Milan’s stadium plans receive a first yes from Fondazione Fiera Milano, Watch the presentation video


Milan got some good news as they got a first yes for the construction of the new stadium in the area where they wanted it. A final answer is expected to arrive to Casa Milan within 6 weeks.

The past few days were very difficult for the Milan environment with the intense tension between Filippo Inzaghi and his players but today (Monday) the club finally has a reason to smile as their plans for the new stadium, which will probably have the capacity of around 50k, “got a boost.”

As written in a statement on Milan’s official website today: “Earlier this year, AC Milan unveiled plans for a new state of the art stadium to be constructed near the club’s headquarters Casa Milan which is situated in the Portello-Fiera area of the city.

“Today, those stadium plans received a boost as the Fondazione Fiera Milano, which owns the land and has been assessing the bids to redevelop the former world fair site, communicated that Milan has been identified as the main bid to re-develop the area amongst the other bids.

“The next step will be to verify that all the conditions can be met to carry out the project. A decision will be communicated in no more than 6 weeks.” In a season with very few successes in the football area, CEO Barbara can be pleased with her work, also on this project, which is important for Milan’s future.

Milan describe their plan as “a mission for the new Milan stadium: easily accessible by public transport, able to enhance the Portello area of the city and offering educational, recreational and social activities to the city of Milan.” You can watch the presentation video below to get a feel of what it’ll be like.

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New stadium, new coach, new owner, new players! I like the looks of the stadium and 50k sounds like enough for now, I think we can’t even get that full with the current squad. It’s sad to say farewell to the San Siro but to face the truth, that was also part of our past glory and now more then ever it is very clear that we need new glory. This is in my opinion the best news we will get for this whole season+Berlusconi sells, he doesn’t have the money anymore and Milan can’t keep up with even serie… Read more »


this and Bee taking over are probably the only good news i have heard all year, if the rumor of Bee getting Klopp does come true, we could actually be on the year ac milan is reborn

Ebrima bah

Very nice


The latest on the sale of Milan


I haven’t commented as much on this blog as I used to. Mainly because watching this team made me feel like I lost something. I just don’t have the same desire to watch them as much as I used to (although I still watch every match). I find myself not wanting to finish watching some matches and I often don’t pay as much attention during the match as I used to. I didn’t want to see berlusconi go at first but now I’m just going to accept whatever happens. That said, I still support this team 100% and always will,… Read more »


I thought both Mr Bee and Mr Lee we’re supposed to be in Milan during the weekend for negotiations? Monday has gone Tuesday is incoming and no news yet, something about this situation does not seem right.


Mr Bee came on Sunday, but we are all waiting for news….!

mukhtar ladan

Comment:we are waitin the news about the sell the shares in milan.please berlusconi sell the team to foreigners to invest team


New beginning, great news.

shev jhb

La Repubblica and Corriere dello Sport reports it was
Nigel de Jong who fired back, “It is you who does not
have dignity, you are not worthy of coach Milan.”
Other players joined in, while De Jong also insisted to
Inzaghi that going into ‘ritiro’ at this stage of the
season is a waste of time.


And De Jong came out publicly and said that didnt happen and that he would never say Inzaghi isnt worthy of this shirt