Bacca set for Milan move – personal terms agreed and a deal with Sevilla has been reached

Colombia's striker Carlos Bacca celebrates scoring their first goal during the friendly international football match between United States and Colombia at Craven Cottage in London on November 14, 2014. Colombia won the game 2-1. AFP PHOTO /ADRIAN DENNIS        (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Bacca celebrates scoring goal during the match between United States and Colombia at Craven Cottage in London on November 14, 2014. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Carlos Bacca is on the way to Milan as an agreement with the player and with Sevilla has been reached on Saturday.

Last week Milan found out that they are not going to sign Jackson Martinez (he today confirmed that he will join Atletico Madrid instead) and the Rossoneri quickly identified a replacement and now appear to be close to signing Carlos Bacca.

Before the agreement with Sevilla had been reached the player, who scored 28 goals last season in all competitions, agreed personal terms with the seven times Champions League winners – exactly one week after Black Saturday which saw Milan losing 2 targets.

“I can confirm that Milan and the player reached an agreement,” Bacca’s agent Sergio Barila told “Carlos chose what is best for his future, so it’s only natural he is happy. How long is the deal for? You’d best ask the Rossoneri that.” Sky states that it’s a five-year deal for the 28-year-old.

“Milan has a great tradition, a great history. It’s a club that has a great sporting project. There is an agreement between us and the club,” Bacca’s agent later said to

The salary of Bacca is said to have been agreed at €2.5-3 million (for reference, Giampaolo Pazzini & Ale Matri make €2.5 million). An agreement with Sevilla has also been reached and according to Sky Italia, Milan have agreed to pay the 30 million exit clause. reports that Milan also found an agreement with Sevilla over the payment and instead of paying the whole sum within 60 days (as stated in FIFA’s regulation when clubs pay the clause), they’ll spread the cost over installments.

It was thought that Adil Rami would be involved in the deal but it is not the case. After the disappointment from the Martinez and Kondogbia deals, Milan are ready to welcome Bacca).

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No i dont want Chewbacca here i would rather take Lukaku hell i would even take Guidetti over him and Bring Oscar or Verratti


I reccomend that Sweden take a look at Sweden’s u 21 national team they got some hidden jewels in their team that can become really good i mean they are in the final of the u 21 euro cup after being in the hardest Group with Italy Portugal and England and now beat Denmark in the semifinal i would take a look at Oscar Lewicki Oscar Hiljemark and Robin Quaison Simon Tibbling


I get it that you’re hype man, jag förstår det! But dont overexaggerate. Guidetti fights tooth and nail for his country but he isnt world class – yet, i hope he will be though. And out of the ones you mentioned Khalili should be there, he is better than all the ones you mentioned. But my favourite is Lewicki, great defensive mid, great tackling, fearless and good in the air.


Du kan vara lugn… but i wasnt serious about Guidetti though but i agree Lewicki is my favourite aswell but i would definetly take Robin Quaison he got skills speed and a heavy shot + he did well in Palermo last season


Quaison kommer bli bättre med tiden, but for now he needs more training, gain more match experience! And he don’t need any pressure on himself now, which I believe he would have if he went to Milan!!


100Percent focus on Centre Back and more defense.

>Leone Ala

Great Buy For Milan , taking in considiration that we wont play CL or EL next season ! its hard to attract players if you are been as bad as Milan has the past 2-3 yrs ! Not to mention we still have a Rookie Coach ( Mancini made the difference at Inter by stealing Kondogbia BTW) Anyhow Now that 50 Mil are spend ( 100 Mil Left ) We should go and buy these players: Laporta (30-35 Mil) Abdenaour ( 15-20 Mil ) Witsel ( 35-40 Mil ) Ibra (10- 15 MIl ) or if he doesnt come we… Read more »


Go try to sign Banega! He is football maestro 27 years old and he will fit right into the Milan style! We must sign Imbulla and Witsel too!


Dunno about Banega. ..he’s quite lethargic at times


For Attacking Midfield we can get Perotti from Genoa he’s not that expensive and he will be very glad to join us..


We already have Honda, Suso, Cerci, Menez (and Mastour if he gets the chance) to play there as CAM’s!
I prefer them, rather than Perotti.


