The future of Inzaghi will be decided today, Pippo: “Whatever happens, Milan will always be in my heart”

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 29:  Head coach of Milan Filippo Inzaghi gestures during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Genoa CFC  at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Inzaghi during Milan-Genoa at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Filippo Inzaghi won’t resign but there are rumours that Cristian Brocchi could take over already today after Milan lost again in a bad display.

Milan suffered yet another defeat last night and were outclassed by an opponent that hadn’t beaten them at San Siro in 57 years as they lost 2-1 to Genoa.

After the match it was stated on the Milan Channel that it’s ‘a night of reflection’ in regards to the future of coach Inzaghi and the Italian media suggests that Cristian Brocchi – another former Milan player who is currently in charge of the Primavera, could be promoted to be a caretaker manager until the end of the season next month.

A final decision is expected to be taken by Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani today and after the match on Wednesday the former striker admitted this may be the end of the road for him.

“Whatever happens, Milan will always be in my heart. I have been here for a long time, I am calm and I always try and give my all,” Inzaghi told the Milan Channel.  We’re struggling to understand what is happening right now. I worked a lot on the players’ mentality. Against Udinese our approach was wrong. We have tried since then to stay together and find a solution. We haven’t been able to.

“Compared to the Udinese match, we tried to turn the situation around against Genoa. We have to move forwards if I am given the chance and try and finish the season in a dignified manner. We have decided to end the training retreat. Together with the club we have made this decision. The coaching staff and I will head back to Milanello, and the players are free to do what they maintain is best.”


Inzaghi also spoke in the post-match press conference:  “Resign? No resignation, I think it is cowardly. I give my all like I always did as a player. I would only resign if I didn’t see the team trying. This is a tough moment and everyone has to take their responsibilities. We have to move forwards and work hard.”

Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images
Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

“We’re not happy tonight. The team compared to the match against Udinese tried to do better. There is little to say Genoa deserved to win. We accept the result. The team had tried to work hard, but it’s not enough. The light went out after the derby with Inter and it’s hard to switch it back on. We have to end the season well.

“I am sorry for the club and for the President. I think the only time that the team didn’t give their all was the match away at Udinese. Tonight we played badly, but the players gave all they had. They fought, but it was not enough. We have to maintain a cool head and not blame a certain area of the team. There are very few excuses and we have to move forwards.

“This squad was able to beat Napoli and hold Roma to a draw. I am disappointed that we then lost so many players to injury. This squad is worth more than the amount of points collected, but we should have done more. In training I think the players have always given their very best. I think the problem right now is a mental one.

“The situation in the locker room? Christian Abbiati and Riccardo Montolivo simply said what was written was false. The players all agreed to go into a training retreat. We worked for 3 days to try and win this match. If I am given the chance I will try and find the solution.” 

Milan’s next two matches against Napoli and Roma and it’s hard to believe that this side will be able to get even one point from these matches, especially with Philippe Mexes and Jeremy Menez both suspended for the game on Sunday. Europe is no longer a possibility and the blame is on everyone.

“This is football. There are bad nights and this is always the risk for a Coach,” Inzaghi told Sky Italia. “I am disappointed, as the team wanted to stay in the retreat to become more united and prepare a different kind of game. Compared to Udine, we undoubtedly gave it our all, but we met a Genoa side that is in better shape and deserved to win. We gave all we had, which ultimately isn’t very much right now and certainly isn’t enough. We played badly. It’s true that after the retreat I expected more, but what can I say?

“Now we have to try and end this season in a dignified manner. The tactics are fairly irrelevant, as when you struggle like this there are other aspects. A light went off inside of us after the derby and we are having trouble finding it again. When we meet a team like Genoa that is in better shape and deserves to win, we can only tip our hats to them.

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 29:  Supporters of Milan are seen during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Genoa CFC  at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Supporters of Milan are seen during the Serie A match between Milan and Genoa at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 29, 2015 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

“My future? I never give up, as that is how I approached my career as a player too. I walk with my head held high, the club will make its evaluations and I accept any decision they choose.

