Official: Suso joins Milan on a 4.5-year deal

Liverpool's Spanish midfielder Suso scores Liverpool's final penalty during their 14-13 penalty shoot out victory in the English League Cup third round football match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough at Anfield in Liverpool, north west England on September 23, 2014. Liverpool won on penalties after the game finished 2-2 after extra time. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS
Suso at the match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough at Anfield in Liverpool, on September 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS

Suso is now officially a player of Milan after signing the red and black contract which ties him to Milan for 4.5 years. He’ll be in Italy on Monday.

The exit of Riccardo Saponara (on loan with option to buy) allowed Milan to complete the signing of the 21-year-old Suso from Liverpool and today The Reds announced that Suso has officially joined the 7-times Champions League winners.

A statement reads: “Liverpool FC can confirm that midfielder Suso has today completed a permanent transfer to Italian side AC Milan. The 21-year-old Spaniard departs Anfield for Serie A four-and-a-half years after joining the Reds from Cadiz CF.

“Having debuted in a September 2012 Europa League tie, Suso made a total of 21 appearances. His first and only goal was scored earlier this season when he struck beyond Middlesbrough in front of the Kop. Everybody at Liverpool thanks Suso for his contribution and wishes him all the best for the future.”

Suso already had his medical check-ups with Milan and signed the contract. On Monday he will be in Italy to kick off his adventure in Italy. It’s unclear whether Milan paid Liverpool or not for Suso who had 6 months remaining on his Pool deal. Suso is a midfielder who also plays on the wing.


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With the amount of attacking midfielders we have…. we really need to shift to a 4-2-3-1 or an attacking 4-3-3 where one of the middle 3 plays as an attacking midfielder (behind the striker), like how brazil played. DeJong already sits far behind in midfield and montolivo could be used as a pivot/long passer with a midfield 2. We don’t need more than 2 holding midfielders, its such a waste of all our attacking potential.


Agreed, we’re useless defensively anyway no matter how we set the team out so we may as well maximise our attack as much as possible, never understood this myth that you need two guys just to sit there with limited ability. You know who Real Madrid’s two “defensive” mids are? Isco and Kroos!

So I think we could even go one step further and TRY (I’m not saying leave De Jong out the team forever) with three ball playing guys in midfield, ideally Montolivo, Suso and Bonaventura. Like I said, it’s not like our defence can get much worse.


Signing Suso and sending Saponara to Empoli was a good move imo.


4-4-2 would be much better choice


-De Jong – ——————Monty-


–Cerci——————-El Shaa–


—–De Jong—————–Monty—–

Cerci/Bona—Honda/Menez—El Shaa

IN: Baselli/Brozovic, a LB, and maybe Destro
OUT: Zaccardo, Albertazzi (include him in a deal with Atalanta, they want him reportetly), Essien, Muntari(?)


Is Suso what we need? I don’t think so. We need at least 2 mezz’ali and not another trequartista. Our midfield is too static and predictable. As for Saps; he had to go


Even though I think that Saponara was not given fair amount of time I still consider this move to be a good one. Our strength is in our attack, so inzaghi should field a formation that compliments that. In all honesty i haven’t seen Milan being creative since Pirlo and Ronaldinho left, the amount of defence splitting they made were more than this whole team combined, too bad the strikers didn’t exactly make the most of it.


Coentrao and khedira please, or atleast baselli and a good lb… Welcome Suso and hope saponara gets the playing time that he needs. Forza Milan!!


It’s a pity Saponara didn’t get much of a chance, or perform that well when he did, but I think this is a good move. I hope baldy now concentrates on 1. hiring new defense coach, 2. getting rid of deadweight players, and 3. remembering the pin code to his 9 billion bank account.


Is Van Ginkel fit


He’s just back from injury so probably not 100% match fit yet


Saponara never really demonstrated any real quality.

At any rate, Suso could be one of many signings we could do this summer.

Siqueira or Guerreiro could come next. So could Brozovic and Mbia. And Xkaha was also mentioned… He is probably one of the best we are linked to… And I rate him higher than Inters Shaqiri.

Berlusconi doesn’t have 9 billion in the bank. Assets aren’t direct cash.


