Milan beat Legnano 5-1 as Poli, Alex, Mastour, Honda and Verdi score


Once again Milan scored five goals passed their pre-season opponents.

After beating Alcione on Friday, Milan returned to the pitch and to Stadio Chinetti to face Legnano Calcio 1913.

The start of the game was similar to the last one with the opponents striking first as Anelli scored thanks to a quick break. The equalizer came only seven minutes from half time when Poli met a flick by Alex to second the ball to the net.

Three minutes later another corner kick led to the second, this time with a header from Alex. Milan then made it 3-1 with a fabulous long range effort from Hachim Mastour on 42 minutes. Second half goals from Honda, following a cross from De Sciglio, and Verdi scored with a nice kick.

The squad at Mihajlovic’s disposal today included Diego Lopez, Abate, Alex, Rodrigo Ely, Albertazzi, Poli, Jose Mauri, Bonaventura, Suso, Niang, Mastour (the starting XI), Abbiati, Donnarumma, De Sciglio, Honda, Cerci, Nocerino, Verdi, De Jong, Pessina, Cutrone, Bertolacci, Calabria.

The next Milan match is against Olympique Lyonnais at Gerland Stadium on Saturday, July 18. They will then travel to China (with Bacca and Luiz Adriano) for matches against Inter and Real Madrid.

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I bet not many will like my opinion, but here it goes. Keep in mind I was at work and could not watch the match and my opinion is not based on highlights. Many people want Honda to go, when I think he needs to stay and compete for the TREQUARTISTA role and nothing else. Too many people formed an opinion about Honda as winger, which he is not. Look at his play for Japan. Secondly, I really don’t think nocerino would be a bad reserve player to keep, I just don’t think he should be close to the first… Read more »


I think that Noccerino is a good Sub (i would off load Montolivo for Money…dont think we can get the same from Noccerino). Dont know about Honda. I think i prefer Bonaventura…sometimes the pace of Honda is too slow for me and given the new CF that we have, we should play offensive football. Honda is a killer Sub for me. I think that i read berlusconi saying that Menez was gonnas play there…dont think that is a good idea. He is very talented but too selfish for that position. One thing about this Match is very important. Milan getting… Read more »


Agree and agree.


I can see where your’e coming from, but in my opinion Honda is too average of a player to rely on to play balls to our two strikers. Bacca and Adriano are Inzaghi-Style players who depend on the midfield to play them balls into space. Milan’s main problem in our attack last year was that the striker had no support. This is why we relied on playing the ball to menez at the midfield every other possession so that he could try to take the whole team single-handedly and score a mazy run goal. We had almost no build up… Read more »


I second your opinion on Honda …. Let the guy play in this favoured role …. #10 …. And then we should make our judgements …


To me, Honda would be more suitable in an old Seedorf position. At least, that’s what I’ve always had in mind since he arrived with Saponara taking the trequartista role (sigh…). He’s too static to play as a trequartista and it will be easy for opponents to neutralize him in certain games. I’ve watched Japan play a lot because it’s a team I admire and Honda has been playing with an high low standard when playing as part of a threeman midfield, playing on the right side. Much like our old dutchman. As for Nocerino, yes, he’s not terrible and… Read more »


Yea good point about nocerino stunting the growth of our younger players


This is true but we need a bench. Having monte and nocerino and Poli on the bench is awesome really.


I agree, but do you think that Monte is going to accept that role? I am very happy with this Bench…is really good!! Comparing to last season…Essien, Muntari, ….


Guys. I’m really liking poli this pre season. He’s making crazy forward runs in the last two games and he improved his ball control.
He’s keeping the ball well in his feet


Looks pretty much as the same player from before in my opinion. Which is a good rotation player.

I’ll have to watch closer then, watched both games.


He is playing like he always does. The exception is that he has scored two in two games. And apparently if you dont score, you’re not a good player according to some people here. I like Poli and to have a player like him is something most coaches like and want.


EXACTLY. Goals make or break every player to people on here. Do you remember people praising muntari on this blog because he scored a few goals? Lol he was always terrible, scoring a couple goals didn’t change him giving the ball away every time he touched it.


I had a witchhunt after me for criticizing Muntari and Nocerino, during their respective prolific season.

I might even have some notes and screenshots saved on the computer that are a couple of years old.

This really isn’t an insult, I find it easy for long time Milan supporters to identify Milan materials and those who are not. Might mainly come down to some being long time football supporters but knowing our roots has always fler as an advantage for the most of it.


Yeah hahah i remember. The same goes for Nocerino in his first season, he scored goals but other than that he was quite invisible… People need to understand that theres more to this sport than just scoring goals!


What formation/formation are beeing used in the first two pre season matches?




Didn’t watch the match though but I think its good to build the confidence of these youth players. I am particularly interested in the performance of Ely in central defense. If he can be up to the task then we better place him in the cb role and buy a dribbler for our three man midfield which we currently lack. Happy for mastour also for scoring.


Watched the match , as allways , milan dominated by febrile in the defence , midfield is stronger than last season by far as they can actually pass & receive the ball without loosing it .
they played 4-3-1-2 with short pass & quick tempo , one touch . Dead balls were very dangerous .

We must wait for a real match , 30/07 against Lyon


How was Jose Mauri in this game ?


I actually don’t remember seeing him ..
Niang was pretty good , Mastour was trying but he seems to constantly seek glory.
Poli was very good , just everywhere.
Otherwise all three GK played.
R.Ely I’m really not sure about this guy, need more games to see , but i beleive he is going to be loaned to Carpi


I personally wasnt too particularly impressed with him, he was pretty non existent versus a side like Legnano. But cant really fault him, he is young and is still trying to gel with the squad and style of play

Milanista Munir

Comment:Forza Milan

Milanista Munir

Comment:who is next target now is it defender or midfielder


Can someone tell me how niang played


About Honda, Honda is too slow for trequartista role.

About poli, i want him to leave as soon as possible, every time we play with poli we play with 10 men.

Dont watch now, poli is playing with serie D players and he feels like hes zidane or something. In the league he will continue his maratoon work again


Poli has 2 goals in 2 games.


You have 0 useful comments in thr past year. Poli wins


i’ve watched this whole match and the previous one too. in my humble opinion, mastour was really really poor in both these matches. he lost balls almost every time he tried to take on a player or played it safe. never put on a defensive tackle or defense atleast from the front. calabria was super in this match. nocerino and poli both gave nice performance. suso and niang was buzzing around. honda did fairly good in trequartista position. cerci (specially him), bertolacci and alex looked short of fitness. verdi and albertazzi are definitely not milan material. may be rodrigo ely… Read more »


What a strike by mastour.

And final comment sell Menez, Milan need team players not selfish players.


I watched both games. We play simple in defence. In midfield and forward, we play with more fluidity. Imo our defence risk to counter attacking bcause we concede two goals from counter attack.
So far, im impressed by calabria and niang. Calabria has an fantastic work rate, can play at both wing back position and looks like he is ready to play for the first team. Niang show some skills, strength and composure from the last time.
Suso seems like a bit struggle in trequartista position.


we really need reinforcement in defense.


I saw both games too but i must confess that Calabria has great future ahead if well developed, that boy is a quality modern day full back with strong offensive and defensive quality.

Mauri showed pure class and maturity for his age.

Poli could be a surprise player of next season even though am not his fan.

Niang has developed a lot and would be very important sub considering our current attack.

Let’s wait for more competitive pre season games and make better assessment.