“Tomorrow (Today) we will know. I know it was a long time ago, but we did beat Napoli and it all went wrong after the series of injuries. I have few regrets, I am sorry our last two performances were so bad – the worst being this and the one against Lazio.”

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6 games to go, 18 points to play for. No chance of making Europa and no chance of relegation. I don’t see what use a change of coach can have at this point. Brocchi is a good guy, but replacing a legendary player lime Inzaghi with an equally inexperienced coach who was no more of a player than many of the men currently running o to the pitch doesn’t seem lime the answer to anything. If Pippo leaves, does that not mean we need to pay him until the end of his contract anyways, like we still are with Seedorf?… Read more »


We need to get rid of Inzaghi for two simple facts: the players don’t want to play for him and the fans don’t want him as coach anymore.

It would make perfect sense to play the youth. What pressure is there? The first team is shit. The fans would love to see the youth. Or season is WAY past done. When else would be a better time to play the kids?


If you are right that the players don’t want to play for pippo anymore, then they are unprofessional assholes as long as they keep cashing their salary checks. If that is really the case I would use the last six games to weed out who stays and goes this summer, based on their attitude. I see some players working hard, so this surely isn’t the case with all of them. As for there being no pressure on youth playing at san siro, before the eyes of the world just because the games mean nothing for the standings. Please, really? These… Read more »


Obviously we wouldn’t play an entire Primavera side. We’d select some each game to play along side the first team players, just like with any other opportunity they’d get at playing with the first team. Allow them to use these last few games to get used to playing with better players AND against better players. Most kids don’t jump into first team football and do well from the start. If they’re expecting to do that, then they’re already setting themselves up for disappointment. Play them so that we can get some idea of where they stand in comparison with first… Read more »


To me, it’s an easy decision: What makes more sense? Wasting 6 games on grown men who can’t manage to muster up the ability to get a win (EDIT: I must add the fact that we’ve seen a good amount of what the first team players can do. Except for Suso and maybe Destro/Bocchetti. Everyone else we, more or less, know what we should do with them. So there’s no real experimentation to be had in that regard, IMO) -OR- Using 6 games as opportunities for a couple younger guys to see where they’re at skill wise. Or maybe we… Read more »


i must disagree with you.. this the right time to prepare a plan and a team for next season.. we must start as early as we can to avoid tactical confusion as you say for next season.. and i think its not bad to integrate youth for this remaining match.. as you say there are no point to win all this remaining game.. so less pressure..


I totally agree with your first point, that the earlier it starts the better. But seeing as on-field matter are pretty much irrelevant now, I think the place to start is to straighten out who will own the club next year, then who will be directors and CEOs, and then move onto the coach. Otherwise Galliano will end up picking inzaghis replacement at least in part, and I’m hoping instead Barbara will pick our coach this summer, without gallianis influence. If we do fire pippo and use a caretaker for the remainder of the season, let it be tassotti, not… Read more »


Yeah totally unforgivable season.. agreed about your first point.. at least i just wanna see improvement from elsha, de siglio, jack & poli for this remaining game they should start if fit in each game.. Antonelli, Rami & Abate too.. others are forgettable player.. add few of youth players.. i still can see playing youth will destroy them.. milan youth policies fail because we never really try to introduce them to the first team.. just 1-2 of them.. we must accept that only some of the promising players can success to the first team.. so we shouldn’t afraid to test… Read more »


When Pippo came in, all the back-stabbing bitch-ass players that were instigated by old grumpy Tassotti and Galliani to betray Seedorf were gushing over him. They virtually looped a chorus “Inzaghi has enthusiasm. He brings enthusiasm to the team.” Now the season is winding up and Milan languishes in tenth spot with all of Inzaghi’s enthusiasm and a united locker room. I know, many don’t want to hear Seedorf’s name, but you all should be ashamed that a man who gave so much to Milan is treated the way he was and it was cool. But you have all spent… Read more »


Bless you for telling the truth.


