Bacca set for Milan move – personal terms agreed and a deal with Sevilla has been reached

Colombia's striker Carlos Bacca celebrates scoring their first goal during the friendly international football match between United States and Colombia at Craven Cottage in London on November 14, 2014. Colombia won the game 2-1. AFP PHOTO /ADRIAN DENNIS        (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Bacca celebrates scoring goal during the match between United States and Colombia at Craven Cottage in London on November 14, 2014. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Carlos Bacca is on the way to Milan as an agreement with the player and with Sevilla has been reached on Saturday.

Last week Milan found out that they are not going to sign Jackson Martinez (he today confirmed that he will join Atletico Madrid instead) and the Rossoneri quickly identified a replacement and now appear to be close to signing Carlos Bacca.

Before the agreement with Sevilla had been reached the player, who scored 28 goals last season in all competitions, agreed personal terms with the seven times Champions League winners – exactly one week after Black Saturday which saw Milan losing 2 targets.

“I can confirm that Milan and the player reached an agreement,” Bacca’s agent Sergio Barila told “Carlos chose what is best for his future, so it’s only natural he is happy. How long is the deal for? You’d best ask the Rossoneri that.” Sky states that it’s a five-year deal for the 28-year-old.

“Milan has a great tradition, a great history. It’s a club that has a great sporting project. There is an agreement between us and the club,” Bacca’s agent later said to

The salary of Bacca is said to have been agreed at €2.5-3 million (for reference, Giampaolo Pazzini & Ale Matri make €2.5 million). An agreement with Sevilla has also been reached and according to Sky Italia, Milan have agreed to pay the 30 million exit clause. reports that Milan also found an agreement with Sevilla over the payment and instead of paying the whole sum within 60 days (as stated in FIFA’s regulation when clubs pay the clause), they’ll spread the cost over installments.

It was thought that Adil Rami would be involved in the deal but it is not the case. After the disappointment from the Martinez and Kondogbia deals, Milan are ready to welcome Bacca).

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Great, plz now do not ruin this by extending boneras contract or something.

Next on the list must be get rid of dead weights


Peaple dont get crazy now ! Bacca is a good player but not world class. Anyway i would welcome him but wait for the official announcment. If I know our stupid management he could have teeth problems in medical… if you know what i mean


what are you talking about we celebrated the supposed signing of martinez

well this guy got around the same amount of goals in a much more competitive league, he is one year younger so I dont see why you have this much pessimism


Wow 30m…

Ebrima bah

Here we go again Plz this time we need the official… Forza Milan #forza bacca


I thought we had money to spend? Why not just pay it once and for all?


Money’s value goes down with time. Anyone with half a brain with take the option to pay it over years than all today.


And cause of FFP


so great, I am starting to observe galliani terms now,it Luke like if he has change him way in market by not making nose in the media,just calm and signed him bacca, welcome.
next step should be midfield and den fens.


Id prefer him over J. Martinez anyday. He is a poacher his playing style reminds me Pippo, now we need Shevchenko type striker and SES could be that. I dont want Bertolacci signing, we could bring Oscar or Nasri for that money and they are perfect for the CAM position. For the cm we should sign either Witsel or Kovacic with Bona and NDJ we are good for three CMs. For defence we have to do everything to bring back Silva and one promising cb Ogbonna in my mind. Last and most important thing should be getting rid of all… Read more »


You read my mind. Completely agree with everything.


It will cost a lot of money…
Oscar 40-50m witsel 30m t silva 30m obonna 15m..
We already spend big money, 20m bertolaci. + 30m bacca…
So your dream never gonna happen


I dont want Bertolacci signing, we could bring Oscar or Nasri for that money if you see my point I said Oscar instead of Bertolacci. Oscar wont cost 50 as reported he will cost about 30 since he isnt wanted by Mourinho. So just add 10m to the money which will be spent for Bertolacci and get Oscar. Im just saying Bertolacci isnt the player we need right now Oscar could be our new Kaka and the new team could be built around him. But about the other signings yes you are right. And one more thought is I really… Read more »


One thing you don’t seem to understand is. It costs a lot more to bring players to Italy. Taxes. Why do you think it was so hard to bring kaka back? You say Oscar will cost 30 million? After you factor in his wages and the taxes in Italy your looking at closer to 60 million. I’m good with Bertolacci thank you very much.


