Milan fear losing Martinez to Atletico Madrid, identify Bacca as the alternative


Jackson Martinez is another one who can get away and Milan are apparently already thinking about this possibility, joining Roma in the Carlos Bacca race.

Milan are believed to have a deal in place for Jackson Martinez but it is currently impossible to complete it as the Rossoneri won’t have him signing the contract before the medical check-up and Colombia refuse to let Milan doctors come to Chile, where Martinez is for the Copa.

In recent interviews Martinez said he focuses on the international duty but also said he has yet to decide his future and Atletico Madrid, who just sold to Juventus Mario Mandzukic – who was also wanted by Milan – seem to be very interested in signing the player and there are reports in Italy that Simeone feels optimistic about finding success in this operation and La Gazzetta dello Sport using the words ‘very close’ in regards to Martinez and Atletico although it remains to be seen how accurate this description is.

Atletico are reportedly willing to pay the €35m clause which Milan agreed to pay and are apparently ready to have Martinez sign a contract without a medical which is something Milan don’t want to do especially after finding out in the summer that Biabiany had a heart condition in the medical.

For this reason Milan are now in for Bacca, at least according to Gazzetta and Mediaset. Roma are also interested in the Sevilla striker who is with Martinez right now in Chile. Bacca had an excellent season in Spain and his exit clause is believed to be €25m (or €30m according to other reports). reports that there is growing pessimism at Casa Milan about Martinez’s arrival. Milan have lost every single player they wanted to sign so far with Bertolacci, Kondogbia, Imbula and Miranda all joining (or set to join) other teams. Martinez could be another one who escapes.

The Muntari fans out there, however, will be happy to know that with Filippo Inzaghi gone the Ghanaian wants to stay at Milan. The final decision will be made by Sinisa Mihajlovic.

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this is so depressing


We cant lose him


Reports from Colombia, he joined athletico Madrid


Man now everything is about to be ruined Kondogbia snubs us and joins Inter and Atletico is about to try and get Martinez Muntari wants to stay now Great if Martinez joins Atletico too then my optimism is out the window and we will end up with a bunch of rejects instead


We need to have clear targets, and actually scout and sign these targets. Instead we have a wide range of players that we want to sign, and approach everyone and leave all of them hanging with the hope to land a better deal with someone else, and we always end up shocked when they sign for other teams If you want to sign someone the SIGN HIM, don’t be cheap and lose them for 1 mil difference. We lost Ibrahimovic when he signed for inter, Ribery when he signed for Bayern, Strootman when he signed for Roma, Schweinsteiger when he… Read more »


To be fair to Milan/Galliani: No club just plans to go after one player per position, or five for five, etc. Every club plans backups, especially the less than affluent clubs, because there’s always the chance that one of the other big clubs will go after them. Yes, the transfer market is a strategic game, one that Galliani simply isn’t a master of anymore, but not all the teams are playing on the same level. Quite frankly, we don’t have a ton of money to fight for a singular player, and we obviously need more than a couple considering how… Read more »


Firing Galliani would be the best move we can make this marcato


The world is not going down boys, mercato is still long…
If he dont want to join the greatest club in the world, he is not worthy!



cuore rosso

cmon you must be joking, ok if we lose him don’t be desperate and sign a 30 year old one season wonder sign someone else who is awesome, we have the money now


Italy’s transfer market rule is a bit different than other league which not allowing players to join before medical. And in this case j.martinez cant have his medical because of colombia NT doesnt allowing our doctors to go there until competition done. This way benefited atletico as spanish la liga does not have issues of signing players without medical.

Crap!! I was optimistic before, but after kondogbia and martinez deal seems to collapsed, i better put my hopes not so high up


MA VAFANCULO!! This is a joke, thats it, no more silly season for me. I’m out. Wake me up in late August in time for our first game of the season.


We are laughing stocks already because Galliani is a fool. If JM isnt fit enough to pass a medical then he would not be playing in Chile. All these tricks by Galliani and Berlusconi are long expired and its game over.

Its frustrating.

Wilson Aigbiremonlen

Well said Jibola! But unfortunately some MIlan fans are foolish enough to belive the lies.


Dude The rules is that you must pass medicals bfore u sign a contract whether fit or not

Wilson Aigbiremonlen

Stop being easily fooled guys. This is what Milan have been planing all along. They make you believe that they are going in for the big players to create false impression to calm the fans down. Then they go ahead and sign their “ALTERNATIVES (MEDIOCRE ONES)” then they try to make you believe that they had done their best whereas there intent was never really true. Have you forgotten Mister X, Tevez with Juventus, Ibra and Thiago? Just don’t keep your hopes up so that you won’t be dissappointed. Jackso Martinez will probably go to Atletico or Arsenal. Will Milan… Read more »

hamza badarawa

Comment:plz am tired thiz martinez I knw we gonna loose him d way we loose d rest.jst tired…


Sad! Disrespectful! Lies! Caos! Loosing! Rejected! Milan absolutely deserves More!


