Milan confirm De Sciglio’s foot injury, Zapata’s second metatarsal fracture

MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 23:  Mattia De Sciglio (R) of AC Milan is challenged by Rodrigo Palacio of FC Internazionale Milano during the Serie A match between AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 23, 2014 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
De Sciglio challenged by Palacio during the match between Milan and Inter at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 23, 2014. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Mattia De Sciglio will be out for over a month as Milan gave an update on the situations of him and of Zapata.

Things haven’t been going De Sciglio’s way this season as he hasn’t been able to impress and many fans seem to have lost faith in the right back who club and Italy legend Paolo Maldini called his ‘heir’.

De Sciglio saw a red card coming his way on last Saturday’s Serie A match and in the Coppa Italia mid-week tie he only played 45 minutes before leaving the pitch with an injury, which Milan confirmed today to be more serious than expected. Cristian Zapata was also injured on Tuesday.

“Milan announces that today further medical tests were carried out on De Sciglio and Zapata,” a statement on the website reads. “De Sciglio suffered an injury to the plantar fascia in his right foot. For Zapata the fracture at the base of the second metatarsal in his right foot has been confirmed.

“The two players will be re-evaluated in the next few weeks.” The Milan Channel reported earlier today that Mattia will be out for over a month. Meanwhile, Giampaolo Pazzini didn’t train today due to a flu while Marco Van Ginkel and Muntari trained regularly with the squad in training center Milanello.

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Typical… MDS has a few bad matches and everyone starts calling him cr*p.


A few bad matches? He has been playing poorly for quite some time now. That does not make him a cr*p player all of a sudden. But it does mean he should be benched and prove himself again before earning his starting spot back.

It`s a terrible shame he got enjured, as last match he was very decent in my opinion. Hopefully he will come back strongly after his recovery.


he has always been crap. can’t believe anyone who think that they can compare him to being the next Maldini. Crazy! Maldini was a legend at 16. MDS can’t even defend. He should converted to a midfield player or winger. Better Milan should serious sell him asap.


rino has made an official offer for Destro. Is torino more able financialy than us? This management made a lot of money since sold kaka to Real Madrid. Then sold Ibra, thiago, pato and got balo and sold him with the same price. Plus, the old great players with high wages left the club. Then we got only free players with low wages that made the club the 159th according to iffhs. So stop saying we shouldn’t pay 15 million for destro and save it for a midfielder. This management made some fans say its unconvincing justifications. Sampdoria, fiorentina, torino… Read more »


All I see here is complain complain complain… And no real logic. Just a lot complaining.


Did you guys see how torres played for A. madrid?! He still has what it takes to be a good goal scorer, it never about him being bad, it is just about the quality of the team. And, in this instance, the quality of this team is terrible


The ‘on-paper’ quality of Milan is decent. But the mental quality of the team is fractured. The coach is CRAP!


Don’t agree with that at all! Not the second part!


Let’s be honest, he has never been our man of the match and he’s been very disappointing this season which is clear for all to see


Someone needs to straighten out the Milan lab. It is just not what it was..


Of topic, but genuine question:
How come Torres leaves Milan for Atletico Madrid and he starts scoring?
Simple Answer:
Filipo Inzaghi is not a good coach, or a good team manager. I think the seeming peaceful atmosphere at Milan is false. I think a lot of the players are just pretending that everything is fine, but deep down they are not happy. Soon, the whole situation will explode.


On the Torres issue, it only illustrates how bad the defending in La-liga is…


About Torres, I think it`s just the mental boost he got from returning to his boyhood club that he needed.

Did Chelsea have a bad team or a bad coach? I didn`t think so. If Torres had stayed in Milan, things would have stayed the same. This goes for Cerci as well. They both needed a change, a different environment.

Cerci is doing well here, so everything worked out in the end. Stop complaining.


Diego lopez
Abate rami mexes/Alex de sciglio

Montolivo de Jong/witsel/xhaka
Cerci Menez El shaarawy /bonaventura

Bring in lacazette and a cm and we’re golden! Lacazette is probably I’m possible to get but if we can spend 20m on destro I’m sure we can put in a similar offer for lacazette and give him 2m a yr wages


Yes people should stop complaining about Torres. My oh my… How silly. Torres got a boost by going back to his home team… And lets see if he keeps it up. I always liked Torres, but Milan nor Chelsea were the right place for him. Cerci is doing well for us so can’t complain. And we should Luiz Adriano instead of Destro, because Adriano is much cheaper and a big time scorer. I like Destro but he isn’t 20 million. 12-14 million tops I think. Milan is searching for a proper left back… Siqueira of Atletico is one name. He… Read more »


Oh and here is something that could make someone happy… Essien is linked to Arsenal, and also has offers from the UAE. I Don’t know why Arsenal wants him lol. Arsenal can take Essien and we’ll take Brozovic lol.


Inzaghi must start Van Ginkel to give him confidence
And rest montolivo


This line gonna be cool for tomorrow’s game4-4-2
Abate. Mexez. Rami. Armero

Cerci De Jong. Van Ginkel EL92

Menez. Pazzini