Official: Jose Mauri joins Milan on a four-year deal

Mauri holding the shirt of the red and blacks at the HQ Casa Milan on Monday

The midfielder has completed the medical check-ups today and then went on to sign the contract with Milan. He is arriving on a free transfer.

Milan are restructuring the midfield and after saying goodbye to Riccardo Saponara, Michael Essien and Sulley Muntari, the Rossoneri welcomed Andrea Bertolacci from Roma and have now signed Jose Mauri on a Bosman deal.

“AC Milan announces that Josè Mauri has signed a contract with the club until the 30th of June, 2019,” a statement on the Milan website reads. Mauri arrived to the city of Milan today and underwent all the needed medical check-ups before heading to Casa Milan to officially sign for the 7-times Champions League winners.

“The emotion of being at Milan? I feel very good. The shirt I’m wearing now is for the workout so when I wear the real one I’ll tell you what emotion I feel,” Mauri told the Milan Channel after signing.

“The desire to play is always there, let alone at Milan. I’m very happy and eager to play. The choice to join Milan? I had already chosen Milan but the call from Galliani pushed me even more (the Rossoneri Vice President called him when he was on vacation in Argentina to convince him to join Milan).

“What do I expect in Milanello? Hard training sessions, I spoke with Gabriel Paletta and he told me that the trainings are not that simple. I spoke with him about Milan back in January, he is a friend and he told me great things about the club. My role models? I’ve always said it’s Javier Mascherano and then there’s also Gennaro Gattuso and I hope to win at least half of what he won with Milan.

“My dream for the season? That I get to play and that Milan will return to the top.” Mauri, 19, was probably the best Parma player last season and he will try to continue his growth under at Milan.

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I wish u every luck in this world that u can become a great player more than we know u can be.


We are going to offer mastour for ibra???????????????????

and we are thinking about our future??????? Im officially done with milan and will sabotage for berlusconi and galliani if this happen



Get Ibra!


Don’t get Ibra. Get rid of Pazzini, Destro and Cerci. Let the younger talent develop. Niang, El Sharawee, Verdi, and Mastuor. Ibra has nothing to offer, except a bad attitude and red cards in the field.


Welp. I agreed up until that last part. Ibra is one of the best strikers ever. Yes, he comes with a tough personality, but not enough to be a net loss.
That being said, Ibra would not be a wise investment.


Pazzini and Destro left a while ago. There’s no way Cerci should leave, he should play in his actual position. Also, Ibra has nothing to offer except a bad attitude and red card??? Are you confusing him with Balotelli?


Very good and lovely player


Good,one for the future. But we must adress other issues in our squad, two big ones among others. First one is overcrovded situation in our attack. No matter what our formation will be (4-4-2,4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-1), we have too many attacking minded players. Personaly I hope we keep SES and Niang,but, plus L.Adriano, Bacca, Cerci, Verdi,Honda, Matri, Suso, Menez, someone has to go. Other issues is our CB situation… I really dont know who can be our starting pair of CBs. To be honest, I for one, dont see much difference betwen Rami and Paletta,Alex or Zapata. And Rami was… Read more »


if we sell Zapata can we buy another non-EU player? we seriously need CBs but this year i think we’ll only get 1. i don’t understand the Primavera player’s situation are they in first team or not? some say that only Donarumma was promoted some say Mastalli, Modic, Calabria and Di Molfetta as well. if not 1 RB would be nice someone like Zappacosta. and i don’t understand why did we extend Abbiati’s contract if Donarumma was promoted? we have 5 GKs and 11 attackers. 2 GKs have to leave and i hope it doesn’t mean that Donarumma, Gabriel or… Read more »


Remember Gabriel is on loan at carpi, Abbiati is still a good keeper so he can be on the bench, and Lopez will be a starter, for the CB I thin it should be Paletta and the new cb (id like to think it will be Romagnoli) so we can keep Zapata and Alex as backups, we do have a lot of strikers, but its a matter of time until we get rid of Matri and the others, transfer market its just beginning for us, forza milan


he’s not at Capri check and this is the best thing we can get this season.


He will


I Think menez Will play as cam and then bona as cm and SES on bench as back up to various positions. Adriano will probably be prefererred to niang.

Waziri ibrahim ahmed

Comment:we stil need defender like silva


You guys should have patient and have faith in Miha and Uncle fester in the mercato. Things r turning out fine for the milan fans


Cool! Now get rid of Nocerino. Roma really need a striker – give them Matri in exchange for Romagnoli.


