Martinez says ‘yes’ to Milan, the Rossoneri are set to trigger his €35 million exit clause


Jackson Martinez is the first major buy of the summer as it has been confirmed that he has said yes to Milan despite having better financial offers.

Milan’s first major signing is now all but confirmed as the Milan Channel and Porto’s President have both announced on Friday evening: Jackson Martinez has chosen to join the Rossoneri.

Adriano Galliani’s trip to Portugal can be considered a success as the Colombian striker will join the ranks of new coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. Milan will pay €35 million, which is Martinez’s buy-out clause, and unless the two clubs have agreed on different terms, the amount will have to be transferred within 60 days.

If the earlier reports are true then Martinez will sign a four year contract worth €3.5m a year. He reportedly had much more lucrative offers from the EPL but he has decided to join Milan.

“Before going on vacation, Jackson announced he wanted to leave,” Porto President Pinao Da Costa told Porto Canal. I think it was the right time to let him leave and I decided that he can freely choose his next destination. The €35m clause is not up for debate and must be paid.

“I learned just now that Jackson has chosen Milan. This is what he wants, the destination is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I want him to be happy.” Martinez is currently with Colombia for the Copa.

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This is like a dream come true!!! LOL I think Milan will slowly get back to the top! Need some good midfielders and defenders now. I wish Silva would come back!!!


Great start! Now get a World class CB, a playmaking CAM and Zlatan and we are back in the CL!!!


Comment:milan needed a focal point. 4-2-2 would be a perfect formation .
Abate/mds-palleta-rami-mds/ antonelli
De jong(if he stays)-monto(c)/poli
Honda/suso(when we are winning)-jack/ses92


This is the best news i have heard about Milan for years not only because we followed Through FOR ONCE, and signed a top player with other teams at our heels, BUT because i feel like this signifies the start of a revolution, we are willing to spend the BIG BUCKS, now ill be optimistic about any top player we try to sign. #forzamilan


Amazing news! See what happens when you give the Condor some money to spend? I wonder if sheva still wants Galliani to commit suicide?


Sorry, but what have he done?? He triggered buy out clause, everyone can do that with money…

He used to could bring that kind of player for 20m… Or even less..


20 million will get you strikers like Balotelli… lmao. You get what you pay for. Martinez is a quality striker and will surely help us find our way back to the top.
More importantly, he is already playing for his national team, so he will hopefully not hog the ball like another 28 year old striker/winger we have…





Wow Milan just splashed 35M euros when the mercato hasn’t even started yet, and with that beating the likes of Arsenal and City?
Something tells me good times are ahead, as the lion is finally waking up from it’s long sleep….


Omg this is to goood!!!


Now it feels bad that Ancelotti isnt our coach, wonder if Mihajlovic can coach players of his calibre, thats why we need Ibra. Hopefully Ancelotti comes next year. This is just the start, we cant make too many changes immediately now though. Hope to see some more of our dead weight leave, we have to act smart both with our acquisitions but also with our sales, letting go of the dead weight. Anyways, still waiting for this to be official. And next Ibra and Kondogbia 🙂


Lets get ibra kondogbia and hummels, and we are set for scudetto fight, and yes before losing dead weight, lets sell menez to cash him out as he wont be helpful any longer


One big step , keep on moving ACM


I’m very happy we are the right way and ac milan always in my heart


Jackson is BEAST now give him someone to supply him


this is good news, i think the price is right, I´m a bit suprised that porto dit not ask for more that 35M but kondogbia, i don´t belive he is worth 30M i think galliani should be careful on that deal or use menez + 10M if not, then i will prefere verrati for 40M that kondogbia for 30M veltmand from ajax for 7.5M dragovich from kyiv for 15M yarlemenko from kyiv for 35M gabriel from santos 10M or 5-7M plus alex konoplayanka from dnipro for free my new milan dream team will be compakt with just 23 players, and… Read more »


If i would choose 23 players:
gk:lopez,gabriel, abbiati
def: abate, dsc, rami, hummels, palletta, antonelli, darmian, mexes, rodrigo ely
mid: kondogbia, monto, suso, honda, jack, verratti, mastalli
attack: ses, martinez, ibra, niang


it is a good team too, but i think milan will only use just under 150 M i dont think they want to get over 150 M and to have hummels and ibra too and to keep mexes then you need another 20M at least to pay thir wages just for one season, that can take milan on the same ride they had after 2011 season where they had to let players go becouse of thir wages. but ely i relly like him i belive he will be great, but if you have 4 good centerback i will loan him… Read more »


And that is the right thing to too. We cannot spend all our money in one go. Lets buy 3-4 good players, look how they are doing and then in January or next summer buy other missing links. I know there is great desire to spend, but we cannot rush.