Bacca, El Shaarawy and Mastour (in a couple of months, he just needs a chance to play) together are deathly forwards.
Now it´s up to coach Mihajlović to find the perfect strategy to put all this talents togehter to one winning team and bring Milan back to the top 3 clubs in the Serie A and back to europe in 2 years.


I heard mastour is being used in an exchange deal with besiktas….multie reports say this…..really hope it’s not true
I’m surprised many of you haven’t heard about it.


Now I have read it, you are right!
They wrote Milan will exchange Hachim Mastour in a package with 3 million in cash for Kerim Frei from Besiktas Istanbul. I really hope that´s not true.
Maybe Milan is pissed off, because Mastour decided to play for the Moroccan National Team instead the squadra azzurra. Both infos from the same source, maybe just PR.


I agree with the one that says he prefer to bring balo back.. He and sharaawy made a great partnership together and they became goos friends, so in my opinion they would be lethal as 1 and 2 strikers with a world clas cam behind them


A good partnership together? Are you ok bro? When balotelli came to milan it ruined El sharrawy. He scored 1 goal for the remainder of the season. His form dipped and his confidence was no longer existent. Do we even watch the same milan?


Aww no no my bad im sorry you are right.. I forgot his 15 or 16 goals were before the winter break and then balo came in january u are right @phildadon1899


Lol its all good. If anything balotelli ruined the harmony we had. Honestly I believe if he didn’t come we would have been 2nd that season


I have to disagree on that one bro …..balo was our saviour THAT season…I mean Milan were like 9th on the table before his arrival…and he had almost a 1.0 goal/match ratio.


Are we comparing what we are signing to what inter,Man U is signing coach quality? Still keep my fingers crossed. We will see


This is not official. Until it’s official then this is another BS story.


Pazzo agree with four years contract with hellas verona…
damn zaccardo,bonera,muntari,albertazzi still on club

What about niang guys,did we get him back??
i heard milan still progress with luiz adriano


I hope this year we can finish in top 4.. Under inzaghihalf of the players were injured and we managed to beat roma and we beat lazio but then we went to sassuolo or cagliari and lost. I think that miha will take care of those wierd results we got this past season as well as trying to maintain our players healthy plus some good additions to the club will be good Additions we will get better guys


I think it’s official. Look at wiki. No balotelli as we already have menez n niang as second striker. No ibra as well. I would prefer liuz adriano as Ibra like to drift out wide as well which is more like a second striker. Thats why he said that he preferred to play with inzaghi than with robinho n pato. Just adriano will do for offence. Now 2 center backs. I am not convinced with Paletta. Far far too slow. Against pacy n trickery players, his weakness is so badly exposed. Mexes is ill disciplined always taking a gamble and… Read more »


A 29 year old striker no matter how good is not a good investment. Aleksandr Mitrovic, 20yrs old is a very good striker and is just 16m and we wasting an extra 14mil on a striker with just 3 to 4 yes left in him. Poor transfer strategy I must say.


Yup, especially at that price. Ibra for half that yes all day long. He’s a winner and will demand players to bust their ass. He will win a half a dozen games against the minnows for us easily.
I dunno, 30mil is a lot of cheddar for an 29 year old Serie A unrproven striker. Time will tell


The first issue with MILAN has been achieved (INZAGHI is gone for good). Its not as if we have a bad team. Rather than putting their mind in the game, Montolivi, Abate, POLI and De Sciglio were busy going up and down bad mouthing Seedorf and telling people that Inzaghi is better. That’s gone anyway. Our defense is not as bad as people think. January arrivals has really done well and the canpatin hand band should be given to LUCA Antonelli. He is matured and very good. Paletta, Rami, Mexes, Zapata, Alex and the new young defender should fight for… Read more »


I think u guys should really shut up about bacca’s age. Yes I know 29 is not for long term. If Milan buys a younger n relatively unknown, you guys will blame Galliani. Goal scoring is too important to take a gamble. We can gamble on midfielders or full backs but definitely not a 20 goals strikers. Look at chelsea, w/o diego costa, they struggled to beat teams. So leave all your unknowns be it swedish croatian whatever in your own brain. Stop posting here. Not a good investment? U mean once the raw talents that you guys mentioned succeed,… Read more »


That is what i say haha people complaint anout everything. If u put bacca i our current team he goes right away to the starting 11 without thinking twice.. So it is an improvement


You cant explain that to people on here. They dont think realistically at all. Why bring in a proven goal scorer who has scored 20 goals consistently when a young kid can come in and score 10? Makes sense right?


