The five most expensive buys in the history of Milan: Martinez is in 3rd place


Milan have only paid more money for two players in their history than what they’re going to pay for Porto’s Jackson.

Milan have in recent years settled for free agents and low cost solutions but this summer they seem to be willing to dig in their pockets and have already grabbed Jackson Martinez from Porto for whom they will be paying €35 million.

Porto were unwilling to accept anything less than the release clause and this would make the 28-year-old striker Milan’s third most expensive signing ever.

Here are the top five, according to data from La Gazzetta dello Sport’s online version.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona) / Alberto Gilardino (Parma) – €24m

PHILIPPE DESMAZES/AFP/Getty ImagesMilan signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Barcelona on the 30th of August 2010 initially on loan with obligation to buy the following summer for an agreed sum of €24 million. It’s the same amount that they paid Parma for the services of Alberto Gilardino in the year of 2005.

4. Alessandro Nesta (Lazio) – €31m


The defender, who was the symbol of Lazio, was brought to Milan on the last day of the summer mercato in 2002 after the Rossoneri had passed the preliminary round of the Champions League. Nine months later Sandro won the Champions League with Milan, who beat Juventus in penalties.

3. Jackson Martinez (Porto) – €35m

FBL-POR-LIGA-PORTO-PACOSThe move is still not official but has been confirmed by Porto and the MC. Martinez was wanted by a number of clubs in the Premier League but chose to join Milan and he is the first major ‘gift’ that President Silvio Berlusconi has given new coach Sinisa Mihajlovic (who is still not official either).

2. Filippo Inzaghi (Juventus) – €36.15m

AC Milan v Udinese XInzaghi, who is still under contract at Milan as coach, was brought from Juventus in 2001 (aged 28). Inzaghi held the record as Milan’s most expensive buy ever for 24 hours. The legacy of Pippo as a player is known to everyone and Milan’s 70 billion Italian Lire investment turned out just fine.

1. Manuel Rui Costa (Fiorentina) – €41.35m

Photo by Grazia Neri/Getty Images

The Portuguese arrived from the Viola a day after Inzaghi. Rui Costa seemed to be heading to Parma but Berlusconi, after two seasons without finding success, opened his wallet and invested 80m Lire in the playmaker who won 5 trophies with Milan. He’s still the Diavolo’s most expensive buy.

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It’s such a pity that those caliber of players just aren’t in Italy anymore I remember when seria a was the undisputed king of world football and we where the symbol of it, it might seem strange to say this but I kinda hope the other top sides in Italy strengthen too so we can go back to having the greatest league in the world where the top players all want to be (most of them with us of course) If we add another few top quality players like Tiago Silva whom I think we should break the bank to… Read more »


Serie A will return to being great. Most teams are prudent in their spending and can really play as opposed to other clubs in other leagues that lay like a rug when playing their strongest and biggest opposition. And are in debt up to their eyeballs.
I don’t think Madrid will ever let Modric go or PSG would let Silva leave. But I heard Hummels may want to bail. A friend of mine who lives in Germany and is a Dortmund fan told me a few days ago. If true, that would be the biggest capture of the year.


If Thiago couldn’t happen then Hummals would defiantly soften the blow


Silva is 31 and has another 4-5 maybe 6 good years left while Hummels is 26. We can build the defense around him and be set for another 8-10 years. Both would be amazing, don’t get me wrong. And my heart says Silva but probably for the same money Mats would be a better buy. In a perfect world we would be able to buy both and have the best CB pairing in the world.


How much do you think career can last??? Thiago have maybe 3 max good years left and as for Hummels i would say 7 in best case. Players above 31 are not in their peek!


offer they can’t refuse for Luka Modrić?

dude, Luka is engine of RM, without him they simply cant play that good… he is more valuable to RM than C. Ronaldo… He is like xavi and iniesta together in barca…

I think that 100m euros wouldnt be enough for him… and also, he is happy there, why would he come to Milan? maybe in few years, but now they are one of top 5 teams in europe…

Dont get me wrong, LM would be amaaaazing to have in our midfield, but that is far beyond dreaming…


Yes that may be true but Benitez is also the manager who sold Alonso when he was at Liverpool when he was happy to stay there and was there best player along with Gerrard so anything’s possible and I’d defiantly inquire about he’s availability

There’s no harm in asking


Rui Costa!


Comment:I can’t laugh now until its make official

Pa ibra

wow never knew rui costa was bought for such amount. that’s good money back then. now let verratti top that list!


This article is triggering some deep nostalgia in me. I’d give an arm and a leg for another Rui Costa or another Ale Nesta.


Get kondogbia, bring Niang back, and then go to psg and push hard for Thiago Silva and Veratti… Oh and see if de Jong wants to stay!


