Lazio offer Pazzini a contract, Juventus also interested?

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 27:  Giampaolo Pazzini of AC Milan shows his dejection during the TIM Cup match between AC Milan and SS Lazio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 27, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Pazzini during the match between Milan and Lazio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 27, 2015. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Giampaolo Pazzini could leave the club should Mattia Destro join and he has an offer in hand from Lazio.

Adriano Galliani stated that il Pazzo is off the market and the player had a relatively positive performance against Lazio in the Coppa Italia scoring a wonderful volley which was (correctly) disallowed.

The same Lazio, as reported by Gianluca Di Marzio’s website, are interested in signing Pazzini and have in fact made him an offer: a 1.5-year contract. Lazio are looking to replace Djordjevic who got injured in the league encounter with Milan and after struggling to sign Bergessio from Samp have turned their intentions to Pazzini, who will again be dropped to the bench should Destro join Milan.

Di Marzio reports that Pazzini is waiting to see if Juventus are getting in signing him as a replacement for the departing Giovinco. Other Juve targets for the attack include Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, who has also been linked with Milan, and Alessandro Matri, who is currently on loan at Genoa from Milan (who still owe Juventus money for buying Matri from them in the summer of ’13).

Bargiggia of Mediaset spoke about Milan’s interest in Taarabt or the lack of it actually as they’re only willing to take him on a ‘dry’ loan. QPR want to move him and the player doesn’t want a loan.

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Cesare Maldini: AC Milan Are A Poorly Constructed Team


come on, why do we stuck with old players !!!
can we not just let them go or sell them, !!!
pazini is to slow now, batter having luca vido from the primevara than pazzini, and now if we get destro, to meny players
we have to get rid of zaccordo, essien, and pazzini at least now on january

and as for inzaghi it seems like we stuck with him, I hope he can make it to the top 3…


Hahaha Inzaghi making it into the top three, good joke bro.


I hope having destro and menez as supporting striker is good,but if Mendez will like to release passes to destro is the problem that I am having now.
pazo should leave and Milan should use him and get another striker.
I urge Milan to sign Munoz of palermo.


Monti montari essien and poli shouldent play one more game in milan we have some creative midfielders: mvg suso honda bona and we need to have a better defence our only good option for cb is rami


finally we can start playing with 4-4-2. we have great goalkeepers, except for Agazzi defense is in disaster. we only need to keep Alex, Rami, MDS and Abate. get rid of the rest as fast as possible. we’ll need 2 CBs and 1 wingback. best choice would be Darmian, Veltman and 1 more high profile CB. in midfield only de Jong is reliable. Monto needs more time and Poli needs to put more effort. i would sell the rest. afterwards it would be wise to buy one young and talented player like Baselli or Cristante and 1 CDM Khedira could… Read more »


i dont think summer is really gonna be a summer for milan fans. if we gonna have destro and cerci, then we have to pay about 30 mil. and it will be tough to get rid of muntari and co because i think the problem of hving a free agent is: they are easy to get and hard to dump. oh, we still gonna have robinho on the bill as well if i’m not mistaken.
but i think there wil be a bit different in midfield, consider that NDJ contract renewal situation. sorry for the english though


Cerci has contract until 2016 june and we shouldnt buy him after that. Destro costs 15mil and he will be bought. Robinho contract expires at end of season.


Yet more Milan BS… If Inzaghi had actually played Pazzini this season instead of farting around with Menez as a “false 9” we’d probably be third or forth in the league.


If pazzo leaves, for Lazio or Juve who have a functioning midfield, with playing time of course, you will all see him Bang in goals and regret everything you’ve said about him. Trust me. Plus, professionals like him are hard to find these days. I would love for him to stay and extend, but that seems unlikely.


Yep exactly, I almost hope he joins juventus and proves all his doubters on this blog wrong and his admirers (you and I lol) right. People just don’t appreciate his play style.


Haha exactly…seems like we’re the only two to be honest…weird. People are too much into flair players these days that they dont appreciate hard working quality players like Pazzo, its a shame really… Especially since he seems to have a great report with the fans and love this shirt and tries to honor it whenever he steps on to the pitch as well. If he leaves he will be missed for sure.


The poor guy should leave, he deserves better


Menez out would be better than pazo

I eather have a team player than a sellfish player that slows the game realy much down


pazzini? same as Inzaghi, no flair but has a nose? when menez is tightly marked he fizzles out, and when he does, inzaghi draws blanks too. that is what sickens me. maybe destro’s arrival will force Menez to play for the team and pass more. Luca antonelli, bocchetti may be the possible reprieve we get to our LB problems. problem with the free transfers and “mesbah” players, they refuse to leave because they are collecting a bumper salary from milan! who in his right senses will leave a club which pay him 3m while sitting on the bench and go… Read more »


@FAITH: on point!!!

they all come to milan score the highest number of goals in their career and decide to stick to us like leeches. they build their reputations and do not help the team along- very bad team spirit. this is menez’s highest ever goal tally, yet he hogs the ball, let’s put destro to play penalties AND SEE how many goals menez will score when no one passes to him.

enough said.