Official: Milan buy out Verdi from Torino for a reported amount of €450,000

Simone Verdi of Italy reacts during the UEFA Under21 European Championship 2015 football match between Italy and Sweden in Olomouc, Czech Republic on June 18, 2015. Sweden won the match 1-2. AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK        (Photo credit should read MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images)
Verdi during the UEFA Under21 European Championship 2015 match between Italy and Sweden in Olomouc, Czech Republic on June 18, 2015. (MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images)

Simone Verdi is now fully owned by Milan after the Rossoneri beat Torino in a blind auction on Thursday.

Milan had until today to resolve the co-ownership of Simone Verdi but didn’t seek an agreement with Torino over the forward and instead the two clubs took part in a blind auction in which each club writes the amount they are willing to pay for the services of the player in a closed envelope and the highest bidder wins.

The Diavolo won the auction and according to they are set to pay Torino €450,000 for Verdi, who spent the last two seasons on loan at Empoli, playing 66 games and scoring nine goals from the winger / second striker position.

Milan confirmed the signing on their website and wished Verdi ‘welcome back’. The player grew up in Milan’s youth rank and was part of the squad that won the Primavera Coppa Italia in 2010.

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Nero jnr

I know this are the kind of players we wil sign not those big names


I dont want any players in this window. I only want that our stupid management go from galliani to gandini !! Every one !!!!! Thats the best thing our club can do this sunmer !!!


It z true..nothng beter we can do than roul out galian and his combination. Footbal now dayz played out of pitch.lets stats wit management problem and then onother problem follow.galian go leav champion league back hom


Yuhuiiiiiiii…..we’ve signed our second player. Lmfao!


I said the same Nero , Rodrigo Ely , Verdi no big name so far when the market close Galliani will say I trying no body want to join us

Moni Harb

Galliani usually does business at the end of the transfer window. From now till then, we can only expect a few players coming in.


Well, than they wouldnt go with us for preseason, and we again wouldnt look like real team…

We need transfers NOW

Milan Till Death

My Finger Cross This Mercato Till August Before I Know Weather This Club Has A Project Or Not


From Jackson, Kondogbia, Ibra, Witsel and Adriano to Verdi? Ok, he is young, but I think saponara was better than him… He will probably end up on loan… And from Hummels we now target Glik… Another mister X summer… If you dont want to spend, tan fu*k it, sell bonera, muntari, menez, mexes and all dead weight, and play only youngsters (with Lopez and De jong)… Play SES, Niang, Mastour, De Sciglio, Calabria, Ely… And make new team… Dont try to patch dead weight team with more wood… Like kucka.. I wouldnt be suprised if we buy him for 20m… Read more »


Witsel has rejected us……I can’t believe this s***


Galliani needs to go. My patience has blown. he IS the problem. Linked to all these big names is bs.


Really? BS? how?

He met, talked, shook hands, found agreement with their clubs and the players right? He DID everything that he could. The other parties changed their minds, Galliani can’t control that. He is more frustrated, embarrassed, shamed and had lost his face 3x in a week than any of us here in 3 years. Instead he kept his head high and move on to his next target, secured De Jong, Bertollaci and hopefully others. So, really, BS? how?

kwabena Adu

Galliani should resign or be replaced,he has lost his touch.


Now, according to Sky Sport Italia, Milan have reached a €20m deal with Roma to take the Italian international to the Stadio Meazza.

It is thought the Rossoneri beat off competition from Atletico Madrid to sign the midfielder.

Bertolacci made 88 Serie A appearances in the last three years for the Grifone and scored 12 goals, as he also broke into the Italy national team.

Is €20m not too much for bertolacci???? Is galliani out of his mind??? 20m for 1 season player?? Galliani will bankrupt milan really.