Why? You already answered lol the strikers role is to bring goals and i think 20 is a lot more than 10.. I mean i win more games with a striker that score 20 goals than with a striker who score only 10
In addition 10 goals for a striker is like a goalkeeper playing as a cam lol almost useless


He was being sarcastic bro 😉


Thanks bro haha. Yes i was being sarcastic


I dont understand the hate on this website. Honestly. Its not your money, why do you care the cost of players? Are you people accountants? They are bringing in players who automatically make our team better. Your comparing transfers from years ago to transfers today, that makes sense. Inflation doesnt exist in your worlds i assume? Galliani is bringing in players who instantly make this team better. Do i like galliani? no i dont. I think he has been this clubs problem, for a long time.


I am happy but yet not as happy as if IBRA had come, the only problem i have with the deal it isn’t the player but the price and the age.
I would had deffenitly get:
Ibra back
and it would be worth investing 30 mil for any of this players:


When people underestand that bacca is as good as lulaku vieto and aubumeyang and bacca is a lot chraper then you will know why we are signing him


The difference between the ones you listed and Bacca is that if the ball is near Bacca while he is in the box its 100% guaranteed goal, but w/ the ones you listed… its basically hit or miss. They are no where near as clinical as Bacca. 29 years old is perfectly fine. He’ll give us atleast 3-4 years of his PEAK Quality. He’ll only start deteriorating at the end of his contract, which by then, i’m sure we’ll have a replacement ready. Everyone keeps talking about “investment” as if we’re planning to sell the players when they hit their… Read more »


If i could like this 100000000 times i would. Most logical thing ive seen here in weeks


hey pls how old was Carlos Tevez when he went to Juve so age is just a number


Why galliani always use exit clause?


Because if a player has an exit clause according to UEFA regulations you have to meet it. Most exit clauses are signed by the club and player. So even getting a deal done with a player still means the deal has to meet the exit clause. It all depends on the logistics of the deal signed. If the player hasnt signed it, he has the right to tell the club to accept an offer.


See, there was Jackson Martinez with exit clause 35 million.. he was wanted by some top clubs.. but since there was a buy out clause no team will bother to bid higher because once you meet it, Porto is powerless unless the player decides to stay.. if there was no buy out clause, the bids would have gone way up and Milan would not have even been close to getting him.. Same for Toni Kroos, you think he was worth just 25 million?? If there is no buy-out clause, usually bidding wars lead to inflated prices like Kondogbia case.. You… Read more »


Whem you realize that bacca is in the top 10 or 12 strikers in europe right now then you will know why we want him at milan


Bacca is a welcomed development at the Meazza but what is more important is the mentality and psychology of the players who would be wearing the black and red this season.


good signing, no one should complain, but there is much work left to be done…




Someone said signing Ibra would be useless as he likes to play wide. Well my friend that is just the reason why Ibra is needed. Bacca is very lethal in the box and he needs good feeder which is Ibra. Bacca and Ibra together would match Inzaghi (box finisher) with Sheva (wide striker).

That is what u need when u play two strikers formation so Bacca and Ibra together up front would be deadly!


When is he going to have medical check up and sign contract ?
I’m a bit worry after what happened to Martinez and Kondogbia.
Since Bacca also wanted by Liverpool and many epl clubs.


To b honest I’m glad we got bacca instead of martinez, bacca more fighter than martinez.


Not hearing any rumours of Muntari being sold, this guys behavior is not worthy of ac milan…he needs to be put on the transfer market. Perhaps we can offer him to steaua bucharest at a bargain, i imagine he would jump at the chance to play with his brother.


He wants to stay at milan.. I hope he leaves


Yep, im not even judging him on his performance, this guy quit on us towards the end of the season, such a bad example to our young players and young Milan fans in general.


Pardon my ignorance but I havent seen enough of samp last year to have a clear idea of what miha Will bring. So please enlighten me as to mihas prefered tactical set up and style of play???