And the one thing you dont understand is the likes of Bertolacci, Poli and Montolivos are not enough to be a great team. I know Oscar earn 2× more than Bertolacci but he is 2× better player too. And to bounce back we desperately need some big spendings. Look at inter Kondogbia costed them for 70 not even proven star. Oscar is the world class and Milan material player and we need samba blood too in the squad as always.


You seem to be a fan galliani likes 🙂 Accepting a mediocre team and not complain about it!! Maybe you are too young bit this team is the of the likes Van Basten Maldini Nesta Stam Sheva Kaka etc. Players like bertolacci should only dream about playing in this jersey but not more !! Stop beeing so passiv !! Milan is place for World Superstars. WANT IT AND WE WILL GET IT !!!


i hope he doesn’t label signing Bacca and Bertolacci as top class striker and midfielder additions that he spoke of. it would be much better to use Rami and 30ml for Lacazette, young, talented, dynamic and we’re getting a player that is at the peak of his career, everyone including me wants to sell Menez because he’s at his career’s peak as well so why are we signing him. Bertolacci for some reason reminds me of Gattuso, he’s kinda rough to play against but Kondogbia would’ve been much better addition in my opinion or Kovacic, we do play Inter’s player… Read more »


Cant belive yet until we get confirmation its official because cant belive in anything yet because of jackson martinez deal


why can’t I not breath all at once pls galliani pay the money excluding rami and finally official.


Guys, wait until he came here and sign the deal… Dont be happy yet…


Don’t even think any thing because is a done deal.


Who’s Bacca?


the next step for Milan if rami leave is n maksimovic of Torino and myric of Monaco.


Lol………….. Douglas costa wanted to join milan last year……


I would like laporte


I mean Milan…. Sorry using small letters…. My mistake…… FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!


Lacazatte will be a great transfer too……..


30 million seems like a lot of money for a player hardly talked about in European football

Well i wouldn’t say hardly..


Am I the only one who doesn’t like this? Oh well. Still, if we could get Ibra and an established world class center back, we’d be fine. Paletta was really improving towards the end of the season and Mexes was really solid aside from his silly red cards earlier in the season. Another established midfielder to top it off would be ideal. After that, sell sell sell.


Nope you and me both. Also agree about Paletta, he was rock solid most of the time. A good and fast partner next to him (doesnt have to be fast, but to complement him, he needs to be class though) and we are set. Bacca isnt world class imo, but maybe he can still improve… Im not that excited, I just take it as it comes. Still hope for Ibra, Witsel and a class centre back.


I’m not exactly doing cartwheels either. We need Ibra.

Redouan Shevchenko

When did our downfall start?? The second half of the season as soon as mexes startes. With him we got 22 points out pf 21 games without him we got 37 points out of 17 games so how can you say he is solid?? The guy is plain old sh** he is a center back that doesnt defend instead he goes up and tries to score goals while causing mayhem for pther defenders around him I swear I hate him soo much along with muntari both their attitudes on the pitch stink and if we get rid of both pf… Read more »


Are u sure u hv been watching Milan’s matches, cuz I don’t think so compare mexes errors to bonara’s last season n see hu really cost us last season,mexes onli goes forward wen we dwn

Coach Seedorf

Don’t know Bacca but between him & J. Martinez, who is better? Cos Columbia coach seemed to start Bacca ahead of Martinez till he got a red card. Need opinions pls while waiting for d official announcement


Bacca is extremely deadly in the box. In my opinion he is much better than martinez.


All i can give u is that Bacca scored 28 goal in 56 matches this season for Sevilla, including two in finals of Europe League which could indicate he is a big game player


Im pretty sure we wouldve all prefered lacazette/dzeko instead of bacca. and oscar instead bertolacci. It just seems like such a better use of money to me. I just really dont think bacca is worth 30m, I hope its a player exchange.


We need to realize that bacca is cheaper than lecazette and cheaper than dzeko and bertolacci is cheaper than oscar.. Sevilla doesnt care if we have 30 millions or not.. Thats the price they put if milan eant to get the player we pay for him if not he gets sold anywhere else.