And Lavezzi , Pastore and Imbrahimovic ! On a second tought let’s as get their whole f-ing team


Let’s get their whole team while we’re at it


It’s two people…chill out

Kondogbia+Martinez= 65mil, that leaves us 85mil if our budget is really 150mil. Veratti and silva are players we could really use and again it’s only two ppl…

Way to make two different names just to tell me off btw


It was a joke man , made the two names cause the first comment didn’t post than the two posted togheter , all i was trying to say is that PSG won’t sell their two best players or at least in my opinion . This two signings would be a dream , but at the moment I am a bit skeptical about signings , I will stay paciently until I see a true change ! Again it was a joke , wasn’t trying to tell you off .


Jackson Martinez and Geoffrey Kondogbia? thank you bee lol. Who would be a good center back to sign??


Hummels is rumored to be unsettled, since Klopp is leaving he might be available, but Real, MUFC and many others are into him, so transfer battle would be intense…

However, he would add stability to our defence, we need someone like him


As much as i would like to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic back in the red and black of Milan i would still say that smart buying is the key going up, furthermore i think that with Martinez now we have superstar striker signing ( 3rd most expensive in our history of course ) we should now focus on getting Kondogbia and Miranda, they both will add stability and steel to our midfield and defense respectively, with that I believe there are some players in our current squad who are a bit volatile but i think they have a lot of potential… Read more »


Miranda is 30 years old AND priced at 30 M. Not the best buy available.


Comment:Just read Milans nxt target is Mats Hummels.. wat do you think guys??

Kc tony

Comment: I would like milan to bring back Tiago silva


Comment: Hummel is better Milan to consider but I am advise them to not waste their time on silva , because PSG will not list you.


T.Silva for like 35 mil they would let him go on. Miranda for 25-30 just imagine that for a sec


Miranda for 30 million? What are you smoking?


According to rumors, Chelsea bid that much for his signature.


up ac milan big player in milan


I would love to see matteo kovacic wear rossoneri shirt.. He can give creativity . Before he go to liverpool..

Carlo Gambino

Comment: I think this list is incomplete coz I sure andriy shevchenko was more expensive than filipo inzaghi and he was bought for like €37-40million. Milan is aggressively attacking this current mercato like a wounded lion just like oldtimes#lol. Forza Milan Till I Fall Off The Planet. Damn it feels good to be a Milanista. Some Fools out there say Milan is back but truthfully Milan Never Left. Forza My Brothers!!!


I want hummels to be milans next priority… I personally think he’s in the top 3 cb’s in the world! Everyone who’s saying get back thiago Silva, come on that’s just a dream. Plus Ya her great and all, but y spend all that money when he’s just like Alex in terms of injuries. Even from his time in milan he would have to walk off in the opening 45 minutes and he would be out for a month because of an injury. Hummels is young, he’s passionate, and above all he’s a beast. I couldn’t ask for a better… Read more »


What if we would sign : Veratti, Hummels, Zlatan and why not Sokratis?
If both Kondogbia and martinez are considered as closed deals?
I would love to see this players in the rossoneri shirt, simply not waste time on thiago silva since he’s too old. Sure Zlatan is 33 but I think that he can give something extra to the squad for about 3 seasons. My dream lineup would be :
Abate Hummels Sokratis De sciligo
Vertatti De Jong Kondogbia
Martinez El sharaawy


Lol calm down dude, i think milan not gonna buy many big player..
Only two my prediction..
For anyone who believe hummel better than silva, you got wrong, silva older but he will completely our missing puzzle.. Heart of milan and leadership..
Nobody have that in milan squad now..


Wow berlus and galliani deserve alot of respect

They have spend this as big transfers and have helped milan win 6 champion l trophys

Realy respect

I hope we get kondogbia he is what we need

Strong fast

And can give build up passes


Not to nit pick but it was 5 champions leagues under Berlusconi and it was 90% there fault we declined in the first place

Berlusconi should have looked for foreign investment years ago when he first new he could no longer compete for players but instead they tried to patch things over with either free transfers or washed up former greats which could hardly put on there boots anymore without pulling muscles so for that reason I for one won’t show any respect for them with how little they showed for our club


I hope Milan don’t buy Lavezi , he’s not a goal machine , he miss all the time


We may all, myself included, be celebrating too soon… J.Marts agent is denying they’ve agreed to Milan, while Arsenal still hold out hope for his services (supposedly Porto is disappointed with Galliani trying to lower his exit clause)… Madrid is now interested in Kondogbia and may be a threat to outbid us… And Ibra has said he is staying put… Sorry to be so negative, and these transfers are still possible, but we “shouldnt count our chickens before they hatch”… We are still inquiring about Gabigol and a few other Brazilians, so its good to see we have contingency plans…… Read more »


Ibra just stated this so it seems to be down to the club’s figuring something out. “I have one year left on my contract with PSG and no other plans, but then things can change from one day to the next. “I think that the older I get, and now I’m a father, I think differently about choosing a club. It’s not just the football aspect that needs to be right, it’s how your family settle and what kind of city you’ll be living in. “A lot of people think it’s all about the Champions League, but that’s not true.… Read more »


Hmmm…encouraging words, sounds like Helena may win this battle after all.