I’m happy to read this. Bacca has all the characteristics we need in the man who is going to consistwntly put the ball in the net. His age is irrelevant, he plugs a whole in the attacking puzzle immediately and will hold for two three years, by when we will be back in cl, the youngsters, Niang, Mastour, Di Molfetta, will have matured and the team have gelled, assuming miha does his job well. By the end of his contract we can attract another top class striker, with cl on our side. I would still like to see Jose Mauro… Read more »


Please when is the medical ?


Let’s go for Otamendi- he’s a Milan fan and the leader we need in defence. He’s very quick and strong too, splash the cash and make him our big signing!


Reports today is that milan put in a 20m bid for abdennour and that he has turned it down because he doesn’t want to play in Italy. Thank goodness I hope it’s true I don’t like him at all. Alternative is Romagnoli. I hope we can get him as that kid has great potential, can be a future star, but I’m afraid that if we get him that he will just sit on the bench and we’ll use others. Get a quality Cb like hummels or laporte!! Hummels still hasn’t decided anything so I don’t know why were not fighting… Read more »


I didnt see that they are readying a deal for Ibra, i did read that they want Romagnoli though, i wouldnt be opposed to that. I also read that they like Lamela, that i would definitely be ok with. Creative, pacey and clinical. He was a monster for Roma, imagine him in the midfield or on the right side passing to bacca and Ibra, that would just be insane lol


For 20 mill I would rather try and hijack Napoli’s deal for Darmian, use him in the center of defence and as backup on full back. Could still get Hummels, but it seems a tough buy. Also makes sense to spend on a stopper next year when Alex’s contract us up, as he is a decent backup who would be hard to sell now. Maybe better stoppers will be willing to cone if we reach CL. Backs; Abate, antonelli, MDS, Calabria. Stoppers; Darmian, Palletta, Alex, Ely (Mexes) Out.; Rami, Zapata, Albertazzi, Bocchetti, Bonera, Zaccarso. We ended the season with 12… Read more »


any idea what happened to witsels 48 hour deadline..its like the 4th day now


Some reports suggest Milan abandoned the idea of Witsel due to his high price and hesitation over a move. Instead they are now willing to finalise Baselli deal.

Just media reports and speculations for now


Luiz Adriano’s agent basically confirmed that we didn’t bid for him but he’s interested in Milan. Is he that bad or is Galliani not going for him because he wants other non eu players (hopefully Gabigol)? Because we are limited to transfer in 2 per year.

Anyways the agents exact words were:

“They have to make a deal with Shakhtar Donetsk. Are Milan planning to make an offer to sign him this summer? You’d have to ask [joint-CEO Adriano] Galliani.
Luiz Adriano would like to play for Milan, as any player would.”


I also read that Milan want him but they don’t want to pay 9m for him since his contract will expire in 6 months.


sounds legit xD


If we sign:
Luiz Adriano

How will we play Bonaventura and SES92? – any ideas?



I favor Jack over Honda in this formation. SES and Honda on the bench. Looks promising anyway.


They were, or are, chasing another EU player in abdennour. Maybe now that he’s has ruled out a move to Italy they will move for Adriano.


Juve open 30m kovacic talks
Lyon offer lacazette to arsenal for 21m
Imbula to porto for 25m
Jovetic valued at 16m
Milan to go after Lamela if witsel bid fails.(this is baffling…they play different positions…or maybe Mihajlovic planned to build hid formation around witsel?)


If the numbers are true alot of these are really good deals. Especially lacazette. But I’m sure all these numbers are just fake rumors. The transfer market is so inflated these days.


Heard Milan have signed Matteo Pessina from Monza for Milan Primavera. When is the Bacca medical coming up? I’m getting anxious, checking the news every hour.


I wish people would stop going on about Witsel. He wants the premiership and is nowhere near worth 50 million.


anyone who coming in this season, have possibility to become world class… it depends many thing to become world class… coach, strategy, fitness, and management team for example… please tell me, ambrosini and gattuso when they came to milan, they already become world class?? noooo… even my friends hate them… but what happen? they gave trophy for milan… and many names likes kaka, serginho, pato, etc…. i remember when nocerino came to milan, almost everyone in this forum protest… but what happen, he gave many goals and contributed to milan scudetto…. and are you guys remember when kaka moving to… Read more »


I agree with you, Dapito. How the coach manages the trainings, understands his players specialties and arrange the strategies for the team are more important than signing world class players. The situation is different now. Milan are not attractive for some players since the club is not going to play in CL.