Galliani to meet Monaco for Kondogbia on Thursday evening, the French club demands €35 million

Monaco's French midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia vies with Paris Saint-Germain's Brazilian defender Thiago Silva during the French Cup football match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Monaco on February 4, 2015 at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. Paris won 2-0. AFP PHOTO / FRANCK FIFE        (Photo credit should read FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)
Geoffrey Kondogbia vies with Thiago Silva during the French Cup football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco on February 4, 2015 at Parc des Princes. (FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

Adriano Galliani was supposed to be at Ignazio Abate’s wedding tonight but he will instead be in Monte Carlo to meet for Geoffrey Kondogbia of Monaco.

There is a lot of confusion on whether Jackson Martinez will actually join Milan this summer but in the meantime the Rossoneri move on to their next target and Galliani is tonight expected to be in Monte Carlo for a business meeting.

It was first reported by Sky Italia that the Milan Vice President will meet with Geoffrey Kondogbia and his agent to discuss the possibilities of the 22-year-old joining Milan. However, as suggested by the Milan Channel this morning, Uncle Fester will actually be meeting Monaco as he hopes to be able to lower their €35 million request for the player whose demand is believed to be €3.5 million net per season.

Milan could decide to increase their initial offer which is believed to have been €25-27 million for the services of Kondogbia, who is strongly wanted by Arsenal and Inter.

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best wishes abate.


I thought the Jackson Martinez buy was official…


C’mon Doyen do your magic.


congratulate abate. I just want Milan to buy two big names with experience 1) kondogbia 2) matt Hummle then with others I am doubt about Jackson where he want to play, if he keep delay Milan should bring back balotelli I don’t mine because I no him well with the midfield we will have balo will be great. mihajlovic is the right man for this current Milan situation.because what was lost in Milan is discipline. with his professional behavior I hope all the players must bid to his rules he is a man of tactics who no where to play… Read more »


No no no no no not Balo, never again…we need to play as a team, ESPECIALLY now when we´re trying to rise from the more bad influences please..


Balo I’ll just keep pazzo both useless y pay money when u have him on the bench don’t make sense


Just buy some players before other teams come in n get them from our finger tips seriously where is all this money we need players now for training together not one day before the transfer market ends then we blame it on they don’t have enough time to gel with the team


Congratulation abate


Nothing can be official until start o transfer maarket… Aand that is 1.7. So chill..


Milan have stepped up in the market before even the official transfer market kick off date of 1st July. We have been linked with nothing but top quality players we all cried for for years.

I hope Galliani with these available funds pick up the quality players needed to put Milan back in its position in world football because we have suffered enough.

Congratulations to Abate on his wedding day.

cuore rosso

Correct me If Iam wrong but transfers can’t be official until 1 july when transfer window open, yes the can pre agree deals but they can’t be offical?


Well, once a contract is signed it’s a done deal. So in that sense it is official.


Okay, so this morning I woke up to good news everywhere….. First Abate has put the wedding cuffs on…lol, then De Jong will be extending.. AWESOME…!!! Galliani pushing hard for Kondogbia and I’m somewhat positive he’d join us soon so also Jackson Martinez, though I’m still hoping Ibra and Raiola can convince the sheiks to agree to a transfer. I’ll fly to the moon and back if Ibra wears the red and black jersey again..lool. Last and best news of all… Wait for it..! Wait for it!!! Wait for it..!!! Galliani has decided that Boateng won’t return to Milan. Galatasaray… Read more »


best wish to Abate on his weddin good news De Jong wil stay @ milan all d best nxt season…. acmilan for life


I can’t wait for my mates down in the local pub watching the champions league to fear being drawn against our mighty Ac Milan For far too long we were the side everyone wanted because we were seen as “an easy draw” Roll on next year and start kicking ass again and finally reclaim our right full place at the top table of world football We still need a top centre back and with a bit of luck Hummels can be that man because as much as I’d love Thiago Silva back I doubt PSG would allow it Midfield with… Read more »


Congrats to Abate and Goodluck to Uncle Fester on his quest at Monaco.


It’s all good but not enough though, first we need to seal the martinez deal asap, stop fulling around and go all out for kondogbia, next on the agenda will by Matt hummels, its not going to be easy to sign him, but then impossible is nothing, mendy’s (Marseilles left back) deal should be completed to and quickly too, good to hear that de jong will be extending his contract( imagine De jong and kondogbia in the holding middle of the pack? insane right?), Lucas Lima(sau paulo) i don”t care what mister fester thinks, that boy will be the perfect… Read more »


with De Jong looking to stay and getting Kondogbia (if his hype is legit) then we will have more than enough muscle and speed in the midfield.


