Ancelotti says ‘no’ to Milan as the Rossoneri confirm he will not be the next coach


The elections in Italy are over and Milan have confirmed Carlo Ancelotti has officially declined their proposal.

Silvio Berlusconi was very confident that Carlo Ancelotti will return to Milan to lead the Rossoneri back to the Champions League next season but with the elections in Italy now done, reality can be restored at Casa Milan and the Milanello center.

Ancelotti was expected to give his final answer to Milan tomorrow but instead he delivered it today (Tuesday) and despite the effort (some fans question its legitimacy), Carletto has chosen to take a year off football.

An official statement on Milan’s website that “Ancelotti will not be the coach of the first Milan team in the next season.” Ancelotti then wrote on twitter: “Thanks to AC Milan for their support interest. It was hard to say no to such beloved club to me but I need some rest. I wish them the best.”

Gazzetta dello Sport now suggest that the next Milan coach will be one of Sinisa Mihajlovic, Vincenzo Montella and Roberto Donadoni. The name of Primavera coach Brocchi has also been mentioned.

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cuore ross

UNAI EMRY not fing brocchi or donadi


Even though I expected a ‘no’ it’s still a huge kick in the bag for me lol. Now they’re saying either montella or donadoni, I’d rather keep inzaghi for another year or go for emery. Just buy us some players so next year ancelotti will give us a yes

El Greco

Misery seems to continue, but let’s see if the 120-150M promised in the market remain. High unlikely if you ask me though…


There is no 120m for any transfer just for campaign. Ancelotti said it last week before he was sacked that he needed rest. Berlusconi started bluffing all over the media that he was sure carletto was coming…….since after the election no comments from b&g again about carletto. #GAMEOVER!!!

El Greco

Let’s just not rush to draw conclusions. For example, Klop is still available. Now, if we end-up with Brocchi, no comments….


Either Carletto, Emery or let Pippo as Headcoach!


I agree with you if we can’t get Emery we should rather keep Inzaghi for next season..would be better than Brochi

kwabena Adu

Berlusconi is a politician he know when to excite and when to disappoint.I guess this was one of his numerous charades. Let see if the transfer money promised in the summer will be delivered. BASTA should continue


“Carlo Ancelotti? I hope there’s a big chance Ancelotti will become the next Milan Coach. Going around for my election campaign, all the Milan fans have advised me to bring Ancelotti back,”

The comment above was from a previous article from this site. And my comment was simply
“Politics at its best”.

I knew it would come. They used ancelloti for campaign and deceived us that he would answer us on wednesday after the election.

Unless berlusconi sell milan and carry his puppet galliani with him milan will never return to what it used to be.


Coach as Inzaghi can’t bring good players into ACM


It wasn’t a surprise to me, and with health of Ancelotti it might be the best to take a year off rather than be in this circus.


I refused to be deceived again after mr.X. we should expect more disapointments.


Milan are done! Let inzaghi coach another year so poli and bonera can play together with pazzini up front
What a joke


The 120 M promised are the most important.


Just wake up from the dream my dear brother. No 120m.


I have a feeling that not much will change next season Berlusconi is now talking about not Selling the club and Uncle Fester is still here Lord Bonera is about to get a renewal and now Berlusconi is targeting Donadoni Mihajlovic and consider Brocchi WTF!? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO DO THE RIGHT THING?????????


im glad he said no, i know angelotti is the best coach when it comes to CHL but i think he is not that good when it comes to win the league and other titels, as seria A cupa italia etc. where he has only won it 1 time seria A in 9 years las time with milan, and he had world class players.. my tom 5 now is 1. Jürgen Klopp, becouse he is a great coach with strong mentalety and one of the best when it come to develop young talents, to get them to the higest leve,… Read more »


Seedorf wont be coming back. Really you have to stop thinking about it.


This really isnt a surprise. Why would Ancelotti come here? He knows Berlusconi is lying to get votes. He wont ruin his legacy coming here. He knows what this team needs to move forward, and thats losing Berlusconi and Galliani. Ive said it many times. You can bring Mourinho in here with this current squad, the way the entire situation is in Milan right now no one will succeed. This team needs an overhaul in almost every department but GK. There is absolutely no leadership above or on the field. No direction. No anything. That needs to change before budgets… Read more »


This is actually the first time you post something I like and something I agree with . And sorry for calling you the worst milan fan bro . Guess I lost it for a sec . Forza Milan fan


Lol Berlusconi, your arrogance/audacity over these last couple weeks have officially made you a laughing stock throughout Europe. The loyal fans have stuck by you during the worst season under your ownership, but time has now run out. At this point, I hope Emery will be appointed as manager and will be given the 120 that Ancelloti was promised. If not, it won’t be time to look for a “minority” investor, it’ll be time to sell 100%.


