Report: Inzaghi to change the role of Honda, Japanese set for the trequartista position against Fiorentina

MILAN, ITALY - MARCH 07:  Keisuke Honda of AC Milan looks on during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Hellas Verona FC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on March 7, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Honda during Milan-Hellas on March 7, 2015. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Keisuke Honda could finally be deployed behind the strikers, perhaps for the first time since his arrival.

Adriano Galliani said earlier this week that the match against Fiorentina “is an important game, but it’s not decisive” for the future of coach Filippo Inzaghi but it’s obvious that Pippo will have to get a positive result to, at least, finish the season while still having a job.

Milan will be without Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel De Jong and Andrea Poli against the Viola due to injuries and suspensions and Inzaghi will have to find different solutions. On Tuesday it was reported that a midfield of Suso, Marco Van Ginkel and Giacomo Bonaventura was tried in midfield with Jeremy Menez and Mattia Destro in attack. The formation of 4-3-1-2 is going to be kept and in the hole it’s likely to see Honda.

It was the match with Fiorentina in the first round in which everything changed for Keisuke. He scored twice against Hellas in the previous match but October 19th was the last time he found the net. As noted by La Gazzetta dello Sport today, “Keisuke has completely lost the brilliance” that he possessed in the very early stages of the season. Inzaghi is a big fan of Honda and played him 21 times this season, which is many considering the player lost a month due to the Asian Cup.

Honda and Milan are both in a difficult moment but Inzaghi is hoping that the Japanese will play an important role in a possible late-season revival of Milan, who are targeting a Europa League spot. Gazzetta claims that Honda can be used as a trequartista on Monday at 19:00 CET, where he feels more free to express his qualities and showcase his #10 talents, as opposed to the right wing where he’s spent the majority of his time under both Clarence Seedorf and former striker Inzaghi.

Milan need a good Honda to get back on track and Inzaghi will hope that using Honda behind Destro and Menez – if he indeed goes down this road – will give the Diavolo the added value to win.

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Suso needs to start, what is the point of having him? He is good with feeding the strikers, isn’t that what we are lacking?


Just a question, and I’m not trying to be ironic, but, when was the last time you watched Suso play?I personally have never seen him in action…:-/


For instance friendly against us, this summer, where he scored. But the main reason is curiosity to see him, to be honest. But you have to agree, that he needs playing time, maybe not starting place but at least regular substitute.


After almost whole season, he realised what we know from the start… Finally!! Whatch Honda blossom!! =)


Wow i didn’t know we have an actual trequartista and he’ll actually play his natural position after a season and a half… I am speachless


It’s probably a big gamble seeing the chart and how important this match against Fiorentina is, but a midfield of Suso, Ginkel and Bonaventura with Honda in the hole (or Suso as trequartista and Honda in the mid) behind Destro and Cerci wouldn’t be so bad afterall the season is already screwed


Admit it Inzaghi,you read our comments,you stupid!


When you rewrite my comments,they dont make sense. I meant:

Admit it Inzaghi,you read our comments,you stupid(short for female sex organ)


It took the dull box half a season to figure out his position

Black Milanista

Meanwhile some where in Japan – Trappotoni reaction is like “Seriously Pippo ur giving us Italian coaches a bad rep with ur incompetence. It seem you haven’t you been paying attention to Japan national team, where do you think I play Honda to get the best outta him? Mama Mia!!”


You mean Zaccheroni.


I thought Allegri was a donkey…


This is over a year overdue, or at least since Kaka left. I’m equally excited to see Suso in midfield. Italian teams need to realize attacking players play in midfield in modern football.


Its a miracle how ever is this possible!


Why not try 4-1-3-2 with the two wing back pushing up a little bit. I know it’s very offensive but what do we got to loose – and this formation actually fits our roster pretty good.



Bochetti as DM?if you using central defenders at least use Mexes there


Shell shocked. The world is stunned. An attacking midfielder playin in a cam position his natural position…. In Milan nooooooooo and they say pigs don’t fly Milan does play players in there true player positions lmfao


Milan does not play attacking football we have allegri jnr over here 3 dmf is the way to go lolz muntari is the number one player on the team sheet he’s our captain hahaha u can’t take him out


All hail Lord muntari. Our El capitano


Hard to say which formation will be used.
Some say 442, other say 4312.
I have to say, that i am not convinced from one of these formations.
But i think, we should take a system and train it instead of changing it all the time.
4312 i would use like that:
Abate-Palletta, Bocchetti, Antonelli
———-Menez, Destro.

Forza Milan. We can take EL. ….


Everyone is making fun of Inzaghi. You guys make me laugh. Allegri played Honda as a winger and so did…wait for it…..the all powerful can’t do anything wrong best coach ever Clarence Seedorf


Milan must start a education about team playing for the youth
So that we have a future team with a bright plan


Honda has been doing good out of his position, imagine playin cam now

Ebrima bah

Inzaghi you are late to play Honda behind the strikers but anyway hope he do well in that position… Forza Milan

Leo Ala

Good Day Rossoneri Fans ! Iv been constantly saying the same thing over and over again , To win matches you need to create Chances… Its not about wining or loosing sometimes ( even tho the win is all that matters ), Its also about the way the team plays the whole 90 minutes, and to be fair the only time is saw Milan Watchable is when we played 4-2-3-1 ! This is the only Formation that makes sense with the players we have ! ——————-Lopez———————– ————Rami—–Mexes—————- Abate—————————-Antonelli ————Poli—– Bonaventura—— —-Cerci——Honda——Menez—— ———–—–Destro—————– Also with this formation we can take advantage… Read more »


Well let’s wait and see if it actually happens before we start throwing our hats in the air.

milanisti bali

finally inzaghi wake up..its too late..
believe me,inzaghi will give captain armband to lord muntari..and he will use essien too (off course)..
suso? just a big dream too see him at starting eleven..
inzaghi is just too stupid


Good move but I’m afraid too late.

I think we’re still gonna lose.


it’s gonna be Essien, Bonaventura, Van Ginkel according to latest reports. after using Cerci in practice and putting him on the bench a day later, no one knows what is going on in Inzaghi’s panicky headf!!!

hope for the best, really. i can wish Milan Evil just because i want the coach fired. Inzaghis’s formation gives me the chills, but losing gives me full blown fever!!!

Forza Milan.


No way!!
Muntari’s been waiting for that role since Fester promised him 2 seasons ago..


——–Destro – Cerci

Essien is 10 times better then muntari. At least he know where to positioned him self