True, but lack of creativity which is much more needed… We need real creative taetraqista like kaka was in his days… (I would be happy if we get someone at least half good as kaka in his days)


Kaka wasn’t creative. He was just great and slicing his passes thru defenders and beating them with his speed one on one. If you want creativity look at Seedorf rui Costa or Pirlo. If we could get someone with half their talent in their prime. I’m down


Slicing those passed through defenses is what is called creativity…cant believe you said kaka isnt creative, wow… That is the hall mark of a true trequartista…man…you’re better than that.


What i was trying to say is that he wasnt the most creative on the team, it just didnt come out the right way, i wrote that half asleep. He was creative in his own light, i just feel seedorf and pirlo were the heartbeat of the midfield. Kaka was explosive and used his speed a lot more then his passing. If you ask me what creativity is, its a mixture of vision and passing ability. And Seedorf and Pirlo had that in abundance, Kaka had it, but not to the same degree. Im also a Kaka lover, so dont… Read more »


Um doesn’t “slicing passes through defenders” come under the definition of creative? Let alone his flair…


I’m happy the management are trying to change, but reading Napoli is going to try and sign saponara and supposedly juventus is interested, it hurts.


Saponara wasn’t good in his time here. He performed well at Empoli. He reminds me of gilardino. Performed amazing at small clubs but on the big stage underperformed. Maybe it’s the pressure of playing for a huge team like milan.


The first few games he played I believe weren’t good but he looked better the couple times inzaghi used him. He never got consistent playing time


Is Tielemans still on the market? 14.4m for him. 35m for Kongdobia is just too much. Milan are Alessandro Matri’ing their new fortune. Kongdobia is simply not worth that much. There are are lot of young CM/DCM that are just as good as him. Imbula for one. Gonalons. Morgan Sanson. Maybe even Allan from Udinese. Is Casemiro too much to dream for? Oh if only Galliani knew half as much as me. Since when does having heaps of new money mean not spending it wisely? In what universe is Kondogbia worth 35m? More than Fabregas, Modric, Hazard, Oscar. 11m more… Read more »


Kondogbia is 22 and in that age he is one of the best midfielders in Europe. He is fast,strong and he is great tackler. Add also that he have solid skill and great shot. He is in one word BEAST. Tielemans is of course great addition for any squad but according to Marca he is already bought by Barcelona.
And sorry to inform you but playing FIFA and Football Manager does not give you knowledge of real football transfer market it is actually just for fun.


IN what world do you think Hazard, oscar, fabregas and modric are worth 35 million? Hazard is top 3 in the world at his position, good luck getting him or any of the other names you mentioned for 35 million. Maybe in Fifa, not in real life. Actually, not even in fifa, your delusional


@ Mojdanis Yeah I play Fooball Manager so what? You probably have never even heard Morgan Sanson. I am sure you would have been right there splashing the cash for Ricardo Oliveira, Onyewu and Constant.

@ Philadon86 Hazard went from Lille to Chelsea for 32M, Oscar from Internacional to Chelsea 25M, Fabregas from Barca to Chelsea 27M, Modric from Tottenham to Real 33M. What you don’t know about football could fill a warehouse.

With idiots like you two I can understand how someone could let Darmian, Astori, Pirlo, Huntelaar and Aubameyang could leave a club.


Yeah they went there for those prices years ago. You think you can get Hazard for 35 million now? And what i dont know can fill a warehouse? HAHA, thats awesome. Keep believing your own delusions


Now this is amazing,if we buy Kondogbia and keep De Jong we have ourself 4-2-3-1,4-2-2-2 formation or defensive 4-3-3. Anyway for Italian football they all three can work if you have good attacking players and with J.Martinez as striker we need one hell of the supporting striker or one hell of the CAM. I am so trilled with this transfer market, i can’t stop checking on this blog. If this summer goes well we will be back at TOP 2 in no time!

Forza Milan!!!


Congrats ignazio.

I want a hard push for Humels.


Please what’s the latest with j’ matinez??


Am I the only one who isn’t fazed by these stories. I’m more concerned about our defence, the management haven’t mentioned a single world class defender while they are running after Martinez, Ibra and Kondogbia. If all the deadwood leave this summer then we don’t need 3 forwards as Berlusconi said, we need 2 quality defenders, 1-2 Midfielders and 1 world class striker along with a decent young forward like Barbosa. That’s 5-6 players and I doubt we need more players to rebuild our team. We should keep Lopez, Honda, ES92, Mastour, Suso, Jack, Poli, Van Ginkel, Monto, Antonelli, MDS,… Read more »


