Curva Sud: “Too many failures and overpaid players, Galliani is responsible for this situation”

Supporters wave flags before the Italian Serie A football match Torino Vs AC Milan on January 10, 2015 at the "Olympic Stadium" in Turin.  AFP PHOTO / MARCO BERTORELLO        (Photo credit should read MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Milan fans on January 10, 2015 at the Olympic Stadium. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Milan’s ultras launched a massive attack on Adriano Galliani, blaming him for Milan’s terrible situation and asking club President Silvio Berlusconi to show him the door.

Milan’s top priorities this season are finishing behind two rivals at third and winning the Coppa Italia and it’s not what the red and black supporters used to dream of at the start of the millennium. The Ultras yesterday made a press release about the current situation of Milan, launching an attack on CEO Galliani:

“We get to tomorrow night match against Lazio, living it as we have in the past on the best stages of Europe, just like only Milan could do, when others looked at us full of admiration in front of the splendor of what we lived as a normality.

“Here we are today in front of the only goal that had, in the past, always been snubbed and now seems like the trophy that can revive yet another disastrous campaign. It was created by a transfer strategy made up of vastly overpaid free agents who had little or nothing to give to Milan.

“We read that it’s the Last Chance Saloon for Pippo Inzaghi, who in reality is just yet another Coach who is given a low level squad presented as if it’s the best side in the world.

“The club put everything behind Inzaghi, albeit realizing it was his first experience and for that precise reason should be helped, supported and defended from outside attack during difficult moments.

“We have a squad of players that is the third highest-paid team in the league, and in the face of that gives little on the field and together have fallen 23 points behind the leader in just 20 games.

“The commitment and seriousness should be the basis for all players that take the field wearing the jersey of the most important team in Italy.

“We expect at least that those who go into the field should spit blood for the cause because the value shown so far can’t be the real value of each member of this squad.

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

“In the total disarray that we see, even the absence of key figures for the group as occurred at Juventus with Nedved or at Inter with Zanetti. At Milan we had always key men in the locker room, which unfortunately today perhaps we are lacking and so then we should set up a special corporate figure.

“Also because by saying that everything is always fine we find ourselves 60 points behind the leader in the last two years. The architect of the team’s construction is the general manager, who despite being forced to work within tight economic limitations, acts in the total absence of a project.

“He pays huge wages for players of dubious value or even throws away the little transfer budget he’s given on terrible buys like Matri (paid as much as Juventus got Tevez for), moves like Torres or other fake players presented to us as if they were champions.

“We also do not understand the situation with Mexes, who first was frozen out, then brought back and even promoted to captain on occasion, given the chance to prove he’s probably our best option in that role only after the others showed they are not up to the task.

“The GM spoke of a youth project to improve the squad, yet immediately sold Cristante and Petagna to bring in young foreigners who were paid much more and didn’t get the best out of our youth academy.

“At this point we ask the President to invest in Milan again, but also do what all good companies do and that is get rid of the person who is really responsible for this situation – that is the general manager. There are too many failures now and it is too obvious how the fans are moving away from Milan.

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 15:  Adriano Galliani during the Serie A match between AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 15, 2012 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Adriano Galliani during the Serie A match between Milan and Inter at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 15, 2012. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“We also ask to avoid declarations on an incredibly poor squad treated as if it was the real Milan, the one that was on top of the world. Just because your general manager signed expensive contracts doesn’t mean the players are actually worth very much but simply that they are overpaid compared to their value.

“Your hip hip hurrays certainly won’t make this a winning team as they’re not up to the task.

“It’s time to follow the line of innovation taken by the marketing side of the club from where we see the only positive notes coming from (editor note: it’s the aspect Barbara Berlusconi, the other Milan CEO, handles now). Like the new contract with the important return of funds by the main sponsor, which will lead to have a new stadium of our own.

“We are and we will be there forever, for AC Milan in Italy, in Europe (we hope), Everywhere…” The Curva Sud also attached a table of the wages paid by Serie A teams, which you can find here.

Translation credit: Football Italia, @ACMilanSydney

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Fire gallianii pleeeeaaseeee


Punch in the face!!!


Exactly. And people here bash on Pippo constantly, and keeps crying that Seedorf was disrespected even though you treat Pippo even worse. Such hipocrites in this blog. Pippo isnt the problem, he is doing what he can with his experience and the squad he has at his disposal… Our income is 100 million euros more than Roma, but still we struggle to sign quality players unlike Roma… I guess this is Pippos fault to, right guys? The problem has always been the management for the last couple of years.


Tactically Pipo has been watery


Pippo is not to be blamed for everything no but he is to be blamed for us struggling against relegation/mid-table teams we should be beating comfortably even tho this is not the best squad in the world. Every game we seem to get worse and worse. The players seem to be completely lost on the pitch, there is no purpose, play style or identity to this team!


….how has Pippo been treated worse? lol He still has a job and he wasn’t completely abandoned by the higher ups like Seedorf was. Pippo is being treated fine.


Completely agree with all of this, yet on this website everyone here blames inzaghi for everything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mourinho couldn’t make this team play any better. The talent isn’t there. Everyone is talking about seedorf. I love the guy but he had his issues too. Did he have more points? Yeah he did, go look at the teams he had to play and the difference in quality this season. Management has never recovered even from the sale of Shevchenko. That in my opinion is when it all started. We started selling our prized… Read more »


Good Good, it’s time to rise up people, speak up and let them know!

uslar ses

Please kill galliani


from now on i am milan ultras


Galliani deserves this
Its time to get maldini in that place
He would atleast fix a wall in the back
Instead of a old man like alex


Wow… its likely we got Bocchetti and Destro


Now Destro is on his way to Milan the clubs are negotiating + i have Heard that Munoz from Palermo can sign in 2 Days ( Finally a Defender) and Taarabt can be signed aswell since El Shaarawy got injured


Via Gianluca DiMarzio
Bochetti (Spartak Moskow) will be in Milan tmw for Medicals
Munoz will come in summer as Zamoarini ain’t willing to sell him cheap
Milan agreed with Roma; waiting for Destro’s approval


Good morning curva sud!