I pray dat we dont lose Hachim Mastour…….

salisu bello

Comment:welcome to milan jose mauri

Ebrima bah

We are even happy but I have a high hopes cb will come next week



ac milan forever

Have patient guys . Mercato just opened for few days, still a lot of things could happen. By the way at Miha presentation last week, berlusconi stated that milan will reduce their squad into 25 players which means some players will have to leave. Imo this will be evaluated by miha through pre season. Let’s hope whoever will stay or leave could give milan a good season all along.


lets hope they are: Zaccardo, Albertazzi, Nocerino, Matri, Agazzi for sure and maybe Cerci, Mexes(not extending), and one of Zapata(not good enough, kept only cause Bacca)/Alex(old, but good, i think he wants move to Brazil), and loan Verdi and Gabriel or Donarumma. that would leave us with: GK: Lopez, Abbiati, Dona/Gabi Def: Abate, DeSciglio, Paletta, Ely, Zapata/Alex, Antonelli Mid: De Jong, Bertolacci, Mauri, Poli, Montolivo Attacking mid/wingers: Bonaventura, El Shaarawy, Suso, Honda, Cerci Stikers: Bacca, Adriano, Niang, Menez That is 23 men squad, and only thing is needed is two CB (one world class like TS, Hummels… and one young… Read more »


I don’t understand why other people don’t get this, it’s the beginning of July and the coach has just arrived. Blocking up these threads telling us who should leave is stupid.

El champ

Havent really seen him play though…hope he his quite skillful like el sha or menez because its quite long i see this Milan play an entertaining football


Great business to pick up a promising young player like Mauri for nothing. Avanti così! Forza Milan.

AC Milan Forever

Loan: Mastour, Petagna. Sell: Nocerino, Matri. Buy: Romagnoli, Umtiti, Witsel
Forget about Ibra, focus on Shaaraway and Niang. Bacca and Adriano are good for now, during the winter then maybe we can get another striker or better yet another defender as in Laporte (Bilbao) and Doria (Marsille)


Forget witsel too


I’m thrilled his joined us, I rate him very highly and think he’s going to be a star player and by the way he’s talking it sounds as though its a dream come through for him
Just listen to how excited and happy he is to be part of our revolution, plus Gattuso was a hero of his so there’s extra motivation in him to succeed

Just off topic but what does “imo” mean when someone puts it in a comment?


IMO= In my opinion


Thanks guys!


In my opinion


IMO, Bonaventura, De Jong and SES must start, so as Bacca and Bertolacci (we paid 50m for them, they will play for sure)… Lopez and Abate are also there, and do is Antonelli (De Sciglio as backup RB/LB until he finds his form)… Palleta should be starter cb unless we get 2 better cbs than him… so that goes: ————– Lopez Abate —- CB — Paletta – Antonelli – Bertolacci – De Jong – Bonaventura ————– CAM ——- Bacca —- SES SES could play as CAM, but IMO we need real CAM to connect mid with attack, and SES is… Read more »


Our best formation is 4-2-3-1, you’re right. But berlusconi want 4-3-1-2….it wont happen, unless miha will be next seedorf and inzaghi


Comment:nyc 1 mauri


We have so many players to get rid of. If I were Mr. Presidente, I would get rid of Honda, Cerci, Destro, Alex, Mexes, Antonelli, Montolivo, van Ginkel, Pazzini, Abiatti, Zapata, Poli, Bonera, and Zaccardo. I would keep El sharaawe, Menez, Suso, Lopez, Paletta, Abate, Niang, De Jong, Agazzi, Bacca, Bertolacci, Adriano, Verdi, Mastour, Bonaventura, Vasconcelos, and Albertazzi and Mauri. Forwards: Bacca, Adriano, SES, Niang Center Creative Midfielders: Mastour, Verdi, Menez, Midfielders: De Jong, Suso, Bertolacci, Bonaventura, Mauri. Possibles: Isco, Herrera Defenders: Paletta and De Sciglio center-backs; Abate and Albertazzi: possibles: Untiti, Godin Keepers: Lopez, Agazzi, Vanconcelos As you guys… Read more »


Dont play fifa to much kid


Comeback to reality son! In some years maybe Milan could buy those kind of players, but not now!
I’m thrilled with Miha as our coach and I know he will do good for us, our players, on the pitch and the transfer market! Just be patient and have faith.
Forza Milan


Benvenuto Mauri! I’m excited with his acquisition, and i think our midfield looks good now. Would prefer someone more experienced but this season can be there for Mauri and Bertolacci to blossom and reach new heights. Even if we have so many attackers, i still want Ibra, and we need to off load some players for that… Whoever it is i just hope El Shaa remains untouched. He is a versatile player.
And we need another centre back, Romagnoli might be one for the future, but i would love someone more experienced. Someone who is a guarantee at the back.


