Report: Mihajlovic has already signed the contract, Milan looking to resolve Inzaghi’s future peacefully

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Sinisa Mihajlovic has reportedly put pen to paper and is now tied to a two-year Milan contract. Inzaghi is also under contract and Milan are trying to resolve his situation without a sack.

It’s known to all that former Sampdoria boss who led the Blucerchiati to 7th place in the 2014/15 edition of Serie A, Sinisa Mihajlovic, is the new coach of Milan and while the Rossoneri have yet to make the official announcement, it appears that the contract has already been signed.

As reported by Sky Italia, Miha has signed the two-year deal with Milan and can now be considered the new boss of the team. The situation with Filippo Inzaghi will be resolved soon as Sky reports that Adriano Galliani will meet with Pippo’s Tullio Tinti with the idea in mind to avoid the sacking.

Milan want to terminate Inzaghi’s contract by mutual consent; it’d mean that they won’t have to pay his full salary until his deal ends in 2016. Right now Milan have 3 coaches under contract.

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Ebrima bah

My Milan three coach is time to work now


what a surprise milan with 3 coaches, truely we need change in management.


Kinda shows how stupid the current Management is at the moment. 3 coaches under contract? Really Galliani!


And if mih failed it would be four.


management of this club is getting more and more pathetic with each passing year


With three brains thinking ,no team will be able to stop ACM next season


No. Only 1 of those brains will be thinking (hopefully), the other 2 will sleep and enjoy a vacation while we pay them salaries. Great management lol


Has miha started starving to death yet?
Also, inzaghi would be an idiot not to sue the management\ get full salary after how they “threw him under the bus” this season


good or bad… Ill forever love AC Milan. I simply cnt stp loving ds club!


After we missing 2 European next is our we all ways milan never giv up



Olalekan mojeed

The best club in d world with 3coaches working at a time wow i belive we go for 3 trophies this season

jerry Anokwu

really vry funny cos dey dont seem 2 have anymore sense of pride.


You guys must understand one thing… There is two possible outcomes to this.. 1. Bringing old stars like Alves, Ibra – they bring sponsors, they bring expirience and short term happines – if we want next year serie title we need to go for them 2. Bringing young talents like Doria, Darmian – they bring long term solution for positions, BUT not next year serie a title (but maybe next 3-7 years they could bring all the titles – serie a, ucl, coppq itallia) Problem is that our managment want results NOW and they want money NOW, we have already… Read more »

Milan o

Comment:we are getting better.


u guys are just blaming d management, fine d management has problems but those coaches too are greedy and they desire not to grow. Dorf for example refuse to terminate his employment forgetting dat his salary is not a problem to berlu, now think of wat 1 year coaching experience would av done to his career assuming he terminated it and get another one, he sat idle for a whole year and still has 6 months to go, I say good luck to him reading books abt coaching…lol. it will be silly for pippo to do d same thing.Milan management… Read more »


Galliani better sort this out because it’s stupid to be spending money this way.

mukhtar ladan

Comment:hmmm milan that is idiot things the do in milan


Have read that Pippo have a offer from Catania!!
But to Miha, I will judge him to the end of next season! And I hope I want go crazy like I did with Pippo. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pippo but he has to get more experience as a manager! And to transfer, buy 4-5 good players and promote 4-5 youth players so there will be a mix.

ACMilanSince 69

I don’t think Catania is that stupid.

ACMilanSince 69

Inzaghi and Seedorf know that they won’t get a coaching job elsewhere, so they want to get paid their whole contract.


if someone would fire you from your job and breach a contract, would you say “oh, im probably not too good for other jobs so i will stick with this pay?”
you would gladly get every penny your employer owed you because HE breached the contract.
and why would you look for work when you get money from just sitting around?