Since Roma paid 8.5 million for half of him, his valuation is 17 million… considering that, 20 million is not that much.. BUT.. we could have signed him 3 seasons ago for something like 4-6 million and we did not do that.. THAT is Galliani’s mistake.. he was good for TWO seasons, has a bit of everything, is ACTUALLY better than Bonaventura, and HE SNUBBED ROMA AND UCL FOR US… that should be appreciated.. Our 3 reported purchases, Mauri, Baselli and Bertolacci are great buys BUT will not produce IMMEDIATE RESULTS.. Milan must choose a project.. either take time to… Read more »




Have we bought Mauri & Baselli also??? I know about Mauri being on our radar …. But have we bought these two?


Its waaay too much… For 10+12m, ok, he is young… but for 20m we could get sooo much better players…

Many of you told me Im crazy when I said Galliani has lost his touch (when we were linked with Martinez, Kondogbia, Ibra…) and when I said anybody can overpay player and pay buy-out clause…

Do you believe me now???


Meanwhile, milan has given witsel 48 hrs to respond as juve have pulled out of the race.


Interesting right?


Ow yess.. Another homecoming player… Just like Matri, Antonelli, Ely… I guess some of this name, Cristante, Pacifico, Darmian, Aubameyang (!) will join Milan again in the future… with much higher price tag… A mistreatment for our youth system, what a shame…


Rodrigo ely
simone verdi

here’s guys the probably player who can we get…i just realistic because we didnt play ucl/el this season


With this players only, we won’t play UCL next season too


Last year man united wasn’t in CL they get Di mari , Falcao ,Galliani needs to bring the $$$$$$$$


Now I am worried… Galliani should go… Berlusconi should fire him… Enough is enough… We have lost all our transfer targets…. I am fed up with this man… I just want to see maldini take over the spot as sporting director… Fire Galliani….


Good morning mr. Maldini.


Has anyone else noticed that while milan has gone out searching for players beyond their reach, a number of incredible young players have agreed transfers to non Chanpions League clubs: Berardi – Juventus to Sassuolo move (7million) Obiang – Sampdoria to WestHAm (4million pounds) Dealofeu – Barcelona to Everton (4million pounds) Adriano – Shakhtar to Al Ahli Meanwhile, – Paulinho is linked with China move – Liverpool are looking to let go of Lazar Markovic – Pato is desperate to return to Europe – Imbula is on verge of Inter signing – Benteke is about to agree to stay at… Read more »


Better 20m for Bertolacci than 40m for Kondo.


you have to admit, both are horrendously overrpriced. Kondogbia should be worth 20 mill and Berolacci 10 mill.


Bertolacci 15 – Kondo 25.

Anyway it seems Milan are focusing too much on who they should buy. They should spend some time focusing on who they should get rid of. Which is a lot of players.

Also missing out on a player here or there is far from a disaster. There are literally hundreds of great players in every position who would be suitable for Milan. Just gotta find them/do your research.

Bertolacci much like Bonaventura is very welcome.


But we need one big inspirational signing along with all other things….. Waiting for that to come…


Why is a big name necessary? Allan, Maksimovic, Iborra, Junuzovic, Laporte and Tonelli for example are not exactly big names and I would welcome them with open arms.

A champion team is better than a team of champions.


Well said Dave, really well said! I love your quotes CHAMPION TEAM is better than TEAM OF CHAMPIONS!


All these comments about Galliani not able to get his players are ignorant or uneducated. Have you guys ever stop and think that it isn’t like a walk in the park liked it used to be? There are more big teams in today’s football. Just 15 years ago Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, or Zeniths had no money to spend. There are more wealthy clubs in Europe than before, the competition is tougher. Players are more like mercenaries playing for money than for the team. Buying players is not buying pop sickles where you choose the color, size, flavor and pay. It… Read more »

don usyy

for those of you bashing galliani, I think your comments are just unfair. he has been in the business for a very long time and I think he is just doing what his boss tells him to do. if we get baselli, mauri and bertolacci, then it cleaarly shows that milan has a project for the future. and I am sure with poli, bonnaventura, baselli, mauri and bertolacci (all italian mf, mauti is italo-argentine) we will most likely dominate the national team midfield and with el-shaaraway in and probably immobile if we sign him, it increases our chances of becoming… Read more »


Kid is an out& out winger. And with Miha on the helm there wont be any space for him. Another loaned out story.. Poor lad