Milan set for summer overhaul

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

There are various rumours currently fluctuating around the vast and ever-populated realms of social media stating that President Silvio Berlusconi is ready to sink somewhere between €70-80m into the summer mercato.

Some of you will say that’s only right, and that the mediocrity has gone on for far too long, which is correct. What better way to remove stagnation and lack of progress than by bringing fresh blood into the club. That amount of money is substantial and could totally change the outlook heading into next season.

You have to remember, there is no European competition, so our revenue streams as fairly limited in that sense. Of course, we still get a healthy wedge of money from TV rights, sponsorship and merchandise sales, but brand isn’t necessarily a sustainable way to keep building.

Season ticket sales for this season were down by almost 20% from 2013-14, dropping below 20,000 to 19,395. In all likelihood, this won’t drop too much heading into next season, as the remaining 20k are hardcore supporters (implying our season ticket sales have been stripped to the core). They probably wont rise though, either, so for Berlusconi to make that kind of a commitment is, dare I say it, admirable.

Lots of people want Silvio to sell up and go, but he isn’t going to depart quickly, lets face it. Having revealed he is only willing to sell a minority share, yet wants someone willing to pump hundreds of millions in implies that he doesn’t want to sell altogether because his demands are too high. Who in their right mind would sink hundreds of millions into a flailing European ex-giant for a minority share? Certainly not anyone with a even a slightly economic brain.

Whether you think Berlusconi is the poison of our club or not, if he isn’t going to sell then the least he can do is put money in himself.


Now, I’m no financial expert by any means, but in footballing terms €80million suggests a transfer window to be reasonably excited about. Without wanting to over-generalise and assume, that amount of money gets you two exceptional players (at €20-25million each) and four/five young or solid players (€8-10million each). Even with the inflated market, if you overpay and end up being held to ransom by clubs and agents, there is nobody else to blame but those at the board.

Again, some will argue that all €80million gets is three very good players, and that isn’t enough to rebuild the club. They may be right; we need a major overhaul (in my opinion starting from the defence forwards, but thats for another article altogether), so two or three players however good they may be might not do the job.

Silvio Berlusconi has pretty much come out and said this week that Pippo Inzaghi will not be coach of Milan next season, which is not shocking news by any means. He claims there is a difference in ‘vision’ for the club, however anyone can see that it is because he does not trust Filippo to achieve a better finish next season, despite the money he promises.

Which leads to potentially the most important point of the whole saga: it is not the money available, it is who is spending it.

For the budget Milan is currently on, I would prefer Jürgen Klopp to Carlo Ancelotti in the current situation. Milanisti everywhere desperately want Carlo back, and that is completely understandable, but frankly our squad isn’t even fit to grace Ancelotti’s presence. Carletto is accustomed to managing elite players and teams that play brilliant football, so he would be wasted on the group of mostly no-hopers that we have.

It is a beautiful vision to think of Ancelotti coaching the young talent such as El Shaarawy, Hachim Mastour and to an extent Bonaventura, and to think of the recruitment that he could achieve is frightening if given the correct support financially. Not many players in world football don’t want to play for Carlo Ancelotti.


Yet, in the situation we are currently in, with a strict budget until categorically proven otherwise, I think Klopp is the man we should target. He has built up Dortmund from the ground, taking them to Bundesliga title and Champions League final from relative obscurity. The similarities between what he could achieve here in Milan to what he did, with another massive club, at Dortmund incline me to feel he would be suited to the job.

Klopp strikes me as a man who will get every single ounce of effort and ability out of his players, and would assist the development of the youth to no end just as he did with Götze, Kagawa, Lewandowski and Reus.

Speaking of those players, in the 2010 closed season he brought in Lewandowski, Piszczek and Kagawa; the following Gündogan and Perišić, and in 2012-13 he brought in Reus and Sahin. All those cost pretty much bang on €40million in total, which is half the reported summer budget for Milan. Jürgen certainly has an eye for a player, and even if it was his scouts who spotted them he could bring them to Milan as well as far as I’m concerned.

