Santos want to keep Robinho, Milan await offers

Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images
Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images

Robinho is on loan at Santos and they would like to keep him but there are conflicting reports as to whether they’ve made an official offer.

Binho joined Santos on a year-long loan deal which expires on June 2015 but he’s unlikely to actually ever play for the Diavolo again as Santos are interested in keeping the aging forward.

“We can pay in installments or give percentages of some players,” Santos President, Modesto Roma Junior, told ESPN this week. “Milan helped us with the salary of Robinho until December 31st but now we’re paying it entirely by ourselves.”

According to Lancenet, Santos have made two offers to sign Robinho: one is to extend the loan to another year and the other a permanent purchase. However, the Brazilian portal claims Milan haven’t given an answer as there is a clause in Robinho’s contract which allows Milan to negotiate the sale of the player to another team without consulting Santos if they were to receive an offer. states that as far as they know no offer has been made by Santos. Robinho has expressed desire to stay but in any case the Milan fans shouldn’t worry – Binho won’t return.

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The last of the samba… I miss those guys, ronaldinho pato robinho kaka, all good things come to an end


Sell him for cheap..and secure the first option to sign gabriel barbosa….i think barca already have it…but just retry. ..He is for sure future star……If players like neymar ..hazard were not given first team at young age..They wouldn’t be stars….give that suso guy once chance. .He will show you what the Spanish creativity is all about…..give mastour a chance…He will show menez how to play for a team then self glory…


@el nino: point!!!

Ebrima bah

Milan have to exchange robinho with a young player in Santos hope to see Brazilian player in our squad next season..