2015 January mercato comes to an end


Milan signed 6 players, five of them being Italians and waved goodbye to three men.

The madness is over: the transfer deadline day is behind us and the clubs (and especially the fans) can now focus on what really matters – the football, and stop worrying about which player their team will bring or sell. The mercato is done.

B8x-dlTCEAAlfSv.jpg large

Suso (21, midfielder, Liverpool, undisclosed)Fernando Torres (30, forward, Atletico Madrid, exchange deal)
Alessio Cerci (27, forward, Atletico Madrid, exchange deal)Riccardo Saponara (23, midfielder, Empoli, loan deal)
Mattia Destro (23, forward, Roma, €0.5m for the loan*)M'Baye Niang (20, forward, Genoa, loan deal)
Salvatore Bocchetti (28, defender, Spartak, loan deal)
Luca Antonelli (27, defender, Genoa, €4.5m**)
Gabriel Paletta (28, defender, Parma, €1m)

* Milan have an option to buy Destro in the summer for €16 million.
** Milan have officially taken Antonelli on loan and the €4.5m is the (forced) buy-out clause.
*** All fees, except for Destro’s, are unofficial and are what reported in the press.

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Not a bad transfer window I guess, all considering.

Acquisition of Destro, Cerci, Suso and three defenders.
Niang and Saponara are on loan, rather than the bizarre outright sale of Cristante.
Pazzini stayed.
Marti’s rejoined ex boyfriend Allegri at Juve.

Keeping Muntari, Bonera and Zapata.


Marti’s rejoined ex boyfriend Allegri at Juve…….lmao


I wouldn’t say ex boyfriend, they never broke up, just had a long distance relationship.


If the European football market were to become like the NBA one, I bet that Milan would be the kings of the transfer market 😀


Pretty fair marceto, but would have loved to see Basalli… Anyways, Now up straight for the top. Starting with Juve over d weekend. An average Milan deserves Champions league football… Aim for it and forget Europa, did I hear someone laughing at me? I’m serious, it’s achievable, Pippo pls up ur game.
As always Milan till d Casket!
#Forza Milan


Very good mercato for us!! Forza Milan per sempre <3


Good mercato but we still have a lot of work to do. That starts in the summer with finding buyers for our dead weight firstly. Secondly we need to buy at least two quality midfielders. Thirdly, depending on how our loanees perform, buy the good performers out. Fourth, hold on to our talent!!! These past couple of mercatos they seemed to realize what needs to happen. Hope it keeps going like this, still a lot of work to do!


This summer we need to: sign some young talented defender (AKA Balanta, Doria, Rugani) Re sign De Jong, Pazzo, and Abate move MDS to RB as back up to Abate and sign Coentrao Let Mexes, Essien, Bonera, Abbiati contract run out SELL Muntari, Alex, Agazzi, El Shaarawy (if he doesn’t perform this season) and Zapata Buy Baselli, Schone, Bochetti (if he played as well as he did against Parma), Scuffet (a man can dream), Claise Loan out Saponara, Niang, Petagna, Vargara since they probably won’t get playing time, but DONT SELL THEM Change formation to the 4-3-1-2 Lopez Abate, Bocchetti,… Read more »


Good mercato.


– or –





I was waiting how long will it take to somebody posts ideal 11 with Paletta and Bochetti. Up until yesterday you didn’t even thought about paletta, bochetti was long forgoten, and suddenly now they are in our ideal 11. Were is Alex now…Rami, Zapata,MDS;Armero??One day they are the pillars of our team, next day some random guy from Spartak replace them.

Roger Milla

first of all; #forzamilan straight to the point: y’all cant say this was a bad mercato and also say we should not have gotten palleta, boccetti. palleta was the best defender in the league last season, hence, he got a call from prandelli into the national team. his last injury has cost him appearance in the league this season. a 7.5/10 for a replacement for thiago silva. susa is a young lad with great talents; (remember u20 championship). best player. antonelli: one of the best full backs in like the last three season in the league. so our lb is… Read more »


Very good mercato in my opinion, though i have this bad feeling for gabriel paletta. He somehow gave me same vibe as acerbi who didnt show up well in milan. But i hope i was wrong. FORZA MILAN!


Paletta has been an on going joke between my friends and I for a few years now. Always been supremely under impressed by him. Nobody can imagine the groan I let out when I saw he was signed.