Attracting Klopp or Ancelotti is difficult, but manageable. Carletto would love to come back in theory, but in practice he will probably want a different challenge and a club ready to compete immediately. Jürgen may be lured into the BPL, while rumours are circulating about the Fenerbahce job (which I find hard to believe).

Somebody like Unai Emery would be a good appointment also. What he has achieved is nothing to be sniffed at; leading Valencia to a third place finish in 2009-10 and 2010-11, and despite an unsuccessful spell at Spartak Moscow he won the Europa League with Sevilla last season.

We need a motivator and tactician hybrid to produce the best on field results, but a respected name for the best player recruitment and retention. Some of the names we are linked with, such as Immobile, Song, Darmian and Carlos Bacca, are good players. However, if you want to be the best, you have to get the best.

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

There are lots of amazing players out there, and of course we don’t have the appeal of Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid etc., but that doesn’t stop us getting the next best player. What is to stop us going for Falcao (who is a great player put in a tough situation), Ibrahimovic, Verratti, Thiago Silva; players that will make a difference. I feel with the right man at the helm and that kind of budget available we should easily be able to attract those kinds of players.

It is easy to say things like “wages” or “Ibra is too old” but those are poor excuses. Wage wise, we will be cutting plenty off the bill with players such as Mexes, Bonera, De Jong and Pazzini leaving, and it is highly likely Essien, Muntari, Zapata, Zaccardo and others will exit. It is time for a total clearout.

My point to all of this is that the pain has gone on too long, and I know so many people are as passionate as I am about the club. Without any of us claiming to be football or finance academics, we can collectively see what needs to be done. There are logical steps staring us in the face, steps which need to be taken to get the club back.

If the summer goes right, Milan can kick on, although we as fans are as in the dark as anyone. I, like many, hope for a brighter 2015-16 season, and who knows, it might just be the start of a new era.

Article by Oliver Fisher

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Shout out to Oliver Fisher for a baller article

Kofi Agyeman

Is it by far ur personal opinion in de form of article or Wht … Pls stop dis s***t. U ar jus exciting ppl here wid false hope. Until it’s official am not going to take u serious….


I absolutely don’t believe “too old” Ibra theory. Now that we need stability and real leader he’s the perfect solution. Also because no one goes to the stadium, Milan must go back to CL immediately. We have blamed so much on management but have the fans done enough? Even the relegated epl team has more fans showing up to support their team. With making around 90m losses plus ffp rules both galliani and berlusconi are tied up. Most of the fans are ignorant and will sell their soul in a heartbeat. Ohh how easily they have forgotten the contribution of… Read more »


I agree to Shams that the fans should be equally blamed…. Seeing the empty stadium badly hits the morale of the players… See Dortmund and there fans… Dortmund was near to religation zone in the mid of season and that’s when there 12th man showed the support and changed the things….. We have elastic fans… Everyone have lost the meaning of being a true rossoneri…. I would request all the fans there in italy to fill San Siro… That will both bring money as well as moral support to the team…. I also request Oliver Fisher to write an article… Read more »


i don’t agree. Milan is a business above all else and not a charity. The product is what’s on the pitch and when it sucks people don’t want it. It’s natural. Dortmund is going thru a tough period after a very good few yearsbut they’re trying, and their fans support them. Us, we get lied to, fooled into believing players will come (mr. X), have our legends, that most of us idolized, disrespected or disregarded. We get talked down to like we’re children by the likes of Fester telling us to thank the prez. For all that he’s done for… Read more »


No. The fans supported this team through Mr.x the lies about silva and Ibra and the youth project. When the owner lies to the fans to make money off of season ticket sales he loses the right to blame fans. Especially with the economic crisis in Italy


Well written.. But I fear Berlusconi all-Italian team dream. It will only give us mediocrity. If €80M can get us Verratti, Naingolan/Kondogbia (if De Jong leaves), Jackson Martinez, T. Silva or at least Otamendi and maybe one of Isco/Reus/Goetze/Pastore or hopefully a South American top talent from the blue..Kaka-esque with a good coach and without European football will could give a good fight.

andy ajah

Dream on


Martinez and Silva will cost 80 mill alone. Isco is 40-50mill. Verratti could be sold for around 30 mill. pastore is 30-40 mill and gotze? he will cost us 80 mill alone 🙂

80 mill aint shit anymore. But it can bring you very good unknown players if you work smart.