Amen to that , praise to you for telling it like it is. I still love Pippo don’t get me wrong! I really hope this takeover goes through cause if not who do you think Galliani and Berlu will bring in next? Cafu, Costacurta, Beresi, Maldini? Don’t want to see another legend burned to the ground.

silly man

At the end of the day, I really do believe Pippo tried his hardest. Contrary to what you angry italians say, our team is quality (jack, de jong, de sciglio, SES, menez, cerci, lopez, maybe even mexes who has been doing well lately) but we just lack the direction.

Hopefully, the club changeover will bring us a new direction.


I think Galliani has his hand up Inzaghi’s ass making him talk like a puppet. Did he really just say “This is football”??


It was just not meant to be.


They betrayed seedorf…seedorf is a quality coach who acts by action and not pamper his players like inzaghi does!


He was so baaaad,that i feel sorry for him! even now he believe that he can remain as coach of Milan.

This is not Man U,he is not Alex Ferguson,he is Pippo Filippo Izaghi our great legend and great striker!


Apparently we are keeping him!

ac milan forever

What would you expect from a coach like inzaghi? Winning the serie A title? Qualify for ucl? I think we need to be realistic. He is an inexperienced coach and supported with no money to spend. Our management doesnt’ seem like they have any clear project. They’re just busy building a mark on our past glory. They’re busy telling us that those free agent players are as good as 20m Rated players from la liga or epl. I mean guys we have a very great facility, why don’t you just concentrate on developing our young players? That’s much better because… Read more »

Nero jnr

Milan should not waste brocchi too


Comment: Clearly changing coaches wasn’t e solution. This management of Berlusconi and Galliani tried to use Allegri and Seedorf as scapegoats but now every1 can mek their conclusions. Its not e number of tyms tat u visit the squad at e Milanello that wil improve quality of team but cash injection Mr President Sir…#Basta#Forza Curva Sud!!!


What’s the use of firing him now? No coach can achieve anything at this moment. We just have to endure the suffering until the end of the season. I hope Mr Bee doesn’t intend to hire an Italian coach right now. Because if he does so he is bound to fail, and end up like Berlusconi. There’s a reason Berlusconi overlooked inzaghi and tassotti and hired Seedorf. It is because he knew he would succeed. Unfortunately he couldn’t man-up to galliani and prove to the world that he was right in appointing Seedorf. There are only two names right now… Read more »


Whats the point og keeping him when you are going to fire him anyway? Better to prepere for next season with a coach early then later.


IMO: the best solution for now: fire Inzaghi, let anybody take over, does not really matter-whether Brocchi or someone else takes over. let the primavera boys play, give them a run in every match till the season ends. i always said when things are not done on merit, there will be FACTIONS!! the fact remains- none of them played players by merit. Seedorf single handedly almost prevented Abate from going to the world cup and would have sold him so as to keep Emmanuelson at Milan! the very same abate with 4 assists or so this season!! what changed? he… Read more »

kwabena Adu

Yeah there were instances where Seedorf also fell short eg for playing Emmanuelson and Bonera for a period of time but the guy wasn’t a puppet he even had the courage to say 75% of the current players weren’t Milan material… He brought the best out of Balotelli and Taarabt. He became a coach just one week he retired from active football. Under his reign we played delightful football, we had a game plan…until the mediocre and lazy players connived against him.


“He did not take the job as a gentleman or on a clean slate”?

What are you talking about? The man quit his playing career because Silvio begged him to rescue Milan. At Botofogo he was still busy scoring some amazing goals and mentoring young talent like Doria.

If you dislike Seedorf, cool, your entitled to your opinion, but please, lets deal with reality here.


Basta pippo…


I don’t get this, people on this blog were all for inzaghi and firing Allegri and seedorf. I mean I get why Allegri had to leave I was a supporter of it as well but I never were for inzaghi as this team needs experience at the moment which was clear from the beginning a weak squad can only be made great with experience ie. Ferguson and his last two seasons at Manchester. It’s just funny to see how everyone is turning against inzaghi now even though most were for his appointment.