He is not giving up un bringing them(galliani)….he is negotiating ezequiel monuz from palermo and already offered pasqual from florence 3 yrs contract , a 32 yr old player….youth policy.

Olalekan mojeed

Plz dnt let him to decisive us with the players he want to sign during this transfer saga, we want him out of the club


Bochetti will be a great signing! I remember him when he was younger, when at Genoa, i dont know how he has performed in Russia, but i hope he will be a great addition, and not another mediocre one. Fingers crossed.


Adil rami is about to be sold to arsenal. Galliani sukkkks

Pa ibra

Taarabt, destro etc., Wow suddenly galliani trying to get serious. But still can’t get serious enough…pasquel, damn,exactly what cuva sud are talking about here and galliani planing on more old freaks. No pasquel and fire galliani.

Pa ibra

Galliani has been doing all these stuffs for near a decade and the curva sud are just seeing it now. But one thing also the curva sud don’t understand is that we are still stronger than torino, sassualo, genoa and losing to these teams is not because of gallianis transfers. However the fact, given the resources availabled, we could’ve gotten a better team than what galliani built, he’s always going to be the main fault.


Curva Sud asked Galliani to leave Milan yesterday and he started looking for players to sign today. Galliani is too dodgy.


Typical curva sud. Inzaghi was never a better coach than Seedorf, and he’ll never be. When they had to fight for Seedorf they didn’t. We all agreed at the beginning of the season that this squad was way better than last seasons, and now all of sudden it’s the worst squad in history, all because they are afraid to face the fact that inzaghi is not a good coach.


The problem with all this is not only because of the staff but because of the players. We dont see the hunger to win in this team. You need to be hungry every game to win not just to play football like if it was a friendly match. Anybody can be as good as Galliani to negociate for a player by giving a high salary. Maldini is the symbol of Milan and that’s a key who will help a lot for the club.


well said, bravo!!!! but will baldy listen to them? they did protest and ask for him to be evicted from the premises, he reportedly asked for how much as severance pay? if bocchetti comes, pasqual will not be taken, antonelli–maybe, there are rumors of sawp of antonelli and armero. so if there were no injuries he would not have reinforced the squad? this fire brigade approach is senseless. now they say that pazzini awaits juve’s offer, and will most likely win a scudetto with them- unless Allegri does us all a big one. though i am happy about the proposed… Read more »


About time the Ultras did something. What kills me most the past couple of years is our so called “youth project” that involves selling off our most promising players and of course the Matri / Tevez debacle.


Inzaghi isn’t anywhere better than Seedorf,the current he builded them right from his first day in the summer,the team can’t control an entire 90+ minutes,the current team is better than that of Seedorf,Pippo’s team always sit back and defend,he does favouritism of Italian shits in the team unlike Seedorf.So far Pippo got 6 wins in 20 matches,26 points out of 60 points,having terrible performances,he lacks the right mentality to lead the team that is well behind him unlike Seedorf who had enemies in the team but did better than Pippo.Inzaghi’s 4 3 3 doesn’t work and yet he sticks to… Read more »


Very good message from the fans… Just a few points: 1-management one of the worst in transfer market: Ba, Junior, Bogarde, Moreno, Onyewu, Muntari, Duggarry, Oliveira, Blomquist, Kluivert, Andersson, Mari, Dhoorasso, Senderos, Mancini, Taiwo, Emerson, Torres, Yepes, Mexes, Bonera, Matri, Essien, Zaccardo, Alex and so on. I should mention the 3+1 jewels: Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Beckham…buy them at the end of their career when nobody else wants them. Next they will sign Messi when his 37 and Galliani will say “I always wanted Messi”…but wait they can’t even do that anymore Toronto FC will pay more so let’s get… Read more »


I do agree with the Curva Sud. See, it is the poor transfer startegy adopted by the club that is leading us into this mess. All the talks about “youth policy”, hm..i’m yet to see where that is leading to. The worst thing about our whole situation, is that our Coach is given a mediocre squad, expected to compete or perform such as the squads tailored for success. I mean, if we go about collecting scraps of un-used, rejected players, how can we expect to play at the level which made us the pride of Italy? It seems as if… Read more »


And what if he continue losing till the end of the season!, then where acmilan gonna be? he know nothing about being a coach or manager, and that’s a fact no one should hide behind and to give him more chances just because he is italian like allegri who gave up our diamond to juve for freeee to lose the scudetto since then! Even leonardo was better than inzaghi and all the players he brought to the club from brazil which won us series A, champions leagues end up being sacked, fired, and the worst of it that all of… Read more »


Galliani being sacked is the BEST milan signing in 10 years. Galliani being sacked is the BEST gift milan could ever get. I hold Galliani 100% responsible for milans mess. I do understand berlusconi, why he dont spend as much money as before, why should he? Milan make him lose money every year because of Galliani. No wonder berlusconi has slowly lost the interest in milan, imagine you are the owner of milan, and every year you lose money. Now to WHY we lose money. Okay, Okay, Okay OKAY galliani doesnt get the millions city or psg get. Galliani has… Read more »


Does anyone else see the similarity of Milan and WWE/B&G and Vince McMahon haha?