Sevilla’s Bacca on top of Milan’s wish-list, Rami could be included in the deal

Sevilla's Colombian forward Carlos Bacca reacts after scoring during the UEFA Europa League final football match between FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Sevilla FC at the Narodowy stadium in Warsaw, Poland on May 27, 2015.    AFP PHOTO / PIOTR HAWALEJ        (Photo credit should read PIOTR HAWALEJ/AFP/Getty Images)
Carlos Bacca reacts after scoring during the Europa League final between Dnipro and Sevilla at the Narodowy stadium in Warsaw, Poland on May 27, 2015. (PIOTR HAWALEJ/AFP/Getty Images)

Carlos Bacca is Milan’s number one target for the attack but there is competition from Roma and Liverpool.

After missing out on Jackson Martinez and Geoffrey Kondogbia, Milan are trying to recover and they’ve already put their hands on Andrea Bertolacci (will have a medical on Monday) and are trying to sign Carlos Bacca from Sevilla.

Martinez’s Colombia teammate has an exit clause of €30 million and according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Sevilla have given Milan the nod to go ahead and talk with Bacca and his agent.

“Is Italy a possibility?” Sergio Barila, Bacca’s representative, told “In football you never know what could happen. Carlos is a top striker, and Italy is a top League. However, he has a contract with Sevilla, and there are other clubs in other countries interested.

“Milan? I can’t speak about one club in particular, that would be unprofessional on my part, I can only talk about the player. He’s a great goalscorer, he’s scored goals in Colombia, Belgium and Spain.

“He’s a striker who guarantees goals for any team he plays for.” La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Milan have already received an indication from the player that he would welcome a move to the fashion city but competition is fierce for him with both Roma and Liverpool interested in him.

Sky and SportItalia believe Milan could have an advantage in the negotiations with Sevilla as the La Liga club are in talks with Milan over Adil Rami and the Frenchman might be part of the deal. il Corriere dello Sport reports that Adriano Galliani is ready to offer Sevilla €25m plus Rami for Bacca.

Milan are already thinking about the alternatives and according to La Gazzetta, they have identified Edin Dzeko, Romelu Lukaku and d Luiz Adriano as the possible Plan B.

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Good development, but how is bartollacci performance at Roma, does anybody watch him play there?,

Bacca?, I still prefer Ibrahimovic to him, at least we need Ibrahimovic to help him out, but Adil rami can’t leave, the guy can still be great


Bertolacci played for genoa.. And had a great season with them…


Bacca is more long term.. he’s not bad at all.


well Bacca written a bit differently but pronounced the same way means idiot in japanese. Lacazette would be much better and i would be OK only if we used Rami for his deal, plus Lyon is interested.


Can any one tell something about Jose mauri….


He is an Argentine-born Italian footballer 😛


Hehe. Not that Man I was asking about his speculations with Milan…


I know, just trolling.. Well he is between us and fiorentina.. Who knows? Last thing I heard is that he is closer to fiola and he will have medical there.. Bur nothing official


no to baca, we should sign pjaca or beradi
if Milan can sign young player’s it will be OK for the future


Though the fee for Bacca is on the high side, I’m more than happy to see another useless CB leave. Enough of mediocre CBs in Milan. We need REAL defenders. As for Bertolacci, Roma must be smiling to the banks. A player who’d have been behind DDR, Nainggolan, Pjanic, Keita and Strootman in the pecking order being shipped out for €20m seems to be a good deal. I do hope the kid’s got talent suitable for Milan


When you’re looking to bounce back instantly, young players are not the best option,we need players who are in their peak.


Go for dzeko! AS a Lone striker he is ideal and a realistic taget so that we Can still strenghten otter areas.

Coach Seedorf

Losing Rami is such a bad idea & for just 5mil for that matter.I’l say pay d 30mil release clause & leave Rami out of it, he is arguably our best defender at d moment & we have no replacement for him yet. What I like most about him is that he scores goals a lot both with head & foot like thiago silva did for us then. At 30mil, Bacca is still cheaper than Martinez so pay d full prize or 25mil excluding Rami pls

rossonero Ghana

i’m tired of this rumor stuff.Galliani can not buy free agent inform konoplyanka and he is talking about €35million to €25million bacca.stop making unnecessary noice.we true milanista’s in Ghana are not interested in these your oldage stuff.don’t forget,everything that have a beginning,has an day,galliani will be no more but milan will live forever.long live milan.

chris baggio

Bacca would be good for us..if we are not able to get him we shd go for dzeko but never lukaku.
Can any milanista tell me the situation on lucas lima?


Why not Lukaku?


Lukaku is just like Higuain.


The funny thing is, i would prefer the alternatives rather than Bacca. I dont know, i just dont see him as a top top player. Dzeko would be nice, he is also a Milanista, his idol was shevchenko. Anyways, i still want us to sign Ibra, forget the rest, Ibra is what we need for attack, that will make us set in the attacking department!