I hear what your saying @Mahmoud I’d like something concrete in the way of information about a decent centre back i.e. Hummel or Silva would be my choice I have read somewhere that Manchester United have turned there attention away from Hummels and onto Sergio Ramos! I hope its true as it would be one less club trying to sign Hummels but I seriously doubt Madrid would entertain the idea of letting Ramos leave as he’s like what Raul was to them Is Hummels even wanting to leave Germany in the first place? It could be all media bulls##t I… Read more »


Comment:big milan fan. But I think milan is becoming man city because if we wanted to bring back the glory days we would have brought a tried and tested coach who has competed well both domestic and europe
.Instead we bring someone with no track record of coaching big teams and has never coached in european competitions

And we also have a poor youth system because most of the time we promote players into the first team early e.g Mastour,Mastalli so on…

If we get what we are promised by milan hopefully we can strengthen our academy


i think guidetti is a good player..and he will be a free agent..
look at his numbers…he got some talent

Carlo Gambino

Comment: breaking news: according to mediaset milan has agreed a fee of around €30million for geoffrey kondogbia. I don’t think we need ibra that much coz even danielle massaro said thiago silva is more need than an ibrahimovich which I agree completely with him. Our next transfers targets should be a worldclass quality creative midfielder and central defenders. Forza Milan!!!!!


WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CLUB!!! WE need playmakers!!! we need attacking midfielders!!! They keep buying strikers and defensive strong midfielders. WE need a LINK between midfield and attack, thats milans biggest problem


Really? Now your complaining about Kondogbia? Who is literally one of the best young talents in soccer at the moment. Go cheer for another team


We can sign the best goalkeeper in the world, that wont make milan start scoring goals, we need a link between midfield and attack to score.

If you know anything about football ( not soccer) you should know that the best defence is attack.
Im 100% sure with galliani, we will sign everything BUT playmaker. Just watch and see


Sheva, a quick heads up — this probably won’t be the only transfer of the summer.


Lol….chill man. The transfer window isn’t even open yet! There’s more time.


Link between mid field and attack… Honda, Jack…. We are linked to bertolaci….. We are linked to arda turan…
Who else do you need


I hope Milan will play 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-3-1-2 with Honda/Bonaventura/Suso as playmakers.We have enough playmakers,the problem was that Inzaghi isolated them on the flanks,take the example of Honda,awesome player as sole CAM for CSKA and Japan,but struggles as a RW for Milan.We have 2 playmakers in the midfield(CM) which are Montolivo and Bonaventura and another 2 offensive playmakers Honda and Suso.


Actually Milan need to improve all sector.. Not only in forward, attacking midfield, defensif midfield, wingback and center back. I mean ALL..


agree! but seriously, the past 5 years, we bought third goal keepers, we bought sub to a second place centerback, we bought 100 strikers, but ne never bought a real pure treqaurtista. we always been linked to defensive midfielders when it comes to midfielders. And those midfielders that can to some good in midfield are directly converted to either wingers or strikers, like honda, like suso like bonaventura etc.


To me, a treq doesnt have to be fast, but he has to have vision, an extremely unselfish attitude, superb ball control, and the ability to beat his man one on one in tight spaces…to me, that was Adel Taraabt (the Milan version of Taraabt), and it is Hachim Mastour… Short of us hijacking Oscar from Juve, I wouldnt mind Arda Turan, atleast until Hachim is strong enough to not get pushed around in the hole. Either way, your right, we need a proper treq. I know most will disagree, but with our squad as is today, if Miha goes… Read more »


Marko Pjaca? Can any croatian on this blog give me, your fellow slovenian, a clue on this kid? 🙂


He is better than kovacic in his years, but he isnt ready for Milan level – my opinion. But, he has talent and he could be another Kaka, but also he could be another Matri… He needs more time, he just got first team football…


U want creative midfielder wijnaldum. Taraabt. Arda turan. Griezman also winger… Axel witsel defensive mid can also create. Oliver torres awesome young talent. There’s so much out there n cheap to alot better compared to our mid players but I trust galliani bee n co to fix this Milan whatever we get I’m sure we can only go up from here Milan is in all of us so I suggest patience n see what we work out forza Milan


Btw inter have an agreement with atletico for Miranda 15 mil euros 2.5 mil salary seriously this guys is a beast n we can’t offer that with the so called cash lolz oh well guess we will see


don’t be a fooolllll, how are u sure this is true???


Tribal football buddy lolz


I just heard …..mihajlovic said he’ll use a 4-3-1-2 formation. …I was hoping for 4 2 3 1.


As much i want us to sign Kondogbia ,but i think his thinking twice ,well i know many of you will disallow this but why cant we go for Udinese Allan he can play DMF and CM and he Creative too why spend all this money on him when he thinking twice with his decision and i personal think he like’s Inter more than us ,so what do you guyz think..