Milan choose Mihajlovic: the official announcement is expected by Friday


Sinisia Mihajlovic is all but confirmed to be the new coach of Milan and a meeting is took place at Arcore.

On Tuesday Carlo Ancelotti communicated to Milan that he won’t return to the red and black club. But the Rossoneri wasted no time and have already found the man to replace Inzaghi.

The identity of the new coach is none other than Sinisa Mihajlovic who in the 2014/15 season led Sampdoria to an 7th place finish (three places and four points above Milan and the still-under-contract Pippo).

On Wednesday evening there was a meeting at Arcore between Adriano Galliani and Mihajlovic (who arrived together in the same car) & club President Silvio Berlusconi. The meeting lasted a few hours and at the end of it was revealed that Miha will be the new coach of Milan.

The official announcement regarding Mihajlovic should come in the next 24-48 hours as it will first be needed to confirm the sacking of Inzaghi who leaves Milan after just one season.

Tomorrow the 46-year-old coach and former player could visit Milanello and Casa Milan.

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Boateng on free transfer
Juventus are planning to sign both Khedira and WItsel [who is set on leaving zenit]. Mlan should hijack one of these.
Balotelli (reports linking him with return) anyhow he wont be staying at Liverpool

EL Sha—Balotelli—-Menez (3 of our most prolific scorers)
De Scig—-Rami—Zapata—Abate


Balotelli and Menez together on the field?
You’re madman!
I think I have never seen so many dislikes here… But you have earn it


hahahahaha. Neither have I, let me add mine. Menez must go. And Balotelli is an interesting case. His attitude and work rate improved at L’pool, but his goalscoring dropped drastically. I think we should go for it. But then i’ve always been a balotelli fan since I saw his wonder goal against Brazil.


Everyone at this club is full of sh*t! Out of all the “possible” mangers, we sign him?? I have a strong feeling we won’t be getting that “120m”…. You’ve proved that Milan have officially become a mediocre club. Oh well, if a boycott’s what you wanted, it’s exactly what you’ll get. Time to sell, you lying!!


Guys, can we pop some champagne? Inzaghi’s ass has just been fried!


Comment: Comment: A bit taken aback by this development. certainly he can’t be as bad as Inzaghi is (was) but, in the absence of Ancelotti, one of Conte, Emery should have been our priority. Kinda wonder why Stefano Pioli is not being considered given the fact Lazio under him and Wolfsburg stunned the entire Europe this season with their moderate squad by playing good-successful football. Montella is too green for me, and not too sure of What Empoli coach Sarri can do with a team like Milan. However now, I have to swallow the bitter pill of knowing Mihajlovic is… Read more »

cuore rosso

I have no idea if he is good or bad or what kind of football he play, but I hope he won’t play bonera.


dieogo lopez

de sciglio rami new cb antonelli

de jong

suso honda bonaventura elshaa

destro/bacca/someone better


De Sciglio LB and Abate RB


I’d also swap Honda with Van Ginkel to give Bonaventura license to attaack


remember wat this Coach said when asled by reporters if he would one day take the milan job?? hahaha it was nice finding out. I think you too would like it.


i look it up, am offended that a guy that said he would rather starve to death than become our coach is even considered


now, milan like a young coach training center
allegri,seedorf,pippo, and now… Mihajlovic..?
why, why, why….?


Hypothesis: Mihajlovic is here only for one year so Carletto will take over after his sabbatical year.
Hypothesis 1: Mihajlovic will get fired throughout the season for whatever reason, Brocchi/Tassotti takes over until the end of the season, and then Carletto takes over.



Diego lopez/donarumma
Darmian/abate ts33/rami balanta/paletta de sciglio/antonelli
Kondogbia/soriano verratti/jose mauri bonaventura/bertolacci
Ibrahimovic/gabigol mandzukic/el92

This squad can be at least the league winner young and experience combination, hope 120/150 million will be invested.


