Official: Inzaghi sacked as coach of Milan, Pippo: “I gave my best, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough”

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Filippo Inzaghi has been relieved of his coaching duties on Tuesday and the adventure that started nearly 14 years ago has come to an end.

Pippo made the move from Juventus to Milan in 2001 (for a reported €36.15m) and his name has been tied with the one of the Rossoneri for 14 years as after retiring from football in 2012 he became a coach in the youth sector and last year was appointed as the first team coach.

But things didn’t go well for Inzaghi, who dreamt of being the Alex Ferguson of Milan and just over 12 months after replacing Clarence Seedorf, Inzaghi finds himself being replaced and like the Dutchman, sacked.

“AC Milan communicate that Filippo Inzaghi has been discharged of his responsibilities as first team coach. The club thank him for his work,” a statement on Milan’s website reads on Tuesday.

“Super Pippo played over 300 official matches for Milan, scoring 126 goals. The Rossoneri number 9 collected 10 trophies: 5 in Italy (2 league titles, 1 Italian Cup, 2 Italian Super Cups) and 5 in Europe and the world: 1 World Cup for Clubs, 2 Champions Leagues, 2 UEFA Super Cups.

“Inzaghi scored 5 goals in all 3 euro-world finals won by Milan in 2007: a double in Athens against Liverpool, one against Sevilla in Montecarlo, and a double in Yokohama against Boca Juniors. 

“As coach, Inzaghi reached the Final Eight semi-finals with the Allievi Nazionali in 2013, the season he won the Scopigno Cup in Rieti, while in 2014 when in charge of the Primavera he won the Viareggio Cup.”

Inzaghi later posted a message on his official Facebook page: “An unforgettable experience has ended which enriched from both a professional and personal perspective. I thank Milan for having allowed me this great opportunity, I gave my best, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

“It didn’t work out as we all had hoped. There remains a sense bitterness and disappointment in allowed being given the opportunity to continue, after a year of experience I would have been even more charged up and knowledgeable…but this is football. A hug and best wishes to all the players who followed me over these months, who despite the difficulties, always demonstrated professionalism and respect. 

“I also thank all the Rossoneri fans, who until the end, even when suffering, continued to give me their support. A special thought goes to the fans of the Curva Sud…thanks for your moving message. Milan will always have a place in my heart…I’ll support and shout for them…always and forever.”

“A hug to you all, see you soon.” The fans will never forget Inzaghi and many believe that his status as a club legend should not be tarnished because of one unsuccessful season. Thank you SuperPippo!

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Thanks alot super pippo! You will everly be remembered as a player.

ACMilanSince 69

He should have resigned earlier. He can now become another TV pundit.


I for one am going to give him the respect he deserves and totally forget the disaster he had as our manager because what he lacked as a manager which was pretty much everything he still gave us some incredible memorys as a player Of all his 126 goals which he celebrated like a lunatic after each one the two he got against Liverpool in 2007 champions league final went a long way to erase the heartach of 2005 and we must never forget that He sweated blood and tears and showed enormous courage and guts every time he represented… Read more »


He’s simply…. one of us. A rookie manager with a s**t squad, what did people actually expect?

Should have been given the chance to remain on the coaching staff or possibly go back down to the youth

Ross neri

Super inzhaghi is not his fault is mr gl and bc fault becoz they didn’t bring him for good player quality, super we will miss you, I remember the Two goals of Liverpool and I remember for you crying, super inzaghi wish you all the best


Inzaghi can’t coach, plain and simple. His thesis paper was on motivation that alone should have told Milan he would suck. Football is about tactics and playing your players to their strength. Once players figure out that you don’t know what you’re doing as a coach they loose confidence and turn on you. That’s what happened to Inzaghi It’s like no soldiers will follow an incompetent general or lieutenant into war on the battlefield no matter how motivated his lieutenant is, plain and simple. They have to be confident in your a ability to lead them. Just look at Unai… Read more »


”Inzaghi can’t coach, plain and simple”.
”Football is about tactics and playing your players to their strength”.
”It’s like no soldiers will follow an incompetent general or lieutenant into war on the battlefield no matter how motivated his lieutenant is, plain and simple. ”

@nick Excellently analyzed…!


HIRING Seedorf was a BAD decision. He understood the game well but lacked the diplomacy to work with the nosy management and insecure players. FIRING Seedorf was a BAD decision. He got results and deserved 1 more season. HIRING Inzaghi was a BAD decision. Primavera is not Serie-A and he even was not great with them. Brocchi actually is doing better. Tactics is everything in Serie-A. BUT FIRING Inzaghi is the RIGHT decision. A team of Lopez-Rami/Mexes-Palletta-Antonelli-DeJong-Bonaventura-VanGinkel-Menez-Honda-Destro/Pazzini was almost always available for him ( I have excluded the injured SEs and Monty) and that team for me is better than… Read more »




Comment:I never supported you as a coach super pippo… You knew your efforts weren’t enough but you still stayed to torment us, you’d have command a lot of respect had you resigned. Adieu Pippo the pocher!

ACMilanSince 69

He was a good poacher, but never represented the beautiful game.


I really can’t figure out why INZAGHI is feeling so emotional about the whole thing. Everyone knew that he is a very poor coach. He does not understand ANYTHING and should have resigned very long ago if he is sure of his quality. I’m very relieved that he has left. Can’t cope with constant defeat at home and away to teams like Atlanta, sossualo ……… Thats for him. To players like POLI, he is as good as RAKITIC but rather than focusing on how he will develop, he joined players like Montolivo, MDS and other to keep praising inzaghi and… Read more »


seedorf also played HONDA in the right wing…and his goal ratio is better under inzaghi….
so if u hate him just say that u hate him…rather saying blah blah blah




I will always love you Pippo Inzaghi.
That’s not your fault. Milan have not good quality player.