Suso to join Milan already in January?

PRESTON, LANCASHIRE - JULY 19:  Suso of Liverpool celebrates scoring with team mate Jordan Ibe during the pre season friendly match between Preston North End and Liverpool at Deepdale on July 19, 2014 in Preston, Lancashire.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Suso celebrates scoring during the pre season friendly match between Preston North End and Liverpool at Deepdale on July 19, 2014. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Liverpool are believed to be open to the idea of giving Suso to Milan now but Saponara will have to leave first.

Suso has already completed his medical check-ups (both at La Madonnina clinic and at Milanello) and he has a four-year agreement with Milan in place and the MC claimed that he will join in the summer.

However, as reported by today’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Liverpool have opened the door to releasing the Spanish midfielder in this window. Gazzetta writes The Reds may not agree to give him for free but could expect a low-offer from Milan.

It’s said that for Suso to arrive now, Riccardo Saponara will have to leave. Bologna (who apparently have a deal with Milan), Atalanta and Sassuolo are all interested in the former Empoli man.

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Get this done immediately,sell Pazzini,Saponara,Zapata,Albertazzi,Zaccardo and get Dybala,Baselli,Munoz,Coentrao and give them the jersey numbers 9,8,17,12 and then Suso shirt 11 and then switch to 4-2-3-1 with Suso,Honda and Jack vying for the CAM position,LW-SES,Menez,Jack.RW-Cerci,Suso,Menez.ST-Dybala,Menez.
If Seedorf is still the coach am sure he would push for a permanent stay for Marco Van Ginkel.


He (seedorf) will keep MVG because he is good or because he is dutch, same way he kept playing Emmanuelson at left back with bad displays and benched Abate? please be factual. MVG never wanted to stay in Milan and stated so publicly, so in the midfield of NDJ a, montolivo and Bonaventura who will bench for him?????


Not that i agree to keep and have MVG but to answer your question. Montolivo is quite bad now,he needs time of course,but with these performances he needs to be benched. And you remember a game when those 3 played all together in middle(NDJ,MONTO,Jack) cause i don’t.


we need midfielders now. the 3 matches that we had in this year were pathetic. we just tried to shoot the the ball as far as we could, hoping that either one of your players would be able to score miraculously and not to clear the ball in proper way. we can’t pass the ball around and we can’t control the game. we can’t mark players, they easily get past our defence and that’s why we have more than 25 goals. i don’t even know what to purpose, Inzaghi is good motivator loves players and they love him but as… Read more »


We played good against Sassuolo the second time and had quite a few chances. So don’t know what you are going on about.

We do need new players and specifically a new left back and striker. A new striker would finish those chances so we hear less complaining on here. And a midfielder like Brozovic and Baselli would be ideal.

By the way, it appears Saponara is closer to Atalanta in order to wrap up a deal for Baselli from what I have heard. Suso will come either way.


what are you talking about Giancarlo? I respect everyone’s opinion, but i disagree with yours. We do not create chances that well. a lot of them are from deflections or mistakes from the other team and there very few. I believe we lack midfield, our best midfielders, Monto and De Jong, do not have good passes specially De Jong who i really like a lot. We need passes with vision, not a striker. Menez works as a false nine but he can be someone reliable to finish the chances that the new midfielder will create. Inzaghi should also work more… Read more »


i don’t understand 1 thing, why aren’t hunting down on dortmund players there are in a so bad shape? Durm, Gundogan, Aubameyang, Immobile… i would go after klopp as well and make inzaghi his assistant


Mr.Seedorf never used Emanuelson all through,I could remember and 100% sure that he later began to use Constant.In other words,Seedorf never does favouritism of his countrymen so long as you play badly unlike Inzaghi with Bonera and MDS.Remember Constant’s assist to Balotelli’s header against Chievo(3-0)and many more times Dorf used Constant instead of his countrymen Emanuelson. I’m sure Seedorf will find a space for Van Ginkel even as a substitute.Taarabt also said badly about Milan previously but he came and was given playing time and space and then he fell in love with the club and the fans loves him… Read more »


He used Emanuelson a lot actually. And Constant was also used. He dropped Abate… which was foolish to say in the least. Constant really was one of the worst players I’ve seen in a Milan jersey, up there with Mesbah.

Favoritism? Seedorf also favored Muntari and Essien too…

Van Ginkel isn’t a sure thing and is constantly injured. His knees seem to have problems. MVG better than Poli? If he is, we haven’t seen it this season.