The management have a lot of work to do between now an the summer. The following players should be out by summer:



Honda (if he doesn’t improve)
Pazzo (replaced by Petagna)

We will probably need a RB to replace Abate , a DM to replace De Jong since they are yet to be renewed. Also if we could get Perin and a quality CM, we will be in a better shape next year. This, of course, is assuming that our new recruits all succeed.


I would keep Poli; even though he’s not a world class midfielder, he does work very hard, and he’s young so there’s room for improvement.


Only in Italy a 25 year old is still considered young.

Milan Fan

ur telling me messi and ronaldo are old????


This was a poor mercato again by Milan. This is evidence that Galliani has to leave asap. Bochetti was a bench warmer in the Bundesliga. Paletta is horrible and Antonelli and Suso are average at best. The only good signing was Cerci and Destro and I get the feeling Inzaghi will stick with Jeremy Menez as his main target man.

This club has really gone to the lowest of low because of poor management mainly by Galliani. Transfers like this is evidence of that.


Bocchetti was in russian league, not in germany bundesliga dude. And antonelli is one hell of consistent performer at left back for couple years.
This is good mercato, so i have to disagree with you


So I made a mistake about the league but Bochetti was not a starter. Darmian is a better wingback than Antonelli. Darmian can play on both flanks and was one of the only players who did well at the WC with Italy. Witzel and Xhaka are way better options and better quality than Suso. Suso wasn’t even a starter at Liverpool. Munoz has been very solid for Palermo and by far a better option than Paletta. No wonder Palermo is a difficult team to beat this season. Also, Luiz Adriano is a better striker than Destro even though I like… Read more »


Bocchetti was on the bench in Russia because he wanted to get the hell of there, and the coach didnt like htat


Why do you speak when you dont know what you speak about. First of all you compere two holding midfielders with a winger. Then you complain about one of the best performing left backs in italy the last two seasons. Then you start complaining about the situation of bochetti wich you clearly dont know nothing about. Luiz adriano? if he is the same adriano i think about. he is 30 years? Destro is young and clearly has potential. This is one of the best winter mercetos in a long time. what you should complain about is the deadwood thats still… Read more »


@Misund…You can’t be serious about your comment on the midfield. how many wingers do we have at Milan? We need midfield players to replace Poli, Muntari and Essien who are very poor. Witsel and Xhaka would have been a more sensible signing than Suso in terms of what the team needs. No wonder Inzaghi have not used Suso yet. Our problem is that the only solid midfielder is Nigel De Jong. Signing M’bia from Sevilla would made more sense than signing Suso. And FYI – Luiz Adriano is 27 not 30yrs old. Do you even know what you are talking… Read more »


i think this mercato is more realistic than that of you imagined. if paletta was horrible, he won’t go to world cup with italy. his performance this season was justified as parma doesn’t pay their players salary over 7 months (now). antonelli was the most consistent LB in serie A so far. darmian is a good utility defender, his natural position is always a RB. milan in urgent need of LB, why trying for darmian now? unless abate or mDs is leaving. bocchetti is valuable players, he got benched in spartak, but he still got that quality. suso need his… Read more »


The transfers during this Mercato was actually promising. I’m sure that we’ll definitely score juve…I haven’t had this feeling since 2011. #Forza Milan.


After we signed ibra+robinho ‘that’ mercato, this is far better than previous mercato.


Good guy Galliani: signs destro and says “nobody will arrive after this” – signs Paletta, Antonelli, tries to sign baselli; did not get Lodi

Milan Milan

Now we can play with 4-2-3-1 although 4-3-3 is good but we are not yet capable of 4-3-3, and we also need to play more in possession with patients to create chances.

alao elder

Gud marcato but. D like of muntari, essien, bonera albertanzi zapata mexes, pazzini need to go and replace them with quality players. FORZA MILAN.

kwabena Adu

This team is not fit to qualify for CL football looking at the strength of Juve,Roma, Napoli,Lazio and Fiorentina…the best will be an Europa spot.Eventually Berlusconi will have to sell,he will not survive another seven years without the CL appearance fee.Unless he starts investing again.


Ffp dude


Destro-Menez looks like very promising atacking line. Cerci in my opinion is not a weaker player than Podolski or Shaqiri. Honda-Cerci wings sounds good. De Jong is a beast 🙂 on defensive midfield but we sitll don’t have playmaker. Suso? I don’t know, I think he’s the same level as Saponara. I wish we had one of grandpas: Ronaldinho or Kaka 🙂


Definitely some improvements to the current squad. Antonelli is the best Italian left back and one of the best around judging by his performance in last 3 seasons. With Abate and Antenelli holding our full back positions, I feel so safe.