I have read hernandez is not needed at real madrid annymore

I hope milan will buy or loan him

He will be good for milan a attacker that goes deep and is explosive

Suso is a prilomising young player
Hope he will have his change

Forza milan


With the right opportunities, I truly feel like we can bring the best out of him. He’s young, his quality is undeniable, and once settled, will easily be our most creative midfielder. He’s a player unlike any at Milan. We’re talking about an ACTUAL attacking CM that could make life difficult for opponents, due to his mazy runs and impressive vision. Monto, NDJ and Suso can make for a very productive/dangerous middle 3. Hats off on this one, Uncle Fester.



Well Suso didn’t cost 40 million euros and doesn’t have the last name of Ronaldo, so he’s rubbish lol… according to some on here LOL.

Seriously, I’m happy with this transfer. Many Liverpool fans aren’t happy with his departure.


Hoping for d best Insha Allah

uslar ses

I have created a watsapp group only for Milan fans…so I will like all my colleagues to join this my group to discuss Milan current state.plz let’s du it 4 d sake of our belove Club.this the number u can hook me up wif 07067616579.Thanks Forza Milan


How can i join the group?


Falcao isn’t doing well at United.

So maybe we should go for him or Chicharito…


Falcao? Nothing wrong with dreaming big. But you sound insane to me. Atleast something insane has to happen for that deal.

Suso and cerci Will battle the right wing position and we might finaly see Honda in midfield! Great.


Falcao is flopping at United and it isn’t about dreaming big. Nothing insane there.

And no, Honda will NEVER play in a three man midfield. Suso will probably though. Honda is an attacking mid who plays behind two strikers. 4-3-1-2 perhaps? Probably not. Maybe 4-2-3-1 is better.


Nah still a realy unrealistic deam.


Don’t see him getting game time initially. Hasn’t played in a while and is just coming back from a groin injury. He really reminds me of a raw silva. Did well at almeria. Granit xhaka would be very very good for us. Suso also looks a bit tiny in stature. Could be a probelm


I still won’t want chica here. Not enough service for him here. Falcao is looking over the hill and would cost a lot in wages ( totally see G biting). I think Ganso is free this summer or next. Long time dream of mine. A mf of monty Ganso n say witsel or any b2b won’t be bad


Ganso is more over the hill than Falcao even at his young age. Ganso is an injury prone mess. One knee problem after another.

If we want to be practical we need to sign Granit Xhaka for 9 million. That’s what he is estimated at.

Suso isn’t small in stature. He is a bit taller than De Jong (1.76M – Suso, 1.74 – De Jong. You guys act as if Suso is a centerback. De Jong has scored a couple header goals, yet he is shorter than Suso. Go figure.


I think Ganso has gotten over his injury issues and he is doing good at Sao Paoulo. Can Any Brazilian poster give me more info?


Welcome Suso. Now a left back and solid midfielder.


striker wouldn’t be bad either

Kon Sokratis

Milan need Brazilian flair and skill to add to Italian tactical awareness.

In: Ganso, Pato, Dede

——- lopez———
abate – rami – dede – [new lb]
de jong – monto – ganso
cerci – pato – el shaa

BENCH: bonaventura, niang, menez, de sciglio, perin, suso, alex, poli




Lmao Pazzini scored a goal now we already have a super striker, we dont need any striker.


@ giancarlo he looks as if he would be easily shoved of the ball ala Bojan. De Jong doesn’t look that way. He looked really slim when pool played us. He is a good dribbler and a great passer. I hope he turns out the way pogba turned out at juve.


I think that Berlusconi’s emphasis on investing in Italian players is great for Italian football but not necessarily for Milan. Perhaps what milan lacks is some Brazilian creaivity and flair to complement the Italian tactical awareness and discipline. Just a suggestion.What do you think of investing in Ganso? Sure he’s not the player everyone thought he would become, but he is still very young and would add creativity and flair used in the midfield where his lack of pace wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Also hearing news that Sampdoria and QPR are interested in Pato seems sad since… Read more »


We need central or def midfielders, i hope they will not put suso on the central midfield because that is not a place he is comfortable. He is a typically CAM, right behind the striker. and if we are gonna use Menez as a false 9 that will be a problem. We should look else where to improve the team the midfield is a must!. Get rid off Muntari and Essien. Take a look at talented players like Lucas Romero, Gil Romero, Lucas Silva, Kondogbia, Pedro Obiang. We need that type off players who are quite versatile.