Goals: Fekir (24′), Poli (75′), Lacazette (80′).

Lyon: Lopes; Jallet (76′ Zeffane), Rose (60′ Grenier), Umtiti (60′ Koné), Bedimo (76′ Labidi); Gonalons (88′ Kalulu), Tolisso, Ferri (60′ Malbranque); Fekir (60′ Mvuemba); Beauvue (71′ Benzia), Njie (45′ Lacazette).  Unused: Gorgelin. Coach: H. Fournier.

Milan: Diego Lopez (71′ Donnarumma); De Sciglio (60′ Zaccardo), Alex (45′ Mexes), Ely (60′ Paletta), Calabria (45′ Antonelli); Nocerino (45′ Poli), De Jong (71′ Montolivo), Bertolacci (60′ Jose Mauri); Bonaventura (60′ Honda); Suso (45′ Cerci), Niang (71′ Matri). Unused: Abbiati. Coach: S. Mihajlovic.

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It’s going to take a huge effort and time to erase the incompetence of the last few years as from what I seen in yesterday’s match we’r far from turning a corner The midfield was just awful and the lack of any creative player was very obvious, I’m a huge fan of De Jong and I think its also obvious that he doesn’t trust the players behind him and so feels the need to protect them by constantly covering back which if we sign a quality defender like let’s say Matt Hummels who can also lead should give De Jong… Read more »


I’m not gonna start a debate with you, but trust me on this, who’s up front matters! We really didn’t have anything but the prolific form of el shaa on the first half and Balo on the second half of the 12/13 season with the occasional help from Pazzo that carried us to the 3rd spot, and how about the “pass it to Ibra and let him solve the game” strategy that Allegri employed prior to that? Don’t take em for granted. Other than that i agree with you we need to improve on defense a lot!


I agree with you Tony I was being hypothetical about strikers but imagine the goal possibilities with another Pirlo or Kaka to set them up


Yep true dat, but see the likes of Pirlo and Kaka (the really special ones) need to be discovered rather than purchased. That’s why coach also Matters! Just like what Ancelotti did back then. It’s really up to Miha to innovate the best system with whatever talent pool that we would have come August 31st.


Off but on topic:

Some news (Forza It Football) says we have agreement with Ibra and PSG:

“PSG will take on Lyon on the 1st August in Montreal, Canada in the French Super cup and after the game Ibrahimovic is free to join Milan.

According to reports Ibrahimovic has already agreed personal terms with Milan, accepting a three year deal worth €7.5 million a year.”

Is that Ibra for free???




No, Milan will pay PSG 20M Euro


Our win ratio will be poor under Miha! it’s based on his history in more than 9 years as a coach, his best winning record has been 48% – obtained when he managed Catania.

Please feature my article on your blog, Milan fans need to know how we would do under Miha: http://www.hfmagazineonline.com/sinisa-mihajlovic-an-analysis-on-ac-milans-new-coach/


Are you serious? He had a rough start to his coaching career but he has obviously matured alot and proven himself. Are you seriously comparing teams like sampdoria and catania to Milan? Obtaining a 48 % winratio with catania and finishing 7th with Sampdoria is really amazing actually. Your skepticism is based on nothing but ignorance.


That’s because you know nothing about football, 9 years is enough to prove you mettle even with small teams. People like you will come back and call for his sacking once he begins loosing matches.


That`s my point, 48% winrate with Catania of all clubs and a 7th place finish with Sampdoria are fantastic results. At the very least it shows plenty of potential for ‘mettle’. He also makes very classy and mature statements in the press imo, obviously he has developed himself both as a coach and a person over the years.

You know nothing about the future, nor do I, or anyone, but negativity has never produced anything usefull.

Give the guy a chance before you write him off.


CB (or two) and creative attacking mid is needed.. When we get them, we will have much more transition… You cant blame De Jong for covering for our CBs… And if he had Pirlo, Seedorf, Kaka next to him, he would be better in creative sense… There are players who “seem to do nothing special” but they make their teammates play better.. Just like Modric in Real (ok, he does much more than nothing, but just for example) he mqkes teammates play better… They didnt have him and they lost everything… That is what we need, one engine who is… Read more »


I don’t blame De Jong for covering our center backs he’s doing what he has to because he knows as all of us do that our defence is very poor and has been for quiet some time so he’s lost faith in them and feels he has to defend our defence as well as our midfield which leaves us a little stretched in midfield That’s why I think we need to sign a really solid center back who can lead his back line and gain De Jongs trust leaving him to concentrate on matters in midfield If we look back… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

Comment: That’s why Ibra is in d picture. He creates as well as scores. we don’t need another playmaker in my opinion, we have not used Honda in that role & that’s supposed to be his role. he has great vision, passes as well as shooting accuracy. cb & Ibra is all we need now, we should be thinking of downsizing not adding more players to our already over-crowded squad


Yeah we need player like seedorf pirlo kaka..
To play 4-3-1-2..
Also we need cb like nesta..


So… we need Modric, Hazard and Ozil?
and cb like Ramos?

Yeah, that is realistic… Stop living in the past… We cant go from 10th team in last season into CL winning team in just one year (I know that we are not in Europe, just saying…) … It is a transition which takes time…


But do you not think we should be at least looking for a really good playmaker instead of all attackers? I know the chances of signing players like you’ve mentioned is optimistic but who’d of thought Arsenal could of signed Ozil? And Ramos looks like heading out of Madrid now nobody would of seen that coming but anything is possible if you approach it in the right way


Lol, it was troll post… We cant buy them, they wont come…
And what we need is playmaker, like modric.. And good pair of CBs…
I would be happy with Howedes – Garay CB pair (or someone as good as them) and one playmaker like De Bruyne…
That would cost us 20+15+45 – cca80m and we would be covered all the way…

But still, that isnt enough.. You need to have good coach.. And we still need to see how Miha sets up squad… Real games, not this preseason friendlies..


what about 100mil investment in defence? we can buy Romagnoli, Rugani and Hummels. So our future defence would look like a mix of: Abate, Calabria, Antonelli, De Sciglio(i’m n ot impressed on him that much), Mexes, Paletta, Romagnoli, Rugani, Hummels


too much in defence if you ask me. 60 mil for Rugani and Romagnioli would be perfect than we should go for playmaker for 40 mil but someone way better than Witsel in attack. And all that if we would have 100 mil more to spend.