crap about coaches wishes. can someone point to an example… Read more »


For 30mil, ROMAgnelli can just stay in the capital. F them