…we should get these players…
Jackson Martínez. ….Dzeko or jovetic
Gundogan…. kovacic ….baselli and Verratti
Hummels …Otamendi or dragovic …doria ..Eder balanta
perin or scuffet

And I think we should target these young prospects too
Sardar Azmoun….pjaca. …José Mauri. …gabigol. …malcom. …mitrovic. …Richairo zivkovic …andrija zivkovic. ..Gabriel iancu…nicusor stanciu. …dorin rotariu. …Ianis Hagi. ..Ante coric….Nicola murru …Mario pugliese. ….tiziano tulissi and Alberto cerri

if we could get a couple of these players it would be great.


You gotta share some of those stuff you are smoking bro.

andy ajah

totally agree wit u disguised fellow


At least bacca can have a medical since he got a red card.


Time to go after some young Brazilians and Dutchmen, Gabigol, Doria, Veltman, amongst others…


Guys relax — we have a rock in defense named Bonera and now the beast Muntari wants to stay too. Other teams don’t stand a chance of scoring against us next season.


Galliani should step away. Since last couple of season his activity ruined our squad. He brought & renewed out of form, average & low profile players and later on he conceded lots of money without any service ( Matri, birsa, zacardo, essien, mesbah, bonera,constant, muntari, robinho and so on). We were very disappointed but somebody were optimistic & told that he is a genious with money. This time he had €100m and what he is doing..he lost our each targets. Galliani lovers what u say. He is the main problem in milan. Team can be devloped in low budget as… Read more »


In my opinion he is miles better than martinez!!


I like Dzeko and Adriano from Shaktar, I also believe the Ibra saga is still not over so relax guys. I wouldn’t want to sign someone that costs 35mil without a medical also, it’s unprofessional and very risky. If athletico want to take that risk then fine! There is plenty of fish in the sea.


Bacca is not our requirement. I will welcome Mario rather Bacca & will improve strength at midfield.


I agree… I wont mind Balotelli to replace Martinez and partner with zlatan…. Also bring 2 strong midfielders to assist de jong, Then replace whoever leaves… Not angry with galliani, dont lose sleep over kondogbia I think Milan came out the winner with that price


Comment: this Milan should just be forgotten because we don’t use to be history team we use to be, JM has being function over two season and create a profile that make clubs is looking for him and now the so called president and vice is playing politics on us, just bringing up one story the other. There is nobody we(milan) can not buy but there are just taking us for fool


i think reaching top 6 is priority next season .. NO PLANS AGAIN !


where is Jose Mauri,gabigol,henrique,imbula etc. ?

GALLIANI is a joker, I told you guys that millan will end up with LUCA TONI or PANDEV :-) I advise MR BEE to keep his money.


I guess we’ll end up with Kucka and Gilardino


Now it is time for Bee and Curva Sud to step up. This is joke,big joke of Galliani and Berlusconi. But enough is enough! #GAME OVER

We can’t take this anymore,we are one of biggest clubs and after years of waiting we deserve to have players like J.Martinez,Salah,Jovetic,Hummels and maybe even Verrati. I have never been happier in my life until i saw these news about transfer failures.


They should go and buy some Serbian youth players they just won World Cup U20


Martinez -> Atletico
Kondogbia -> Inter
Bertolacci -> Roma
Jose Mari -> Fiorentina
Baselli -> ?

Wowww… speecless.. to Berlusconi ! Eat your Caviar! we need Top Player! ASAP!!!


Martinez -> Not happened yet
Kondogbia -> Overpriced
Bertolacci -> Whatever
Jose Mari -> Good
Baselli -> ?

There are other players out there :)


De Jong still didn’t officially renew his contract and now that Galliani failed he might just change his mind and fuq Galliani right in his old, dusty arsch and leave


How can you sign a player without having his medicals? Can’t you guys be reasonable? There’s no issue of Galliani fooling around here, it’s simple and clear. Should kondogbia have issues with his medicals, do you think inter will still pay that amount of money? Why isn’t kondogbia signing the deal before his medicals then? Protocols should be observed. I’m with B and G on this one


Same old scenario. Seems like we are after some big money transfers in every transfer window, and we end up with freebies and loans. Not only Kondogbia or J. Martinez, we lost on Ibra, we failed to get Ancelotti since the beginning of this transfer window (as far I know). Last winter, we lost to Inter for Brozovich as well. Last summer, we were after Griezmann and Iturbe. The list goes on and on. Galliani should start saving his trips to different countries and fancy restaurants. In this modern age of football, it’s all about money and very little self… Read more »


Martinez is gone to Athletico. What a joke. Galliani that’s enough. You should resign. Didn’t take the player because of the medical? He’s playing for Columbia. Obviously their doctors would have found something. Your old ways are costing us players. Stop doing your work thru the media. Enough is enough.