@JaRossoneri ”Milan scheduled trip to Chile for Jackson Martinez’ medical”. Source – Gianluca DiMarzio… I think you should follow him for the most accurate and timely transfer news. He also has a site in his name which has an English version. I don’t waste my time following other sources not even Gazzetta..


I read that also, about our medical staff being on the way to Chile, but check out Jacksons agents comments….

btw…not the one who gave u a dislike, not realy sure what there is to dislike about your comment.


Gianluca DiMarzio actually has an app with all the latest news from italy which I’m almost addicted too, I’m constantly checking to see what’s happening, so much so this transfer window that I can’t get any work done!!

He’s by far the best guy to get the latest and most reliable information on all things Italian football is up too


@JaRossoneri, yeah I am very sure you didn’t give me the dislike.. It has come to my notice that there are two cowards on this site who just look for my post and comments to dislike every time.. I’m used to it, it’s been happening for about two months now. So any time I post a comment, I always expect 2 dislikes from the cowards.. And to those cowards, I understand life better so your dislikes don’t take anything away from me… ”You sure can’t please everyone”. @nas, it’s same with me, DiMarzio sure makes the whole transfer news very… Read more »


Football-Italia is another good source Hasowayne.


@Octavius Yeah…. I follow them too…


The biggest concern to me is our medical staff/training staff. Between these two groups, our players keep getting injured repeatedly and rushed back to matches only to get injured again. I would be happy if we fixed this problem to avoid making SES another Pato and losing him, assuming he stays with us, of course.


To me skoratis would be the best,cheap and solid buy for milan. It seems we are forgetting our most creative and 16 goals hero last season. If not for his goal we might even be relegated. Forza menez


We played so well w/o menez. The last 5 matches were not fluke. We would be in champion league if we had never signed menez.


What do you fellers think of Arda Turan? I personnaly think he’s awesome. Having him, Ibra and Martinez with Hummels at the back will be solid.


Turan is a beast, put him behind Ibra and Jax and we are instantly world class, but all 3 plus Hummels, if G gets that done, I’d vow to never criticize him again so long as I should live… On the topic you, myself, @Hasowayne, @nas etc stirred up, as far as reliable sports journalists to follow, those are all good suggestions….although lately, as I get older, I mostly skim over the journalists comments until i see quotation marks (like @RKays comment about Ibra), better to read what Ibra/Jax/agents/etc have to say themselves and draw our own concusions. The majority… Read more »


I agree I think it makes more sense to just wait until the player or agent or president of whatever club there at actually says something as a lot of journalists just make s**t up to sell papers adds ect….
it’s hard to not read there articles though!


what about papadopoulous…


What about Mendy and Imbula from OM? I read a rumour Milan are offering 28 M for both. I think those two would be great addition to Milan with a lot of potential

Ajo Antony

Just because we have 150 million, should we spend all 150?? would not it be better to go for cheaper ( not Traore quality) but at the same time reliable options and add may be just 3 big names? What if in spite of all this spending, we miss out on CL?? I am not being pessimistic but IT IS POSSIBLE… say we spend all out on Zlatan, Martinez, Kondogbia, Hummels, Miranda, Lucas Lima and Arda Turan (all are reported targets). Lets imagine the worst case scenario.. Mihajlovic coaches us like he did at Serbia and fiorentina, Ibra has his… Read more »


Super Pippo officially sacked as Milan coach.


Inzaghi fired, sinisa hired. Zlatan in Qatar at the moment trying to terminate his contract.. If zlatan is successful, today can be a very good day:)


I read that we lost JM, is there any truth to that? It was reported by someone ive never heard of so im assuming its fake and he is just trying to get hits to his twitter page


KP Boateng is definately the wrong direction! Im really fed up with these UGLY FACES! Menez, Mexes, KPB… They are self-promoters without real winning mentality, are unstable and weak! Mexes was good in the last idk 10-15 games…but where was he all the years before? Menez technically is fine, but characterwise… selfish! KPB was horrible, a real disaster in his last 2 years at milan. And now schalke wants to get rid of him… what a surprise. If we want to compete for ucl in the coming years, we need winners or at least team-players. Please dont waste money (you… Read more »


KP Boateng is definately the wrong direction! Im really fed up with these UGLY FACES! Menez, Mexes, KPB… They are self-promoters without real winning mentality, are unstable and weak! Mexes was good in the last idk 10-15 games…but where was he all the years before? Menez technically is fine, but characterwise… selfish! KPB was horrible, a real disaster in his last 2 years at milan. And now schalke wants to get rid of him… what a surprise. If we want to compete for ucl in the coming years, we need winners or at least team-players. Please dont waste money (you… Read more »