Bruno Martins Indi
Alvares Balanta
Lucas Romero
Matias Kvernevitter

players like this we could get for around 80 mill. And they are very big talents.


Nice article. However, I will believe it when I see it. Berlusconi said repeatedly that he wants mostly Italian players since he will be looking to build a Milan project with mostly italian players. Sounds facist to me but whatever works for him at least he seems to have an 80s & 90s type of Milan team in mind. I just hope Galliani is not the one that will be spending that 70-80mil because we all know the garbage players with high salary he has brought to Milan in recent times, and a definite NO to Ibra return. Too expensive,… Read more »


I do like the way you think, people need to stop dreaming about stuff, this is real football, not FIFA Ultimate Team, Ibra wont get here and make a difference, he’s a striker, the problem is our midfield and maybe our defence, we need to get good players to our midfield, someone who has a name out in europe, someone creative, it doesnt matter if he’s too young or too old, we just need someone who makes the difference for the team, we have young good players such like Suso, SES, Niang (If he decides to come back), De Sciglio… Read more »


Yep, the problem is definitely the midfield and that’s why a player like Veratti would be better than overprice Ibra. But judging by Galliani’s past he will try to bring in a one trick pony like he did with Balotelli and Menez.

Most of the money should be spent on overhauling the midfield with some minor fix to the defense and forward.


On the one hand I’d love to see Ancelotti back at the helm, but on the other I feel like it’s time for a new era. Let’s not forget he only managed one scudetto with one of the greatest Milan teams ever assembled: Maldini, Gattuso, Pirlo, Kaka, Seedorf, Sheva etc.


Wonderful article!
But i dont get excited anymore until i see them happening. MR X. Is unforgettable!
Anyway,fingers crossed!


Thank you too for the great article! Forza fisher!


Milan please!!! I’ve suffered enough. Dear writer, can you send this article as an open letter to berlusconi and let all fans send video messages to him begging him to pls heed this advice


If you can do this then plz along with this send the list of players and the manager that we want here at Milan… For Manager I would prefer Emery and klopp FOR GK perin should be bought at earliest For the defence I would like to see Thiago Silva and darmian For the midfield veratti, rabiot, cristante and Kevin de bruyne( it would be a dream come true to see him in rossoneri shirt) For attack we need someone like bacca or falcao or Gabriel barbosa( no to immobile) The team should look like GK- Lopez, perin, Gabriel CB-… Read more »


Milan with PSG core (Ibra. Verratti, Silva) solves all our problems

——-El Shaa/Menez—-Ibra/Destro——-Niang/Mastour———
—Antonelli———Silva/Paletta—Schar/Vergh———-De Scig/Abate


Even €100M won’t be enough. Milan must swallow their pride and realise we are a small club now and must act as one. The days of big signings to excite the fans are gone, gone. We must decide what sort of club we are before bringing in a coach or players. Because of a lack of cash should we put our faith in youth? If yes Klopp will be a better option than Ancelotti, but then our scouting has to improve. About five years ago we signed the best youth players Hottor, Viduez and co. but where are they now?… Read more »


Blaming the fans, even slightly, is not only ridiculous, but classless, and offensive. Fans pay hard earned money to see a quality product, the players are paid to provide this product, if the product becomes inferior why should they still buy it? Yes, as a fan you should always support your team, but this doesnt mean you should throw away your hard earned money. IMHO, the real problem is the exact opposite. B&G have taken the fans for granted. They think they can put an inferior product on the pitch, and due to the emotional attachment of fans, we will… Read more »


