Reports: Milan close to signing 19-year-old Jose Mauri on a free transfer

PARMA, ITALY - APRIL 11:  Jose Mauri of Parma FC celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the Serie A match between Parma FC and Juventus FC at Stadio Ennio Tardini on April 11, 2015 in Parma, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Jose Mauri celebrates after scoring during Parma-Juventus at Stadio Ennio Tardini on April 11, 2015. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Jose Mauri is reportedly on the verge of making the move to Milan after Parma went bankrupt yesterday.

Yesterday was a very sad day for Italian football as Parma, one of the most important clubs in the history of Calcio, declared bankrupt and will start the next season from the amateur leagues.

The players of Parma are now basically free to join whatever clubs they want and according to Sky Italia and La Gazzetta dello Sport among others, the Rossoneri are close to signing Jose Mauri who made 31 appearances for the Ducali last season.

Fiorentina are also interested in Mauri and there were reports yesterday that the Viola have taken over Milan in the race but now it’s stated that the 19-year-old is likely to join Milan on a 4-year deal. Mauri is a central midfielder but Nigel De Jong is still expected to sign a renewal soon while the Rossoneri keep trying to get one of Axel Witsel and Giannelli Imbula and also still want Bertolacci.

SportItalia’s Alfredo Pedulla claims that Milan are ready to make an offer to Roma for Bertolacci (the talk is €15m plus bonuses) but it remains to be seen if the Giallorossi will agree to let go of him.

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Not bad given Mauri’s age and we still have a world class DM in De Jong. The real deals will be the marquee signings in AM (Isco for €35M or Felipe Anderson for €30M), Striker (IBRA for €10M) and Defense (Sergio Ramos for €35M or Mats Hummels for €30M).
It will be a near perfect summer for us and top 3 will be guarantee come next season with this additions.


Lmao. ..35 mill for Ramos?


And correction he is not a defensive midfielder he is a regista by trade but he can play as DM, CM or AM….love this little lad….we have got our very own veratti now….the next best thing to veratti!!!!…


whats a register


A deep lying playmaker like Pirlo

ACMilanSince 69

Playmaker. In Italian, director.


I hope we get him. I’m becoming jaded.


He is free trnsfre, so we will ge him.. XD


i like him, just hope that we get Witsel too and a great striker.


Jose Mauri -> bright future
Giannelli Imbula -> better than Kondogbia
Axel Witsel -> mature solid Midfielder (still remember, when galliani refused to sign him for 12m from Standart Lüttich)
Andrea Bertolaci -> high potential, quick and versatile

if we could get rid of muntari, and if we can’t sign Marck Van Ginkel, then we should sign all 4 of these players on the list, and our Midfield is fixed for the next years…


imbula/witsel because they are both very similar in playing styles, mauri, gundogan and bertolacci….all of these for 60-65m


gundogan wants 10m / year, and he is on the verge to renew his contract with borussia


Fans here are to easily carried away with reports. WAIT FOR THE OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!


Experience speaks…!


Regista = Deep Lying Playmaker


So he’ll be an Inter player any day now…


Hahahaha, you took that right off my head….!


Guys I just had a second reading of what galliani said and I quote,”the kondogbia deal was done,if we save €40m from him and MAYBE €35m from Martinez…” The underlining word is maybe, and what did Martinez say about his supposed deal to A.Madrid, marry the two and your guess could be as good as mine. As for me, I am keeping my figures crossed till I see the last of it. Cheers guys


In other words his Fiorentina medical is on Thursday.


loooool Yeah Right…!


We need to get him along with Rabiot and kovacic for midfield and kicking out Montolivo and Muntari. We would be sorted for years. This supposed big budget thing is good but we still need to be shrewd. I still think there are plenty of talented players unhappy at other big clubs, and with no champions league football we should be going for them wih the hope of making maybe one marquee signing. Midfield pool of De Jong, Honda, bona, mauri, suso, Rabiot, kovacic and Mastour would be our best in years and would cost about €30 to get from… Read more »


Galliani is just deceiving us….am begining to see free transfers

Other clubs go to the transfer table with the buyout clause demands cos if you waste time asking for discount other clubs will overtake you. No time!!!