We need to realize that bacca is cheaper than lecazette and cheaper than dzeko and bertolacci is cheaper than oscar.. Sevilla doesnt care if we have 30 millions or not.. Thats the price they put if milan want to get the player we pay for him if not he gets sold anywhere else.


I know that hes cheaper but that 50m spent on both bacca and bertolacci could be used on a world class player like lacazette or oscar who are both very young nd will be worth more later on. Plus i think dzeko would be less than bacca tbh


Bacca is quality!


Bacca is better than Martinez in my opinion. Martinez has a better goal ratio but he’s also playing in an inferior league and porto are a stacked team so they create a lot of chances for him. Bacca has a descent goal ratio but also plays in la liga which can arguably be considered the best league nowadays as far as strength of teams go.

Also Bacca plays much better for national team than Martinez so very good addition in my opinion


Official…..Bilbao reject 15m ac milan bis for Laporte.


Haha galliani is crazy he wants to pay 60 milions for higuain but 15 for laporte

Uslar ses

Like it or not he is among the deadly strikers in d world, am ashamed too see a true milanista saying we should instead sign dzeko or nasri players dat warm bench is the type u want at milan? Common wise up dose saying dat he is at his peak of career then wat will u say to Dzeko hu iz 29 almost to 30 datz d type u want at milan plus nasri is indispline player. Nasri is geting 6mil a year while bertolacci gets only 2.5mil nd u stil tinks diz deal is not fair??? All milanista should… Read more »


I dont like higuain.. I would not pay 30 millions for him lol imagine paying 60 is crazy.. I mean i can get better players than huguain and pay less than 60 and bacca is an example of that an martinez is another example of better and cheaper strikers than higuain


Nasri is actual someone we need so. Idk what football ur watching my friend


Comment:God bless you bro. Well said . some people just want to run their mouth. This guy is big match player so why are these guys whining? I just Pray we will be able to sign Ibra to instill confidence in the team and another question is ;why do we hate our top scorer (Menez) so much and want him to go real quick?

celtic fc

milan bad team does not matter who they sign still be poor


wouldnt be surprised if its a spin by his agent to raise his price in another couple of millions.
we saw that happening twice in a week.
if the deal will go through- 30 mil. is WAY too much to pay for a player that is unproven in the big tournaments.
yes, he was in europa league, but thats against the league champions of ukraine and romania, lol.
the difference between his and martinez surely isnt 5 million… more like 15.


Bacca is better than martinez what football do you guys watch


It’s really disappointing some people don’t know a quality CF, bacca is up there when it comes to European strikers. He’s on par with a certain Higuain who will cost above 50M. Didn’t lacazette take all of his team’s penalty kicks? Dzeko is already off-form, I won’t pay 15M for him @ the moment,


Spot on. Bacca is quality player. He will bring 20 goals per year for us just wait.


I think it’s a good deal, now sign a creative midfielder and two centre backs


And what. Has martinez achieved? How come he couldn’t fire his Porto side to an European cup final game? The goal-point rating in Portugal is 1.5 while that of laliga is 2.0, JM plays in a inferior and less tactical league where he out-muscles defenders of lower quality. Let’s see how he fares @ atletico.

don usyy

we should get atleast 2 good players for each position. Gk: Lopez, Gabriel and Agazzi. Cb: mexes,laporte, paletta, abdennour and zapata. Lb: antonelli and De sciglio Rb: abate and dermian Cdmf: De jong and montolivi rmf: bertolacci/ and poli lmf: witsel and bonnaventura Amf: Honda and suso ( if we are using a 4-3-1-2 formation). ss: elshaaraway and menez no. 9: carlos bacca and luiz adriano. now we need to buy: laporte for €20mil abdennour for € 15mil witsel for €28mio luiz adriano for €6 mil making a total of €59 mil plus €50 mil spent on bertolacci and bacca.… Read more »


ppl stop dreaming:
oscar wants cl
lazcatte wants cl
martinez wants cl
witsel wants cl
verrati wants cl
douglas costa wants cl

we must wait until we reach cl spot before we can compete for real in the transfer market.

i hope we get laporte from bilbao he is really god and young


So did Di Maria but eventually joined MU when they werent at CL. Sometimes you can get players without CL just for one year with promising project which we have. I dont care others but we must go for Oscar.


