Milan and Roma reach an agreement over Bertolacci, the Rossoneri will pay €20 million

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 29:   Andrea Bertolacci of Genoa celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Genoa CFC  at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Bertolacci after scoring during Milan-Genoa at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Andrea Bertolacci is set to join Milan on a four-year deal after the Diavolo and Roma have struck a deal at €20m.

Milan missed out on Jackson Martinez and Geoffrey Kondogbia but finally it looks like they are going to get a player they’ve been chasing as it’s widely reported in the Italian media that an agreement has been found between Milan and Roma over midfielder Andrea Bertolacci.

The player, who had a very good season at Genoa, was just recently bought out by Roma, who had own half of his ownership. However he will not stay there as he’s set to sign a four-year deal with Milan with annual wages of €2 million per season + bonuses (other sources say it’s €1.5m + bonuses).

Sky and Gazzetta are both reporting that Milan will pay Roma €20m for Bertolacci while SportItalia claims it’s €15m plus €3-4m in bonuses, and the deal can be formalized in the next few days.

It is also stated that Bertolacci’s arrival does not exclude the arrival of another midfielder with Axel Witsel still on top of Milan’s wishlist. However, it will be extremely hard to get hold of Witsel as Zenit demand about €50m for the services of the Belgian who is wanted by many clubs in Europe.

Unless there are last minutes surprises (again), Sinisa Mihajlovic will welcome Bertolacci soon.

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el sha

this Guy is not what we need wats d difference BTW him and Honda Milan are So lost


Nice….but I prefer 4 2 3 1 with a new right winger.


El sharaawy cost 20m lolz this is crazy seriously galliani needs to get a reality check desperate panic buy


20? That’s Crazy.


Chil guys…he is worth the value…i bet u my pension fund!


Now is this official


i think he is good though


Stupid galliani, i think the player value it just 8-12m..
Now inter has better transfer than us…
Please dont do this..anymore..
Then please kick matri zacardo muntari cerci bonera pazzini soon as possible


Comment:we need a world class striker like ibrahimovic a solid defender like thiago silva $ a creative mid-fielder like pirlo nt u giving us average player dat can’t change our Almighty Milan situation.


And why any such player will leave ucl to play for Milan…

Ghani-yu bachana yusif. (

Galliani was a transfer guru on when Berlusconi was will to pump extra money into the club. . Now Galliani only feed the world journalists with news on big players but in the end he will look for excuse and quickly go to genoa for his usuall milan genoa cheap business. But still some people still support him as transfer guru.. Milan need change but the most important change milan need is people like Galliani. Milan need new people with fresh ideas. .Galliani love his position in milan and he love to also be in front to speak with journalists.… Read more »


This is crazy… Too much money for him in my opinion.. But he has serie a experience and is youmg and has time to improve.. Hope he is worth the money…

And what is this sh*t about Matri wanting to stay at Milan??? Along with Muntari? For gods sake, terminate contract if they wont leave… Same with Zaccardo..


Oh great……… Just wasted 20 mil on another overated player that will come and sit on the bench.


there is no reason for galliani to call himself the transfer guru…he totally doesnt have the balls to dare other competitives in the windows….clearly the other italian giants really do uderstand the game perfectly…galliani should stop being an a-hole…..get the players and set the new era of this milan saga….

basheer saeed

Comment:nonsense this transfer,is just wasted of money,we don’t need this kind of player,we want high class like kondgbia


@rosso, how is he going to sit on the bench when he cost 20m, MVG has left, he’s not a free transfer mind you. He’s a fantastic talent, he’s hardworking, a similar version of marchiso. Wait till he flops before condemning the transfer


Right on bro…..I mean we have a different coach and everything.


I hope you are right, but he can turn out to be Marchisio and also he can turn out to be Poli (hard working but doing almost nothing – but maybe that was coach problem – bad placement…)

We shall see, now we have real young Itallian core with SES, Jack, Bertolacci, Verdi and Poli, if Miha can put them in right playing style we could have a real team…


Dude, Poli is turning 26 in september, how the hell is he considered a young player?


With 25 years he still has 7+ years to play, just look at Pirlo as example…


Never ever in your life, compare Poli with Pirlo again.