Um guys, the best alternative out there in my view is Jovetic. About to enter his peak years, Serie A experience and hungry for success. Unless Mancity want crazy money I think this guy should be our main striker target.
Baca on the other hand is 29, unrproven in our league and has scored a bunch for Sevilla in a “soft league”. And to top it off we resigned Bonera and are about to give away Rami who is way better.
I think we are overpaying for Bacca and Berlacci.


We really need the new legend not old player, i consider bacca as an old player same with inzaghi when he came..i miss signing the young and highly rate player like shevchenko, he came to milan when he was 23, he was young, he scores a lot of goals, he was top scorer, and he is our legend..the only purchase that make me very excited was pato’s and mastour’s purchase..pato was young and was considered as the best in the world that time..i want milan to find this kind of player..i really dissapointed when we lost kondogbia, he is one… Read more »


I actually wouldn’t mind if Milan signed both Bacca AND Lukaku. What do you guys think of this team?


Abate Zapata/Maksimovic Laporte/Savic Antonelli
Witsel/Wijnaldum DeJong Bertolacci
Bacca Lukaku


This is better
Abate bonera zaccardo Mexes
Nocerino montolivo de Jong
Matri Toni



Why not go for Gabriel Barbosa?




Bacca will b a good buy for us. but I want us to sign Ibrahimovic too, he is wat we nid right now. @least for d morale of d players.. the team as a whole has lost confidence and zlatan can help rebuild this confidence. I tink that alone should b enough.


Please no… Gk: Lopez, Abbiati, Gabriel, DF: Abate, De Sciglio, Antonelli, Rami, Paletta, Ely MF: de Jong, Bonaventura, Honda, Suso, Poli, Mastour, AT: Cerci, Niang, El Shaarawy That’s the only players in our squad I would keep, a total of 18. This is taking all things into consideration e.g. I believe Honda and Cerci are both extremely talented and have so much to give under the correct management while I feel Mexes, Menez, Pazzini, Montolivo and Zapata’s best days have passed/they are more bother than they are worth! This leaves 6-7 positions for upgrades. 2x CB: Ogbonna, Musacchio, Badstuber, Subotic,… Read more »


Instead of us trying here catching up with our latest rumors,all what we do is saying let milan buy this or buy that which nobody out there even knows u ar saying all that. So as a matter of suggestion let us learn to talk reality rather that fictions. Some will even be buying players and arranging formations. All these are very annoying.


What’s the use of a blog then?


jovetic and ibra and luiz adriano for attack and imbula, baselli and bertolacci for midfield and ogbonna/Aymen Abdennour and drogovic for defence and we will be all set and ready to win serie A.

abate/ mds——rami/paletta/drogovic—-ogbonna/ely/mexes—–antonelli
honda/kovacic/lucas lima
ibra 15m, jovetic 20m, luiz free, imbula 20m, bertolacci 20m, baselli swap monty, ogbonna 15m, drogovic 10m, kovacic 25m orelse lucas lima for 10m for 125m we can compete at all fronts and sell menez for 15m so for 110m we are all set and done!!!!


i see a lot of hate on bacca – but he is performing well and at 28 he is just about to reach his peak – if you give the guy a chance i’m sure he can prove that he has what it takes – get rid of dead weight strikers and what if we use menez of a part exchange for lacazette ? – i like menez but last matches of the season proved we can do it without him – we were too menez dependent which is bad – same how we were dependent on ibra – el… Read more »


I’d like this comment 1000 times if I


If we must spend 30 mill on the attack spend 10mill on ibra and 15 on gabigol. Bonera needs to leave, same with muntari. Pazzini is on his way out, Mendez might stay cos Monaco hasn’t stepped up but I hope he leaves and we get gabigol instead.


According to our twitter Axel Witsel is still possible… and we should try to sign Morgan Sanson this kid is brilliant


Why u all insist on Rami staying? Guy clearly said in interveiw he wants to leave as he wants to play CL. So much for being a true milanista as he was always braging

Rami is nothing more than a mercenary, making troubles wherever he plays

Throw him in a deal for either Bacca or Lacazette, i would perfer the second

ACMilanSince 69

Rami didn’t want to play under Inzaghi. I think he verbalized what the whole Milan roster was thinking. Maybe excepting Menez.


These comments of his are like two weeks old, Inzaghi was already gone

Most of u just feel sorry for him as he payed half a million from his own pocket which he got back believe that


And someone here wants konoplyanka, where is he going to play? Bench elsha? Another one wants lukaku and bacca upfront, why will you sell or drop your top scorer last season? Guys, be realistic. I’m in support of a rami/lacazette swap buh I feel lacazette won’t want to throw away a UCL football he worked so for for a non playing team in Europe.


