Milan thinking about next season: Three renewals, fewer squad members and many uncertainties

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 18:  (L)Adriano Galliani Vice President of AC Milan looks the match during the Serie A match between AC Milan and Atalanta BC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 18, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)
Galliani during Milan-Atalanta at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 18, 2015. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

Adriano Galliani and the club are already planning next year and they want to reduce the number of squad players (like every year) but there are many uncertain things, including Destro, it’s reported today.

This season is shaping up to be just as bad (if not worse) than the last year in which Milan finished in 8th place as the Diavolo are unlikely to be in any sort of European competition next term, again.

In the summer of 2014 Milan made 12 buys and waved goodbye to 18 men, starting from scratch again. The fans are tired of Year Zero which has been going on for three years but in this summer a new revolution is expected and La Gazzetta dello Sport gave some information about Milan’s plans.

The first thing that should be decided is the coach. It’s increasingly unlikely that Pippo Inzaghi will stay at Milan past this season as he has failed to deliver results and seems to have lost the backing of both the dressing room and most importantly club President Silvio Berlusconi. Milan have already been linked with the likes of Montella, Spalletti, Conte and even Sabella. Inzaghi will have to finish in a Europa League spot to get a confirmation and while it’s still possible, it remains improbable.

Screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport
Screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport (click to enlarge)

The squad needs overhauling too and Milan have 7 players with expiring contracts. Gazzetta expects Abate to renew while there is a good chance for Bonera and Abbiati. However, De Jong, Pazzini, Mexes and Essien are apparently on the way out, as are Van Ginkel (returns to Chelsea) and Armero (his loan ends). Milan will also have to decide if they want to buy out Bocchetti and Destro and Gazzetta claims that Mattia’s future will be decided when they pick a coach as it’d take a great financial investment (€16m is quite a bit in these tough days for Milan) to redeem him.

The list of uncertainties, according to the pink paper, also includes the unconvincing Alex, Rami and Zapata and their respective futures will be evaluated at the end of the season. The places of the unutilized Mastour and Suso in next year’s squad are also not confirmed as is the place of El Shaarawy, who has barely played any matches over the past two years due to injuries.

Milan will also try to sell Agazzi, Zaccardo and Muntari as they surplus to requirements and are not in line in terms of behaviour with the Milan way (captain Sulley). Obviously it will be hard to find buyers for these players who have either barely been used or have been underwhelming.

The core of the team will consist of the Italians with the likes of Montolivo, Poli, Paletta, Antonelli, Bonaventura, De Sciglio (linked with Real Madrid / Barcelona) and Cerci expected to stay (& Baselli likely to be signed in the summer), and of foreign players like Menez, Honda and Diego Lopez. Milan will also have a host of players returning from various loan deals this summer.

It’s clear that Milan have to do better next season and fight for a Champions League spot but once again it’d be hard to imagine that Berlusconi will dig in his pockets and invest in big players.

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The core of Milan from defense to attack:

Lopez, Abbiati, Gori

De Sciglio, Abate, Antonelli, Bochetti (if he keeps it up)

Bonaventura, Poli, Honda, Modic, Mastalli

SES, Suso, Petagna, Niang, Cerci, Menez

Those are my picks.

Whole new central defensive apartment is needed, maybe Munoz if they have to go for freebies, Baselli for midfield etc. you pick what else


And so the madness continues…


Still think we will regret it when we sell El Shaarawy.


the revolution will start when B&G have nothing to do with the selection of players i still say Niang is someone they should keep along with Mastour, De-Jong, Sapornara, Destro, Rami, Gabriel (i guess) Vergara (not too sure) im not a fan of montolivo i preferred Jong as captain but this is italy right but above all players like Suso Niang Mastour should play it makes no sense having young players and have them rotting on the bench oh and one more thing Seerdorf was the right man to coach milan no one other than himself and Mourino could control… Read more »


“We will build for the future”. The futures of El Shaarawy, suso and Mastour are uncertain? and De jong, who is practically our best midfielder is being allowed to leave for free in the summer? I really don’t see how this will be a step forward unless berlusconi is willing to pump in some money which i highly doubt.