Seerdorf???? lol i mean he still did better than Inzaghi without the support his formations and line ups were winning games but oh well such is life


Why doesn’t anyone consider Frank Rijkard? We have been experimenting with our coaches since Ancelotti left. They came and left, with a worse result every year.



Ebrima bah

Here we go


Like i said before, Milan is a Cinema and the story continues… Unto the next episode.


i cant wait for the credits to roll

Olalekan mojeed

I thank Almighty ALLAH,He who makes it easy for Ancelotti to reason what we fans need for not accepting the offer the two F…….ls willing to give him just bcos of their own interest,(1) kloop says he want to av a year break, that means he his out of the race (2)berlu says he is nt a fans of emery (3) rijkaard is nt available. Then who will be our nxt coach? If u says Sinisa,we are going to finish the coming season in a good position like 15 or 17, montella finishing the league by nt going to CHL… Read more »


i am a muslim my self

but stay secular in football matters


Milan is in a state of confusion rite now, from the owner 2ru the media down to the fans, everyone is confuse. the media write what the like, the fans misinterpret what the media rite. “Carlo Ancelotti? I hope there’s a big chance Ancelotti will become the next Milan Coach. Going around for my election campaign, all the Milan fans have advised me to bring Ancelotti back,” from the above quote berlu never promise Carlo he only hope he comes, y u guys now putting everything on berlu? is high time all this so call Milan fan start reading articles… Read more »


It was clear berlu and galliani knew carleto was not coming so they refused to announce it for election sake. Wake up man! I have been deceived for 4yrs now and cant believe these guys anymore. I dnt feel disappointed no more cos i expect it always from b n g.

Olalekan mojeed

@Mayums u should av also read the article wella cos he says dat after the turn down of ancelotti y dont he said dat b4 today


To Y’all saying that we should keep a disaster like Inzaghi till next season when Ancelotti says Yes.. what’s the guarantee that he’ll come next year, I love Ancelotti but we have to be realistic here.. we need a young and hungry Coach that is also very good with youth and building a team like Klop, Conte or Emery that will build his own team and image with this new milan team and not living in the past hoping that Ancelotti will come someday and bring us back to our past Glories.. As always Forza Milan


Actually my 3 options r bringing in klopp. Along with him gundogan and hummels(dream would be reus), getting emery or just keeping inzaghi until next year and then get ancelotti 🙂


Let Inzaghi Stay as the manager… No new manager can be better…….


Ancelloti would never come, after Real Madrid and the current state of milan, i doubt he would have come anyway, the only realistic option right now is get donadoni incharge of the team, as a former milanista, he does know what is required and he has experience too in seria, and he will be a better choice than inzaghi. Since berlusconi has already rejected emery the only other good option is to take a gamble on klopp. Montella and Sinisa arent any different and will only improve milan slightly


Comment:Ancelotti is a wise man Berlusconi is just trying to get cheap attention by thinking Ancelotti will come to a dead club now he knows that Milan is living in past glory cos there’s nothing left if they went to the extent of even selling their bus for money and now they want to invest an imaginary 120 million which is not guaranteed. this club is full of lies and Ancelotti was wise enough not to fall for it. the way I see things no wise coach would accept Milan only a cheap hero wanna be like Inzaghi. if only… Read more »


I feel Montella has the most to offer. He’s done very well with a feeble Fiorentina club that lost its way after Batigol left. Klop and Emery are good, especially Emery but unproven in other leagues. Mihalovich and Sarri are two provincial coaches. Might come good but might not. Lots of pressure coaching a big club.
But then again this is Milan and B&G are a the helm. No sale yet, no.reaction to Carlito’s answer and so far no investment not mention of anybody or money. It all sounds hokey to me.


Emery have actually been coaching outside Spain at Spartak Moscow before he came back to La Liga and Sevilla. It didnt go as well as the russians were hoping for, but ended 4th in the league and still got sacked. But i still like Emery.

Fiorentina haven’t always been bad after Batistuta-era, don’t you remember Prandelli were coaching them and even played then called UEFA Cup and year after CL with them?.


Yup I remember Prandellis Fio. They were good but not too consistent over the years.


