Finished: Milan 0-1 Atalanta

FBL-ITA-SERIEA-MILAN-ATALANTAWatch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Filippo Inzaghi
Diego Lopez; Ignazio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Adil Rami, Daniele Bonera; Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel De Jong, Giacomo Bonaventura; Alessio Cerci, Jeremy Menez, Stephan El Shaarawy.
Bench: Abbiati, Agazzi, Zaccardo, Alex, Armero, Albertazzi, Poli, Van Ginkel, Muntari, Niang, Mastour, Pazzini.

Atalanta B.C. (4-4-2) – Stefano Colantuono
Marco Sportiello; Yohan Benalouane, Giuseppe Biava, Cristiano Del Grosso; Davide Zappacosta, Carlos Carmona, Luca Cigarini, Maximiliano Moralez; Germán Denis, Mauricio Pinilla.
Bench: Avramov, Scaloni, Dramè, Migliaccio, Baselli, Grassi, Molina, D’Alessandro, Spinazzola, Gomez, Boakye, R Bianchi.

Referee: Carmine Russo.

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what is inzaghi’s excuse this time?


nothing is lost 🙂 we’ve been hearing this all season long…so sad…


Horrendous match….once again Bonaventura was the only stand out, the rest were poor


This squad is arguably the best, yet they cant put things into place. They can achieve more than this shit, well what will you expect when your saviour, captain and whom the entire team look up to is ‘Montolivo’ and the coach is Mr ‘contagious’ (Inzaghi). No wonder he’s transmitting his novice mentality into the team. Seedorf would’ve done better.
Milan will be lucky to escape relegation at this rate.


inzaghi was good as a player but as a coach…?????!! well,he can still change things starting with telling his players to buckle down then reviewing his coaching methods,style of practise matches,more importantly utilizing his players abilities TO THE LAST…to be honest if milan are still here is because he refuse to utilize his players properly and TRUST and SHARE RESPONSIBILITY among his players


Stupid Inzaghi! I’m really sick of Inzaghi playing Bonera again and again. How many times we have to see Bonera and Muntari on the field again? Why you have to play Bonera when you have Amero and Albertazzi? Amero and Albertazzi are not supper stars but they are much better than Bonera. Also, De Jong is not good in every game either. Play De Jong when we need to defend and disrupt the opponet’s game, not when we need to playing attacking game because he is slow to pass the ball and he has no vision of a play-maker. Mr.… Read more »


Inzaghi doesnt have balls… Milan were meant to play 4.2.3 1 but his stubborn use of 433 with Menez as false 9 cost us. We are so predictable and clubs find it easy to beat us. My biggest pain during the game was seeing Montolivo captain us again with such a very painful performance. He’s the worst Milan captain ever. In my opinion 3rd place is not reachable with Inzaghi again and the earlier we all accept this the better for us. Inzaghi has made San Siro a nightmare for you and I. If i was Armero i would leave… Read more »


Inzaghi: “We suffered in this match, but we need to pick ourselves up and continue to work hard. This will serve as a lesson.”

Berlusconi: “We’re strong as we are. I wouldn’t swap my team with anyone’s. Juventus, Roma, even Real Madrid.”

Galliani: “Someone has to leave for someone to arrive.”

Milan Fans: “Can you all just wake the hell up before we wind up in Serie B!”

Bryan Kofi

Hehehehehhe FORZA MILAN .. Pls u guys shd be real nd criticize even wen we win. Another yr without champs league.. MERCY
there ar more gud players nd ready to play players so Milan cant spot Dem?? Even 4min we can get a player betther thn Badnora nd co.
South nd borth America


Playing Pazzini instead of Menez or this player instead of that won’t solve anything. Inzaghi is not a good coach and should go. And we need more quality players. We have some but nowhere near enough. This season is over though.

I would hire Zeman for the rest of the season! He’s available and we have the players for his trademark all-attack 4-3-3. And he always plays the youngsters. So win, win and win.

Bring Montella over the summer who is young but actually knows what he’s doing.


Lol I was jokingly thinking to myself what zeman would do with this squad. We have so many attacking choices I think we should try the 4231


no, there are no wingers in this squad, so 4-2-3-1 wouldn’t work…a 4-4-2 would best suit the players at hand…


there are some winger in this squad.


What are Cerci, Menez, Suso and SES if not wingers?


Cerci, Menez and SES are all second strikers! I don’t know about Suso, haven’t seen him play.


Sedorf wouldn’t do any better, Afterall, he wanted half of this squad to be thrown out


Because half of this squad are trash


That was the most hapless display I think I have ever seen a pro football team play and with inzaghi as conductor of such an out of tune bunch of players it’s not going to get any better, every team selection he makes is wrong as is every formation and tactic he uses, as a matter of fact he uses no tactics that I can see and it’s obvious that the players don’t know what he wants them to do, our players and squad is actually not that bad and should be able to challenge for second or third place… Read more »


Seedorf is way beta dan Inzhagi, how I wish Seedorf has dis squad wit him guess we will b 4th place now. Considering d fact dat he didn’t started wit d group, bt Inzhagi? Dunno!!!!! Now we get 2 watch anoda year of UCL on TV, Inzhagi shud jst go like allegri, #bringbackseedorf#

Faliq kl

half a season gone ..looking milan played football like this ..for me just like watching primary school playing football. So sad. Hope new coach will come in more tactical experience ..I’m not against izaghi. izaghinstill young ,We have a good forward compare to other seria a club.Just need two signing (midfielder n left bck). Then we can think about europe.


Inzaghi keeps on bringing this false nine thing we must get a good striker and montolivo benched,and play the 4-3-1-2 el sharaawy was a striker but now a winger.Izaghi wake up
You better stop playing mediocres and field those who will do their best for the team Menez must move back to the wings and berlusconi and galliani must leave else we will be in the relegation zone and that is the end of Milan………Forza milan


Notice how everyone is angry at Inzaghi? This is exactly what Berlusconi wants us to be. Just shifting the blame from himself (for not investing) to the coach (for not winning with the lousy squad he was given. That’s why he fired Seedorf since he was saying half the squad should be disposed of. Inzaghi did a great job with the youth team since the playing field is level (i.e. All youth teams playing against each other) . With the senior (literally) squad he could not repeat the results but for a reason : the team is comprised mainly of… Read more »


You’re spot on about the squad. I agree with you there. But on the subject of Inzaghi and the youth team, your assessment is completely wrong. Being a good youth coach does not mean that you will be a good senior coach, or at all since tactics mean very little in youth level. It’s all about motivating and firing them kids up which we all know Inzaghi is good at. But at senior level, it’s mostly tactics and the ability to change your game plan mid-game. Even physical conditions of the players are more important than the motivation. It’s not… Read more »