It’s not as if Milan has a choice – it is entirely up to De Jong if he wants to keep playing in Serie A only, or go make more money somewhere else, playing european football as well. Approaching the end of his career, i will not blame him for leaving, and instead thank him for being the main man in pulling the others along through two disappointing years.

He’s no Rui Costa, but he still was the only solid point in our midfield the last couple of seasons. Lest hope Bonaventura can take over that torch…


what are you talking about we are asking him to take a wage cut and only a 2 year contract when he wants 3

of course he wont want to stay


de jong wants to stay regardless of european football or not, he just has a reasonable request for higher wages and instead milan slap him in the face asking him to take a wage cut.

Olalekan mojeed

The future of Mastour,El92,suso is uncertain but honda,motolivo,menez,bonera,abbiatti future are certain.


well, to be fair, Menez’ future should be certain. He’s done better than most.


All this are ideas,but will only be exist when Berlo see that galliani is the fault of Milan.
it hurt me see galliani in players selection. he bring in dead players and sold good one’s
pls don’t hate me by saying I want Milan to lose for h Verona so that inzaghi will be sack for experience coach and I support this idea in this block about players but bonara should leave.
I believe that Milan now is starting hurt berlo. and like that.

Pa ibra

In normal sense, first team members should be ahead in selection orders so I can understand why we are not seeing younsters aften even though I still believe some of those lads could offer something. What’s bothering me however is why we always have such huge squad spending wages on third choice senior members like agazzi, van ginkel (thou should’ve played more), zaccardo ect when team B players could fil these gaps. Imagine aggazi getting paid for playing zero minute! what a waste of money and space. Real madrid squad have 22 players, not to mention having to compete in… Read more »


Montolivo should go as well. So tired of seeing this useless overrated guy.


Mastour uncertainnn ??!!!


Top 6 Hilarious things:
1.Montolivo(player who has done nothing) stays-De Jong(best midfielder) goes FOR FREEE
2.Poli,Honda(not useful by any means) are certain to stay
3.El Sharaawy,Mastour are uncertain(young useful players)
4.Pazzini leaving FOR FREE
5.Suso- didn’t get chance to play,rushed in January to come to Milan and now he is uncertain to stay



So.. we are going to sel ses for little cash, and then he will become great… We have too many injuries, look at pato now, since he left milan, he has reborn, no injuries.. so, is it better to sell diamond like ses or learn from past mistakes and change medical team?? For god sake, look at our injury list… Every game we have at least 5-6 players “in hospital” … And if we let go of our best player for 2 seasons straight, mister de jong, and keep monty/muntari/essien… We can just put hang our boots… Bonera is worst… Read more »


This club goes thru same mess Juvenuts went and it took a while for them to rebuild. Milan will too, they maybe don’t even have to sell the club but things could change for better when Silvio steps down and Barbara takes control then guess who would be the first one packing. Maldini and co would come back, new fresh start, new ideas, right steps in mercato, new stadium… Then just then we Milan fans can maybe start dreaming of a ressurection.


1. Sell some stake in the club
2. Let galliani walk, get a new sporting director
3. Rebuild milan lab.
4. Get a decent coach with experience


No doubt Brochette and Destro should be bought, i have yet to see Palletta a player we spent money on do anything yet, as for De Jong why is he leaving while Montilivo stays ? and worst of all Bonera? Also why is Ses, Suso and Mastori on the unsure list? lol this most be fake.


and honestly none of the players listed in the core players list except for Bona and MDS are core players, thats jus Pathetic especially Montilivo, Poli, Honda and Lopez(a great but old player)


De Jong won’t get the renewal because he’s not Italian.Abate,Bonera and Abiatti will or already have the renewals….they are Italians.
If Suso leaves,then he’s been treated as they did with Seedorf(rushing you in and axe you).
Hope SES and Mastour stays and I hope Luca Toni scores a hat trick on Saturday and you know what that means for Lord Inzaghi.
All our midfielders should leave except NDJ and Jack.I would sell Honda to bring in Eriksen.Jack deserves the #10 shirt.