Shams Arafat

Spot on Lumen. Seedorfs downfall started when he benched montolivo. Inzaghi must play mvg. He’s way better than poli. He’s given literally zero chance to saponara. Bonera is always preferred. No stable cb partnership. Playing mds even when he’s clearly out of form. Putting torres just because of his name. The list is too big. I mean has milan become the experiment ground for player and coaches? Really really sad


Uhm… Bonera has been good this season when he has played out wide, so “favouritism even when they play bad” is wrong… De sciglio is a curious case though… He looked better yesterday than he had for a while though, which sucks as he got injured. Hope its not for too long!


Attacking midfield too too packed
Poli,van ginkel,bona,Honda,sosu,saponnara,
Just too much but am sure inzaghi would favour Honda the most am sire of that


Abate was out of form when Seedorf was here,do you remember his terrible header that D.Costa took the advantage and scored at the San Siro after a wonderful team performance?With so many injuries he had and maybe among the players lacking fitness because Seedorf said he picks up the lineup according to fitness level which also saw Zaccardo-Rami pair keeping 2 clean sheets. Essien was used because of Montolivo’s absence in the UCL and then Dorf tried Essien-NDJ pair against Napoli just to know how they would work together ahead of the Atletico Madrid clash because Muntari was also suspended… Read more »

Shams Arafat

Also ses always playing good when pazzini is playing. Because pazzini always sacrifice himself and is not greedy. Pazzini holds the ball and bring the wingers in play. Kind of like benzema. If cerci start to play in full fitness I’m sure pazzini will score a lot of goals, just like immobile did for Torino


Hey!Why have we been conceding goals from set pieces for more than 10 years even as at yesterday,though it was a disallowed goal?Because we have an Italian defensive coach,Mauro Tassoti who have worked as the coach for our defence over 10 years and yet he couldn’t find a solution to that problem.Isn’t it obviously why Seedorf don’t want him among his staff?.The goal we conceded at the San Siro against Atletico Madrid isn’t it a set piece goal?The ones conceded at Vicente Calderon in Spain 2 were set pieces goals.Why do you think Seedorf wanted Jaap Stam to take over?Galliani… Read more »


Torino had more possession as we were a man down. And we completely dominated Napoli at san siro not so long ago.
You make some valid points in your rant, but keep the hate towards the management and not Pippo, because whether you wanna believe it or not, Pippo is doing great with the squad, and will be even better, just wait and see.


I might be wrong but milan should be sold in order to solve those problems. I do not like inzaghi as a coach

Hamid Tavakoli

Another player on a FREE that the current club didn’t want. Is this a joke? I mean if SUSO can’t get into a Liverpool squad that is not playing well then obviously he isnt that good. Even if he is good. Is he REALLY gonna get any games? doubt it. Look at Cristante, look at Saponara, look at Niang, look at Petagne, look at Gabriel. HELL look at El Shaaraway. Even he hardly gets a run of games. What I really don’t understand is the players themselves. I mean if I was a young talented player. I would NEVER come… Read more »


i’m saying this all along. the milan team is not that bad. if only we had some one like mancini or even spaletti. they are proven coaches


Yes but forget Spaletti and I wouldn’t particularly want an Interista. If Pippo’s sacked I’d like Donadoni, Koeman or CARLO ANCELOTTI.


( hamid tavakoli )
are you from iran ???


Hmm, I remember Huntelaar being given plenty of games but missing more open goals than Emile Heskey. That’s why he was benched and eventually sold. I’m not saying he’s a bad player, but some players just don’t settle in Italy.

And Suso’s a great buy, I’m sure he’ll do well.


Agree with you. The team has good players but wrong management and coaches


To silence me super pippo got a lot to do, because I been acmilan fans since 1987. Because little teams like that ACM used to score 8 ,6, goal again them like
(Foggia) not struggle to win 2:1


Actually I’ve seen Milan struggle to beat small teams even in 2006-07 in the Serie A. Some seem to have a short term memory.


Milanista121 :maybe when you watch a game you only looking for goal didn’t you see ACM vs cagliari, Torino, genora, sasouolo, empoli these little teams played better than Milan , they’re even force milan to make mistake so they can score . Coach with experience do work like that ok


I do not hate Pippo


@lumen you have told the factul fact i agree with all what you said nothing more.@milanista121 i am not sure he is a real rosonerri