Destro unlikely to be bought out, Immobile the new target of Milan?

Photo by Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images
Photo by Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images

Mattia Destro will reportedly be sent back to Roma with Milan apparently setting up a meeting with the agent of BvB striker Ciro Immobile.

Destro had his doubts in January about a Milan move as he wanted the deal to have a clause forcing the Rossoneri to buy him out at the end of the season for the agreed €16.5m but the clause was never inserted and it’s reported in the last days that Milan have decided to not take up their option on the Italian striker.

According to SportMediaset this week and QS this morning, the 24-year-old looks set to return to Roma in the summer as the management hasn’t been convinced that he is worth the agreed upon amount. However, the final decision is likely to be made at the end of the season when the identity of the next coach will be known.

With Destro possibly not here next season and Giampaolo Pazzini’s contract finishing at the end of the season the landscape of Milan forwards next year could be different. Alessandro Matri and M’Baye Niang will return from their loans at Juventus and Genoa respectively and it seems that Milan have set their eyes on the 25-year-old Italy international, Dortmund’s man Ciro Immobile.

As reported yesterday by Mediaset’s Paolo Bargiggia in the next days (could be weeks) there will be a meeting between Galliani and the agents of Immobile Alessandro Moggi and Marco Sommella to understand if there are grounds for negotiations in the summer. Ciro joined Bundesliga’s BvB from Torino for roughly €20m but his price is believed to have fallen to €15m. It should be said that Bargiggia doesn’t have the reputation of Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio or even Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedulla in the field of mercato news so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

An Immobile transfer to Milan would see him reunited with Alessio Cerci. The two played together last season at Torino and were perhaps the most devastating attacking duo in Serie A.

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Most of the players who left Milan recently somehow managed to find their forms. Niang, Saponara, Torres all are doing better than what they did during their Milan days. We need to stop experimenting with strikers. Cerci- Immobile would be a great pair, if they can find that rhythm between them. But we need to trim the team down, fill up the gaps with young and primavera players like Mastour, Mastalli, Molfetta, and so on. These new and young players can lead us to a better team, not Essien, Muntari, Honda, Pazzini, and lot others.


Vision matters and its clear that Milan is blind.

No 9 will score goals in the Milan side with zero creativity from midfield and definitely the problem isnt Torres or Destro or Pazzini’s fault. The problem is inzaghi who sees Muntari and Essien as better midfielders than more creative Saponara and Suso. Inzaghi forgot that in his playing days the balls didn’t come into the box from Muntari’s type but rather proper ballers who knows the language of the ball.

I feel sorry for our Milan because right from management to coaching level, everything is error.


I am with you, Destro is good striker for us and we should buy him out. It is stupid to think that poacher will score alot of goals without playmakers.


You guys make a good point. But regardless of the midfield, Destro has not shown enough quality (at Milan or at Roma) to warrant 16,5 million being spent on him imo. Immobile may not have been very succesfull at Dortmund, but he has shown his potential and has been capocannoniere.

I`d much rather have Immobile for 15-16 million than Destro to be honest. Especially combined with Cerci.


Yes, it was solid players with brains that used to pass the balls to Mr Inzaghi… Players like a certain ”Seedorf’ Ooops, did I say that? loool


I feel Milan needs to stop being sentimental and change inzaghi, because, he has proven so far that he does not understand and know his players, he just give motivational speech to win their interest to follow him, and that just a small atribite in being able to lead. Also, let pray that the incoming owners change things from the top e.g let galliani go and bring in people who can see the future and prepare ahead. Letavalao pray that the new coach won’t be a confused fellow like inzaghi and invest in our youth team and also youth policy.… Read more »


According to Tuttosport we are looking for Ibra with Immobile as the alternative.


He has more talent at his age then anyone currently on this team. And that’s sad lol


Berlusconi, sell the 30%, please. You, along with our prescious Milan have become a laughing stock across Europe. Constantly, and I mean constantly linked with players riding the bench at other clubs. You’re too cheap to invest in quality, IN FORM players, so stop complaining to the press how “Milan lost so much money not competing in CL this year”. You sound absolutely ridiculous. If you can’t invest into the squad, sell the squad.


I am not high on Destro or Ciro. Why spend so much on very dependent strikers? I’d rather we gave the young ones a chance and spend the money on good mezz’ala.


Milan needs to invest maybe 45mil or more in my opinion but the obvious need is a new manager. If Inzagi was playing fifa he would of been fired! Lol


Tryer by error. Always looking for players to use for free.


Vai Ciro Immobile segna un gol per me! Forza Milan.


Milan need someone like van gaal.