He is a very underrated striker tho a significant upgrade to both Pazzini and Matri. I am very happy for this signing! Let’s hope it’s official soon and then we can move for Witsel, Ibra and maybe Hummels.








Lets get to a conclusion because many of you would pay 60 for higuain
35 for martinez
But you dont pay 30 millions to get bacca..
Did you guys watched football this season?


Could we have not got Romelu Lukaku for this price..?


Bacca is cheaper than lukaku man


Yes, and much better too!!


Dream with Ibrah.

Wake-up with Bacca.


Galliani can say whatever he wants but milan lost 90 millions this year so we cant expect to get 3 ibras and two sergio ramos? Wake up we get better with time


I am convinced with the two signings…. Bertolacci and Bacca…. Now we need 1CM , IBRA and 2Cb’s 1young 1experienced


Why do you guys think bacca is not good

Common you should be happy

We have seen milan not signing such players for two years !

I cant wait to see milan start with new players that are a great injection in the team we had this season

If we reach cl im happy

Forza milan


I agree with u…. Bacca is what we need to reach ucl… U will have to agree no other striker wants to leave ucl….


Please please please get us Nasri or Oscar and I’ll be the happiest man in the world .lol .. I’ll take Oscar 100 times over bertolacci any day.


Bacca. Bertalo. Now we need Ibra to partner bacca. Witsel with dejong. Silva/hummels/laporte as our number one defender


Bacca and bertolacci is actually a good deal, bacca has a clinical finishing, his ratio goal/shot is better than any player in la liga including messi&ronaldo, if only we have a really creative midfielder, he will be our top scorer, with arrival of ibra im so sure he can score more than 25goals, i heard we will use 4-3-1-2, which el92 will be the trequartista but more to second striker, i hope mastour will fill the role in future. One other player whom milan should buy is marko dream team next season: D lopez/donnarumma De sciglio laporte abdenour antonelli… Read more »

Asodji Alvin Inzaghi

Comment:why is everyone describing bacca as not being a world class, bringing bacca will be the best thing to happen to milan.still forza Milan, forza bacca


Dont care how many downvotes this gets, but i would have preferred Balo return to Bacca.

He’s younger, cheaper and i think he’s far more talented.

A front two of Ibra and Balo would have been amazing.


Talent isn’t enough, what about attitude ?


Well his attitude has improved considerably


Balo slows game down, he is selfish, and his attitude is big problem… And him and ibra would be fight every match.. Two big egos… We need strikers who want to win, not to score… If his teammatw is in better oppertunity than him, he needs to pass the ball.. Balo wont do that, and that is the problem.


Pls can som1 beg mexes,bonera,suley,to pack up and leave or sign up as ball boys I’m sure suley can’t remember ao to pick balls again … MTD.. Milan Till Death!


Bacca is a precise goal getter, I’ll sure take him over jm, probably not higuain don’t like higuain though he’s wasteful ,but pls let’s get rid of mexes bonera suley for spacious purposes, turn them to ball boys or something zaccado too if they refuse to leave, I’m sure suley can’t remember how kick a ball again.. .MTD ..
Milan Till Death .


Hachim please don’t leave what is this Turkish move I’m reading.. Can som1 pls wake som1 up.. ?…MTD… Milan Till Death


I’m surprised myself.

gang chomba

Comment: with Bacca and Mennez infront…i hope Milan will be back on groly days…

truth be told.


Before we get any more players, we need a new sporting director… I like Bacca and he is quality but the fact we could have signed him last summer for 15 million but instead chose Torres is hilarious.. now we continue to pay Torres salary, had to bring in Destro, and now pay extra 15 million to sign Bacca on a perhaps higher salary than for what he would have arrived last year.. We sold Antonelli to stick to Antonini, Mesbah and constant ( who cost us like 7-10 million ) and then brought him back for 4 million… Bertolacci… Read more »


Well said bleed..i dont know about Bacca but the whole thing seems caotic and random