You asked me where i was when we “signed” both martinez and kondogbia, well here I am! And do you still want me to express my feelings for galliani? Your transfer guru?


The difference is i have faith, you wait for things to go wrong to come on here and talk. Im a milan fan, who are you?

Kk Miko

Ac Milan has failed to sign every single player they said they were .. They lost that respect and prestige they once had.. No good player want to play for them. Dam Milan invest some real money for once otherwise you will never get a good player. Forget about Jackson Martinez , he will not join otherwise he would had done it by now.I’m sad for Milan they will remain losers living of a name. The only redemption is when Mr. Bee has a controlling stake otherwise Berlusconi family will make this club the new Parma. AC Miloan will never,… Read more »


Go for Soriano, Baselli, Gundogon, Retain MVG, and our mid field will be back on trach
For attack sign ibra and jovetic
In Defence we should sign Hummels, Godin, Doria, Umtiti
And our team I ready…


Aubameyang Lacazette Salah Gabriel Barboza Tielemans Talisca Calhanoglu Carvalho Wanyama Gabriel Augusto Xavier Kranevitter De Arrascaeta Darmian Bolasie Mendy Doria Laporte Tah Willems Coric Ponce Pjaca and so on,,, so indeed there is fish in the sea:!!! It is hard for Milan and Galliani at this point to do any more due to no play in any cup competition for the next year, so that means you have to offer more money to get dissent players. BUT you cant make a competitive team only with 1or2 big players (especially when they are over 30????) you need to be cleaver and… Read more »


Muntari fans?


So when we have a good player. Until now nothing good news.

Pa ibra

players are not joining and muntari finding some hope all happening the same time…too much for me.

Pa ibra

he’s not a top player


Ozil, Verrati?


No Jackson Martinez now? He chose atletico!? A week ago we were all praising milan on how they were doing a great job in transfers so far and now we’re with nothing. I will no longer believe any rumour until it’s official. Can’t believe I fell for it once again. Our alternatives to Martinez are apparently Dzeko, cavani, and baccarat. What happened to lukaku or benteke? I swear they better stop the waiting game for players and just spend the money. It’s embarrassing that we’ve been hijacked of two players. After I brag about them too lol. Like I said… Read more »


Well, there we go with games again. It already happened once wth Sissokho when Milan got fans all excited and then said there was a problem with his teeth – WTF! Remember that Galliani only cares about his own packet and the less money he spends, the more ends up in his bank account! He needs to go!!!


I feel hurt..especially we lose to inter..i dont mind kondogbia goes to chelsea or something..but this inter???why inter??kondogbia what an idiot player..milan>>>>>inter or juve..we are willing to give same amount, whats wrong??our management has turned us to be a mediocer team so everybody can refuse to there is no better player available to buy..i bet finally we sign someone like matri..


Anyone who wants Mario Balotelli back is nuts. Please check yourself into a mental ward and fast. That lazy guy can only score penalties and do dumb ish to get media attention. No thanks to Mario Balotelli. Berlusconi labelled him a rotten apple. Ruud Gulitt and Mourinho called him uncoachable and I call Mario Balotelli the biggest looser in football history.


Well said my friend. I didn’t even want Balo in the first place, let alone bringing him back now when we’re supposed to be moving forward.


“muntari fans will be happy” lol. i bet they are, but milan fans will be angry. muntari disrespect the club how come there is no sign of him leaving instead there is news about him wanting to stay. if galliani going to lose battle on signing stars, he should at least work on disposing dead body to the sea. as milan doesn’t need it.
as long as milan sign superb players, i don’t mind losing one or two targets. as long as their alternatives were superb.


Happy JM and kandogbia refuse to join Milan. get jovetic he had experience in serie a and he want to prove himself.
mvg s a good addition and bring some world class playmaker to replace Monti . muntari fans???
we need young full back and classy center back someone like hummels or bring back Silva


Comment:milan should go for jovetic and palacio


I’ve been on here since morning reading comments and still not able to add anything… I’ll wait till the end of the transfer window then I’ll know where all of these is going. If we do end up getting Ibra, then I’d still believe in the new project. It’s really sad to be a Milan fan these days… HARD…!

ACMilanSince 69

Bidding wars are only good for the agents. I’m glad Milan wasn’t drawn in. Right now we have a good experienced manager. I think we’ll do well, even with the players we have right now. Maybe a good center back will make a significant difference.