Official: Destro joins Milan on loan with option to make the move permanent

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Destro signing the contract today (@acmilan)

Mattia Destro has put pen to paper and will wear the #9 shirt.

Milan put the official stamp on Mattia Destro on Friday morning and the player is joining from Roma on loan that will cost Milan a reported €0.7 million with an optional buy-out clause set at €16-17m.

“AC Milan announce that they have signed Mattia Destro from AS Roma on loan with the right to make it a permanent move,” the statement on Milan’s site reads.

Destro arrived yesterday to Milano and had dinner with Adriano Galliani before signing the contract first thing today.

“It was a wonderful welcome,” Destro said about the Milan fans waiting for him at the bus station. “I am very happy to be here and to be a part of this group. I have already spoken to coach Inzaghi, there is a big desire to do well and to show that Milan are a great side, starting as of this Sunday.

“I cannot wait to get out on the pitch and play. The coach will decide my role. Shirt number? I haven’t yet chosen, I will choose it in the coming hours. This is a big occasion for me, I cannot wait to play and get to know everyone. I want to say a big hello to the fans, we will do everything to do really well in the league” Destro chose the number and it’s the #9 which was worn by Torres.

Destro signed a contract until 2019 (4.5 years) and there are conflicting reports about his net salary. Mediaset are reportedly that it’s €2.2m with bonuses that can make it €2.5 million.

Benvenuto Destro!!
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How he signed a contract until 2019 and joined the club on loan?whatever welcome and hope for many goals..


One thing for sure, if he does a good job, he won’t be bought at the end of the season just like Taarabt and Aquilani (8). Aquilani may have had a mixed season but i definitely rate him higher than Poli (3.8+ salamon) or Constant (8m)

Nino Divino

The only good thing about Poli is that he shares the first name with a certain legend we foolish set loose, free of charge to Juventus.


I hope he for one can wear the number 9 shirt with Pride, and that he can learn and grow from Pippos Striking knowledge…
Benvenuto Destro!
I hope for one last strike this transfer window, it may be a dream, but Witsel would be good for our midfield i think, and what we need. If it is possible that is. Or Baselli, but i think we need a player with Witsels charachteristics more…what do you guys think?


I eish we get a midfielder of witsel class but i doubt it. O think that we ate tryingto get paulinho or munoz i know we hace many on his role but i prefer paulinho. Munoz would be a good signing as well to fix up our back 4 line


The problem with this team is a mental and tactical one…we take a lead and we sit deep back in our half, inviting the opposition to come @ us when the team should be pressing for a 2nd goal. we have better players than the teams above us except for juventus and Roma. We can get the best players in the world but without the right tactical flow/balance, it’s gonna be trash like we’ve been witnessing


Milan need to understand that without a dynamically strong midfield, nothing any striker can do including Destro. We need to invest in 2 world class midfielders then we can compete for top 3 but with this current squad, its a NO. Another point of importance is having a true leader with a Milan heart and truly strong mentaly. Montolivo is one our biggest mistakes because technically he’s not an example on the pitch, he’s had all the chance to prove himself as a top player as rated but his inconsistencies has proved his overating and its right time Milan know… Read more »


Antonelli possibly the next to join whether or not armero leaves. Add a cm like witsel /paulinho/xhaka then this transfer window was a complete success!


I would aggree with you but we need something chemistry not only good players!


I wish we get paulinho and munoz


just read about armero-antonelli swap…players on their way to sing contracts (sky italia)
they also write of witsel or baselli and okaka if pazzini leaves
would be a good winter 🙂


SOME AMAZING DEALS PULLED UP BY GALLIANI. Antonelli to Milan is already a done deal and Armero has accepted to join Genoa and had already left. Meanwhile,Munoz deal could be closed on Monday. Milan is working on Witsel or Paulinho and then we are set. We have a fantastic squad compared to the rest of the squad in Serie A,with these players we can compete for the Scudetto next season with an experienced coach. Inzaghi and Tasotti have been the problem all these while,they can’t find the right mentality and tactics for the team which had kept us in this… Read more »


I agree with you. eather inzaghi learn to coach quick or we buy a good coach but with out squad we should be winning games


So its a swap between Armero and Antonelli? Is Antonelli officially ours or loan? 😉
Munoz would be cool, he has potential but he still seems raw…hope he proves to be a pleasant surprise. Witsel would be a dream to our midfield, would rather have him than Paulinho. It sounds fantastic though! Fingers crossed, can be an even better mercato than this summer. But the thing about the loan deals are that we will have to pay up eventually. Doubt we will cough up the money without selling anyone, hope i’m proven wrong though.
FORZA Milan!


Roma sells Destro to US then buys Doumbia. Very well played


I Would personally pick Destro over Doumbia, but that might just be me… Maybe ill be proven wrong, hope not though haha. Fingers crossed for Destro to be a success!


Milan need someone like marco reus to be in midfield to solve one of their main problems, hope destro will improve in milan and won’t be another matri. We need a creative player in midfield because milan not playing football at all. Inzaghi or any other former acmilan player should not of accepted this job with these players. I blame him same way i blame galian and berluscuni because you put yourself in this position or situation. you are a manager without any ideas or plans. i feel like you just tell the players before every game to go play… Read more »


Without a creative midfielder to link the
defence and and attack,milan will only give the
ball to the opposition and will collapse in the
long run,Taarabt is a must buy for milan,sell
essein,muntari montilivo,and give mastour a
chance because he is better than muntari,poli and montolivo


I think Milan needs one or two new signings and then adopt a 442 formation.
With an experienced midfield and some experience and depth off the bench mi;an could support a solid youth program.
DARMIAN – munoz – SCHAR – de scig
Suso – KHEDIRA- PAULINHO- Bonavent
cerci – destro
BENCH: lopez, bocchetti, rami, abate, TAARABT, montolivo, honda el shaa, mastour, okaka


First off all bona is right footed and suso is left so that wont work in a 442 formation and khedira and shar will never be milan players.


I read reports that we will play a 4231 on Sunday. Both destro and bochetti will start. And menez honda and cerci will play behind destro. If this is true I hope to god we finally see honda in the middle for once. THATS WHERE HE THRIVES!