Waiting yo hear Bonera is out of the club. It will be the biggest gift for Fans.





Ok this was funny at first, then it became annoying, now it’s kinda funny again. Maybe it’s because of the terrific news…


Now I’m even more interested to see him play in the copa America. Don’t get me wrong all this news of us actually buying quality is exciting. Even if we continue this I guarentee some fans on here are going expect the scudetto next year and then the champions league the year after. This is could be the beginning of something special but let’s have some patience. Mihajlovic still has to get whatever players we buy working together. Let’s hope for top 3 next year.


My thoughts exactly, top 3 should be the priority this year. Yes we are Milan, yes we should always aim for the scudetto, but we also have to remain realistic. We dont know how Mihajlovic will do, but if we get the players who are being rumoured, a top 3 should be obtainable as a minimum. I hope we are wise with our apending though, and dont spend just because we have money, i mean, just last year, we would never buy a player full price with one year remaining on his contract. Not even Madrid paid 35 million for… Read more »


Whatever love anyone has for el-sha should be kept aside, should we manage to add zlatan to the squad and menez opts to fight for his place then, el-sha should expect to rot on the bench. He’s not going to be able to break into the team cos he can’t be managed as an AM, his in-versatility will cost him. Honda, Bona and menez can always play as the AM. Niang’s future is brighter than elsha’s as he can adjust his game as he can play anywhere in front.


Sheva? Where are you? Nothing to say? Oh thats right, nothing negative can be said so he doesnt show up? How did i know he was just a troll looking for attention. In regards to someone saying Galliani used to be able to get players like this for 20 mil. The buyout clause was signed by the player and the team, meaning they legally couldnt let him go for less.


Milan needs to dump Bonera, Honda, Poli, Montolivo, Bochetti, Zapata, Menez, Zaccardo, Muntari, Mexes, Destro, Pazzini Keep. Suso, Cerc, SES, MDS, Abate, De Jong, Bonaventura, Van Ginkel, Lopez, Paletta, Agazzi, Antonelli Try to work deal with Santos – Alex plus free transfer of Robinho to get Gabigol. Buy. Martinez, Kondogbia, Veltman, Darmian, Otamendi, Baselli, Bertolacci Leave Niang and Sapponara on loan to grow will need them with champions league next year Let Mastour, Di Molfetta, and Mastalli mature in primavera Should rotate abate and MDS at RB. Thus allowing MDS time to grow at natural position Rotate Rami and Veltman… Read more »


bochetti loan), pazzo (talking to other club), destro (loan), and muntari (problem the entire structure of the club) are cetainly leaving. and if i’m not wrong, sapo is a half milan-empoli player and in fifa regulation this year is the final year to the that kind of ownership so milan have to buy him back before sending him out on loan


Saponara was sold to Empoli, Van Ginkel was on loan and will probably return to Chelsea. De Jong and Kongdobia are incompatible together, especially next year w/o european competition


Well done Milan if buying a striker out of his release clause worth 35 mil isnt going to make a statement then go ahead and buy hummels and geoffrey lets splash some cash fellas


Kondogbia is next. Galliani will be flying out tomorrow or the day after.


Anybody know when his medical visits are?

Walid Mardas

He will undergo his medical in Chile this week 🙂


I think that we dont need to rush and buy too much player. The first thing we need to do is cutting the squad number given that we will playing only domestic. This martinez buying will get us in a disadvantage for the next move in the mercato. Clubs will play hard-to-get on us in order to get more money for their player.


