Menez’s 16 goals have earned Milan 25 league points, only Ibrahimovic has scored more in the last 5 years

Milan's Jeremy Menez celebrates after scoring during the Italian Serie A football match Palermo vs Milan at Renzo Barbera Stadium in Palermo on April 4, 2015.   AFP PHOTO / MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO        (Photo credit should read MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO/AFP/Getty Images)
Menez celebrates after scoring during Palermo-Milan at Renzo Barbera Stadium on April 4, 2015. MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO/AFP/Getty Images

Jeremy Menez has been the most important member of the 2014/15 Milan squad and his goals have won Milan 60 per cent of their points.

Many fans were hoping for Milan to go and grab Adel Taarabt from QPR but Adriano Galliani and Pippo Inzaghi opted for Jeremy Menez and the Frenchman, who joined on a free transfer, has made himself one of the 2 players (along with Diego Lopez) that Inzaghi doesn’t really consider taking out of the starting XI.

Yesterday Menez’s goal earned Milan three points as he scored the winner against Palermo in the 83′ minute with a fantastic solo effort. According to, as many as 25 points were earned as a result of Menez’s goals. That’s about 60% of Milan’s total points (41).

The goal against Palermo was the 16th of the season which places him 2nd to only Juventus’ Carlos Tevez (17 goals) and followed by Mauro Icardi and Luca Toni (15 goals).

A reported on Milan’s website today, Menez, 27-years-old, has already done better than almost everyone else in the past five Milan seasons with the exception being Zlatan Ibrahimovic and even though there are still nine matches to go, it’s hard to imagine that the Frenchman will beat the Swedish, who in the 2011-12 season scored 28 goals to win the Capocannoniere trophy.

Last season Balotelli was Milan’s top scorer with 14 goals while in the 2012-13 term it was El Shaarawy with 16. In 2010-11 the top spot was shared by Ibra, Pato and Robinho with 14 goals each while a year before that, Borriello was the top guy with 14 goals with Pato & Ronaldinho scoring 12.

Menez, who plays either as a winger or as a striker, scores a goal every 152 minutes. Menez also has 7 assists to his name in Serie A. Meanwhile, Mexes celebrated his 100th Milan game yesterday.

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Ebrima bah

Well keep it up menez and try to pass more Ball’s and assist the reaming 9 games…Forza Milan


Comment:Nice!! just try to be releasing the ball to d team more


He’s our best player, yet some people call him selfish and stuff like that, Menez is the kind of player that works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt, he can be selfish because hes got so much individual talent, he’s able to assist, score, and create plays, we dont need 2 strikers as other say, Menez has done really good as a striker himself


Well said chief, been saying this all along, he is no more selfish than zlatan r balotteli n rightfully so, only current milan player i sit up in my chair for cus no other look like a real threat to the opposition

Pa ibra

I know he could’ve contributed better with releasing the ball early but that fact shouldn’t take away the good things he’s done. I think his problem is that he overdribbles because he feels he’s better than what he really is. but all in all he’s not bad and can do few things on his own. he’s just too confident.


There is a reason for his confidence brother. Thats what has brought him here. And its not that he’s “not bad”, its that he is a huge natural talent, and is confident in his abbilities.

Pa ibra

I just believe “too much” of anything could be bad. messi may have the ability to dribble past 3-5 opponents on a consistent basic, however if he aften try to dribble 8 then I would guess “messi is too sure of himself”…in another words “he feels he can do better than what he really can” without forgetting the fact that messi is the most talented footballer ever. I actually like good dribblers and think confidence is cool but bro, if menez can demonstrate just enough and not too much.. I promise you two things; he would be more effective and… Read more »


He could be annoying atimes but he’s definitely a time bomb waiting to explode and for that reason i love to see him on the pitch even when he’s not having a good game. He’s a highly gifted player and no doubt deal of the season.


I understand the “selfish” comments.

But concentrate on the passing in each of our games. In ‘most’ cases all our players look for menez to pass it to him. When he passes the ball back, the players pass it to menez again.
In this case, has no choice other than to dribble through the opposition’s defense.

The only player in our squad confident enough with the ball that he doesnt need to pass it back to Menez is Bona


You’re so right man… Against Palermo even Bona kept looking for Menez when there were other better options at times… I bet he thrives with the confident from the coach and from the team. And against Palermo he wasnt nearly as selfish, quite the opposite, i kind of wanted him to take on his man and dribble more than he did as it felt he had the chance…but maybe he was saving his energy for that run for his goal, who knows? ;) haha. But in all seriousness, he is a hugely natural talent, and of course he should use… Read more »

Pa ibra

I just want someone buy milan and sign verratti even for 100 mil. that boy is a joke!


I dont care Inzaghi & Galliani OUT


So we’ve gone from relying on 3 main goal scorers to relying on one.


Mendez. Good job but pass d ball


Goodluck Menez.


Ahaha we don’t need a player like shelvey what we need is a henderson,Vidal,Veratti and also Luka Modric…All thanks to Sulley Muntari for the wonderful memory of Ac milan vs Barcelona 2013! Its time to move on Sulley!