Finished: Lazio 3-1 Milan


Teams news: Lazio are without Edson Braafheid, Michaël Ciani, Santiago Gentiletti, Felipe Anderson, Senad Lulić and Mamadou Tounkara. Milan are without the suspended Adil Rami as well as without Mattia De Sciglio, Daniele Bonera, Cristian Zapata, Nigel De Jong, Keisuke Honda and Hachim Mastour. Kick off time is 20:45 at Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Watch the game highlights

S.S. Lazio (4-3-3) – Stefano Pioli
Federico Marchetti; Dušan Basta, Stefan de Vrij, Lorik Cana, Ștefan Radu; Danilo Cataldi, Lucas Biglia, Marco Parolo; Antonio Candreva, Miroslav Klose, Stefano Mauri.
Bench: Berisha, Strakosha, Cavanda, Konko, Pereirinha, Mauricio, Onazi, Ledesma, Ederson, Gonzalez, Keita, Djordjevic.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Filippo Inzaghi
Diego Lopez; Ignazio Abate, Alex da Costa, Philippe Mexes, Pablo Armero; Andrea Poli, Riccardo Montolivo, Marco Van Ginkel; Giacomo Bonaventura, Jeremy Menez, Stephan El Shaarawy.
Bench: Abbiati, Agazzi, Albertazzi, Zaccardo, De Santis, Calabria, Essien, Muntari, Suso, Cerci, Pazzini.

Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni.

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I don’t know if anyone feel d same way but for me I don’t feel hurt again because am now used to getting beaten and even my friends don’t make a mickey of it again. That’s to show u how much Milan management are killing the eternal feelings Milan fans have for the club. I live in the UK and so many times my friends have suggested to me to support a British club but my marriage to Milan is for better for worse. That being said, I know how bad some of us feel this period but my prayer… Read more »


I felt so bad. For d first time I want lazio to win againts us. Its bcause they deserve it. We played very bad. Monty as our captain is embrassing. We need a change. First, we need a new owner. Not to disrespect but mr.berlu passion to milan is ends when his political career ends. If milan really want to start over from year 0, than just sell all d garbage player, let all d youngster play. Bring maldini to mnagment, ask inzaghi to resign but gve him place in mnagment. If they want to success than they must pay… Read more »


Monti is a leader, i just believe the players aren’t motivated enough under inzaghi, some of his press comments aren’t what fans and especially players want to hear like ”i’m not a magician ” we know that but as a coach certain comments u keep to yourself


we are a joke club
so sad =(


Inzaghi i like you alot and can never forget your glorious days, but you are taking us nowhere. It’s not completely your fault but changes need to be made.
This match was horrible and I feel mexes as he was very angry at mauri and his unsportsmanship, but mexes shouldn’t have wrestled him…


to be factual inzaghi has no single thing to offer,i used to asked this question during allegri”what are they doing in training? ”cos it was same old story(hurrible play) until seedorf came and gave us releave but inzaghi instigated the italian players to get seedorf sacked and now he is worse than allegri with a better team. you reap what you sow.

R. kaka

mexes is a G…….. look, this milan team isn’t this poor in terms of player quality, the start of the season showed me their capabilities yet they lost their way somewhere which puts me onboard #Inzaghiout …. sad for milan but it suits management right, should of never gotten rid of seedorf


“I can see the hunger of the players in training,we are Milan,We have the best attack in the league,You will see a different Milan against Lazio,the players,club and management are with me”etc.
Reports says in the coming hours Inzaghi’s position will be decided by Mauro Sumo of Milan Channel.Luciano Spaletti is the possible replacement.


“Iv’e decided to sell milan” will be the only news i want to hear now


Comment:sack inzaghi


New week, same story. For Christ sakes, Inzaghi, how many games do you have to lose to finally realize 3 is NOT WORKING in the middle?? There is no creativity whatsoever and there is NOTHING being generated to our guys up top. It actually looks like a bunch of kids running around at recess. There’s no game plan or even general sense of direction. For example, we were down by 2 and you decide to put Muntari in over Suso?? A defensive CM over an attacking CM? I understand Suso is new to the squad (and you’re famous for picking… Read more »


That sub was a ”i accept defeat and dont wanna let in any more ” sub


lazio deserve this win. they got their consistency lately. but how come we doesn’t even put a fight in this match (i guess, mexes put quite a fight. lol. choke-hold show of frustration and the mental attitude of our milan just getting lower and lower.). i just read that milan trio have conflict with inzaghi. it’s not that different from what happen with seedorf, i mean it’s the same person. duh, maybe we’ll get spalleti or prandelli now. i just hope if inzaghi replaced by any of those name, he will be given a place in the club managerial position.… Read more »


Would prefer Prandelli. in an ideal situation we should wait until end of season and then plead on hands and knees for ancelotti to come back.