There are very few here who wanted seedorf fired. Seedorf had a great run . would have loved to see him progress further as a coach




If he gets fired or not doesnt really matter right now because whoever comes to replace him will only be in charge until the end of the season then a proper decision will be made, but regardless inzaghi needs to leave whether its now or at the end of the season.






Looks like Bee’s going to buy and bring back Maldini.. which is all well and good but it won’t mean a thing if he also brings in Cannavaro.


Looks like Pippo will remain for the time being, but Good News Everyone!! Mr. Bee is going to have a press conference very soon, this afternoon, actually, and is expected to announce his acquisition of between 51-60 % of our beloved Rossoneri.


Well well well . i haven’t been on the blogs for some time . This was a tragedy , from start of the season . As painful as it was to watch i tried to watch every possible game i could . SMH . Reading some of the comments i don’t think i have to say anything else . Let pipo finish the season , let the youths have a go also . Looking forward to the future and hoping for positive change . Very optimistic and anxious about the sale of milan , hope things work out for the… Read more »


It pains me to watch the greatest European club team in history (in my opinion) succumbing to mediocrity.


This is the best indication of a sale as the management don’t wanna rock the boat.


brace yourselves: Inzaghi IS staying till end of season!!! now that is some indicator of how messed up we are. we dip our foot in S**t and can’t get it off!!


At the end of the day Galliani and Berlusconi are to blame. Inzaghi sucks but you can’t expect an inexperience coach to work miracles. Look at Allegri, he is doing better than Conte at Juventus in Serie A and the CL. If you give a coach the right resources and players they can make things happen. But don’t have high expectations when more that half the squad is garbage. Get rid of both Berlusconi and Galliani. Especially Galliani, he is out of touch with modern day football. After that we can change the coach. If Galliani stays then Milan will… Read more »


@ ja rossoneri: quit his career? which one? in Brazil? hired as player / youth team manager? i mean even Del Piero plays in india now, that does not mean a career! you make it sound he was in peak form! Maldini won Serie A defender of the year 3 yrs in a row aged over 30! that was a career! but a player who starts playing well whenever his contract is due for renewal shows he did not want to leave either, same as the likes of the same 75% he wanted out. i mean he said Essien was… Read more »


I was one of the fans that jeered Clarence his last years. I thought he should of quit as he was hurting the team by playing slow and losing the ball often but a players career is indeed short. Especially when they’re in their sweet spot making money which in my view is about 5-7 years. It’s not much when you consider the player has around another 40 odd years to live after football and No real world skills to live off of. What B&G did was extremely unfair as for all intents and purposes he was playing in Brazil… Read more »


Your comment was articulate and shows your passion for Milan. So while I salute you for that, I simply couldnt disagree more with your assesment of how Seedorf was acquired, especially the stuff about slipping into Arcore under shadow of night.. I also dont agree that Dorf and Pippo did equally as bad, the stats favour Dorf, the style of play favours Dorf, not to mention Dorf only had half a season, and with Allegris players…. but what I disagree with the most is the assesment that finishing ones career in a small league is somehow dishonorable. These guys have… Read more »


Hello Guys, In as much as we want to hate Galliani, Inzaghi and Belusconi and Hope we had kept Seedorf. We have to forget the past (since I already consider this season the past) and think of the future. Takeover or not. FIRST THINGS FIRST. A NEW MANAGER that can see the young quality players we have and use them in their right positions with clear and quality tactics that can adapt in games like Klopp, Remi Garde or Pioli There are still plenty of great young players with cheap options out there who will grow to be greats. for… Read more »


Saponara scored against Napoli


Yes Inzaghi needs to go, but at the end of the season as there is no good experienced coach available right now so removing him and replacing him with Brocchi is the same for the same. The promising youth players should be integrated in the team for the rest of the matches as many stated, because in truth the rest of the season is waste. Lets wait until the end of the season and see which coach is available and which best suits what we are trying to accomplish.