Thats Gallianis Logic. He was willing to pay 35 for Kondogbia but the said 40 would be too much ? Whats wrong with this old man ? Better spend that 20 mil extra on Kondogbia than on this another poli kind player !!! Better spend 55 mil one Kondogbia who guarantees actually something. His value wont drop as we will see that inter could sell him for minimum 80 in the future to the likes real barca. Its just superstupid from Galliani. I really start to think that galliani destroyes milan intentionally.


there is no guarantee on kondogbia. who ever thought falcao wld flop, who ever thot pogba wld be one of the most sought after midfielders


I like bertolacci, but we could have bought a better midfielder for 20 mil. I think we paid over the odds because burlusconi wants italian players in milan. Milan cant afford to waste money, we need to buy the right players, regardless of their nationality.


we’ll only see if this was a good transfer when he’s played a season or so. Still waiting for the official though…lol.


Well spoken Papito!!


Ah….what’s this about Milan offering 3 mill plus mastour for kerim Frei?


i think ac milan should go for Ozan Tufan to, milan need a deefnsive midfielder that can do alot of assist
but thinks that worries me for next season, is the coaching staff, mihajlovich, but most the fitness coaches, we have all seen ac milan poor fitness in the last of 2 years, they can only play for 60 min, and they done. slecelly menez, if i was galliani i had cash in on that player this summer. and meny other players


Wow, our mercato’s on fire!! Who’s next, Lodi?


Zaccardo with captains armband xD


And Kucka + Matri

bad guy

galliani is milan worst enemy,tevez was 10 mil,but he opted to buy matri for 12mil,now nobody wants to come to milan,I think milan should buy taarabt,he’s better than monty and muntari put together


Its a good signing but Milan still need a leader in midfield and a World class striker and Laporte in defence


De jong officially renewed until 2028! Guys actually berltolacci is worth the money. Slightly overpriced though, i guess it should be 15-18m €. But then again, he is still young and great prospect, rather than kondogbia for40m, i like bertolacci, mauri, and rabiot.and actually it wont cost us 40m in total. After all after de jong renewed i dont see importance of signing witsel, but if he comes i will welcome him of course.

Forza Milan!


2028? That is one damn good contract :P hahah


@bad guy: Taarabt is going to Benfica for free! Would be great to see him again in Red&Black Jersey…


*troll alert*
Maybe we just need to trust galliani and let him do his job, i think that he can do well.. Here is probably his setup for next season:
————– Abbiati
Bonera – Lodi – Zaccardo – Constant
Mesbah – Kucka – Muntari – Birsa
——- Matri —- Gilardino

What a team??? We could seriously win something with this… (Serie C?)


Agazzi for Goalie or bring back Amelia.. Bonera and Zaccardo to swap positions.. actually bonera is ok at RB but horrible at CB.. same for Zaccardo.. better Cb than RB… Lodi is midfielder I think… I think our GREATEST EVER PLAYER .. DIGAO should be in the team.. Gilardino had one good season in 2006… borriello was ok in 2010.. best striker for your troll team would be Ricardo Oliveira..


Chelsea demand 25mil for oscar and is far better option than this unproven star.


PSV want 14m for Wijnaldum. A great option. I feel he can be a new Seedorf for Milan.


Really?? And Oscar so low?
With 40m we could have Oscar and Wijnaldum?? Thats a bargain!!!


Sorry, but I heard it is what Juventus are ready to bid for him.. and it is 25 million pounds..not euros.. so it is something like 35 million euros… still Chelsea are not expected to sell him.. they are notorius in that aspect.. sold David Luiz for 50 million and funded an entire transfer window..


The local players high price syndrome has been transfered from England to Spain and now to Italy, Bertolacci at best should cost not more than 10m but hey! that’s reality of modern day transfer market and we must all accept that. The important thing for me and you is for him to turn out a great buy, he’s a very good midfielder (not great), has wicked left foot and moves well in the midfield but he isn’t a strong player. Let’s hope under Sinisa every player give more just like players did for S.A.F at United. I wait for the… Read more »


I welcome him, he has had a great season, and is playing for the national team. I doubt people have watched him actually play… Anyways, now our midfield is like this: Montolivo, De jong, Bona, Poli, Bertolacci. I dont think i forgot anyone, as I consider Muntari gone. I would still like us to sign Mauri, but we need someone like Witsel, someone with experience. Both of them would be gold of course. But that will mean less playing time for someone. We must not forget to off load players as well. With de jongs renewal, i hope to see… Read more »


Wiesel has said he wants to play in England, or if he comes to Italy, for Juventus so he can take a hike as far as I’m concerned. Mexes should only be allowed to stay if he offers to play for free and loses some weight. And as for Mauri… the very fact we’re the only club who wants him apart from Fiorentina and he’s FREE just about says it all.


