Finished: Milan 1-1 Empoli


Teams news: Milan are without the suspended Philippe Mexes and the unavailable Michael Agazzi, Ignazio Abate, Pablo Armero, Michelangelo Albertazzi, Daniele Bonera, Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Cristian Zaccardo (who was supposed to start but is out with sciatica), Riccardo Montolivo, Sulley Muntari, Stephan El Shaarawy and Hachim Mastour. Empoli are without Tiberio Guarente and Riccardo Saponara. Kickoff is at 12:30 CET.

Watch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-4-2) – Filippo Inzaghi
Diego Lopez; Adil Rami, Alex da Costa, Gabriel Paletta, Luca Antonelli; Keisuke Honda, Andrea Poli, Nigel De Jong, Giacomo Bonaventura; Jeremy Menez, Mattia Destro.
Bench: Abbiati, Gori, Bocchetti, Essien, Felicioli, Mastalli, Suso, Van Ginkel, Cerci, Di Molfetta, Pazzini.

Empoli F.C (4-3-1-2) – Maurizio Sarri
Luigi Sepe; Elseid Hysaj, Lorenzo Tonelli, Daniele Rugani, Mário Rui; Matías Vecino, Mirko Valdifiori, Daniele Croce; Piotr Zieliński; Manuel Pucciarelli, Massimo Maccarone.
Bench: Pugliesi, Bassi, Somma, Barba, Laurini, Diousse, Brillante, Signorelli, Verdi, Mchelidze, Tavano.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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Inzaghi makes the most stupid subs I have ever seen a coach make . Subbed Alex for Bochetti?? What a joke . I guess he just wants to play the Italians . If Y’all doubt me, I welcome you to explain to me why he never plays Suso?? Even when Bonaventura was injured and when Honda and Menez are not playing well he still makes the most awful substitutions and overlook suso . Such a shame. Watching Ac milan now feels like I’m watching some elementary school students playing and being coached by a mediocre .. Inzaghi was the same… Read more »


Alex broke his nose


I guess Menez and Honda are both Italians in your eyes then, considering your rant? Please, say what you want, you’re entitled to your opinion, but this is just ridiculous… Alex got injured thats why he was subbed. And if Inzaghi only wants to play Italians, why isnt Abbiati starting over Lopez? Maybe Lopez is italian in your eyes as well. Dont be ridiculous and dont let your frustration take over your common sense. Peace


Inzaghi’s excuses would be the red card even though it was a late red card.He will then forget that you can close a game in the 1st half or even at 60 minutes strongly hopeful that the 3 points is all but yours.
Those complaining that this team is not good,just compare Seedorf’s team and the current one and judge yourselves.Seedorf kept clean sheets with Zaccardo at CB and Uncle Abiatti between the sticks,he had Constant,Urby,Amelia,Robinho.Compare them with D.Lopez,Antonelli,Bocchetti,Alex,Paletta,Menez,Bonaventura,Suso,Van Ginkel and find out the real problem.
Inzaghi can’t manage this team.


Dude… I respect you and your comments, I agree with you in 99% of your comments… I would be very happy if seedorf came back… He did amazing job, taken in considiration he quit playing few days before he started coaching… And did better job than inzaghi and many other coaches… But reality is… He is not coming back… Please, let go of him… We can all pray for someone with expirience, i just hope b&g dont sign another ex player like gattuso… Dont get me wrong, they are legends, they belong in club, but head coach must be someone… Read more »


12 possible points against Empoli,Cesena,Chievo and Verona,2 points alreay gone. They said Lord Inzaghi is a fast learner but it seems he’s blind,he have one whole week to train the squad but the product is always a terrible performance and terrible results.He neither play every 3 days as we are not in Europe,what happens if we are in EL or UCL? We will know if the players are really behind him when he leaves at the end of the season because that is when the players would say what was really in their minds as they did with Seedorf. Making… Read more »


i dont care how many shit subs he makes or the amount of loses we get
we are all pissed but dont speak about inzaghi like he is this meaningless coach
who doesnt mean anything to this club he is a legend PERIOD

Forza Milan


@ ahmed We respect Inzaghi for what he has given to this club as a player but that is the past, now we live in the present and I would be stupid to say that Inzaghi should be our manager just because of his past. Sorry dude but the results and the statistics don’t favor Inzaghi. He is predictable on his line up, has no vision as a head manager, he knows only how to talk to the strikes, and that means nothing without strong defense and a creative midfield. Inzaghi isn’t ready yet for a team like Milan. PS… Read more »


I’m sure there are a few out there but off the top of my tongue Montella maybe?