I cant even sleep bcos of this news. I’m overjoyed

Carlo Gambino

Comment: This Fools done woken a “sleeping giant”. Shoo haters shoo haters git off our throne coz the king is now home. This mercato iz gonna be da most blazing mercato in the history of milan so milanista’s all across da globe brace yourself coz u abt 2 git blown away like jeff bridges. Yeah yeah babe Milan iz back like a Dick on viagra. I pity dem calcio teams coz right now milan is boiling “Hot 1000 degrees”. We abt 2 rip teams apart like “Jack da Ripper”. Remember Don Berlusconi aka Tha Teflon Don said: Whatever Milan wants… Read more »


Well said Ali G


The long awaited revolution is finally here! Its been far, far, faaarr too long!!! FORZA MILAAANNN! Am so excited haha 😀


Thank you Silvio…
Although I have zero respect for your politics, you are slowly earning back my respect as owner of my beloved Milan.

gang chomba

hah hah hah Uncle Fester at his best…


For those of you who saw SES today in Croatia, you will salivate thinking of the explosiveness of jax paired with SES. I am also looking forward to Suso. Id appreciate a van Ginkel update. He’s gotten lost in the headlines.


i think that vn ginkel is heading out to newcastle. he was consistent and fundamental for our midfield this season, dont you agree?


He was very good once he became a regular.


Just realized I was born on the same day and month as him when I was watching Scout Nations video on him LOL anyways, looks like Milan is finally turning the tide, and it does feel good to see Milan linking with those names and transfer fees instead of “free” and “contract expires in…” Not that free aren’t good but seeing my beloved club since childhood is again fighting against other top clubs to sign for Europe’s hottest prospects, I can’t explain how excited those words in the news made me. It also shows you that Milan, even without CL… Read more »


I BELEIVE a 4-4-2 formation is the best for this team with the players we are targeting and with what we have ATM or a 4-4-1-1 With ibra (if he comes ) behind Jackson , Elsha and Suso/Menez on the flanks, Kondogbia with Jack/van Ginkel (if he stays) in mid and MDS & a new left back, a new cb with Paletta and that’s all we need for a top 3 finish


I hope we getr Kondogbia. It would be amazing if we could also negotiate a deal for Abdenour. In return give Monaco our French duo Mexes and Menez and pay any difference [probably 30-35 million]. We’ll have a solid cb: Rami, Abdenour, Paletta, Ely
with one more midfielder: Baselli/Bertolacci, Milan will have a pretty amazing squad
——El Shaa——Martinez/Niang——
—–Bonave—-Kondog—-De Jong/Baselli—-
De Sci–Rami/Paletta—Abdenour/Ely–Abate

Alternatively we should look at signing Ogbonna. There’s no room for him at Juve.



D lopez/donnarumma
De sciglio/abate hummels/rami balanta/paletta kolarov/antonelli
Kondogbia/bonaventura verratti/montolivo bertolacci/suso
Martinez/niang ibrahimovic/el92


Someone should please wake me up from this dream.
Did i just read that martinez is a milan player???….
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoòoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww!!!….*crying* …..after so so many years..! For those of us who critisized but still stick to this brand milan. What a joyful day for us! Am feeling like a barca fan now.
For once in almost a decade, forza galliani!
Forza berlu!! Forza mr bee!!! Forza martinez!!!! Forza milan!!!!!… kondogbia and others next..!

inter fan

Milan make good work not like we. Whit Martinez you have one of the best strikers in the world and if Kodogbia also arrive you could fight for Scudetto. We only sign Murillo 🙁


MILAN should rely on a 4-4-2 now

Abate Paletta Hummels/Ely De Sciglio

Kondogbia NDJ/VanG

Bonaventura. SES/Suso

Ibra. Martinez


Comment:acmiloan is dead,welcom back ac milan,we now have a plan bee,i can smell the scudetto


Comment: Wat abt Oscar of Chelsea for CAM position, guys.


1.This is amazing news. But I agree with some of the comments above, I don’t think we should spend all the 150mill in this Mercato.
2. When people talk about our promising youth they mention mastour, mastalli, di molfetta and modric, but no one mentions Patrick Cutrone. That boy is a beast
3. What’s up with Christian Maldini?


1. Thank you

3. He is still too young, but I hope he will become good as his father


Cutrone is too young dude


He’s older than mastour.


