Inzaghi: “We played well but should have been more clinical, Suso can become a very important player”

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 12:  AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi shouts to his players during the Serie A match between AC Milan and UC Sampdoria  at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 12, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Inzaghi shouts to his players during the match between Milan and Sampdoria at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 12, 2015 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Milan’s hopes to getting into Europe seem to be fading after failing to beat Sampdoria at San Siro last night.

Milan were the better side in the first half but they conceded in the 58′ minute through Roberto Soriano. They managed to equalize with a rather lucky goal in the 74′ minute (thanks to Nigel De Jong) but that’s all they could do as they dropped more points in an important fixture.

The Diavolo played for good football in parts of the game and came close to winning the match, which left Pippo Inzaghi rather happy with the performance, but not sure much with the result.

“We played well and I am very happy with my team’s performance. We had a great first half and forced Sampdoria to change their system,” Inzaghi told Sky after the game. “It’s just a shame we created so many crosses and passes into the box without finding a goal. It was one of our best halves of the season.

“Sampdoria changed around and for 20 minutes did better, scoring the goal, but we fought back and after the equalizer hit the woodwork with Suso. We had 14 shots on goal, seven of them on target, and around 60 per cent possession. We did all we needed to except be more determined in front of goal.

“Suso? He did well coming off the bench at Palermo, he almost scored a fantastic goal. He can become a very important player for Milan, but he only arrived in January and needs time to settle into our football.

“We are coming off some positive results and today the performance was positive, if not the result. I am convinced we’ll do some great things. As for the table, we should’ve done better earlier, so it’s not as if we’ve lost ground tonight really. We had problems with injuries (Milan also lost Destro to injury to the game) that everyone knows and now many are back we are playing much better football. I can’t ask for any more from my players aside from precision and determination in front of goal.

“We certainly should’ve done more this season overall, but I think we did more or less all we had in this game. When you have to play 12 Finals, at least one or two can go wrong. If we’d had a different position in the table, this point would’ve been seen as positive (Milan are currently 8th with 42 points).

“We have the Milan Derby on Sunday and have to maintain this spirit and style of football, above all from the first half. We should’ve been a bit more wide awake on the goal, but these things happen.”


Inzaghi also spoke to the journalists in the press room after Gianluca Rocchi blew the final whistle (it’s been over four years since Milan last won a game officiated by Rocchi).

“I agree that we should have finished the first half in the lead,” Inzaghi, 41-years-old, said. “On the right flank we did well in the first half and in fact Mihajlovic had to change his formation to contain us. We should have been more clinical. Sampdoria’s change in formation with Eto’o behind Okaka helped them and they found the opening goal. The team reacted very well and they found an equalizer.

Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

“Then there was Suso’s effort against the post and we played lots of balls into the box. Cerci? He did very well against Palermo and also today. On the bench we also have Suso. I accept the verdict from the pitch and I am calm. I wanted 3 points for the fans, but we have to accept the result from the match.

“What happened in January and February is what has kept us distant from our European objective. From the Fiorentina match onwards we’ve started to play like we want. The spirit and the playing style are the right ones. A fault from the match? We should have been more decisive with our final pass and with our finishing in the first half. Put simply we should have been more clinical. This was the fault from the match.

“7 points in 3 matches isn’t bad, but while you are chasing, every match is a final and a draw can be interpreted as a slip-up. Nothing is lost until it is mathematically impossible. There are still 24 points available. We have the derby up next and we have to try and win it.

“We have to keep demonstrating this spirit and I think it is the right one.” It’s the Derby della Madonnina next on the Milan calendar. The Rossoneri have one point more than Inter, who won this weekend.

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I had high hopes for cerci and van ginkel… Their performance was abysmal. Van ginkel is so terribly slow on the ball, and didn’t make any decisive passes or plays. cerci makes selfish and generally bad decisions. He also missed a shot from 18 yards without even making the keeper work. He is eager to please the fans but it’s coming at a cost of frantic and bad performances like yesterday. Menez played a great game. Very unselfish, made several decisive challenges in milan’s half and coordinated dangerous counter attacks, moved the ball nicely including a few cross field passes…… Read more »


Menez unselfish? Which match did you watch? I screamed pass pass about 50 times when he had ball…


Menez and unselfish don’t belong in the same stratosphere let along the same sentence,
What game where you looking at and from what planet?
Van Ginkel played well, not great but well
De Shiglio was absolutely awful and a ridiculous decision from Inzaghi to bring him on


Comment:I doubt if you watch the match to call van ginkel abysmal,go check the player ratings friend, and see that players with the highest scores are the two dutch players.


Does this mean Pippo’s finally woken up to the fact that Suso shouldn’t have been sat on the bench since January so he could play Honda out of position or the overrated Cerci?


Im surprised by your reactions – I agree Menez has been selfish all season but he was great and smart in the last match. I was watching the game with a friend and I was telling him about how selfish a player Menez has been, but I ate my words.

No reason to ridicule my thoughts, sort of lame actually. Have an open mind.

Also I didn’t see anything in the match positive from van ginkel so really unsure why he is so well received on this forum.. Why did you think he played well??


Omg this guy is still saying suso needs time. For goodness sake suso said he is ready and has proven it,dont you have eyes?


Inzaghi is an absolute joke as a manager the man simply hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing or saying, All his interviews are full of the same bullshit trying to convince himself he’s doing a grand job. The more I see of him the angrier I get watching him hop around like an idiot on the sideline instead of sitting down and actually watch the game in a controlled way so he can make informed decisions based on the characteristics of how the games playing out, in all his time in charge I haven’t seen him once make a… Read more »