But it’s common knowledge that midfielders usually turn out to be the best coaches.


Alex Ferguson, Kenny Daglish, Juup Heycknes,


He’s doing favouritism of Italians that maybe the reason Suso and Van Ginkel are always in the bench.Poli is a hardworker but can’t create anything.He wants Menez’s magic thats why Menez can’t be subbed off on his bad day.


Iv been speechless, if I was the management, I’ll hire an experienced trainer and place inzaghi as an assistant just the way it happened to giggs. Or, let him just resign, cos he has missed out on the season’s objectives(coppa-italia) and already, a top 8 finish isn’t looking likely, we’ve been outplayed by teams who are in the bottom half of the table. I say it again, individually, this team is better than roma and Napoli.


Some positive news at least, Niang has scored Two goals for genoa in the first half! Hope he keeps it up and develops. Huge talent and hope this means well for him and his future at Milan.


Seedorf was riding 5 games conservative win right after he took over a few weeks without his actual purchased player. Mr. Inzagi has been with the team all over the season including the pre-season sessions and friendly games with the whole log of winter purchase as addition to him. He can’t manage the win even against relegation zone teams. Just ask yourself the logic. Don’t tell me is it Pippo’s fault if a player miss a header or hit the bar or get red card. At the end of the day he is responsible for everything related to the result.… Read more »

rosso neri

Inzaghi he is information is wrong in midfield inzaghi pls change ur mind


Inzaghi is a better coach than Seedorf I guess. I wonder who is laughing now, Seedorf or B&G?


On paper imo we have a better squad than both Roma and Napoli and just slightly behind Juve but should be able to at least challenge even them. So by default we should be destroying these mid-table teams like Empoli, Sassulo, Atlanta etc. Therefore if Inzaghi is not to be blamed for our current state then I don’t know who is. You can argue B&G but they pay Inzaghi and put him there to do a job which he clearly is not doing! Inzaghi out!!!


There are some who don’t even know players, Italian internationals like Bochetti and Paletta before they were bought, someone even asked today who Empoli’s left back is, seriously??!! And lads, this Seedoef thing needs to stop, he’s gone, you may as well be pining for Ancellotti, Capello or Sacchi. Inzaghi’s the coach now, talking about Seedorf is beyond useless to us. There are so many problems, but moaning on this asking for Burlesconi and Galliani to leave is conducive to F*** all. Inzaghi needs help, we have a good defensive line up now but they’re not being utilized properly. Rami… Read more »


Great comment, Placing rami, honda and cerci where they belong, playing antonelli on the LB, and not playing essien and muntari, instead playing suso and jack would be big improvement…
de jong, jack, suso, honda, cerci, ses, destro, niang(beast last two games at genoa), menez.. Look at this attacking power.. on paper we have squad full of beasts… And results are not coming.. question is who’s fault is that? And answer is well known…

Pa Ibra

Thought we were playing in the evening and didn’t watch but sounds like another awful perfomance against those serie B clubs. For the first time in as many years I’m cheaply missing milan games and not blaming myself for it.

Pa Ibra

I heard berlusconi want an italian milan and some fans are along with him that foreign investment is bad as if our already italian president and directors are helping.

Pa Ibra

Its very good to have an italian milan of course of they are good enough. But they not. bring maldini, leonardo, montella, arabs or chinese, keep barbara and out with the rest.