If sinisa become trainer for AC MILAN,all Albanians fans for AC Milan becomes Juventus fans,now AC MILAN can make us this,


But why? Why bring naciolism in football? Im from croatia, and we also have bad relations with serbia, but who are you to judge by his nacionality… Judge people by who they are, we are all the same, idiots can be found in every country, smart and good people also… If you think that cause of him as serbian you need to go and cheer for juve, go now.. Cause you are not real rossoneri… Milan has always been club with many nacionalities… Many of our best players were from brasil, netherlands, even england and african countries… Who cares?? I… Read more »


Another bad coach.. where is Unai Emery or Kloop??


im just.. disappointed.
sell the club already will you.


I think Milan’s squad is better then Fiorentina’s,I believe Montella would make us an attacking powerhouse,though not as good defensively…We’d have an style at least and Milan has always been about attacking with elegance


Milan has always been about having such a solid defensive line that it hardly mattered god many times attackers and midfielders lost the ball, Tassotti, Maldini, Costacurta, Baresi would clean it up. Or Nesta, Thiago Silva, Stam, Kaladze, Maldini, Cafu, Serginho, Helveg, if you prefer. Since 2012, there has not been that solid foundation to build on, and most attacks start from defense. That is what we need back. Hopefully Paletta continues to improve the way he did through spring. Since we are talking about the old days, it is interesting to note that in Contes current “second string” national… Read more »


People don’t get that Emery won’t come as he have won EL and qualified for the CL with Sevilla, why should he come to Milan then? I could live with it Mihajlovic since he know Serie A and have experience as player (Samp, Lazio and Inter) and coaching Catania, Bologna, Fiorentina, Serbia and Sampdoria. At least, he have been coaching around the country. He got the dicipline and he can give some of the players in the team exactly that. And i see some have been written that he is defensive minded, no.. It might have not been that beautiful… Read more »

Olalekan mojeed

I rest my comment till then,B/G days are numbered

Olalekan mojeed

Where is mrs B?she kept silent nw asive it concern her not


Its funny everyone is still clammoring for Emery. He has never coached in Serie A. I trust a guy that has over a guy that hasnt any day of the week. Serie A isnt La Liga. Completely different game. Dont get me wrong, im not happy about this guy being appointed the manager, but i havent seen a coach come from La Liga and do well in Italy, ever. LOL. Let it go guys


True hahaha, I felt the exact same thing before when he was being rumoured. There are exceptions of course, but often spanish coaches/players dont do well in Serie A, the only one I can think of is Morata, Borja Valero and Gonzalo Rodriguez. Callejon maybe. I still hope that somehow we end up with Sarri.
Speaking of Sarri, Saponara seems to be rumoured to Juve now, if they snatch him up, this mangement will have messed up for the last time.


Some Milan fans will never wake up from Dreamland. How dare you think Emery will leave Seville for Milan, He’s playing the Champions League as Europa League winner and you want him to come to crisis Milan.

Stop dreaming guys and move on.


I have a feeling things are about to look a bit up. We definitely won’t be winning the Scudetto under him but I think Champions League qualification is feasible. I don’t think he’s worse than Pippo. Plus thanks to him Sampdoria are in Europe and we are not.

PS: Heard he’s a firebrand of sorts. Just in case he flops I wouldn’t mind him and B&G go at each other all season. Also the players. Would make for some pretty entertaining TV either way.

The G

Still. consider It a good news, itcould be a blessing in disguise.. Mihajlovic is known for the 4-2-3-1 Formation that he uses.. About the Defensive thing, everybody skhould have known that Attack wins Games, but Defence wins Championships.. Remember Chelsea ? (there are still talk about Mourinho’s defence ‘park the bus’ style), but the club wins EPL, and have a quite high total goal.. Back in the day, we have to be honest, Milan was formidable because the Defence were a brick wall (Maldini, Nesta, etc), and the turning point for the attack (Speedster, Vision, Finishing) was Kaka’.. The speed… Read more »


With the way Milan has degenerated so badly.. Nothing moves or tickles me anymore… I am just looking up to the day when BERLUSCONI will finally decide to let go off Milan that will be the best news for that year. He has lived too long to become the Villain.



DeSilvestri Alex Maksimovic Kolarov
Bruno Peres Bertolacci Obiang Bonaventura
Eder ElSha


What has Mihajlovic done as a coach? 7th place with Sampdoria c’on that is not that impressive if you look at their squad and how weak serie a has been this year. He had a bad attitude as player and still has it as a coach, we should have gone for a more mature and proven coach.