Goals: Bonaventura (22′), Pazzini (89′, pk) | Bookings: Bocchetti, Lucchini, Nica, Volta, Giorgi, Carbonero.

Milan: Abbiati; Bonera, Rami, Bocchetti, Antonelli; Poli, De Jong, Montolivo (80′ Van Ginkel); Bonaventura; Menez (86′ Cerci), Destro (63′ Pazzini). Unused: Gori (66), Donnarumma, Alex, De Santis, Felicioli, Essien, Muntari, Suso, Honda. Coach: Filippo Inzaghi.

Cesena: Leali; Nica (65′ Capelli), Lucchini, Volta, Renzetti; Giorgi, De Feudis (74′ Carbonero), Ze Eduardo (42′ Mudingayi); Brienza; Defrel, Djuric. Unused: Agliardi, Bressan, Kranjc, Magnusson, Dalmonte, Succi, Rodriguez. Coach: Domenico Di Carlo.

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Ad Call me a pessimist but i dont get why people are so overjoyed. This is a game we SHOULD win. Cesena is the second to last placed team in the league (effectively last placewhen you consider what’s going on at Parma). What I’m reading here is that all of a sudden he is a passable coach again? Really? He just needs to keep this set of tactics? Really now? Hate to break it to you guys but Cesena is one of the most poorly coached sides inthe league. What we witnessed was two poorly coached sides but we just… Read more »


Wonderful performance From Brochetti, i think he is far better than paletta, Bonavetura played very well behind the strikers, but i will prefer Suso or Van Gilkin in that position … Menez is a good player but Inzaghi need to talk to him to play more with the team than playing to enjoy himself on the pitch, we know his quality already but he is too selfish and i dont sees him to success Kaka .. I would love to see Destro and Pazzini start next match with Suso and Montolivo on the bench

Ebrima bah

Am very happy we get the 3points


For the 3points very happy, but general performance of the team very poor so disjointed and no pattern. Even with almost a full squad Inzaghi cannot find good playing style or identity for our great team. Left to me Inzaghi should leave end of season, cos he cannot give what he does not have.


The 3 points very welcome……. But that was one of the worst football matches I have ever seen……Inzaghi is in way over his head and the complete lack of any playing style is sooooo obvious
Our players are not that bad but even if we had a squad with messi, Ronaldo and every other top player we would still struggle because they haven’t got the slightest clue whats been asked of them from the managment


Inzaghi should never play a centre forward if Menez is playing, the guy seriously selfish and self-centered. He is not used to passing the ball and that rare moment he does its nearly always a bad pass


Menez always gets in destros way….the guy took selfish he needs advice to become world class hope he improves on 1-2 occasions too and accurate shooting….forza Milan


Lmao at most comments here. Still surprised and wondering if yah all watched the match or just read livescores. That was by far Milan best performance against bottom teams as we were barely threatened with cessena having just a shot on target.Also, all the players played beyond the usual and there was nothing disjointed about the performance. Less we forget, this same cessena held almighty Juve to a draw and could have even won. So ls lets be objective, when the team plays crap say it but when they play well lets say it cos this motivates.


good game but we have to improv