Nice signing. Ive expected some more transfer news to develop in these recent days and there hasn’t been much. I go to bed every night excited to wake up and read the news. Let’s hope we get more detailed stories about the centerbacks we are trying to sign and also some news on departures.


I wish i can buying acmilan jerseys again, my last one was 2011.


Hachim Mastour… is wanted by PSG and Monaco with aprice tag of. 5m. I had my fear,he should be loan out to gain experience and playing time elsewhere than selling him..


Welcome to Great Milan.


I pray we off load players like agazi,zaccardo,mexes,matri,nocerino,alex,then loan out niang,suso or elsharawy. Then our formation should be like this
Gk lopez
Defenders abate ely-pauleta-antoneli
Midfilder dejon mauri. Batolaci honda menez/bona
Attack. Menez/andrian-bacca 4-2-3-2 please don’t insult me is just an opinion


Comment:this really shows your performance in mathematics 4-2-3-2


But he has good point… This fixes our overcrowded attack problem…
————- Lopez
Abate – Ely- newCB- Paletta – Antonelli
— Montolivo – DeJong – Mauri
— Bonaventura – Bertolacci
Niang- L.Adriano – Niang – Bacca – SES

This would be awesome… 5325… We would be fighting for scudetto for sure!!!
This guy has brilliant idea… Give him a cookie!


Milan shouldn’t have let go of Rami but Bacca deal is essential. I don’t think Paletta is brilliant enough
to chain opponent attackers. We still need solid rock 5 & 6 like that of Silva nd Nesta or Stam & Nesta.. wearemilan


Look, Paletta maybe isnt brilliant, but he is currently our best defender.. So if we get only 1 cb, he must play, if we get 2 world class cbs, then he wouldnt play.. And that is a little unrealistic since hummels-laporte pair would cost us 80m minimum… Dont get me wrong, i would love that and i think we need it, but its unrealistic… If we get Romangoli for 18m and i dont know… Jedvaj, Umtiti? Or some other young hope for 20… We would be good, but I would rather go for one quality like Hummels, but he is… Read more »

Uslar ses



How good is this jose mauri of a player?


skippo monty should be include in dat midfield unless de jong would be our new captain


My favorite signing we’ve made so far. Huge potential.


So far so good, I feel that we need just a couple more important signings, and reducing the squad. I can’t wait to see Milan in action!


i read, one of key ibra come to milan is mastour… i hope this transfer never happen…


I swear if 1 more person says Witsel, I’m going to lose my brain. What does everyone see in him? He’s so average and overrated. Also it’s a position we really don’t need. We have de jong and montolivo should be available this season too. Web needed a good box to box and we got bertolacci which is perfect. Stop whining and forget about the over priced and overrated Witsel who plays in Russian league. Keep in mind that even Bocchetti looked good in the Russian league and he flopped so hard last season with us. Forget Witsel. Start dreaming… Read more »


Bocchetti didn’t really flop, he was played out of position and not very often, can hardly expect him to perform to his best like that.


You and me both. People banging on about Witsel drive me crazy. He costs 50 million, is overrated and doesn’t even want to play for Milan — he wants the premiership!

olalekan mojeed

What next after mauri


Comment:it is a good tin 2 hv him considering d fact dat he is young $ talented cos now aday in football age doesn’t matter anymore wht matters is wht u can do wit d ball even it is d young 1s dat hv d agility $ streght 2 play let us not complain 4 nw $ c wht eise dey will bring 2 milan


Im afraid Galliani will fail us by selling Mastour to PSG. All the major Italian sports media have the story today which means…. IT IS REAL.

Galliani is a virus.


Linked with Gundogan….would be a great buy if we got rid of Montolivo!

Two CBs is essential, we’ve got one with 3 having left and we always seemed to be thin at the back last year.

Ogbonna is around €5 million, I don’t see why we don’t go for him, even for the bench

Romagnoli is a must buy, anything else now, barring the sale of Mastour or El Shaarawy this will be a great summer of transfer activity!


We’ve already bagged Adriano, Mihajlovic wants “more quality in midfield”, Bonera and Muntari have finally left and now Pirlo’s just joined New York City. This mercato gets better and better. (As long as Mastour isn’t sold that is.)


Wait how good is Ely????


Good addition, now report is saying Witsel has agreed to join Milan.
Witsel is good, n will be a quality addition albeit an expensive one.
But, we have to trim down the squad.