Cerci isn’t at top shape yet and with a snitch like Destro, Milan would score more goals.

My only concern is not improving our midfield which is where Juve, Roma and Napoli are ahead of us. We need at least 2 top quality midfielders.


once again, galliani signs allot of players just to fool you all.
Paletta- 1 mil. euro? im sure he is a top player.
he just signs 2-3 defenders in 5-6 million euro worth (transfer+wages) instead of signing one player, with top quality!
its been like this since ibrahimovic days and im sick of it.

oh, and if milan will buy destro? BE SURE el sharawy is sold this summer. mark my words.


Isnt it funny that nobody is saying sell Zaccardo cos he played well and scored a goal(LMAO). I remember some of you call him bench warmer that collects pension(lol). Like I said I dnt care who plays all I care about is 3points & consistency. #forzamilano


@ nick,Ibrahimovic,Robinho,Kaka(at R.Madrid),Ronaldinho,Balotelli,Menez,Taarabt were all bench warmers at their various clubs before they joined Milan.Seedorf and Pirlo were Inter Milan rejects years ago likewise Inzaghi at Juventus.Does it mean they are not good players???
Pogba a rejected player at Man Utd,Coutinho of Liverpool was a rejected player at Inter Milan.Are they all bad players???


Only Ibra, Seedorf and Pirlo was a success out of all the players you have mention. And still they where much more proven players than the guys who came this mercato. Seedorf already 2 times CL winner, Zlatan could have gone to any club in the world. And Pirlo was already in a strong national team and had many years ahead of him.


@Lumen…you cannot be seriously comparing those players to the players we just signed? If so, then I won’t even respond to your question.


He can, since you complain about the players we’ve signed werent starters in their respective teams, and the point he is making is that just brcause you’re not a starter doesnt mean that you’re a bad player. Like schurrle who left Chelsea for wolfsburg, and Robben and Sneijder who were flops in Madrid but left and were huge successes in their respective teams, Anyways. Cerci was one of the best wingers in Serie A before he left, Antonelli has been one of the best and most consistent left backs in serie A the last couple of seasons, even if i… Read more »


@Milanista21….What you say about Robben, Sneijder is ridiculous. But we are entitled to our opinions. See the article below. Maybe what I said will make more sense to you…I find it extremely bizarre that anyone thinks this was a good mercato.



How exactly is it ridiculous?:) please, Kris Voakes? Really? That article is what is embarassing. If it was written by Carlo Garganese, fine, then i would take the article more seriously. Not convincing argument at all.


Thank you Milanista121.


Nobody is mentioning it, but it think Inzaghi doesn’t like Hachim Matsour. He never played him last year with the primavera, and in this season he picks everybody else and even buys more players who plays in the position as Matsour. The kid needs development and game time, loan him out instead of letting the poor kid rot on the bench.


As you mention it – the kid. He is 16 for crying out loud. Seriously he isnt ready for first team football, he hasnt even been developed. Imagine him going up against Chiellini, Barzagli and other big defenders, he will be slaughtered, no matter how technically gifted he is. Odegard who joined Madrid is 16, do you think he will play for their A-team so he can grow? Please. He will play for their castilla, as will Mastour for our Primavera until he is ready. There are exceptions though, as Modic from our primavera would do great for us now,… Read more »


Dude you are comparing Real Madrid’s squad with Milan’s squad are you serious? I wrote it quite clearly that we should loan him out!. He isn’t playing for the primavera either, when he sits on the senior bench every game.


It doesnt matter which squad it is, if you havent developed properly you will get ruined going up against beast defenders in a competetive game. And he has played for the primavera up until his latest injury…so yeah…
Patience is what is required.


You have a point. Ødegaard is playing for reals “Primavera” The casillas. But what you need to consider is that Ødegaard have played first team football for Norwegian “SerieA” for over a year with more matured players. Mastor needs more time to break in to primavera and then get a loan. Let him Grow some muscles before you put im on the line with the likes of Chellini. as mentioned by Milanista121.


He’s already getting injured regularly just by training with the first team. I shudder to think what would happen to him if he plays in competitive matches!


Kind of sad seeing people say good mercado. Was it good? Really? Hell NO!! Anyone who thinks it was good, is settling and giving in to Galliani’s mind games. Good mercado would have been if we signed Thiago Silva, Ibra, Suarez, Hazard. Who the f.. is Paletta? You wan to be on top, you sign top players, it’s pretty simple.