Kondogbia said he made his decision after mancini convinced him…meaning galliani cant even convince players to milan again. I understood that even in the past when he was called transfer guru, that it was mr. Braida.that was convincing players to come and not galliani. The truth is clear! Milan should get a sporting director asap.


Yes bro… Ariedo Braida was the real strings puller.. Galliani just flaunted the money…!


You have got to be kidding me. Jose Mauri is one of the most sought after young midfielders in Italy. Your complaining because we are getting him for free? News flash. We had an agreement with Parma before they went Bently bankrupt. Now we have no choice but to sign him for free. I swear you people just fins reasons to complain here it is comical


Before you judge me please read my comment very well and understand what i mean.
Maybe you started supporting milan of recent.
And i dont see him as a classic player yet.


Maybe you are a kid thats why you didnt understand my comment son.


Maybe what you said is a bad point of view. Galliani talked to Kondogbia and the deal was done. Personally id blame Berlusconi for hiring a mediocre coach who couldnt take the initiative to call Kondogbia personally. Mancini obviously has a much better resume then our coach. With that being said the comment regarding the free transfer of Mauri is ridiculous. Free transfers arent a bad thing (see Diego Lopez). Mauri is a great young talent and I would be happy to have him regardless of if hes free or not


Son, we’ve endured enough free transfers that has nose dived us into the bottom pit . If it is true that we got money to spend then lets start signing rather than asking for discounts…you guys just read about a player here and the hype begins!…have you ever watched mauri for 90min? Or 5 straight matches? Be sincere with yourself. Poli poli poli…acerbi acerbi acerbi…we read comments from pple and we just go to youtube and watch 5min from 3seasons about a player and come out here praising the player. I started supporting milan since 1993 after milan -marsielle cl… Read more »


So what that he is free he is quality and also young he will be great signing for milan


As a milan fan i watch only our matches and dont care about other matches. Have you ever watched mauri play for like 5 matches????


YouTube Is always there…..


Keep deceiving yourself with youtube son.


That’s true, free transfer all over again… the guy is good but will he take us to the next level? no!!! if we get him, we must get established players to compliment him.


Leonardo did also a good job


Yup, I see it too. It’s the same pattern.
If this transfer season goes like crap I hope the board gets rid of fester since Berlu won’t. Replace him with Barbara. Since she’s taken over the commercial side of biz we’ve added a bunch of sponsors, built Casa Milan and have cleared a lot of hurdles to building the stadium. She been a resounding success. Let’s put Paolo next to her as well as a young talent transfer guru like Sogliano.


release the funds, stop sitting on the money lol. Spend.

Kk Miko

This once famous club called AC Milan and now called AC Miloan should be officially declared bankrupt like Parma and go play its football in the fourth tier. Mr. Bee just waste his precious money and investment on a club without vision. He will be the first to experience this bankruptcy! I don’t regret why supporting this club but I regret not leaving with my friend to support Barcelona.
God save you fans from heartache!


What are you 10?
Go jump on the barca bandwagon your probably not old enough judging by how childish your comment is to remember us kicking there ass in the champions league final
We were like barca not long ago and will again rule Europe


“Leaving with my friend to support Barcelona”

If u can instantly decide to go and support another club then u never were a real fan anyway and the more i see such wagooners like u leaving the happier i get

Thank you

Now take a hike… fan


Lol how do you just stop supporting one club completely and go support another. Guess you weren’t really a fan in the first place.


Do you guys remember Bryan Cristante? … He has hard time in Benfica….. 😀


We should still pay them a little… feel bad for Parma, they belong in Serie A, its sad not to be able to see them in Serie A again until several years from now…. anyways. The reports look solid, and I hope we secure his signature asap and then Witsel, who should be a definite buy, and as soon as possible too, before other join in on the race. If we get Witsel, with De jong likely to renew, I dont see the reason for signing Imbula, although he is good too. Then perhaps sign Bertolacci, he is talented, dont… Read more »


Soriano will be much better purchase than bertolachi


They are different players. Bertolacci, has more flair, while Soriano works in both ways. I think that Bertolacci has a higher “roof,” and has more room for development than Soriano has. We have Poli in this role already, and with De jong and with the hopeful and necessary signing of Witsel (really hope we get him) we will need a player like Bertolacci more than Soriano. But hey this is just my opinion:)


The signing completely depends on the formation to be used… By sinisa…
If 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2then bertolachi would be best…
If 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 then soriano

m squad

Comment:I don’t trust galliani because he can only look for free agent before he afroce.