There you go, another feel good writing. Getting all the likes. Fans never to be blamed. That’s the most ignorant comments of all time. I don’t really comment in this forum because no one is prepare to hear the actual truth. Even at 2007 Milan stadiums were empty. I’m sure someone will come up with the old stadium theory. Comparing a club with a restaurant. Just for your info, Milan was never successful because of the fans, it’s only because berlusconi put millions in the club. Italian decline never happened in the last few years. In fact it had started… Read more »


Just speaking my mind, I have no control over likes or dislikes… “no one is prepared to hear the actual truth”…lol…whenever one catches themself saying something like that its time to immediately rethink ones position…you do not have a monopoly on the truth… “Milan was never successful because of the fans” whats your point exactly? fans are not the ones who put on the jersey and take the pitch. And if your speaking economically, well, fan attendance is a very small portion of the revenue generated by a large club, it is miniscule when compared to broadcasting and merchandising rights…… Read more »


ibra, boateng, mauri, falcao… rumors have started. Who do we really need though?


Awesome article. I don’t know if Galliani should be allowed to do what he wants with this mercato but it looks like we do not a choice. It’s a delicate situation when you have this much money. Look at the Spurs or Liverpool, (different league i know) they spent huge money they made on the sale of bale and Suarez and invested in many players and they imploded. This could be our situation as well. What we need is a proper coach who can unify and integrate a team in the quickest possible manner and get us back into Europe,… Read more »


my folo milan fans we have suffer so much we nid a change i evryday seen my luvly milan b lik dis God help we wil b great again..milan til end


Just lol. What has Milan have to offer a player like verrati? Be serious. .players of 22 _23 years old should be bought with a few seasons of pro football. Baselli Bertolacci G.Barbosa Perrin Tops 20 million.
Immobile. Khedeira free. Be smart.


First of all, I love the fact that there are any positive thinking people left.. Just like me.. Oliver, great article! I just dont get it why everybody thinks money is our main problem… Ok, we need coach and new players for sure, and with 80m and smart buys we could have CL squad… But I think Milan problem goes far beyond that… Reconstruction in club is needed, from scouts, to medical staff to fitness staff.. Proff? Look at our team, and then look at teams higher up the table, tho has better players than us? Juve, Roma and maybe… Read more »


To add some roumors that I have read… Gundogan (20m) is set to leave Borussia, Mandžukić (22m) is set to leave Atletico, we could trade Menez + money for Kurzawa(LB-10m) and Abdennour(CB-10m)… For free we could sign Stéphane Mbia and Boateng(for free he is good as backup, at least we can again sell him for 10m xD )!!! ————————- Lopez Abate/DeSC – Abdennour – Rami/Paletta- Kurzawa/Antonelli — Gundogan ——- Mbia ——- Bonaventura Niang ———– Mandžukić ———– El Shaarawy Bench: DeSC, Antonelli, Paletta, Ginkel?, Suso, Boateng, Mastalli, Honda, Mastour and few young players (i know i’m missing some attackers) Tell me,… Read more »


I actually believe we are ok at left back. Antonelli is solid. We need 2 center backs 2-3 midfielders and 2 strikers who resemble Shevchenko and Inzaghi. We need the work horse and poacher. Behind them we need the anchor who I think we already have in de Jong. We need the speedster who can do it all and we need the creative one who can slow down play but pass through the defense. That’s just my opinion.


nice article oliver fisher


allot of rubbish. lets say berlusconi will sink in 80 mil. that will accumulate to wages, you are forgetting. wages accumulate to debt. so in a fantasy scenario where belusconi will put out 80 mil, he will be needing to support 15-20 mil. in wages for next season. in the current state of milan there is not one logical reason to do so and without further funding we will just go back to our current problem where there are too many players with wages and not a strong enough owner to support that. what milan needs is two things: a.… Read more »


Wages? 12 players are leaving. There you have your wages. Zaccardo Essien De jong Muntari alone will support alot of wages.


