Sky’s Di Stefano: “Milan are preparing for a total revolution, 10-12 players could leave”


Peppe Di Stefano has claimed that only Ignazio Abate is sure to get a renewal while the future of many others could be away from the Rossoneri.

Adriano Galliani promised ‘a great mercato’ and while it’s unclear which big names – if any – will arrive to Milan this summer, it looks like plenty are set to be leaving the club in the next months.

“We are preparing for a total revolution,” Sky’s reporter at Milanello, Peppe Di Stefano, said yesterday. “Of the many players in the squad, as many as 10 or even 12 are set to leave Milan. Of those with expiring contracts, only Ignazio Abate should renew and maybe Christian Abbiati. Others, and we refer to Giampaolo Pazzini, Daniele Bonera and Nigel De Jong to name a few, will go away.

“We must then resolve the situations relating to the players currently on loan at Milan like Marco Van Ginkel and Mattia Destro who the club would like to keep (from Chelsea and Roma respectively). Finally, let’s not forget Sulley Muntari who is not out of contract but out of the technical plans of the Rossoneri.

“Filippo Inzaghi? He won’t be the coach of Milan for next season. It remains to be seen what the formula of the separation will be, whether a sacking or a termination. After June 7th we’ll know more.”

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This “big summer” talk is getting boring, just hope there is a plan this time.


To make a revolution, it is obvious to prepare 80mil in 1st transfer market and every market after at least 15 or 20mil, I would like to see that from berlusconi, but i just have a feeling he is not goin to make it.


Hey Guys… We must have a SEND-OFF for LORD BONERA.. Finally…!!!


Finally! it only took us what 4/5 years 😛 hahah


4 to 5 ??? He’s been in Milan for at least 8 years now


…a very big one indeed loooooòol..

Game Over ! Insert coin to Save Milan !

Perfect market : D. Lopez(or Perin) -Antoneli-Darmian-Balanta-Abate(De Sciglio)-Kedira-Veratti-Bertolaci-El Sharrawy-Cerci-Cavani.


for all-italian milan verrati is a must


6 new players in 1 mercato? I doubt it.


The biggest transfer this summer for us would be Lord Bonera leaving!!!
I have waited to read this for a long time and finally it will MAYBE come true :)))
Damn, that would be bigger happiness to than messi coming here xD


I rather see poli gone befire bonera, every time we play with poli its like playing with 10 men


When we play Bonera its like we play with 10 men and other team with 12… XD


I hope the lord of soccer will renew. Oh! No I don’t wanna lose Mr Bonera he made me sad but sometimes make me happy bcoz he always brings coaches down. Hahaha

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

Bonera, Zaccardo, Zapata, Mexes, Alex, Essien, Muntari, Poli, Pazzini, Menez, Cerci, Destro


they should keep poli and destro(for lower price ofc), if there is a revolution to have all italian milan poli is a good backup, as destro could do well next season too.


I am with you. In form El Shaarawy and Destro could bring us back to top 5.


Poli?? Destro???? yeah lets keep pazzini and bonera too, and while we are at it, lets bring back matri


Add Albertazzi, Agazi, Bochetti and Montolivo as well. They are not worth keeping either.


Dont forget many players on loan, (some are resolved, some not) nocerino, robinho, birsa, torres, matri…


Fingers crossed!


why is de jong not going to be kept ? if he leaves we need a midfielder that crushes – like gattuso – we miss someone like him and a highly creative midfielder – we should really consider khedira he is going to be free and can be a perfect replacement for nigel – but wish nigel can stay and we can also get khedira – get rid of essien and muntari but why de jong


Milan are pursuing Alex Song and Stephen Mbia as De Jong replacement. I just hope Montolivo is among the players who will leave.

Pa ibra

song & mbia????????


Guess why mbia? He is out of contract..
Still, he is better than song, and he would be great, at least as backup if we get him for free

cuore rosso

I still don’t understand why milan fans do not get it, Man United wants De Jong (his lover Van Gal) why would he stay in milan when Man United will give him a lot of money in salary…

Ian happy if Bonera Leaves (just 5 years to late).

Then If Milan Get a really good Coach and give him Long time to form a new milan minimum of 5 year stay.

The transfer money of 70-90 million in summer budget, I believe it when I see it, Iam tired of Mr. X and year zero and so on.


Sebastian Driussi-€5-7m
De Bryune-€30m
From other sales and savings of salaries we can get more players.


I dont believe that de bruyne would come, I would rather go for veratti..
Altrough that are only dreams…


i hope MILAN ITALY would start from this summer


i wish my milan all d best Bonra finally leaving aft sink milan


Don’t believe it until the day has come….but lord bonera departure always become great news..

Pa ibra

good and buy few but quality. nastacic, verratti, baselli/bertolacci and konoplyanka(free agent). keep van ginkel & destro.

Pa ibra

abbiati can extend 1 more year with gabriel loaned for another season while agazzi leaves


Some people have a problem with bertolacci, welll I don’t, not too many people knew about bona when he came, only Italian players know the value of putting on the shirt, compare abate, bona, poli and antonelli to menez, Muntari, mexes in terms of commitment and attitude. That’s what we need, for the coach, ill prefer unai emery


Bertolucci gonna be another poli


i don’t think the lord will leave that easily.maybe lord bornerror will return as milan defensive coach


bonera zaccordo should not cound on those 10/12 players hey should be out, pazzo mexes de jong and abiati will be on fri transfers after summer and de jong will leave to united destro and van ginken are on loan, they are out I think cerci should get out to, as he is only costing ac milan millions to keep him for another season. so you have 8 players that will be out next season and 9 with cerci, as i dont want him at ac milan. so we are allredy at 9 players 🙁 and muntari and essien will… Read more »


We need M’Bia Song, ,Any world class striker that’s all we have a lot in attack we only have to fix defence and midfield we got talented youth Di Molfeta,Mastalli,Modic,Mastour,etc so we only have to work on defence and midfield so next season
– ———–Lopez———-
Wat do u think


Add 1 world class CB, 1 creative CM, remove song(his attitude is worse than muntaris), choose better option for striker (destro-maybe on the bench as replecament, falcao-not the same since his injury, benteke- awesome, but kinda unreal)
Maybe to try and take Juves Berrardi?
And put niang as ST? He has shown that he can play ST.. Imagine that attacking force:
Berrardi – Niang – El Shaarawy


I would love to see Falque (Genoa) and Dybala (Palermo) in our front 3 along with SES but that’s just me dreaming.


Buy back Thiago Silva

Angry Italian

Anyone who does not understand that Bonera is a TRUE hard working Milanista and always works hard to keep us from conceding (AND HE IS GREAT AT IT BUT HIS TEAM MATES LET HIM DOWN) is a FOOL and does not deserve to support the ROSSONERRI SHIRT!

Bonera must be apologised to. Bonera must be appointed as manager! Forza Bonera!


Bonera should be our CEO


What an IRONY.. Nice Joke though…!


next year we’re gonna play in the league, not CL. we really don’t need players. the players we have are enough to get us 2-3rd place.
what we need is a coach.


So right @ dante, so right, based on squad, lazio have no right to be up there, they have a coach that’s all