Imbula is a must signing now !!!


mauri to juventus

Kaka 22 Sinha

Man i really want to c an upgraded version of MILAN…… M sick of this tranfer rumours dat only excites me but never happens in reality…………… FoRZA MILAn!!!!!!!


what kind of sick joke is this??


What the hell? No way this could be true.

yusuf toheeb. A

Comment: to mr. Galliani now dat we hav lose both kondogbia and j.martinez i want galliani should fly out 2 brazilian league,argentina league,mexico league,chile league,crotia league,belgium league,holland league germany league or even in seria a league u wil strong player there who can take milan back to were it is. Except jose mauri who is coming as free transfer dis coming days we don’t want loan player again talkless of free transfer player,so pls we need quality player dis coming season or before season start atlist 5 to 6 players.


Mauri is a talented player, if milan sign dis guy then our futre will be Mauri, Mastalli, El Sharrawy, Hastrom, Suso, De Sciglio……….


Another young star to be bought and rot on the bench and later discarded just like Cristante, Saponara.


Cristante was horrible in Benfica. And he wanted to leave. Didnt give us much of a choice. Saponara was great at empoli. let me repeat that. Empoli. Good for him, he performed well at a team where he was the focal point. The only youngsters i regret letting go are Aubamayeng and Pato. Other then that, we havent really given up too much talent.


He had a horrible first season..lots of great players had horrible first seasons at their respective clubs.


I suposse Darmian is not that good of a player..


yeah why we dont get back aubameyang…?
and how about basselli,did we get agreement last winter?


Apparently Milan are prepared to offer 37 million for Radja Nainagolan? Thats just stupidity. Go get witsel for 21 get ibra for 15 and then the rest for Hummels and id love to see Ogbonna. With him and Hummels leading the back line id be more then happy.

milan mania

It’s not surprise…Milan is really awesome to get player with free transfer, but for getting top class player, Milan must learn a lot from inter & juve.

I’m a little bit worried about Milan projects transfer, i think uncle G lost their touch…Let’s see happened for a month what uncle G do to satisfied Milan fans.


Yeah because Diego Lopez, and Mauri are really bad players?


Ooh….imbula is goood! We MUST get him asap.


Imbula/witsel + rabiot/ginkle/basseli + mauri for midfield will be really nice.

don baba jay

Comment:sincerely I don’t really know much about this dude. I am having big doubt in him. Pls hint me if he is a milan caliber !


Reports suggest Milan are going to play 4-3-1-2. Then, if Dejong renews, we have bonaventura and Dejong for midfield..thats two starters already. We have some sort of agreement with Atlanta over Baselli. So Mauri, Poli and Baselli are the 3 back -ups. So since we are offering something like 15 million for Bertollacci and 25 million for Witsel and also contacting Rabiot, I think Montolivo is on his way out. His contract expires in 2016 and is 30 years old. Mihajlovic supported him at Fiorentina but everyone in Italy knows the part played by Montolivo in getting Seedorf sacked and… Read more »


Bertolacci signed for roma today. Its official


We should try to buy Lukaku he is the perfect choice Verratti would be perfect to and an allround midfielder that can win the ball back and still with good passing and 2defenders and a right winger De Bruyne is my first choice and finally Perin


So what if this kid comes in for free, maybe you forgot Juventus got Pogba for free and how did that turn out for them? I’m not saying he will explode like Pogba but he still is a talented kid this Jose Mauri. What i am afraid about is he’ll rot on a bench with Milan who fear to put trust in youngsters

Anyway i hope he comes to Milan i’m really excited to see his prospect along with other youngsters such as Suso, Mastalli, Di Molfetta, Mastour etc.


Damn…..Napoli has made a bid of 15 mill for saponara
Oh it hurts


Excuse my ignorance on the manner but is Saponara a fully owned Empoli player or do we own half of him?


He’s fully owned by empoli..they used a buy out clause. 4 mill.


why all of you forget that we need to focus on cb..
Do you remember how many goal we conceded last season?!


We must not forget to unload players as well.