In My Honest Opinion, I think the best and only solution to Milans woes is for Berlusconi to sell majority shares of the club since he’s not willing to let go off it all. That way, Galliani can be kicked out of Milan for good. Would you guys believe Ariedo Braida is the new International sporting director of Bracelona? Yes, our own same Ariedo Braida. Laura Masi also our Marketing director for 20 years who was also let go now works for Bayern Munich. Galliani was against Seedorf, he’s been blocking out Maldini for reasons we can’t understand, simply because… Read more »



I never in my life seen a more useless player than him, i rahter have bonera as central midfielder than poli. Having poli in our squad is madness, and poli is in the line up!!!

As long as poli is in our sqaud, i know what galliani aims at. Europa league at MOST


i’m happy with players that are staying. giving muntari 2.5m contract and trying to offer de Jong is simply offensive, he’s our best midfielder. i don’t understand why are certain players under uncertain list. selling youngest talents : SES, Mastour and not buying Destro is wrong. our best defender, Rami paid from his own pocket to play for Milan and selling him along with the most experienced defender Alex will cost us. and give Gabriel and Niang some playing time, they showed everyone given certain trust and playing time they can become stars. Suso wasn’t given enough time. i’m not… Read more »


Guardiola??.. his result depend only on top quality players.. unless milan wanna invest bilions on tranfer market he is useless..

Milanisti since 98

Is it wrong to still hope Milan under Inzaghi can win all the rest of the matches and finish at least top 5?


Why are we keeping Bonera? I hate that guy… Hes like worst defender in Milan history


I really am tired of seeing milan like this. I used to look forward to games. Now i dread them. Its time for new leadership from top to bottom.

Ebrima bah

What a funny news bonera I think this a joking


These is nonsense how can you let the likes of el shaawaray. Mastour especially, destro, leave and let the likes of useless bonera, zaggado abbiati stay then what feature does milan dumping your feature and picking from the cabbage. PLEASE!! Let galliani and inzaghi with the assistant coach leave


Let’s all hope the Bonera story is a joke, cos that can’t be real….! And did this article actually state Alex has been unconvincing, is this true? I don’t believe that, Alex is a player I have been watching very closely and in all the games he’s played so far, he’s only had two bad games that I can recall and that was when De Jong wasn’t available…! If De Jong doesn’t stop you, Alex will. Those two know their jobs and they complement themselves. I’ll like to know the source of this article though cos somethings don’t add up.


It’s from today’s Gazzetta. It says several times. And dude Alex has been a shadow of his former self. He started off really well but then way too many injuries that prevented him from having any kind of consistency.

Also never forget that it’s a blog at the end of the day and the writers can add their opinions in there.

On another note, I hope De Jong doesn’t leave.


I have to agree. Alex isnt very convincing this year. De Jong is as good as gone in my opinion and its unfourtunate


Well.. Please tell me, which of our center backs has been better than Alex this season…? And I mean, better in all aspects..


Oh im not saying he isn’t the best talent wise we have on the roster. Im saying compared to who he used to be. On this roster unfortunately its not easy to be the worst because they are all basically bad lol


lol Nice one.. You are right anyway.. Alex isn’t the same Alex we knew at Chelsea, I just feel he’s been trying considering how badly things have been for Milan.


Why is everyone surprised Bonera’s staying? It’s an open secret in Milan he’s Berlusconi’s secret son.


The problem is letting Galliani do this stuff, like we need a great coach do pick the players he wants/needs not have someone do it for him. Its like the mom that picks where her son will work and who he will marry. By the way I wouldn’t leave it to someone Inzagi either.


Exactly !

Gallianis job is to aprove or reject, and negotiate transfers based on Milans finances…beyond that, he should not be involved in choosing which players are requested to be transferred in or out by the coach.


What about galliani guys?? He is stay or leave??


milan, you are a bloody joke


Bonera just hit the jackpot hahaha


I want Klopp. If he brought Immobile and Hummels with him too that would be great.

Out of all the players for Milan the only one I really like is Bonaventura. I still have faith that Cerci can and will come good given the right chance.

Antonelli almost always does his job as a left back too.

The rest…….pfff. Milan need some German efficiency. Dream player? Toni Kroos.


Milan need a change
out : agazi,mexes,alex,rami,zapata,bonera,zacardo,armero,essien,muntari,pazzini
in : Davide Pacifico,Vergara,doria,Marlon Santos,baselli,clasie,mastali,Hakan Çalhanoğlu