I prefer emery than montella..sevilla with unknown player can trash fiorentina with some decent player.. We have to start new era. Ancelotti is the past, yes he is worldclass but sometime he can’t be as consistant as mourinho or conte. Remember in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 we had the best team but still juve won scudetto and he would be amazing if the team has champion players. We want someone who can dominate the league and the champions league and can develop young player well..i see this in emery or klopp..i would rather have ancelotti capello lippi and sacchi as a… Read more »

IL Diavalo27

To those peeps keep on bashing B&G. Its time to reflect bros. Without them, Milan won’t be here where we belong. Yes, the team is currently in a disastrous-god-help-us state but as a true fan of the rossoneri, we need to stick together and support the team through highs and lows. We, Milan Fans, are accustomed to winning and having champions in our first eleven, which is why we cannot swallow the bittersweet of losses and crushed by small teams. We cant win them all. There’s gotta be a time we experienced the rock bottom to rise again to the… Read more »


That’s the problem at Milan, like you both Berlusconi and Galliani are living in the past and not the present. No one is questioning what Berlusconi and Galliani has done in the past for Milan but with both of them still at the club especially Galliani Milan future does not look good! Juventus has been a consistent team competitively. Sure every team has their ups and downs but Milan has no plans for the club, everything at Milan is done haphazard. One minute we are hiring nothing but inexperience coaches because Galliani and Berlusconi are looking to find the next… Read more »


Great article! I want Pioli he has done a A + job with Lazio and i am impressed with how attractive football they play… Mr B want an Italian Milan then you need to buy players like Verratti and Darmian Perin and i read that Bertolacci is close to joining Milan they just need to convince Roma to let their part go Baselli can be a good replacement for Essien/Muntari too but my Dream signing would be Cuadrado we need speed and technique on the right wing too


My Milan Dream Team
De Sciligo-Varane/Marquinos-Silva-Alaba
—Pogba/Verrati—De Jong
—Suso—-Mastour—-El Shaarawy


we we need good prayers


Be realistic


70-80 millons?? lmao he needs to invest 250 millions at least




Klopp would never join Milan, he says he could not coach a team he could not speak to, he couldnt learn Italian in time, he said he’d only work in England cos he can speak some English, or realistically he wouldn’t say no to Barca or Real, but Milan? no way


We should go for Darmian, Baselli, Veratti, Kishna (from Ajax), big name forward + world class CB

Rudo Lewis

I like this article. It is your opinion but it also fills me with hope as i believe we all ( supporters especially) want to see Milan back at the top of European and world football. However, despite all the promises of a big Mercato, squad overhaul, new investment etc my primary concern is that of the plan going forward. do we actually have one? Do we have a plan to seriously develop our youth players into first team players who can challenge the top teams again? I wish for a clear path forward with achievable goals being set and… Read more »


Comment: i couldn’t agree with you less Klopp is the man to handle Milan if Pippo leaves


First, Milan have to bring Ancelotti back to start a new era. Second, Milan also have to bring Silva back to be a Captain and as soul of team. Third, find a very good midfielder to balance the team, Verratti is the best choice. He is still very young and very talented. Fourth, who will be the target man, it’s very important. Falcao or Immobile can be chosen. Then, choose other player who will stay in the team and sent out, and also who will come. Sent out: Agazzi, Zaccardo, Mexes, Zapata, Armero, Albertazzi, Essien, Muntari, Pazzini, Bonera, Menez, Niang… Read more »


Complete Team:

Coach: Ancelotti
Captain: Silva

Goal Keeper: (3) – Lopez (33), Perin (22), Abbiati (37)
Defender: (9) –Abate (28), Darmian (25), De Sciglio (22), Antonelli (27), Paletta (28), Alex (32), Rami (28), Silva (30), Bocchetti (28)
Midfielder: (10) – Poli (25), Veratti (22), Ginkel (22), Montolivo (30), Bonaventura (25), Bertolacci (24), Honda (28), Jose Mauri (19), Saponara (23), Baselli (23)
Forward: (4) –Cerci (27), Shaarawy (22), Immobile (24), Destro (24)

Abate/Darmian – Silva/Rami – Paletta/Alex – De Sciglio/Antonelli
Poli/Mauri – Verratti/Montolivo – Ginkel/Bertolacci
Cerci/El-Shaarawy – Immobile/Destro