Empoli to buy out Saponara for €4 million, Niang’s future to be decided at the end of the season

GENOA, ITALY - APRIL 11:  M Baye Niang of Genoa CFC gestures during the Serie A match between Genoa CFC and Cagliari Calcio at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on April 11, 2015 in Genoa, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Niang during the between Genoa and Cagliari at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on April 11, 2015. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Riccardo Saponara will leave Milan while the club Niang will be at next season remains unknown.

Saponara and Niang were both sent on loan in the January transfer window as Inzaghi didn’t award them many chances and the two players have managed to shine at Empoli and Genoa respectively, while Milan continued to drown.

Empoli director of sport Marcello Carli confirmed this week that the Azzurri will use their buy out option on Saponara and will purchase the full ownership of the player for €4 million (which is €0.75m less than what Milan paid for him).

“The situation is very simple. The buy-out will be exercised by the 10th of the next month for 4 million,” confirmed Carli. “We’ll see what happens in the future but in the meantime we have to take this step. I can say that we haven’t received any request. As of today I can say that he’ll be with us next season.

“Then of course, you can never know about the mercato. Lazio? I haven’t heard from anyone in Rome.” The Eagles, as well as Napoli, are both believed to be interested in the 23-years-old Saponara.

As for Niang, meanwhile, Genoa do not have an option to make the move permanent but according to footmercato.net, the future of the Frenchman remains uncertain. At the end of the season his agent will have a meeting with the leaders of Milan to determine what to do with the 20-year-old.

Niang, who has 5 goals in 14 appearances to his name with the Grifone, has reportedly attracted the interest of teams in the EPL and in Ligue 1. After Sapo, for whom Milan, according to il Corriere della Sera, receive 30 per cent on a future sale, Niang could be another youngster who leaves.

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Respect to Saponara he went to Empoli a supposedly inferior team and tore sh*t up. However, having said that I don’t think that Milan is the place for him anyway. Seems to struggle a bit with pressure perhaps needs a more gradual path to the top via sides such as Lazio and Napoli. No disrespect to those two sides which waylaid us this year. I’d prefer a playmaker with a little more workrate and a little more nastiness in their game. Someone with a winner’s mentality. This is why I’d prefer that NIANG stays. He is bloodthirsty on the pitch… Read more »


Seems to struggle a bit with pressure perhaps needs a more gradual path to the top via sides such as Lazio and Napoli.

So we are top side and team such as Napoli & Lazio are below us? is that what you are trying to say?


Way to go derailing the conversation brother. Did the actual point of the post go above your head? I agree with Niang being a potential beast of a striker. Sapo will probably have a good career, but right now Milan need a youngster or two who, like Pogba, tell themselves from an early age that with focus, determination, humility and hard work, I can be the best in the world. Or you know what, humility isn’t needed, as long as one has respect for the meritocracy, and authority. Zlatan is the perfect example of that, and Christiano Ronaldo embody the… Read more »


so much hype around saponara and we are going to make a loss after he is shining bright for empoli this half of the season .. he has to have game time and all our youths will fail if their game time is 15 mins (tops) in one game and if they shine they maybe get to play another game..maybe and if not they end up not being used and loaned out to some club were they will shine, like niang aswell hope the same doesn’t happen for him, can’t beleive matri is in the ucl final


Lol allegri and matri in ucl final… Damn this season is twisted as hell… If someone told me that in september I would laugh my ass off… Anyhow, saponara – “future kaka” a year ago… And nothing… Niang has done well in Montpelier, now he is doing great in Genoa.. Arsenal wants him.. Keep him, he has something, give him another year in Genoa and then put him in first squad. Also, do that with SES… He needs another team, another medic and fitness coach to recover and find his form.. Dont get me wrong, I would put SES in… Read more »


Nah, sell Menez if there’s any interest..
Is Niang doing that good in Genoa? Afaik, saw Genoa match one or two times, he was useless.
For me, sell all players except Diego Lopez, Gabriel, Paletta, Antonelli, Bona, Suso.. Make permanent move for Van Ginkel and Destro.


