Photos and Video: The model of the project for the new Milan stadium


Milan released pictures and a video of how the new stadium will look like. Construction is expected to start next year and be finished within two seasons. What do you think?

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absolutely fantastic. barbara keep this up. i believe in you


I guess I am one of few architects on this blog and I would not say it is absolutely fantastic design. Do not get me wrong though. Looking just at the surface I see, the building does not express his main function. But that is common in modern days architecture. When designing I always like to stay in touch with surrounding architecture and patterns also leaving space for something new. This project delivers. But building has to speak about itself, give you an impression and expectations. To me, young architect, it plainly says welcome to “insert name” shopping mall. And… Read more »


I will be excited about this when the work begins. We have been stuffed around by this management too many times.
But it does look like a great project.


48,000 seems too small for a team like Milan, but if it has room for expansion it will be great. I guess the management focus is on the quality of spectators and not quantity — I.e., charge higher for the tickets. Let’s hope this closes the gap between us and other big clubs. Long overdue.


Many people just want Galliani to sign a player whose worth 5m for 15m. It’s only then that they’ll say the mercato was good. For instance, who signs Ibarbo and Doumbia for a combine 30m ? Who signs Bony for 30m ? Who signs all those overpriced english players for the amount been thrown around? They won’t give you more than they can simply because of their price tag. Pippo said he asked for the players Galliani got. End of story. Now let’s see what he does with them.


Many people want Galliani to buy overpaid players? Who said???

Tell me one person here that believe we did good when we bought matri 12 million (!!) when hes not even worth 5 million??

Tell me one person that agrees with Galliani when he thinks hes smart and sign free agents players and then pay them 3.5 million a year??

Main reason for our downfall is Galliani


No, its fans like you actually. Who dont realize the times have changed in Italy.


Financially the new stadium is just what we need. Architecture wise, It looks like a mall. San siro looks more elegant to my eyes


A mall makes money. Milan need money. The San Siro isnt much apart from a stadium. This is smaller but is more functional, more ways to make $$$ and that is what milan needs.


True, but look at he San siro from the 1960’s it looked proper Italian. I guess i had high expectations from them.


My biggest worry is that we have the players but lack the tactics and setup to execute a proper game plan, abundance of creativity in Honda, cerci, menez and maybe Suso. Inzaghi’s team setup is poor, always waiting for the mistakes of the opposition. I hope he learns


People on this blog take every opportunity to take jabs at Pippo. Id love to see anyone of you take the reins of one of the biggest clubs in the world, with hardly any talent compared to the other teams in Italy and do anything. Hes actually done an admirable job. Now with the new signings he requested, we will see. Dont forget he requested Iturbe at the beginning of the season. Galliani didnt want to spend money. Your blame is focused in the wrong area


lmao this milan management is clue less, i think this is a way to calm down angry real milan fans in italy. They had to come up with something, and this is it. Its not logical, that we sell our bus and make the world lauging at us, and then we say we going to build a top modern stadium to field essien, poli, muntari, bonera in it. I dont even think this will happen, only solution for milan is berlusconi to sell the club. I dont want to see a new stadium, i want to see bonera gone, muntari… Read more »


Most of Milan’s issues are inter-connected. Most call for cash injections from Berlu but ideally, the club needs to be “self-sufficient” in terms of sustainable revenues. There are 4 main revenue streams in a football club (more but I mean the significant ones). Matchday revenues (virtually no growth over the last decade, not much can be done either without control/ownership), TV deals (big decline in recent years as the deal terms changed to group share), and commercial revenue (Milan has been working hard to maximise here – Casa Milan/sponsorship deals/etc). Will exclude capital gains from player sales as ideally these… Read more »


Finally someone who gets it


Lol…this guy


OK ive had enough of you. I dont even care if i get banned from this site anymore, you are the most negative person ive ever listened too on this site. You do realize, milan isnt the only team that sold their bus right? Juve did the same thing, followed by inter, and roma. The whole of italy is suffering. Go follow another team please.


I always dreamt about Milan buying the San Siro but I guess that won’t happen. For me, no stadium in the world is better and more beautiful than San Siro.

But don’t get me wrong, this is a major step as it is. Very well done. Although I must agree with you guys 48,000 seems a bit too small. Maybe it would have been better if it were in the region of 60,000.


oh what is this???? a shopping center?? pffff disappointed


I guess 48000 capacity is just nice. Its sad if u have 70000 capacity but looks empty every time i watch the match live on tv. Better make smaller and looks full on every matches.


Just to be clear, Tottenham Hotspur, a team who have barely won anything, are building a new stadium with a 58,000 capacity worth 400m. So the “most successful team in the world” are going to spend less and have a smaller stadium than Tottenham Hotspur? Seems like madness to me, but then that’s Milan.


The TV money in England far suprecedes that of Italy.


I think at least it should be 55000 to 60000 then we should have chances to host champions League finals, with this capacity I don’t see more than EL final. I hope they change their planes with capacity.


Just make this nice new modern stadium.
And after that Galliani will be too old, so Maldini will come back. I hope Boban also with him.
Conte for coach. Barbara for President.

Then I also hope that we will have some luck, like Juve had with Pogba, we had with Kaka and Thiago Silva… And bought top class talents for reasonable prices.

Our Milan will rise!