Very good news that we are finally signing a top striker. However we still lack quality midfielders, and that is the source of our poor form. Poor defensive cover in midfield has exposed our defense to various attacks. If i were Milan, I would not go for three strikers (as they would not solve the whole problem). Along with J. Martinez (this team will need to build a strong bas, or a back bone as many would call it), we know its not realistic to build a whole new team in one transfer market, but 4 to 5 quality players… Read more »


Honestly, 3.) point is really true, oscar is roumored to juve… But signing eriksen would be dream come true… He is a beast… But negogating with sprus is too hard…


Eriksen a beast? No. He is overrated, i watch premier league regularly, and except for his shots and occasional goals i see nothing special about him whatsoever. Not a fan of Oscar either, if we are looking for brazilians in that position, i like Firmino, but he seems to be close to United, i dont know. We need solid CM’s though, not CAM. Kondogbia will do fine, perhaps someone else too if possible. Not Alex song, another overrated player. Called DM but cant defend lol.


I agree with everything here. One brazilian talent id love would be Doria. We were linked to him a while back when Seedorf took over. He is partially owned by Doyen as well. That would be a great signing. If we can snag him and bring in Kondogbia as well, this will already be a successful mercato. Then getting rid of dead weight and trimming the squad size down should be next step.


Abate–Rami—-Miranda–De Sciglio

Niang——-Martinez—-El Shaarawy

The two main things I don’t want next season are Ibra and 4-3-1-2. This formation might look too attacking but bear in mind what a beast Kondogbia is and that SES and Niang are good defensively


We are back


Guys Jackson is co-owned by Doyen sports and Doyen Sports is one of the associates of Mr.Bee. Kondogbia Morata Falcao and many others like brahimi are co-owned by Doyen Sports. This has been made possible by our new president and it seems that Doyen is ready to fill us with quality players.


What are your opinons on Leroy Fer or Sandro from QPR? Both will probably be looking to move on. Either could be a beast paring with Kondogbia.


Sandro would be excellent if he wasnt always injured.


An attacking creative midfield is a must + kondogbia. Coz milan lag of creativity in midfield. We trully weak in midfield. I think milan need a total revolution this summer. Buy many quality player and release all dead woods. So for next summer we can only buy 2 or 3 player for strengthening our weak side..


Am I the only one waiting for an official announcement? I remember what happened with Aly Cissokho and Biabiany so I’m very wary of any surprises.


Lool. Well Thank God for that bibiany surprise. Jack turned out very well


Both Cissokho and Biabiany were good surprises lol but you know after being accustomed to the devious ways of Galliani for so long, I’ve grown susceptible of his dealings.


Comment:pls pls pls get us kondogbia,ibra,gabigol to learn from d master,doria,koplayanka nd maybe miranda or abendour nd we are set,if we can get all dis players and sale all our deadwoods, i will trek from lagos to milan,lol


LMAO. One dumbass Arsenal fan just said they’re way ahead of us in terms of trophies. Just cuz we got their primary target. LOL!


We will never match up to their fourth place trophy count!


Hopefully things will start to change a bit , until we see true signings we should not get all hyped up ! Quality players are needed all round , an excellent defender , an excellent midfielder and the new striker could change a lot in our squad . We lack players that make other players push harder than they had , our team is not 10th place , we all know that , even with the current squad we are top 5 , morale is lacking , a good coach and some fire for the players . In all SERIE… Read more »


I read we are looking at lucas Lima as trequartista from santos. I’ve never seen him play how is he rated


Instead of looking abroad we should consider young talents of our own league. For defends we can cobsider any of Rugani/Romagnoli. Rugani did not concede any booking whereas we concede highest sent off this season. For midfield: Abderson and Jose Mauri. These players are very promising & familiar with our league.


Well for attacking midfielder I would love if we can get Ganso there ..he is on top of his game and he is 25 years old he still has much to give .


Needs a partner now. Milan are looking at Ibra, Lavezzi, Falcao, Van Persie, and Benzema.

NOW I on the other hand like Lukaku, Lacazette, Mitrovic, Aubameyang, Bacca and Zaza. Has Vietto gone?