Every year we lose a young and promising players because of ignorance and lack of desire in our coaching staff to give them a chance to play in the first team.Playing with old and worn out players,do not give a chance to young and promising , and we wonder why Milan is at the bottom!How many years had Pirlo,Kaka,Shevchenko when they reached the first team?They were young and promising , but they get the chance and used it.Who knew then that they will be the best in the world in their positions .Nobody!But they played regularly against the best players… Read more »


Shevehcenko came as a CL topscorer and reached the semifinals with Dynamo Kiev. We was 23 or something when he came. He was already proven and did also well in Europe the year before he became topscorer. Pirlo was in the national team as well. Kaka was Brazils finest talent at the moment and already in the Selecao. They where all young but not nobodys and they had plenty of first team experience.


Much of that is true, but not all.We took Pirlo as a young player who plays behind the strikers and then Ancelotti changed his position and made the player he is today.Shevcenko came as a great striker but one thing is to play in Kiev and the other in MIlan!!!Kaka was great potential from Brasil,but on the other hand so was Pato,Adriano and menu others who which did not meet expectations of Seria A.My point is,great coaching staff,great menagment-great players,bad coaching staff and menagment-Milan in recent years.


Those players came to Milan and trained with Maldini and other legends, while current players see an example of Bonera..
Anyway, Sheva already an established player before he came to Milan, he scored regularly not only at Ukraine league but also UCL


That’s my point.I said it that they played regularly against the best players in the world.And whom to blame that today we do not have anyone like Maldini or any other star player who played in Milan?Is it your fault , or maybe mine, or perhaps those who are badly managed club in the last 10 years?


I remember on here, every time he played people getting all angry that he wasnt good in possession his passing was off, and he was slow. Now, everyone is crying he is going away? Never ceases to amaze me


Well, yea, of course our opinions changed. He went from playing ~10 games for us and not really doing much to playing 14 for Empoli and scoring 6 goals. He’s obviously made progress, which is why Empoli are so eager to keep him and Milan shouldn’t let him go.


Spot on!


Milan don’t play with young players . The rather take Lampard , van persi ect

Game Over ! Insert coin to Save Milan !

What a waste of young talent. Starting to think Milan is cursed club, Saponara, Cristante, De Sciglio and SES should have been this teams future, italian core, players to build around ! Inzaghi didn’t play them (how the f**k he thinks that they develop if he don’t give them confidense and play them regulary), or Galliani sells them ! My patience has an end !


who said so? are you the god of football? how do you know they were “supposed” to be future starts? lets put some facts to the theories, alright? cristante- bench warmer at benfica. de scigilio- played -horribly- this entire season. inzaghi didnt play him? funny. every game he was on he was either not contributing or hurting the team. saponara- was not given chances like a team starter but he was introduced to the pitch a number of times, like every player that was bought just this season, and you know what? he didnt do so well. not the best… Read more »


so much for your all italian milan should have sold montolivo instead of sapo i mean seriously this is a young player that has something to offer not a broken down sad excuse for a captain


I dont care about the players. I just want Galliani out of milan

The reason why milan is linked with every single CRAP player on the earth is galliani, because its typical galliani to sign someone like bendtner and call him superstar mr x player.

Im feed up with galliani, i want him dead period.


Milan shouldn’t let him go….
Few players we don’t want to see at Mila next year-:
1. Menez
2. Montolivo
5. Bonera
7. Albertazzi
8. Muntari
9. Essein

Sell these players and bring in some good mid fielders like cristante, Coqueline, Khedira. Sign Van Ginkel Permanently. Bring back saponara. These players along with our young players like modic, mastalli will add strngth to our midfield


Reckon galliani, the bald meat-headed old man must be doing a fist pump for destroying milan..Well done old fart…well done


Youth project my a$$. they keep lying to us. Fool Galliani and Mr. Berlu. With all respect, you have done us a great things but now its just a history.


this is the saddest thing i read about Milan.


If inzaghi decided to build his team with only youth, he would have been the best manager right now. He is hunger for win while he has so many good youth around hi.

I wish I was Milan manager right now.


To me, the main culprit in all this mess is Inzaghi who refused to give either of them a proper chance. And now we can all see what they can do with a little confidence put in them.


Allegri can pin point to SES and De Sciglio as young players he have opportunities. Who would Inzaghi mention? Nobody of course despite being youth manager at 2 different levels for 2 seasons. Shameful indeed.

For Galliani, i wish and hope he’s done with his damage optimization at Milan this season. That bald head of his is full of nothing but negativities, how to send Milan to Serie B and destroying the history.

I wish Saponara all the best and Milan big regret for losing a talent like that even if he isnt ready for Milan now.