Yep I would sacrifice Menez for a front two of Bacca and Lukaku. Pelle’ and Mitrovic. Gabigol and Immobile. The point is Milan need wholesale changes.

ACMilanSince 69

Sadly, no one wants Menez. Like Pato, Robinho and Mexes they have a high perceived value, but a very low market value.

ACMilanSince 69

Another agent is getting us into bidding wars. We can’t compete with the English and Spanish leagues. Rami is decent and wants to be at Milan. Keep him.


you people need to know the facts. Rami does NOT want to be at Milan anymore, he said himself he wants ucl football and to get noticed for the euros. I liked rami, inzaghi never played him, he wants to leave. Let him go.


Thank you i see some people actually read interviews


Just get ibra and forget the rest. If we must then lukaku before its too late, at least he’s young and has great potential


@dave, you wouldn’t, just as inter won’t discard Icardi. No one does that except you get an irresistible offer. A wholesale change is not needed, the squad is not as bad as pippo made it look, torino, Genoa and sampdoria can’t boast of a better squad. Pelle and the Immobile immobile? Lol


Jeremy scored a lot of his goals from penalties. He lacks discipline and I often saw him not tracking back. The squad is bad. I honestly only really like Lopez, Antonelli, Bonaventura and De Jong.

Are Monaco still interested in Menez? Lets do a swap deal for Abdennour. Chelsea 2004/2005 style. Get rid of everyone. I am hoping for Mr B to be our Abramovich.

F this squad.


Lack of priority is our problem.. Now we are looking for a striker when we sold balotelli.. I know many of you do not like balo but remember his 30 goals in 18 months? We did not have any problem with our strikers. We had problems with the defense… Now we have problem with everything except goalkeepers


Bring Lacazatte, pastoren oscar ASAP.!!!!!!!!!!


Bring Lacazatte, pastore n oscar ASAP.!!!!!!!!!!


Dammit….now I wish Milan hadn’t terminated Robinho’s contract…he’s been a revelation at the Copa A merica…..we could have used him as an effective bargaining chip for Gabigol/lima.
p.s. Luiz Adriano has declined Al ahli’s offer


Sevilla is willing to exchange bacca for rami and some cas.. This is pathetic we need defenders and we will let go the only decent one cb we have


Rami isnt that good to be quite honest. Paletta is a better defender then him, and if we are bringing in Laporte, id be ok with letting Rami go. Alex and Mexes are both decent CB by the way.


I like mexes but we need consistent players man


Alex used to be very good but idk what happened to him


The player that i want the most is Laporte from Athletic bilbao.. Rami and laporte would make a great partnership with dejong helping them like usually.
After we get a good cb then we can talk about strikers and midfielders


Guys I thought this blog needs a chatting room where all of us around the world can gist and talk SENSIBLE things. Can we create one?


Erm …..what’s this about mastour to besiktas? Anybody know anything about it? Thanks.


Laporte and willems for defense,
Clasie/Witsel and Wijnaldum for MF
and Yarmolenko as 2nd striker


Reports suggest Milan agreed a deal with Bacca the only thing left is to negotiate a deal with Sevilla while Rami will not be included in a deal as he wants to join Lyon

If that’s true then Milan should negotiate a deal involving Rami with Lyon for one of Umtiti, Lacazette, Fekir, Benzia or Grenier


Do you think they would ever part with Gonalons? Could you imagine a striking front pair of Lacazette and Bacca? Milan fans would start to have fun again and the team would and should be feared by everyone.


So what? Half of menez’s goals were penalties, he could well have missed them, he didn’t any of them tells you about his prolificness infront of goal, he dosent miss sitters. You don’t expect your “starman” to loose his energy tracking players here and there especially your CF. Monaco are looking towards destro or immobile. Menez looks a guarantee to stay


“I had in my team players like Marco van Basten and George Weah. George certainly had more potential in terms of technique, but Van Basten was perfectly connected to the team and this multiplied his influence. It gave a sense to our football. We always talk about football as if it were a sport for individuals, but unfortunately for us it is not and therefore we must understand that what counts is the motor. The motor is the style of football that does not come from the abilities of the individual, but from the plan and hard work.” – Arrigo… Read more »


It looks like we’re signing Bacca. This feels like the signing of Inzaghi. Bacca is so good with positioning, lethal in the box, and always pulls defenders. This will make it easy for fast second strikers, like el shaarawy to burst through the gaps when defenses chase after Bacca. This is the bright side. The negative that we need to fix is that these players only work if we have an extremely fluid and creative midfield or you play 4231 and use the wings to cross lots of balls into the box. Now we just wait for the official news… Read more »


Comment:mihajlovic needs to have a say in Milan’s transfer deals. and the kind of players that can get him result