Report: Milan reach an agreement with Genoa over Bertolacci but Roma also need to agree

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 29:   Andrea Bertolacci of Genoa celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Genoa CFC  at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Bertolacci celebrates after scoring the opening goal during the match between Milan and Genoa at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Andrea Bertolacci is a target of the Rossoneri and they have reportedly struck a deal with Genoa, but Roma own the other half of his ownership.

Last month it was reported that Milan have contacted Genoa to discuss Bertolacci and today (Wednesday), La Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that Galliani and Enrico Preziosi have found a deal.

Bertolacci is co-owned between Genoa and Roma and half of his card is estimated at €5-7 million. Galliani and Preziosi are good friends and the pink newspaper believes that they have come to an understanding. The big issue is, however, agreeing a deal with Roma.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, Roma are increasingly more interested in keeping the talented midfielder who is having a wonderful season and just turned 24-years-old in January and so the Giallorossi are considering to buy the other half from Genoa this summer.

Galliani stated yesterday that Milan will have an important transfer market and will also have more Italians in the squad and Bertolacci seems to be a genuine target. But Roma could make it difficult.

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Roma is going to make this extremely difficult and overly expensive.


With the kind if rumours that have been flying of recent: milan bid €35m 5m for Dybala and now this, I wonder who’s doing the buying, the new owners we don’t have?

najeeb yusseef ibraheem

May be milan wanted to relegate if you dnt stop dis bad idea of free transfer or owen a player as free milan will not change


Come to us….. *hypotice* …. we won against Roma *hypnotice* …we will have a new coach…. you want to be in a team, where you are the Star-midfielder… and not Naingollan….

Oh man,… it would be so much easier, just to say… come here – we are Milan… -.-…..


On this deal, I feel for Honda, he’ll probably leave or get stuck on the right wing


Why more Italians?
Italy aren’t even close to what they once where so why is galiani all about “more Italians”
All a load of “more bullshit” if you ask me
What world class Italian player is there left??
And don’t anyone say Buffon or Pirlo as there going nowhere from Juventus,
Is it just me or is anyone else sick of the “all Italian” bullshit there always on about
Where are all these Italian superstars????
Answer:: THERE IS NONE so drop the nonsense and go buy some real players


Just so you know that’s Berlusconi idea and not Galliani. Why more italians? Because Berlusconi said repeatedly that he wants a Milan team with less foreigners and more Italians. So expect more Italian players to come in the summer transfer window.


I’m not against any Italian player or players, in fact some of the greatest players Milan or the world has ever seen have been italian like Maldini, Nesta and so on….. The point I’m trying to make is that caliber of player is simply not in Italy any more Who are these great “Italian” players that Galiani and Berlusconi think are Milans saviour’s All of the Italian players already in the club are not exactly doing much to change my opinion and as a matter of fact the two most highly rated El Shaarawy and De Shiglio are gone backwards… Read more »


This would be another medicore buy not a good mercato which Galliani is bragin’ about. 5-7 millions for a half of a player? That’s just sad. And what’s even sadder is that he’ll probably put Niang in a deal and buy Immobile… Now that’s sad


Hopefully not Niang, but Matri returning to them if they sell a striker or two… It must be obvious that if we sell Niang we should sell him abroad…


No way not Matri, he perfectly fits into Berlusconi’s Italian Milan project. So does Bertolacci and Immobile and other average Italian bunch. Makes me wanna puke


Spot on @TED.
I see nothing special in this player,that he shined this season doesnt make him exceptional. Besides if he is so good,roma will not keep him in genoa.

This is ac milan we are talking about. Are we not tired of signing mediocre? Bertolacci belongs to midtable teams. Galliani has started again doing thesame mistakes he is known for,let him leave the signing of players for now and allow the new coach to choose his players.

And the italian milan thing makes me wanna throw up!


The Italian MILAN thing makes me want to throw up? Ironic I thought MILAN was an Italian team or am I wrong?


Belive you got it wrong on this “all italian” Milan statement. He’s talking abaout the investors, not the players.


Read it @carletto78
And I qoute
Galliani stated yesterday that Milan will have an important transfer market and will also have more Italians in the squad
The important part is “more Italians in the squad” there’s nothing about investors mentioned anywhere

King Kaka

Like everything else, football has grown beyond national borders through globalisation. Strategies for maximising stadium revenue is a must, but the big $ come in from tv deals/other commercial revenues. Wanting more Italians in the team is his right as owner of the club, but he shouldn’t try to align that with bettering the club. He should be going after the best players available given our resources, regardless of natioanlity, period. With all due respect, considering the club’s weighted revenue streams, it’s actually quite the silly notion imho.


I dont know where and how they can get an italian team,the best italian players are in juve and roma,so what are they planing to do,to give us another mediocre season or what?


Imagine selling Saponara whi score 7 goal in half a season for EUR4M and buying half of Bertolacci who scored 5 goals a whole season for EUR5-7M. How does this make sense?

Galliani will drive Milan into Serie B


Very very bad management we got bro. Galliani really sucks! He is the problem of milan. Why should he try signing any player for now when they are planning to bring in a new coach? Allow the new coach to sign players he wants to work with.


yeah. it’s like tevez-matri all over again


If we are already signing players, does that mean Inzaghi is in on the selection? And if so, does that mean he is to stay?

Clearly, Inzaghi would do better next season if given a better squad but a better coach would have done better with the squad he had this season. Is the management eating up this “we had lots of injuries” excuse (that everyone keeps repeating yet saying they don’t want it to be an excuse)


If you’re going to go for cheap Italians Baldy go for Perotti instead.


As if Italy still have world class players???


The only quality Italian players at the moment that don`t belong to one of our rivals are Veratti and Candreva imo. Veratti would be awesome, hard to get, but not impossible, especially if Ancelotti returns. I doubt Lazio would be willing to let go of Candreva, though. We could get Immobile on loan, maybe he will turn out good, especially in combination with Cerci, but I`m not sure. A loan deal would be worth the risk imo, but please don`t set the buyout to 16-20 million or something, that`s way to much (like Destro). Of course Perin would be great… Read more »


If berlusconi does this all Italian Milan thing this summer, I’m leaving. Half the reason I started supporting was players like shevchenko, kaka etc. I’ll support a club who actually cares, won’t be getting my money anymore. downvote all you want, i don’t care anymore.


b&g what about that tie up with santos?i thunk with the same price we could get a sure bet samba talent