I think Emry will stay in Sevilla since they have qualified for the CL which makes a lot of sense in my opinion.

I think Conte, Mihajlovic or Montella will be Milan’s next coach in that order.

I have seen Conte at quite a few of Milan’s game. maybe he is just watching the Italian players to decide who to call up for the national team or maybe he is checking out Milan squad for next season.

But I feel Berlusconi will choose an Italian coach for next season.


i see some hoping for Unay Emery to coach Milan, but now as Sevilla have got their place on CL i dont see him coming, but he at the same time have been contacted by Napoli. Klopp will take a year to rest. Mihajlovic is a questionmark as he have fallen behind Emery to take the job at Napoli. Then its down to Montella and Donadoni, as Montella are unsure to continue at Fiorentina and Donadoni wont stay at bankrupt Parma. As long we dont end up with Inzaghi or Brocchi im fine.


I will choose tassotti to next ac milan coach….give him chance…because you guys know he spend 11years to become assisten from c.maldini,carleto,leonardo,allegri,seedorf and now inzaghi…can you believe this man have a potencial


Tassoti is the main reason why our defence is like it is


Oh my God. What is this. Milan Higher Authority, u guys have to do thing very fast to bring in a very good coach. Remember, June is already here. July is just around the corner. We don’t want preseason to start and our beloved Milan is still not read and prepare.


I was just realized that Anceloti will return to milan thing, was just another berluconi’s strategy to make us, the fans, accept whoever it is, izaghi, brochi, montela, or any other man as a Milan coach. Damn it..


This is going to be a looong summer…
At least essien left…
Thats one, 15 more to go


its better keeping inzaghi than bringing another mediocre…give him a chance and may b he will show the worth of it..he is craving for another chance…every one will have mistakes..may be he understands his…may b he will turn the things around..
But i want Menez out…just my wish..just saying


I don’t think you understand.
Milan can’t afford another season of maybes.
It’s been on the decline for too long. Attendance is plummeting.
The most faithful fans are fed up.
And Inzaghi has proven time and time again he doesnt currently know how to be a manager.
He shouldn’t learn with Milan. He should learn with a team of less significance.

yusuf ayinde toheeb

Comment: OK we accepted dat ancelloti did not take our offer den berllusconi should go for who have Europe experience coach, like unai emry, antonio conte,vicenzo montella,jorgin klop we don’t need inexperience coach b/cos we need to go 2 uefa champions league or europa league next season. so we don’t want 2 repeat the same what happen last season and dis season again. pls we need experience coach and quality player like 5&6. b/cos does order club in europe mis milan in champions league so much pls make it snappy.


Well well well… Can’t say I didn’t see that coming…! Too much PROPAGANDA, all for nothing…!


seriously i’m talking…y is milan going from slump to slump..milan hav grt progression while looking the graph upside down…
inzaghi is saying blah blah …may b we should listen to that blah blah..anyway we are doomed..i think we r not patient enough


Mihajlovic, Montella, Donadoni or Brocchi??? Hell why not just throw Graham Taylor into the ring and be done with it. The only one out of that bunch I wouldn’t mind seeing in the hot seat is Roberto Donadoni.


He said he’d say no and, oddly enough, he said no.
What a shocking waste of time. -_-


Mihajlovic is our new coach, announcement coming soon


What a joke. If you guys thought Allegri and Inzaghi played defensive minded football, everyone will be in for a real treat now. Let the good times roll. At least Essien left.


? Link



Mihajlovic in Arcore with Galliani and Berlusconi rounding up agreements. At least we have an experienced coach for once and a man with character to control our dressing and non Italian to act neutral. His Sampdoria side was the most compact in the league by miles even though without lots of quality players.

His only problem will be Berlusconi because he’s not a YES man. Judging by how he dealt with Samuel Eto’s ego, you could tell he’s a strong personality and man of his principle.


Great into bro. Cant agree more!


Mihajlovic to be next Milan coach, not really sure what to make out of it :/




Based on the article: “In 2010, Mihajlovic gave an interview about clubs he would not join. It is interesting reading as he stands on the brink of potentially becoming the new Rossoneri boss. His response was: “I would never coach Milan. Out of respect to Inter, I would not do this to the fans. I would also never coach Roma, Palermo or Genoa [due to ties with their rivals too].” Last October, he also said: “I have two dreams as a coach and they have both been realised. The first was to coach Serbia, my country, and the second was… Read more »