Honda to play from the start against Lazio tomorrow?

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 20: Keisuke Honda of Japan celebrates after he scored a goal during the 2015 Asian Cup match between Japan and Jordan at AAMI Park on January 20, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
Honda celebrates after he scored a goal during the 2015 Asian Cup match between Japan and Jordan at AAMI Park on January 20, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Keisuke Honda only returned to Italy from Australia yesterday but it’s reported that he will be deployed from the first minute against the Eagles.

The future of Inzaghi is possibly at stake when Milan face Lazio at San Siro in the Coppa Italia quarter final and it looks like Pippo will be able to count on Keisuke Honda, who finished his international commitment (after missing a decisive PK).

Honda returned to Italy yesterday at 07:00 but was already on the Milanello pitch for training at 08:30. La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that the ‘ exemplary professional’ as Inzaghi called him, is going to be put immediately in the starting XI but it remains to be seen what game system he’ll play in: 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. In case of a 4-2-3-1, Van Ginkel, Muntari and Essien will be fighting over the spots.

Mexes will once again be in the starting XI (he’s expected to get a 3-5 match suspension but it’ll only be in the league) alongside Adil Rami (favourited over Alex). El Shaarawy could recover in time but Giacomo Bonaventura will be out for the next 15 days at least, according to La Gazzetta.

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Just Forza Milan


after 3 games and 3 goal for japan, he will play now for a team that have not the biggest disire to win, with a por form and moral…. and inzaghi still as a coach, this time is a little worst than the time allegri fuck up… inzaghi will be fired now soon, and then us the fans should be redy to act who should take over.. in my opinion 1. try to get Angelotti as he has saind if ac milan call me i will go back but he has a high salary… 2. Diego Simione, but he sems… Read more »


I don’t want to sound rude? But are you delusional? Why would Ancelotti want to leave the current best team in the world? Why would Simeone leave a team he has worked so hard for, and is one of best teams in the world, and he’s an ex inter player.

We need to be realistic.


Menez honda cerci

Thats my up top, suso to debut off the bench


This is crazy. Is Pippo a sadist or what?

Honda played 220 minutes in 4 days last week in the 35℃ heat and 80% humidity. Is Milan going to start a player who will have only 3 days’ rest? He is still trying to adjust to the difference in time and climate, I’m sure. This is a sheer exploitation and controversial if it is true.


Hope to see him on his natural position,not on wing


LAZIO, GET READY FOR A MASSACRE, COZ PIPPO’S GOING TO RIP YOU APART. (Can’t believe I’m typing this hi hi hi.)


We shall see.


Inzaghi has tottaly lost it. Hes a

il professore

On one point i can understand you Victor but in the other hand if he feels in shape and fit why not. And yes hopefully in his natural position as a trequista. So he can feed the attack with deadly balls and make sure defence, midfield and attack is in motion as a solid unit. Not quite sure what to think about Pippo. I love him as a player and a legend I respect him but where is he getting us with his style of play tactics formation and subs. This is pathetic. For example Poli out Muntari on when… Read more »


Lets be realistic, ancelotti to milan? I trust you know to be among the best (as a club) you need a half decent budget, Burlousconi has no realistic funds in milan’s budget for any coach to reap success, i only ever see ancelotti back to milan if a injection of realistic funds become available (club sale) for him to target quality players and if that happens it would be unfair to allegri , seedorf and inzaghi, especially seedorf and inzaghi.


Well, Stephan is out for at least 6 weeks. What a shame. His right foot is his curse. Now its up to Lopez Abate, Alex, Rami, Calabria instead of Armero, or even me, or even you, just not him or mexes. Suso, NdJ, Poli Cerci, Pazzo, Menez. For the future we need, baselli, a left back and destro, to switch menez to the left until bonas comeback. and sell pazzo. Ah …. i fear the tuesday. My gf (Lazio-Fan) will laught all the night like the devil that we should be….Anyway Forza Milan. Earlier times i would have said, dont… Read more »


Hello bruva i don’t think you know Angelotti, he play for milan he won everythink with milan both as a player and as a coach… and he has by him self told the media Meny times that if milan Call him he Will never say No And thats has happend when he was real madrid coach it has also happend when he was pse coach… As for Simione just a higer salary, can make him to leave, But you should understand what i relly Mean is that galliani Will never go for seedorf, and have not the money for AngeLotti… Read more »


big gamble there, honda is probably tired as hell. He is really missed in the team though.