I think we were more coming from the angle of it’s “good” or “not bad” considering we’re never in a million years going to sign the likes of Hazard or Suarez in our present state so we should be happy with some pretty good deals. (maybe Paletta excluded : )


Yes, I know where people are coming from. It is just frustrating to see our Milan change so much for the worse. Galliani tries to make the players he signs like superstars and they are not. It would be better if he just came out and said, we don’t have the money so we can’t sign any good players. At least then everyone would respect him for being honest.


Here is just rough idea. What if we use 5-2-3.Like for example
CB would be: Alex,Paleta,Rami WB:Abate,Antonelli in Midfield:De Jong(Montolivo),Bonaventura(Honda,Suso) and in attack trio of Menez,Destro,Cerci(El92).At least we wouldnt concide that much and lets face it when it comes to attack we are not creative at all. The only problem with this formation is that Abate,De Sciglio and Antonelli are not much of attackers.


Wake up dude, we are not playing Fifa.


wow dude such an expected comment. And this suggestion is not unrealistic or tacticaly bad. So i dont mind dislikes but Fifa comment, Really?


The only way this formation is somewhat acceptable is because we don’t have any good midfielders LMAO


Right,and loooors of center backs


I have nothing against you bro, but 5-2-3 ? Really?

I mean, have you ever seen any team using this system?


Well you never seen 4-3-3 with 3 defensive midfielders and 2 wingers who return in defence but here we are using it whole first half of the season. In italian football you need tough team and with that formation Milan would be tough team.And dont get me wrong i love 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 but how many games are we waiting to se proper line-up for those formations?

abibiatti 70

call me crazy but I wouldn’t mind seeing el shaarawy leave in the summer IF we find a replacement for him that is more effective. Truthfully El Shaarawy hasn’t been preforming that well and you can tell he is starting to lose confidence. IK hes a fan favorite and is one of my favorites too but theres no denying a player like Taarabt was more effective last year than El shaarawy is this year. It’s not about what selling him “represents” its about what sales and purchases are gonna HELP THIS TEAM WIN. If he were to leave in the… Read more »


I hear you. On one hand I want Milan to hold on to their talents and build a new young team, on the other after that amazing spell when he first broke on the scene defenders have him all sussed out and he doesn’t seem to have the flair to be able to do what he wants with the ball.


I wanted to see poli out! What a useless player, just a hard working headless chicken that doesnt have a clue what to do besides running maratoon


I couldn’t agree more with you!!!


I agree that Poli should have no reason to be in a Milan starting 11 but I would rather get rid of at least Muntari and Essien in the midfield before Poli


Let’s face it, even if inzaghi has the best of creative players in his squad, Aslong as the team’s mentality is to sit back and soak pressure (like vs torino, lazio, juventus, etc) we won’t get results. The team needs to press up the field, continue to attack even after going a goal or 2goals up. I think that’s inzaghi’s problem, not the squad, this team is individually better than roma’s…


Individually better than Roma? Are you kidding me? Ok, we have better goalkeeper and that’s it. In defence we can dream about veterans like Maicon or Cole, not to mention younger Manolas, even Castan! Our defenders are playing crap, even if they had onnce big names. Midfield is even not comparable. Players like Strootman, Pjanic, De Rossi, Nainggolan would be a big star in todays Ac Milan. They would have place in rossoneri’s first 11 straight away. Strikers? We loan Destro, who was to weak for Roma, and we have hope that he’ll save us! They have legendary Totti, and… Read more »


Do you guys remember that Pato promised to come back and so did Berlusconi. It seems that he is gaining his fotm and geting over his injuries. Do you think he will come back to us? it would be a sad to see him in any other team


I would love to have him back. Yeah we was made of glas, he was more injuried than available BUT when he DID play he always made milan special, having him on the pitch was a different feeling, i miss that. He have to mature alot, and have more understadning for football, but i really liked him. I rahter have pato injuried 10 games and then back and score 4 goals and go injuried again, than having niang or pazzini needing 250 goal chances to score 2 goal in 28 games. But trust me when I say Inzaghi= Allegri i… Read more »


, do you know/realize what makes those player you mentioned look good? On the exception of pjani and strootman, it’s a coach who has an idea on how he wants his team to play and maintain a steady back-line. Honda, menez, Diego Lopez dejong, abate, cerci will walk straight into the roma 11. It’s all about the structure and cohesiveness of the team, I love inzaghi but he’s still learning the job, the team losses concentration every everytime. Incase you didn’t know, Roma’s top scorer is ljajic with 7goals and he’s not even a certain starter.