This team is dirt i woke up 6 am to watch us tie im good on waking up anymore to watch this team i dont even get mad no more if the other team scores idk what to do go sell the club the players coach everything rhe milan symble isnt even on the jersey no more wth is this team if they dont even make europe leauge ima just burn all my jerseys idc how much u guys unlike my comment i dont like this team idk if its even a team ill just wait till i see a… Read more »


Plastic… Go cheer for bayern.. ooops they are 2 years out of form, no go to real, they have ronaldo… And they won ucl.. oh no wait, chealsea is now in form… -.-” you are not needed here
in good times and bad times, FORZA MILAN


This team is plastic


Poli was very good under Seedorf…. I loved the way seedorf used him in the matches against Juventus and Athletico, It was masterpiece. it shows inzaghi is clueless


I will always keep referring back to Seedorf . This year the league is less competitive, surely Seedorf could be winning it for us with this improved squad. It’s hard to talk about Inzaghi’s performance without comparing with Seedorf’s. Especially when even the curva sud rejected Seedorf even before he was made coach and preferred Allegri instead, who led us into this dungeon. Seedorf was definitely helping us out of this situation and king galliani got jealous and got him fired, and now we are back in the Allegri dungeon(very soon juve will be joining us ). And he is… Read more »


Last time I checked Milan was an Italian team so they should be an Italian Milan!! What’s so wrong with the concept of an Italian football club playing in Italy actually being full of Italian players!! Look at Germany! So please this comment is ridiculous a true Milan fan would want an Italian Milan!


We were lucky to have earned a draw from this game. Empoli dominated us from first half and we were lucky to have scored first and I’m happy that Destro scored his first goal. hopefully many more to come.

Galliani is the root of all our problems. Inzaghi would be coaching sassuolo by now if was it not Galliani who blocked that move and promised him our bench even before Seedorf was appointed and now he is doing his best to keep him there

Galliani needs to go and should take Inzaghi with him. Forza Milan


I think it’s more important that the academy is producing good players that become first team players and internationals, that they’re Italian is less important. You can have amazing youth players that aren’t Italian, that they’re Milan to the core what we need, bleeding red and black. Even if they leave I think that the academy is producing those types of players is the aim. If it improves the standard of Italian football. Besides, true rossoneri will always find their way back, like Luca.


Unfortunately, the problem with Milan is deep rooted an will not be solved until we have new ownership. Berlusconi is living in the past, like an old King telling his country should still be building his castle, when the rest of the world is living in modern cities. He’s out of touch with modern football, and he’s created a poisonous atmosphere throughout the entirety of Milan. I do not think we will ever be great again whilst Berlusconi and Galliani remain a the helm. That being said, we could still be playing SO much better than this. I love Inzaghi,… Read more »


Inzaghi must be fired,he has no idea what he is doing,this is sad,this is not our Milan.We play at home and we did not win even against empoli,lol.Should come coach with experience and strategy,maybe Spaletti or Prandelli.And why we buy players like paletta,bochetti,antonelli and suso,these are mediocre players.Milan need WORLD CLASS Players and Coach and then we win UCL trophies and Serie A.
Forza Milan


Over all the game ..milan look shaky..Honda played well n i think Honda should be in the middle of 4231 system he skill of passing is better then menez..with the purchases of lb i think we cover it. Hope izaghi play Honda in middle. N hope next summer buy quality midfielder


Don’t worry, they will soon turn a corner… down into Serie B. That is where Inzaghi is heading.


Inzaghi has lost it, really has but Galliani will not fire him be because if he does he will show that he made a mistake.. so to cover up”: he will keep him till we drown with him. only one or two players still play with heart, and as much as guys derate Poli, i like him..he reminds of Gattuso. may not be EXACTLY him but close enough for me as the other lazy players out on the field.
God help us!!!

Ebrima bah

Yeah poli is a real fighter I like him but if you play poli ,muntari, essien is very bad no connection in the middle hope to see a experience couch


Comment:if you didn’t see the line up & formation on the screen, you would never be able to tell which role the players are playing,thats how senseless the coach arranges the team,no permanent roles, no cohesion, no team chemistry,even the players too get confused cos the roles they find themselves were never explained to them by inzaghi, I think he just gets a pen & draw a list of 11 players without knowing which roles or which player best plays the role,it’s better galiani leaves,his transfer style & focus is very blunt & detrimental to the club, we also need… Read more »