Destro set to leave: the buy-out from Roma is increasingly less likely


The words of Mattia Destro’s agent only made it more obvious that the striker will return to Roma at the end of the season when the loan ends.

Destro has only scored two goals to date since moving from Roma in January and while it may be the fault of the whole team rather than his own, Mattia has failed to convince Milan that he’s worthy of a €16m investment to buy him out.

According to Tuttosport, Adriano Galliani has already contacted Roma in attempt to try and lower the request but has not had success so now it’s almost certain that the attacker will leave, especially after what his representative, Renzo Contratto, said earlier this week.

“If it had been Bayern Munich in the summer instead of Wolfsburg, I’d have taken him there on a bike,” Contratto told Tele Radio Stereo. “Wolfsburg had a good economic structure, but he didn’t go to Germany because at that time Roma offered a more important challenge, fighting for the League and competing in the Champions League. He’s now at Milan in too modest an environment, perhaps the most modest in the last 30 years. If Milan don’t exercise the redemption he’ll return to Roma.”

Contratto caused a bit of a storm in the Italian media so he then played down his words, telling to Milannews that his words were taken out of context: “I never said Milan was a modest environment for Destro. I simply said that at this moment they are struggling for results & Milan have never been in such difficulty in recent years. What appeared in the media over the last few hours was taken out of context.”

Destro also tweeted about it: “With regards to the statements attributed to Renzo Contratto, I want to make it clear this would be his evaluation and does not reflect my thoughts.”

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Bye bye Destro! As I said before… Too much money… He is worth maybe 5-6m tops… (Yeah I know we dont have good midfielders to pass to him but still, he needed to be better, at least open up for passes)


“According to Tuttosport, Adriano Galliani has already contacted Roma in attempt to try and lower the request”
i swear, next thing our players are gonna eat lunch at a homeless shelter.
this has gotten pathethic.

silly man

Goodbye Destro, it wasn’t to be 🙁


I think he should leave he didnt impress me at all ..I think if Niang were to be giving the same chance destro as he will be great..