Inzaghis mother was a hoe thats why inzaghi is so stupid


Really? Can someone please ban you from this site. You say horrible things and are a disrespectful little kid.


Watching Milan this year has been a struggle. All we did at these past two transfer windows was buy players for free or on loan. Cerci is a bust. Menez is good and talented but selfish. Lopez is getting old. WE NEED A STAR PLAYER. We need to rebuild the team completely. I’m trying to understand where all the money for thiago Silva and ibra went…what was it? Like 80 million? And all we used it on were no name players? This summer has to focus on the restoration of this glorious club and that involves SPENDING MONEY. I’m praying… Read more »


Lopez getting old? You needs A STAR player and then you need to rebuild the whole team completely. What exactly are you saying or trying to say. My friend this ain’t FIFA or PES.. Milan never made anything close to 80 million from Ibra and Thiago Silva’s sale. And you think once the club is sold then they’ll just start spending money here and there? Ever heard of Platini’s FFP? Have you been following? Or you went on an expedition on mars and just returned? If you must comment, at least know ur stuff.


Yes but man united could still bought expensive player like ander herrera, dany blind, angel di maria, luke shaw, barca bought suarez, madrid bought james rodriguez, so whats the meaning of FFP?does only milan which obey this regulation?i am as a fan just want a competitive squad for europe..spending normal money but effective..look at juve..they bought proper player with not big money..or atletico madrid, they can compete with galacticos madrid and barca.
Correct me if i am wrong.


yeah, you are wrong. man unt bought a whole lot of players, which means two things- a. either they are gonna relax this summer and balance budger OR sell some of their players for big money. if they dont, it leads me to b- b. they are gonna get sanctioned with FIFA. FFP isnt gonna pass on any of the teams in the near future. real madrid bought james after selling di maria 75 million euro… barcelona bought suarez after selling sanchez for 42 million euro… you talked about atletico madrid- the only reason that they are competing with those… Read more »


Diego has 2-3 good years ATLEAST ahead of him and behind him we have Gabriel, Gori and Donnarumma. GK position is the last place to worry about


At this point please throw in the towel honorarily, we will always love you as a worthy Milan legend.


With mr bee as a president..
I hope we can make revolution..
Juergen klopp or antonio conte
New LB world class like marcelo, New CB world class like ts33, new creative midfielder like verratti or fabregas, new clinical striker like falcao or new skillful striker like dybala.

Diego lopez
De sciglio rami paletta marcelo
Verratti bonaventura
Menez mastour el92


The best answer to milan’s problem is to get jurgen klopp as coach.. Trust me, he will deliver beyond expectation…..


President: mr bee
Honorable president: silvio berlusconi
Vice president: barbara berlusconi
Sport director: paolo maldini
Coach: juergen klopp

Diego lopez/scuffet
De sciglio/abate rami/paletta balanta/alex jonathan silva/antonelli
Rabiot/van ginkel alex song/bonaventura
Menez/cerci mastour el92/niang

Just dream guys..


What rubbish are you talking about against Seedorf,Lentini??????


For you that dont understand whats going on with Milan economicaly and why some clubs can use more money then others. clubs like man u, barca Bayern and real make revenue. Ffp is simple. You can use all the money the club earn in revenue. But you cant buy players from outside money like from berlusconis own pocket. The club itself most earn the money. And you do that through sponsorship deals, TV rights, kit sales ticket sales and such. Thats why Milan are able to build casa Milan and now the new stadion because you can use outside money.… Read more »


they should get of everything like B&G, all the players, the coach, the staff. IMO the only ppl that should stay is el shaarawy, barbara b., Mastour, bring Bee, Maldini and start from there


Meanwhile, i’m not a huge admirer of allegri, but what he’s done with juventus is amazing and a proof that he did so much with what he had while @ milan, hate it or love it, he has done better than conte, inzaghi on his part just had no idea about how football should be played, as for seedorf being axed? Ancelotti was axed from chelsea after winning the league, so no big deal with that