Boy am I glad we dodged the bullet by not signing both Martinez and Kondogbia. If it means we get to sign younger players with a potential for growth like Jose Mauri, this mercato won’t be much of a letdown. Unless of cos another team pull an Inter over us again. Then f it….Out with Galliani.


Well its not like Milan haven’t signed youthful talents then let them go before right? Right now the only thing that will mark this mercato as a success is when Muntari, Mexes, Zaccardo, Menez and Bonera are no longer on our payroll. Here’s to wishful thinking tho.


Lol…ukr…Muntari wants to stay….a big fat HELL NAW!


And oh, here’s to hoping Inter Merda do not pull a fast one on us again. Or Athletico Madrid.


Galliani is old sh*t… He is useless these days. He and this comic Doyen Sport… They cannot do nothing. All the players are rejecting Milan. This would have never happened with Maldini as Sport director. Look what is Mancini doing now for Inter. Maybe we saved 75 million euros by not buying Kondogbia and Jackson Martines, but at the same time we we send the message that we are weak, that we cannot compete with the biggest clubs and that we cannot pay big prices anymore… That’s sad. I the worst thing is that we won’t spend this money on… Read more »


Milan has a lot of legends to choose from. But I think Paolo Maldini will only return when Galliani leaves


I hope Martínez and kondogbia live to regret their choices…especially Kondogbia.


Kondogbia is a jerk. Now he’s saying he took a loss in wages by signing for Inter. He’s just a money grubbin mercenary.

Carlo Gambino

Comment:at first I thought this mercato was gonna be an interested summer but as a matter of fact it maybe our most horrible mercate ever in history. How did I know this? Ask jackson martinez and geoffrey kondogbia? They both said they don’t believe in the milan project that’s if we even had any. Patience is a virtue. Well I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed coz they say: “Patience is Bitter but the Result is Sweet”. Forza Milan!!!!


Truth be said…. Milan has no clear ideas or project and any player who would leave playing the CL for Milan must have to come for a very attractive project. I am not surprised any top player isn’t coming to Milan but hopefully we convince at least 2 to come because we need 2-3 top quality players to stand any chance of reaching the CL next season.


We’d better start signing some big players (not Jose freaking Mauri) because right now my enthusiasm for next season is at 5%.


Milan after he signa mihajlovic can only get players that fought to stay in Seria A! Kondogbia was rejected Milan because Mancini presented him better project! Players are not stupid! An Jackson too after he heard who will be the new coach do not want to sign for Milan! Milan now must sign Ramos, Hummels, Oscar, Whitsel and Ibra!!!


guy let hope for the best bcus no top player wil come to milan nw we re nt playin in campion league ,bt if got some dent player wit young we can stil make it, wish milan d best, for d ppl wu wnt to leave milan dey re free, milan we rise again….


guy let hope for the best bcus no top player wil come to milan nw we re nt playin in champion league ,bt if got some dent player wit young we can stil make it, wish milan d best, for d ppl wu wnt to leave milan dey re free, milan we rise again….


Its all a load of bo@@acks, what is evryone upset about!, there are many players for sale, Inter have put all there eggs in one basket. Milan need to play with both a balanced mind and financial muscle. milan need 4 experianced players: schwenistiger, yahya T, T Silva and Ibra, these 4 will get Milan back to CL Milan should bolster squad with Song and Knonplanka and Balo (on loan or 5-6 mil) And the main target should be Varreti !, him with Van Ginkle and Jack we have the equivalent of Xavi, Inesta and Busquets. These are Milan DNA… Read more »


As far as i see it, this is another youngster who will be sitting on the bench, gailliani is making a mockery out of the transfer market again, just get one striker to replace destro and focus on defence, we need quality cbs to hold things up at the back, get rid of bonera, zapata, mexes, zaccardo and alex. Get new cbs, and build from the back, we need a team that can defend well, not a team which scores 4 and then concedes 4!!


There are reports Galliani contacted Higuain’s brother and that Berlusconi is peronally interested in a potential move for him but he is valued at 50 – 60… What do you guys think?


I think he doesnt perform when it counts the most… and thats not “Da Milan”, so I would prefer someone else to be honest… I would prefer him to Bacca, but if you ask me, I would prefer other players to them.