Report: Milan have already decided – Destro will not be bought out for €16.5 million

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 22:  Mattia Destro of AC Milan looks on during the Serie A match between AC Milan and AC Cesena at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on February 22, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Destro during Milan-Cesena at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on February 22, 2015. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Mattia Destro is likely to return to Roma in the summer as Milan are reportedly uninterested in paying his buy-out clause in the summer.

Galliani went to Destro’s house to personally persuade him to join the Rossoneri in the winter and Mattia agreed to arrive with no clause obligating Milan to sign him permanently in the summer.

Milan do have this option but according to Sky Sport, Vice President Adriano Galliani has already made up his mind: the Diavolo won’t take up their option to buy Destro from Roma for €16.5 million.

As reported by Tuttomercatoweb, Galliani and co. are looking to get a discount from Roma on the attacker, who has scored twice since making his move from the capital city; if such discount is given, Milan could decide to purchase him. TMW also adds that Inter & Tottenham are interested in Mattia.

Destro, 24, fits perfectly to Milan’s ‘project’ of a young and Italian squad but it seems that the former Siena hit man has failed to truly convince the ones in charge. Immobile has been linked with Milan.

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Hope Mr.Bee Taechaubol helps make our midfield have these names-Kondogbia,Mario Suarez,Veratti,Modic,Jack,MVG,Kevin De Bruyne.Can anything lure Jonjo Shelvey out of England and to Milan?He could be the regista we are looking for,atleast 4 of these players.All these are just dreams and the problem is “Italian Milan”,all these players are almost foreigners.

Alan Frank

Jonjo shelves is shite

DeBryne is not leaving Wolfsburg
Same with Veratti, he loves it in Paris
Someone like kondogbia is what we need,same with Mario Suarez but I can only see is getting the latter.


Shelvey? Haha please, with all due respect, he is a fun player to watch – for a team like Swansea… And you want him to be the player that makes us take the next step? He is a decent player but nowhere near the ones you mentioned before… Since we have no money, the wise thing would be to bet on Modic. I have a lot of faith in him. And I hope Mastalli gets promoted as well. And with Muntari and Essien looking like they will leave, with Mastalli and Modic, and perhaps the signing of Baselli, our midfield… Read more »

Alan Frank

I hope the new owner will splash the cash and buy Ibra.


Currently our problem is still midfield… CDM and creative CM…
We also need one good CB To pair with one of Rami/Bocchetti
As for attack – we have di molfeta waiting for first team chance… niang and petagna out on loans… And enough players… So good call with destro (maybe for 3-4m ok but this much? hell no…)
I think that with 40-50m investment and SMART buys… And good coach… We could win serie a next season…
Maldini as director – hell yes, but i would keep galliani for one thing.. and ONLY one thing – negogations…


When we have money?
Just buy back T. Silva, then talk about midfield and forward.


Soldado is not bad. Or chicharito but ibra would be the best loll


I think he should to be bought


Why dont we go for our youth players ..We have plenty of youth players Petagna and co…

Pa ibra

petagna is not that good even given his age


Petagna is solid i wached him this season in few matches, he is one of the players who can be solid back up. Given his age he is enough developed,i really think he could be in level of Pazzini at least. So don’t write off this lad yet. He can be valuable back up for us one day.




Clueless Galiani thinks any 9 will score a lots of goals in this Milan team. Menez scores because he’s not a box 9 and makes things happen for himself. A 9 awaits service from the midfield which is never there at Milan so why blame Destro? How many sitters has he missed? How many defence splitting passes got through to him? Stop playing 2 defensive midfielders, its an outdated system and no top European club winning trophies does that again. Barcelona only play Busquets, Madrid play only Cruz, Bayern play on Shcweinsteiger, PSG play only Motta, Chelsea play only Matic.… Read more »


Actually you are wrong PSG plays Motta and veratti. Most teams have a 4 2 3 1. That is 2 defensive midfielders and 1 attacking mid and 2 wingers. I agree our midfield is our biggest problem.


Go learn the meaning of a register in a tactical set up


Sure, but none of those teams play with two purely defensive mids in the 4-2-3-1. Veratti is a deep lying playmaker.

We could play a deep lying playmaker next to NDJ of course, but Montolivo is probably not going to be that guy. Verratti would be awesome, but him coming to Milan is probably only ever going to happen in a dream.


Yep that’s a good idea — keep the carousel of strikers going and the team continuity at ground zero… Nice one.


Destro needs supply. That’s really it. We haven’t had one starting striker since Ibra and he isn’t your typical striker. Honestly it’s getting annoying seeing this merry go round of strikers since he left.


We need quality and creative midfielders.. With them in the team our strikers will score more…


I read that Cavani’s agent opened up for a move to Milan based on the rumours of a new owner… Cavani has been my dream signing to Milan since he played in Palermo but i take those Words with a big pinch of salt


Destro would be a good player to keep but not for 16.5 mil. Hes a great player though

nafiu yaroyaro

Mila must reshuffle their midfield to feed their attackers


I was against the Destro move from the start, he is not a proven striker and his play style is average at best. I don’t know about anyone else here but I would love to see Dzeko as our main striker. He is a great proven goal scorer who wouldn’t cost insane amounts of money to get as City will most likely be looking to replace a lot of their current squad this summer due to their poor season and for an added bonus he has wanted a Milan move since his Wolfsburg days, so a win, win situation.