montolivo is a disgrace. Why tf is he our captain. In my opinion even muntari is better than he is. Montolivo has offered nothing going forward and makes as many bad passes as muntari. At least muntari has scored two goals. Mexes shouldn’t have reacted as he did but mauri clearly kicked him from behind. Alex is terrible. Armero is trash. Essien is too old. Van Ginkel needs to be sent back to Chelsea. And El Shaarawy is playing terribly. The only reason Milan aren’t in the relegation zone is because of Diego Lopez and De Jong. Those are the… Read more »


I said it before I say it agian, Inzaghi = Allegri


Compare to real, barca, chelsea, yes our player are mediocer, but to compare with lazio,roma,juve i dont think our player are come we played so badly..we even cant hold the ball against lazio, and we even cant make a chance against sassuolo, managerial problem?yes..but at least with this material we should be able to reach third..inzaghi isnt the right person to manage this team with limited talented player..we should hire experience isnt easy to find another diego simeone or pep guardiola when the first time they manage a team they immediately are succes..please sack inzaghi and replace with… Read more »


Inzaghi didn’t put Suso in because our defense was horrible and neither of poli or van ginkel drops down to help so he decided to put muntari since he drops down more to help in defense, I would have chosen essien instead of him tbh


Supporting these club is now a big stigma and its becoming unbearable


This team ain’t that bad in terms of talent but they need a hard hand coach with experiences to be guided not a rookie coach, no disrespect to the legend Inzaghi.

And bench Montolivo, that guy ain’t no Milan captain, just an average locker room troublemaker.


Imo this Milan squad should not be as bad as they have been since the start of 2015 because on paper it is very good. Judging from the last few games something seems very wrong, as the team seems to be on a similar level to that of a relegation battling team! I honestly don’t even know what to make of this team anymore cos this is not AC Milan.


I was always (still am) against sacking seedorf but to be honest seedorf did had a better attacking team with balotelli, kaka and taarabt, players who kept me on the edge of my seat because of their trickery and eye for goal, they went thru the door and in came menez, torres and jack. Only menez Sit among those three in my book. Inzaghi gonna struggle in comparison and i dont feel any remorse for him nor management (too cheap ) cus they saw what taraabt was capable of and ignored, then they turn n spent the same money on… Read more »


even i wanted to help mexes out today lol he was pissed i like the spirt forza milan till i die in the goods like in the bads


Obviously, Inzaghi is stuck in his mental problem. He is so scared to change, to try and to venture. Milan is not winning with Inzaghi 4-3-3. Milan is playing without a play-maker in midfield, the 2 wingers are so predictable and mixed up with the 2 full-backs. The system that Inzaghi is applying makes Milan playing with 10 workers! It was so unthinkable and I was half-crying and half-laughing in my soul when Inzaghi took off Poli and put on Muntari when Milan was down and desperately needed a goal. Because after the 2 earlier subs, I told myself that… Read more »


Montolivo is probably the worst captain AC Milan has ever had lol maybe Maldini and even Inzagi should start playing again…


agree with u.. ambrosini better..


This Milan side is clearly not a team and the coach and captain are both awful. I enjoy and respect Inzaghi as a player but he has no coaching skills. I would be bold enough to say that Lazio coach looks like a pretty good option for Milan but then again anyone else other than Inzaghi is a good option. I am really disappointed in how they treated Seedorf because at least Seedorf knew what he was doing tactically with the team, Inzaghi clearly doesn’t. I see why Seedorf wanted to get rid of so many players like Montolivo, Mexes… Read more »


Inzaghi makes me sick – he said after the game that he doesn’t need to change anything. Really? Is he for real? He needs to get off the drugs he is using. He keeps saying a month ago they were on the same level as Roma and Napoli – well, get over it, it was a month ago. This whole team makes me sick, starting with Bunga and Kojak. They will probably keep Inzaghi because he is their puppet.


It is a with great sadness I rejoin the blog since its the only place I can find some amusement when it concerns MILAN. The club needs a total revamp and for Christ sake our Primavera would have done far better. Let go of the overated and old players that are obviously not committed to our course Inject some motivated young blood that want to prove to the world they have what it takes Santon, Schar, Maher, Lacazette, Rugani, Dybala, Perin, Bertolacci, Praets and Mitrovic of Anderletch. Inter have a strong midfield and are still strengthening it with our own… Read more »


how i wish seedof have players like this during his time in ,milan he would have go very very far montolivo as captain,,,bonera captain too abiate captain too thats is to show u how weak this team is i so much loved our keeper lopes bonaventura menez but selfish some times but i understand he can not do it all alone to be honest with u balo and Stephan El Shaarawy is better than EL Sheerawy and menez


Too much problems in this milan 1.inzaghi is no good. Even thogh he is a leggend his milan side plays under their players quelity he has no game plane Our off the ball play is very bad: every time a player gets the ball he hold it for too long or make a bad crosses or shot the ball up with no adress cause they dont have any pass options and most of our players have bad thechniqe 2. Our midfield: montolivo montari essien and poly, all not a millan metirial only mvg(whos going back to chelse at the end… Read more »


Diego Lopez — the only goal keeper in world football playing without a defense in front of him.