Lets see what happens with witsel. Mexes wants to stay and is willing to take a pay cut. And we arent the only team with viola who wants him, Juve are interested as well.


Honestly bro stop trying to explain it to people. Bertolacci is a great signing in my opinion he’s already starting for the national team has good vision and is young. Plenty of upside with this kid. He’s also very agile and is hard to tackle. Great shot. People complain that haven’t watched this kid play. 20 million is steep for a young guy at the end of the day that’s the market today. Over inflated pricing thanks to oil rich teams. Mauri is wanted by Juve Fiorentina and abroad. I don’t know what that other guy is talking about. Either… Read more »


Lmao…94m is really insane bro….hahahaha
but higuain would be a hell of a striker if he was more clinical….I think he’s worth around 30m


Yup, couldnt agree more with you brother! I mean, he absolutely destroyed us when we lost against genoa at home, and thats just one example, one that people here should know about before saying “who is he” etc… And then, people say “omg just pay the extra money and get *insert random name here*” and when we do, its “omg, how can we pay so much money for him?!” People dont know what they want. Indeed, Ibra for attack and we are set, he is perfect. Forget about overpriced big match flop higuain and bacca! Ibra is the man, there… Read more »


Well we haven’t signed anyone yet so let’s see what happens. I’m just finding it hard to get excited about Bertolacci for 20 million and Jose Mauri when our midfield used to contain Boban, Savicevic, Seedorf, Pirlo etc etc.


Sassuolo have bought our Berardi for 10m but Juve have retained a buy out clause…can he still transfer to another club?


Yes he can, its the same as what’s happening to Bertolacci right now.


If we could stop paying our rivals big money,that would be great.


Sassuolo have bought out Berardi for 10m but Juve have retained a buy out clause….. can he still transfer to a new club?


Sevilla issue a hands off warning on Bacca. ….and then declare their interest in rami….the nerve


That’s cool. They can just give us Krychowiak, Iborra, Banega or Gameiro.


Now Galliani flaws are out in the open for all to see. He used to hide behind “lack of funds” and recruited washed up stars on high wages in previous transfers but not this one. He’s sitting on a gold mine yet somehow managed to lose two solid players within the space of one week & now he’s paying over the odds for a good not great player? As if that’s not insulting enough, Galliani in his typical “I’m the boss” like approach went ahead to rob more pepper in our eyes by saying he may have saved Milan €75mil.… Read more »


I would love to see Milan playing as:
4 defenders ;need one quality in the middle
DE jong
3 midfielders : berto ,SES, Monti if fit
2 front strikers ; I like Cerci with another quality striker to be purchased before end of summer
I rather Milan spend the money buying quality defender and a striker not Wetzel for 50 M


This is really stupid


NOw… Milan level just so so… I loose my passion to watch live milan play… delay is better now.


Mediocre.. waiting for Big name. Waiting………


Wt ff, why are they spending 20m E on some random guy… I never heard of no disrespect


I even thought the guy was 19 or 20. He is a freaking 24 year old unproven player for 20 mil……… Really?………. This is insane


Lol….you’re counting your chickens (seems you’re counting 0 btw) before they’re hatched…it’s a failed transfer when the player flops and it’s genius when he shines…so please wait.
And besides he’s hardly unproven.


Hoping and praying seriously that a 24 year old average player panic buy doesn’t flop in order to justify the 20 mil spent……, now who is counting chickens before they are hatched?


You guys complaint about everything.. Bertolacci is not great but he is a good player.. Right now if we take dejong out.. Bertolacci would bench anyone in our midfield..
You guys downvote me but i keep saying that italians are overpaid players.. I can go south america and find some better younger and cheaper players than him


Milan need more creativity and vision on midfields. Nabil Fekir is the real playmaker that Milan are looking for. He is the new Eden Hazard from Lyon and he is the key player who gives many assists to Lacazette last season. Nabil Fekir is cheaper than Izco. Sometimes, I doubt Galliani discuss with the coach first before signing new players.


What we need is the best for great Milan…. Lets look back and get good Defenders and Strikers. Please we have to get back to our position. Great Milan missing out Champions League, unbelievable.